When someone dies because of some greedy change by morons with no clues, insight or intelligence (fuck knows what they teach at Eton for the money they charge?!) it disturbs me.

When nothing is mentioned about this in the media, though we got to hear about how fat people want to be classed as disabled which…well is wrong for a list of reasons (sorry but its flawed), I get extremely worried. Worried because the…prioritising by tabloids and media is sorry obvious corrupt and supect. Worried because it is this attitude that has helped destroy the UK and once down in the dumps keeping it down. Because …

In May people are going to be voting to elect someone as Prime Minister and yet many of thw worst things that have occured as a direct result of their decisions claiming we all equally in it and no one hears about it.

What we do get in the media is gossip about brain dead celebrities and the slagging off the politicians give each other. But how strange the media talks about the consequences of choices ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ or ‘D’ running the country and yet we have not heard of much of the most dire consequences of those that have been running the country for the last five years. Or the five years before that!

Now if you cannot deduce from that, that the media is also equally responsible for the situation this country is in then I am not sure what will.

I am fed up and have also lost count of hearing that we are ‘definately now on the road to recovery!’ Yes siree we was deifinately on the road to recovery 6 months before they said that, and six months before that…aaand six months before that…and so on and so forth for the past four years.

There have also been many protests and still these happen in the usual piecemeal fashion. I am alwaqys behind anyone that wishes to protest provided the cause is a right, true and worthy one but your still falling victim to their divide and conquer techniques. You pop up in small groups and get beaten off or ignored. Or promised things and told to be patient and they never materialise while you have kept quiet for another year.

Enough of the waiting, already!

These groups need a hub. These groups need a…force, if you will, that can communicate between all and arrange a mix up, a melding of all the groups which then come together and work together.


Numbers are everything.

It will not just be the government that take notice either as the media will have no choice to take notice and cover the event.

I also see they have a new…umm outfit…or organisation, cannot recall the name, to take over assessment duties from Atos? I wonder how long it will be before they turn their attention to me and just glimpse my sharpened horns just prior to me gauging out their internals for all to see?!


I guarantee that within a year or two it will be the exact same situation with this new outfit as it was with Atos because they are simply following orders and hopefully this time around those that wasted their energy chasing Atos ghosts will realise it is either the DWP or Government, i.e. Iain Duncan-Smith or whoever is in charge of the Welfare System after May this year?!

The words are here…NOW MARK THEM!! LOL!!

However and in the meantime before a few bright sparks wake up and smell coffee here is a protest taking place over the welfare system screw up …—contact/

The initial web page for the petition ishere ..


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