It is funny how big companies are. At times its mildly amusing and at others a rip roaring laugh at their stupidity while trying to act like the all knowing overlords.

At other times they can be so effing annoying that you want to just throttle one of them. Unfortunately even though these organisations act like they do the ones worthy of the throttling are no the ones they send knocking on your door. In fact when I got into a rage with them previously they sent out two women to call at my house and speak with me, apologising in the process?!

I may have mentioned it at the time but I found this quite deplorable of this overly large company if I am completely honest and had I been the watchdog that was involved I would have hot them with everything I got. The large sum of the fine would read like the proverbial telephone number!

I mean I could have been a mad crazy person with serious mental illness with a leaning towards violent behaviour towards others? I am not but that is beside the point.

Oh but make no mistake I could quite happily throttle someone that is responsible for something heinous and knowing that the authorities will not act on it when I am about to do some throttling…err…up will not help.

More on this at a much later date.

Now this particular organisation is Eon Energy who decided that it is OK to be rude in their billing which, I might add, has been non-existent for a few years. After explaining about my latest victory battle and that the electric bills will soon cease to be a major problem for me they decided to do something they had not done in ages and send me a paper bill through the post.

Only when I removed it from its envelope is had a line of text whose size was bigger than the rest be a factor of 5 to 10. It was also rude…and demanding sort of way and I flicked it through the air to land on a chair. I then decided to not make the payment I was about to for a couple of weeks and see if they get the hint?!

A letter came through about a week ago and I guessed it would be more of the same and I did not get around to opening it, partly I did not want to as it was piss me off. Yesterday I had a text requesting I call them. I know how that goes too.

So I went online and after about fifteen minutes of waiting, as that is how long it takes to load a web page at certain points of the day and something I have used to tear Ofcom a new one as it is North London wide at least, I paid them £100.

Of course finally being in my account, no thanks to the greedy, lazy and one of the other Gestapo groups being the mobile telecoms companies…hmm well I call them that but of late 80% of the time they are not actually mobile telecoms companies. Well OK, that is not strictly true as they are not mobile broadband providers about 60% to 80% of the time in any 24 hour period! PERIOD!

Still manage to take your cash from your bank with no problems though don’t they? Funny how that technical side never breaks down but the services they are paid to provide work only half the time if your lucky.

So I got very sarcastic and cocky with Eon Energy and told them that until the answer a little riddle I am going to keep them in the dark as to when they will get the rest of the money! LOL!

I mean it will be in credit inside of four weeks but I am not going to tell them that…because they refuse to listen, refuse to take things on board and refuse to be fucking polite with their own customers at a time when they totally need to be.

Ooh and I forgot that I totally asked them about the fact that the phoned me and asked me to change my errr tariff and that they were recently burnt by Ofgen about it and was supposed to refund money?! Yeeah…they never answered that query!

It is funny how all these organisations are aloud to get away with murder, figuratively speaking of course, and that they always contact when its money going in their direction buy turn into little mice when the correspondence creeps over to them paying people back?!

Thought those of you that have had dealings with the energy companies….err ‘WARS’ no doubt at times would like to see what I sent them?


Dear Sirs

I have not yet opened your latest letter and I am aware that you text me.

Firstly I forgot, it is part of my condition, and then I got my first BILL from YOU through my door for the first time in ages.

However you do not seem to have listened to a word I said and I am sorry but no amount of emails or ladies knocking on my door is going to change anything.

Your acting like the Gestapo…AGAIN!!

Go and read my effing emails and then take a look at the bill you sent me and let us see if you can work it out…if you can I will then tall you how and when your going to get paid. Until you do I will leave you in the dark over it!!


Martin Haswell BSc


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