I dare say some of you have been wondering whatever happened to my announcement?

The big reveal?

The oncoming storm?

The building tsunami?

Rest assured it is coming. There have been discussions and meetings along with phone conversations and the whole time I have been trying to nail down a possible date and even a time.

You can also be assured that despite the fact there have not been much in the way of signs or glyphs (metaphorically) even to give away the day the things said have assured me that I may have underestimated things … a wee tad?

A line that was uttered by one to another and then passed on to me with concern in their voice had me reeling with laughter. I was asked why I was laughing, the second time since having a mysterious woman only muddy the waters further by saying “…you will find out who I am soon enough!”. I then explained what the line meant by repeating something I have tried to tell absolutely everyone for three years. No one believed me even my … err ‘partner in crime’ so to speak though ‘partner in nation changing good deeds’ would be more accurate.

When I reminded them of what I had said from the beginning and that if the numbers are as big as I thought they would be then they would likely want to advise what to do for the next decade at least.

As soon as I explained this, a bit better than the cryptic version I have given here for now, it was immediately realised this is what it was about.

In fact a phone conversation I had today, to find out finally one of the dates I need, the partner in crime stated that “It’s putting me on edge, I do not know why she just does not say it” and I realised for the very first time that they now know what is going to happen. I emphasize ‘for the first time’ because it is and has taken the best part of three years.

It really does not matter because many others closer to me geographically still do not get it, not matter how many times I succeed. Well they do at times and then do not at other times because when many people are speaking it is difficult to know which ones are secretly jealous or have humongous egos.

Unfortunately for them I first of all know which ones suffer from what and secondly do not care because I know what will happen and that is all I care about. I always have.

However and despite my best intentions there simply are some things I do not know and I cannot predict what others will decide. Or in other words I do not know how big it will be. Big or massive are the two options. There is also the possibility of what will happen in the event’s … umm wake? There will most certainly be a wake and this will continue on for an inordinate amount of time but will be nothing to do with either of us.

We are done, it is finished, finito. Bar the shouting, so to speak and we are not involved in the shouting.

There is a meeting in a couple of days and I am weighing up the possible benefits of me being there at the time. Though the weight is currently all on the side of being there just after and better this way as I know the outcome of the meet.

It will be the day that reveals all and this will allow me to pick a day and a time.

It is this day and this time that will be most important to the readers of this blog and the do-gooders, still likely shoving the pieces of their minds back together upon realising everything I have done thus far, that are dying to find out how big this is and what in involves.

Try taking all that I have achieved thus far, that is the four victories from four and otherr stuff on NHS and Ombudsmen, combining them all together. Got that? Well it is waaaaay bigger than all of that put together by a factor of ten … and then some.

As an example I could easily say ‘it is not one … or two … or even three … but FOUR big things simultaneously because their are four big names!’ and really get people thinking. Some might think this over blowing it. So if I say that there will be at least SIX things that will blow everyone’s minds apart, … err sorry if you only just got them all back together again lol, and added to this there is at least one other possible big thing in all this that I know of. Plus there are the things that could arise I have not foreseen. Plus there is the titanic bow wave that will swallow up several others with it, which was carefully planned by me of course.

So six things with a potential for several others to be added.

Right now I am standing on an imaginary shore line with only bad and guilty … err lets say people standing around me clueless ass the sea retreats very far out and I smile and hold on to a large tree beside me.

How long it will take for a speeding sea’s edge to race past me I currently do not know but I can tell you that I will in just a few days.

Someone who was ordered to appear failed to turn up with some excuses that had a court judge rolling their eyes. More rolling of eyes took place when they finally did turn up a week later and gave their excuses and account of things.

It was that week taken to appear, or whatever period of days it turned out to be, along with my overlooking a certain … legal word that has led to things being drawn out. Rest assured the suspense was being felt by my partner in crime today. Because it was something my partner in crime did today that they thought necessary, to do with a direct debit in their bank, that had the person state “Huh, well that was a waste of time!” I simply said while laughing “Well, I have been trying to tell you!”

The funny thing is I have now had the same situation happen to me today and I forgot about this. Eon Energy have threatened me with action using some henchmen or other.

Odd as I have been paying them lumps of £100, holding off and I told them so because I have to … umm disappear very soon but do not know when, how long for or what I will have to pay out until things … umm change.

Now I have told and told and told Eon Energy this and I have warned them and I have warned them and guess what else I have done?! Yup, I have bloody well warned them.

I have also warned them several times not to threaten me and yet …

They now have threatened me.

But I have NOT had a bill.

Despite being told someone would read my meter they have not arrived and nor has a card come in the door!

They have not sent me a bloody bill … ooh I said that but its worth mentioning twice along with the fact that despite Virgin Media not sending me a paper bill, as they want 3 to 5 quid for that and already craftily and rather cheatingly charging me £5 to fucking pay them, they at least send me a bill via email!!

So when I pay Eon Energy next I am going to pay them half what I would normally do and tell them to fuck off and hire their henchman and remind them of what I have told them several times, remind them that I have warned them several times to keep one eye on the blog! I will then explain that this is not only going to blow up in their faces but that it will happen at the worst possible time for them because it will draw bad publicity for them and they will look not just heartless, cold and calculation but incompetent and stupid beyond their wildest dreams.

You see you might note that I email each and every one of them a hell of a lot.

You might note that I have won four out of four battles.

In the next week, maybe two at the very outside you are going to find out that two other organisations I emailed and wrote to warning them over and over again what would happen if they ignored me will all become clear.

When it does it will become very clear that my methods of repeated assaults via both email and letter do serve me a very good purpose.

When this is revealed you can then think on about the NHS, DWP along with the other three local councils, Police Force and all the Ombudsmen.

Anyone anywhere that thought my methods pointless or me wrong are going to find out or be proved wrong themselves.

When your proved wrong it changes the way you think. It will make people take a great deal more notice of what I have done and what I have said and about who I have said it.

Then and only then will my long term plan to cause a Tsunami in the UK the likes of which have never been seen before will start to look real as well as start to happen.

My often cryptic and sometimes secretive nature will suddenly start to make sense.

Then, if my theory is correct and it normally is more often than not, a sea of change will start to build up. This could be very quickly and over a mere few weeks or it could be over 6 months. Again these are things beyond my control.

I cannot guess what people will do, well most of the time. I also cannot predict how quickly they will do things either. After all spreading the word rather depends on how much people care about others and this is the part I am not too sure about.

Yes whenever the public is spoken to on TV they always sound like the most caring and humane person on the planet. But I am afraid that in my experience the opposite has been true, especially for those that work for the public services.

But this does not rely on those that work within these services and what they do or say to their colleagues. No, no. This rather depends on friends and family members of readers and not anything else. Because these are the people I have tried to help and educate, those that are humane, caring and even intelligent. I wanted to stop good, decent and caring people ever going through that which I have gone through along with those things one or two people I know have gone through. Ever again!

I started from the outset, August 2012, that this was kind of a multi-faceted social experiment. Well it still is and I know what I am hoping for!

What transpires remains to be seen … but not for long.

In a few weeks all will be revealed and maybe in several ways, some very big ways too possibly, and then in the four to six months that follow the social experiment will reveal the facts.

Are we a helpful nation or all just secretly in it for ourselves? Once we have realised what a hidden picture hides do we tell others to help them or just keep this knowledge for ourselves?

If you do keep it for yourself ask yourself something …

Did I do that or did I help hundreds of thousands of others that is going to keep on growing at one rate or another for the next decade?

If you then decide to pass this knowledge on … ask those you pass it onto the exact same question.

Now that I have set this pattern I have to spend the next couple of days … preparing. Their are things that I need to do and things that need to be in a certain … order before I take the action that I will which will happen within two to five days time at the most.

Then there follows the set of big reveals that will put your grey matter onto a bubbling simmer for the several following weeks or even months.

Then things will really start to become interesting.


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