Well the election campaigns are off… to a bloody lump start I must say.

I saw the highlights of the TV debate which was hosted by Jeremy Pacman and heard since quite bizarre things.

I heard something quite incredible too.

Now I don’t like either or the two parties because they have both been responsible for some bloody terrible things that have led this country into a shit hole. No one else is responsible and yet what should be uncovered from a few than more than code with the responsibility and it’s theirs anyway is instead put upon those at the bottom of which there ate a great many most of which cannot afford it while others cannot survive on it.

Yep, I him that about sums it up.

Now what I witnessed was a shocking display of David Cameron looking like a complete idiot as well as avoiding questions out to him while repeating himself so much a drunken parrot would laugh.

However, and remember I am impartial here or in other words not a demented moron that always via the same way, was that Ed Milliband did surprisingly well! Surprised how that turned out if not the word.

However when back in the studio at the BBC I heard someone say that David Cameron came off better?! I turned on a sixpence, umm or dime, and aghast at hearing this a moment if stunned silence before I uttered ‘WHAT?!’. Quite which planet in the galaxy that idiot was living on God only know?! Then a while later they cut to asking people on the street what they thought and it seemed like most, if not all as I did bit here anyone say Cameron was better, thought the same thing as I did? I then wondered if the moron that stated Cameron came off better was watching these and cringing in his seat wishing he has not taken that back hander?!

It got better. Someone on Dateline London on the BBC who I had not seen before stated that he had liked the fact that Ed Milliband sounded genuine, he had not sounds like it was scripted and was better for it and that everyone preferred this to Cameron’s debacle. A woman who could not possibly know the truth then insisted this was more to do with Labour being a mess?! Well that did bit sound biased much did it?!

I noticed also in the aftermath that all the talk about the election involved everyone except UKIP?! I thought this was very odd.

Considering that Dateline London mentioned about how many abstained from voting in the last election, how embarrassingly big the number was and the difference it would make if they all decided to vote and vote UKIP would be very dramatic indeed. At least someone asking these political loons can do simple math?! What makes this worse is that this was noted and pointed out by a French lady I assume was a French journalist? As apposed to a French lady but a journalist in the UK?

Today they were talking again about the election campaign and one again I heard ‘Tories’, ‘Labour’ and even SNP but nothing on UKIP or anyone else. After awhile they finally mentioned UKIP and a woman said he was off touring and had a lot of journalists in tow. All of a sudden they started saying that previous votes for UKIP were only protest votes and that now they were switching back to the Tories and Labour!?!

Errrrrr, how fecking arrogant is it to state that and where in the fecking hell did this come from?!

This is the complete opposite to what most voters said after they guess in each of the recent elections!

That does not sounds biased much! I suddenly realised why they’re exists a website called or whatever the address was!

Good God you have no idea how I want people in large numbers too vote UKIP so I can rip the fecking shit out of the BBC of arrogance, bias and accusing them off pandering, for whatever perks/money/promises on licence fee, to the big two and demanding to know why they did that?!

Never seen any biased behavior so blatantly obvious as theirs in the last few days, let me tell you! Absolutely crap at hiding this sudden swing in behaviour. I mean…stating what voters are going to do five weeks plus before the general election?! And these were the people accusing Cameron of being arrogant who I have to admit… was NOT when he stated he would not serve a third term. This was surprisingly pointed out by the same lady on Dateline London who also stated that Ed Milliband came across like nothing was scripted and genuine perky because the Labour Party was in a mess?! No definitely no bias there then, either?!

The first official day for election campaigning and boy, oh boy had it for off to a series of false starts for both politicians and media alike. I also should state here, before someone leaks something out to accuse me of bias as a defense strategy, that I have an email from the Labour Party asking me to be included in a task force that will consist of just 2,000 people in the whole of the UK’s 60,000,000!

I am not saying yes, just sos you know!

I had a go at them in an email for asking me for money, did the same with the Tories, a month ago and in anger have them the address of this blog! Lol! I guess they thought I would be a good asset to have? They have no bloody idea how right they are, but the Tony Blair years and the other revelations I have discovered about him since he decked off chafing the train… ooh you’re wondering why I did train and what train he was chasing? Well the gravy train of course! LMAO! Nope, when a party and it’s members have been caught out lying and the infighting that occurs because they are more interested in themselves instead of the British public and do not have the gonads to make the guilty ones pay and I’m out!

If other morons wasn’t to keep ignoring the truth and facts, view for the same old morons and then spend five years moaning about things and then what the process all over again acting like half witted morons that is up to them.

Well if someone was caught breaking into your house and stealing your belongings you would not invite them round for tea and biscuits but when it comes to general elections that’s exactly what many people do. Or are just amoral and only care about numero uno in which case I feel sorry for anyone closely related to them! :mrgreen:

Yes this promises to be one hell of an interesting general election and no matter what way it goes it will be good. Even if it’s just me on here stating how many stupid idiots there are asking the general public who cannot do simple maths or totally amoral?! Lol!

Hmm, what was it? Thirty eight days of this to go? Jesus!

Be interesting to see if Nigel Garage noted anything I did and days anything about it?


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