I was pottering about today and was planning to see a friend this afternoon. But due to a favour I was doing and then a little…accident I am confined to the house untilfar too late.

In fact I only have 21 minutes at the time of typing so not going to happen.

So while so stuff was downloading I was playing some music and getting some things done that have needed my attention for months. Kitchen, tidying up, silcone sealing some corners of an aquarium to use as a housing for my Yellow Bellied Toads, Bombina kolombatovicii. The usual, lol.

Crap! Just remembered I was changing my passowrd to an account when I found the email I am pasting below. Just the usual bullshit stuff, (squeaky girly voice) .. “ooh were so sorry, thats a different department to us bullshite, its your fault you have had to ask the same thing over and over again because we have different departments and unable to press buttons, even though there is a video of US oin YouTube telling a person with one finger they can still work because they can press a button, even though we have eight fingers and too incompetent to press just one, ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!”


Remember this is for an application for Personal Independent Payments, so what disabled people apply for as this is the new Disability Living Allowance. SO this is what everyone goes through! Well also please note that if I remember correctly it was sometime before Christmas, yes LAST CHRISTMAS, when I applied for this. So a year then give or take a month or two.

I still have not had the letter stating yay or nay on the health documentation from them and as everything else its all on here when I applied. Hmm I am sure I applied literally a week or two before my last GP, which was definately before Christmas. I was with them for 7 months and been with the current one around 4 or 5. There was a period of a month or two between the last two and two or three between the previous and the GP before that one. I think. Lol.

Well it is all on here so the dates of how bloody long they have taken can be all ckecked, lol. So yeah it is about a year, unless they want to go for a FOURTH appointment whereby I have to then tewll them yet again for the umpttenth time, welll I lost count, that I cannot make it?! If so its a fair bet that it might be in Birmingham next time around? If you have not been on here much then I am NOT from Birmingham, nor do I live in Birmingham.

You will get the point eventually, lol.


Thank you for your email and apologies for the difficulties you are experiencing.

I will need to forward this query to your local Jobcentre Plus District Manager’s office for action.

Could you please ‘reply’ to this email with the following information – your full name and full postal address (including postcode) and/or the name of your nearest Jobcentre / Jobcentre Plus office.

Due to the vast amount of emails we receive, please also attach your original email.

Kind Regards,

Jamie Ives | “Contact us” Team Member | Central Operations Correspondence Gateway Team | Department for Work and Pensions |http://www.dwp.gov.uk


Dear Jamie Ives

I shall do as you request. I shall break down a few pointers too that are going to land some organisations in some very hot water as for as the public are concerned.

I say that because I am well aware and have been for sometime now that there is no one that any member of the public can threaten you with, because all involved are as bad as each other..

Unfortunately for all the public services, their governing bodies and ombudsman I knew this from day one. Quite bizarrely when I did make my blog and the publications common knowledge to these public services, been common knowledge among the British public for sometime now and this rises by over 10,000 per month and rising, they only checked about themselves on the blog.

However I clearly stated two and a half years ago when I started that I will…

1 Show the public all documentation that went previously
2 Provide Recordings I had been making for two years and …
3 Would watch me repeatedly ask for help and make applications and to wathe how the same lies and excuses come over and over again…
4 That threatening with ombudsman want put so much as an eyelash out of place…
5 Because they are just as corrupt and to consider…
6 How many public services and ombudsman here are, how much of the public taxes they take and what they do each time I approach them?!

I think its safe to say that I am sure you can imagine it does not make great reading?

If I missed anyone believe me when I say its in a very small percentage.

What public services should have done is once I made my blog known to them they should have then checked up on everyone they are themselves connected with indirectly or otherwise and did a search of them on my blog.

They should have also performed a search for secretly recorded audio. OOPS!

I know and have for sometime that the NHS have been sodding me around at your request. Now stop for a moment. Think about this. I so often hand details on a plate that are completely failed to be picked up on by every single person an taxpayers wages I have ever contacted bar NONE! Repeatedly. As is the only way.

This serves to not only make the public services look guilty it is to show the British public that complete morons are employed at their expense by other complete morons!

The beauty of it all was that in each and every case I had a genuine concern even to the heights of being extremely serious and very, very potentially fatal to dozens if not hundreds of people. Who knows maybe even thousands?

So I have repeated this over and over with each and every single public service and their associated partners.

The best part is that those that would be considered the most dangerous to take on would not be worth mentioning here as you would just think I am nuts anyway. However….the details and the evidence to back up everything I say is all on my blog.

Now back to the hint, I know that the NHS and a great many GP Surgeries and Hospitals have been lying to patients and even falsifying test results. I have not one lot of evidence but dozens collected over a 6 year period but with documentation going back fifteen to twenty years.

I knew I would get turned down in each and every approach I made. In fact it was what I was banking on all along. Little did I know just how many great details wopuld come my way?! I placed a Freedom of Information Request with you several months ago and I totally forgot all about it….get it?! (Whoa way over your head!) Tsk-tsk! You people need to return to school because your severaly lacking in the puzzle element department!

I shall continue…I had a phone-call from the DWP from a lady apologising for the reply to the FOI being very late as well as informing me that not a single piece of medical evidence by way of dozens of letters, emails and recorded audio I sent in can be found! I was told that I would be contacted in two weeks time by letter whether they found any documentation or not!

Oddly the NHS also seemed to mislay my records for nigh on 2 years! Only now have they turned up and the last GP, who kicked me off his register because the NHS called him to tell him I had been recording him which is not illgegal and therefore not a good enough reason to kick me off. I digress. The last GP I was registered with for 7 months before they booted me and would you believe that they never even received my medical records in that time?! Good job I was not dangerously injured, eh?!

If your organisation now states that it would be just easy to deny the fact that someone called me and stated my health evidence was missing and that therefore I did not request to know why then I had been refused DLA FIVE times and PIPS I am about to be refused for the first time, though it has taken you a WHOLE FECKING YEAR to process your bullcrap, I seriously urge you to reconsider!

Trust me it would not be a….WISE decision. If you have doubts I suggest you read through this email again. If you still have doubts then I suggest you read it again and so on and so forth until the penny….DROPS!


Martin Haswell BSc


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