Right while it is fresh in my mind and I am recovering from what feels like a coronoary and striped naked after just getting in the house!

Today was what I call a difficult day and not because of the pains either!

I was woken up at midday after a series of bad sleepless nights and remember us wqith Fibromyalgia re not sleeping when we appear to be sleeping. A mate was at my door and I was glad he woke me up, he had just bought a laptop and dropped it off for me to re-install Windows XP.

I remembered after he left that I had not eaten yesterday at all and I was extremely dehydrated too and my mouth was very dry. I remembered my rent was due to so I took some pain killers and left the house. I went to an ATM near where I buy Tea Tree Oil for cheap amounts and needed milk I had forgotten to buy for three days, the Savers Store, but my rent was not in and I walked past three stores and then the Savers Store not buying any Teat Tree now milk. I then decided to go to KFC to try those spicy bite things advertised abd went like a roboto to there. Lo and behold they had stopped doing them so not wanting to look lie a pratt I ordered the same things I did last time as I did not want to look a pleb and walk away. The plan was to leave KFC and then go into Sainsburys just along the road and on the way home. I will gave you just one guess what I did!

I was a hundred yards from home before I realised that I had forgotten the two things I had left the house for!! I basically bought a large can of Monster Energy Drink with a Snickers Duo then a KFC and nothing else!! I was swearing and cursing at my own condition before I then reliased I had also forgotten a third thing I left the house for!! MY FECKING PRESCROPTION PILLS!!

By this time I was fifty yards from home, now sweating buckets and on getting into my house my heart was racing and I was breathing heavily feeling like my chest would burs before stripping off all my clothes because I felt like I had been placed in an oven on 220 degrees for 30 minutes!!

Funny how none of this the Doctor knows about but Atos are going to fecking ask him anyway?!

God they really are stupid. One day they will realise what I have done and what I have now taught tens of thousands and soon to be hudreds of thousands of people. There are several things to consider in a fight, the battle and the war. What matters is winning the war and this is easily done by allowing over confident people to keep thinking they are winning the battle, or several battles even.

Those that have followed this long enough will realise that I am just too good and too cofident and for good reason. As to those that are now coming on here because they are worried about there salarlies I would suggest that if you get into any disagreements that are heated or angry and you plan to label the patients as either mad or violent, which rather bizarrely either of these if true will mean a medical condition you half-wits, and just as the patient you are going to falsely label gets up to leave, check to see if they show evidence of a little tiny smirk as they turn away?! If they do then I would strongly suggest that you spend the rest of the day and your evening going over in your mind what was said in that meeting!

This is why I find it hilarious as well as odd that what I heard on the news seems to be very different to what is actually happening wuth me right now. It is like watching blindfolded people walking towards the cliff edge that drops away to a lava pit!

What is doubly funny is that the webpage I have now been handing out has evidence of the lava pit and they will still walk over the edge like lambs to the ultimate slaughter! LOL!!



Anyway back on topic, instead of poking ever more fun in the attempt to make them all look ever more incompetent when the time comes that is fast approaching now, this was a Day of the Not SO Difficults!

Unbearable in other words!!! Luckily I only had a slight limp and not too many things playing up too badly in the short distance I did. In fact it was a triangle I did and I thought about calling this post ‘TRIBULATIONS OF MY BERMUDA TRIANGLE’!! Lol!

So here is a question that I ask myself repeatedly and quite often in the last fifty yards or so before reaching my house “How the FECK did I manage to forget so many things?! How?! How?! HOW?!”

I matters not really with some things that you are aware of your condition because, at least for me, it does not explain HOW! It only explainS WHY which is admittedly a lot off my mind. But there is still the rest of the crap to deal with and if anyone reading this suffers from Fibromyalgia I can guarantee you that one of two things are now running throughh their minds “Yeah dude, I feel you!” or something to that effect, lol. Or, OR “FECKING HELL is this what I will get like?! DOCTOR!!! YOU FECKING TOSSER!!!”


But of course there are far more obscure conditions than can be fobbed off to save money than just Fibromyalgia and of course it is those people I am also reaching out to with a hand of help. I and others do know what your going through, but I can also tell you why you have been made to go through this!

It is for inhumane, immoral, amoral amd completely selfush and self preservation reasons that you have. So that they can continue to be overpaid while you languish in agony whether it be via pain or mental anguish and for me there is no difference between the two and mental anguish can be greater than physical pain. Because when pushed enough and stressed enough mental anguish is for all intents and purposes a brain pain!

Now quite what your body and your brain are trying to make you achieve by putting you through this grinder I do not know! It is these questions that befuddle me and I find fascinating, even about myself! Why would the human body and/or mind put itself through undue stress if there is no solution. The flight reaction to danger is to keep yourself from that danger, or flee away from it. But some things within our own bodies cannot be dealt with by us alone.

It is for this reason that medicine and the use of drugs came about in the first place! Except those in control seem to think they are for very different and completely amoral and used for power and control. Used against those who do not have the law or the power, oh OK the BALLS, to stop them!

Funny as I think all it takes is to change the law! Or this is where copyrighting actualls falls on its face as many other countries make ours look stupid as they then copy the drugs, just like electronics , and sell it cheaper. But somehow the law manages to protect the billions of dollars the companies gets for nothing more than greed as buying these copied drugs to help those suffering and to prolong life is ruled illegal!

That is the kind of fucked up and upside down world we live in which is primarily the reason all the countries once considered poor and third world have all but overtaken us and good luck to them too. However if they think for one second that these fecking immoral tricks will not be used in their own country by their own companies I think they may be in for a shock to the system eventually. Only by then the drug will be for something else entirely, maybe something new, and it would have been the drug companies of the west that are now playing catch up and acting as if they are full of morals and compassion for people while seeling the drug cheaper than they will in China or some other up and coming country.

What we have here is a failure to communicate regarding the taming of the beast. The beast needs to be tamed and someone needs to find the gonads to tame it before it is all too late!

Because in any event of any civil war breaking out or for any unrest I for one will be telling those of these groups to not go for the obvious, usual and wrong choices but to go for those that cause it. Those that held the positions that caused it. Take it straight home to their doors, where they live as I would state that in any event that that much hatred and pain has been caused then it is high time someone is made an example of and shown to anyone in the future that they can be got at by the angry public!

Many years ago the Romanians did this was their dictator, Ceaucescu. At least I think I remember his surname correctly but if your unfamiliar with it then go and read about what his people did to both him and his wife! Not for the faint of heart I warn you!

The difference being between him and these in power is they stay hidden from view. In a country run by a dictatorship everyone knows who the enemy is or the perpetrators. But in the western world of Britain, the USA and possibly Europe no one knows who it is. SO you all go ruinning down the the city centre and destroy all the public buildings which will only come out of your pockets in the way of taxes for decades to come while none of those perpetrators have been so much as shaken!

If your neighbours a twat and you get back at him by booting his cat across his garden he will just boot your dog over the fence!

Now my idea of a row or a fight probably comes from my idea of Wing Chun. No fucking about, win and win quick and in such a way that they wont EVER want to start another row!

If I was ever in a situation that warranted this that is the the way I would approach it. By stating this little bit of common sense and a little bit about myself in a situation like that I am also laying the foundations for the umpteenth time to blow to pieces not only things quoted about me by various authorities but also anything that may be simmering away in the cooking pot!!

Oooooh dear! What are you to do?!


Now I can at least say that THIS os how you reveal conspiracy theories!! Lol! Instead of quoting loads of mad things that make you sound like a nutter you play the long game and you get your own evidence!!

I have laid out the ground work and provided tens of gigabytes of evidence and then some and not even posted all of it. Maybe one day someone will approach me about the entire collection?! 

I have only waited five years for this making it absolutely clear to the media that I know what is going on and even when I contacted them two years ago I gave them near to 30GB of data and I clearly stated I was going to continue doing so and the frequency would increase.

I think I have passed the point whereby the news media start to look suspicious themselves on here? I mean they did to me by not getting in contact which meant to me one of two things …

1 They are either neing controlled by the government, likely as many mad sounding conspiracy theorists have suggested, or …

2 Have basically stolen the ideas to use for themselves and make themselves look clever while earning millions selling the stories they claim they got to other news agencies around the world?!

3 Hmm now what was the third one that was in my head?! Lol!


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