This is one campaign/petition I was involved with some time ago.

Stephen has autism and is being carde for a long, long way from his mother who has been unable to get anyone to move him much closer to where she lives. If I remember correctly there is a matter of a few hundred miles between them. With current transport, all of it and even with a damned fast car, the time required along with the finances are pretty great to see poor little Stephen even on a semi regular basis.

Now I thought this petition would get the signatures required pretty quickly if I am honest?! However it has not and it is currently on… 10,371 out of 15,000. I honestly thought that with such a youg child and such a horrible condition as autism that the votes would flood in and go way above the 15,000 needed?! But no.

I guess many people are still worrying about their own taxes or lives and not that of others and that the present and unchanging situation is causing people to become more and more amoral. The EXACT problem that landed this country where it is in the first place. And where it now keeps it!

So once again and now with a bigger monthly audience coming into my blogs on the truth  about corruption within the UK I am going to post about little Stephen once again …

It is just a vote and just a button and takes five minutes. Five minutes to listen, read and make a decision and one of many decisions that will help change this country for the better. A decision that will make you feel batter for taking the time to make a difference.

All it needs is enough people to want to make a difference.

I am but one guy without the recources, finaaqnces and nor did I have the tools. Yet despite my diabling ailments I strived and saved and wrangled to do all that I have done. For the benefit of others…so I am disappointed in people that cannot spend five minutes to change the one cruel stance of one hearltess authority.

If this is the world that you want to live in, then do nothing. Only if it comes to you remember the time you could have done something yet decided to do nothing.


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