Well here is a strange one and typical of something that many people think that the PHSO and the NHS think they are trying to label me with.

The Police Officer involved in Plebgate is to sue the Tory MP Andrew Mitchell for £200,000?!

Now write how a Police Officer who is wrapped up with allegations of conspiring to lie can then sue an MP, who I do think was lying anyway, for this sun of money I simply do not know!

Now consider that the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman have asked me how much I want, I never gave an answer as I never thought about it, and that closer friends think that this is a trap! A tap so that they could turn around and say I was just a greedy good digger who had omitted to extort money out of the NHS and government?!

I have been lied to and provided false information on countless subjects from NHS Departments, prescription drugs and diagnosis over a twelve year period and in that time tried to recruit me to work for £3.00 of food vouchers each day! Vouchers that one volunteer admitted does not go far in the hospital canteen!!

It simply beggars belief what had gone on and I am sure you agree that with just this minute amount of information it shows itself to be utterly absurd! Of course this is a tiny fraction and by just by adding the fact that they attempted to falsely label my as completely mad and then falsely claimed I was violent which ran in parallel to be asked to work for free up at Chase Farm Hospital?!

Admittedly if someone came up to me and told me this story and with nothing at all to back it up I would be thinking of straight-jackets and padded rooms!

God knows where I would be without the recordings of all this?! One had to think way back to the days when people were committed to asylums for no other reason that to get hold of their money or that of inheritance! Or because they had another partner on the go they wanted to marry, who themselves may well have had money?!

This I think of as going on back in Victorian England.

Whatever their excuses that is in essence what each of the petiole have been involved in. If people are wrongly accused and even wrongly committed this is a crime based on a number of small lies by a number of people. You simply cannot say ‘oh well it was only a small lie, I did not know this was going on’!

This is why we have rules based upon morals and over many years the rules have become deliberately muddy and confusing so that underhanded things can be pulled off for no other reason than self preservation based on a position of an amount of money or position of power that they do not want to relinquish!

Not really the sort of person you would want add your Doctor or running your country now is it?

I have still heard nothing as yet regarding my own issues with the NHS and the PHSO but in cases like this no news really is good news. The longer this goes on the better it looks for me on so many levels. I am not in any rush to start emailing them with demands on conclusions and especially not money.

If they are reading this and do not understand that last paragraph then they should never have accepted their instructions to do … nothing, because they fail to understand the basic fundamentals of human nature and very bad at mathematics.

Or to put it simply visitors here will read those words and wonder about themselves and their Doctors. Even those that refuse to face reality, thing ignorance is bliss, there will cone a time when something happens to someone close to them and they will remember these posts and return … quite unfortunately too late. Perhaps one day they may foresee something with a member of their family be it a child or a parent and then reconsider the possibilities. The fact is that for me these occurrences of an abuse of the health service and breaking of codes of conduct have existed 100% of the time across no less than five GP Surgeries, four of which all in Enfield.

So visitors have to ask themselves this … OK so Enfield Primary Care Trust, or someone that controls them, is corrupt. Can I honestly be comfortable with relying on the possibility that this is a one off and isolated case and dies not apply to me or my family?!

If we sat in a room talking about this I would simply say; Could you take that chance and if wrong live with the consequences?!

I for one could not which is why I always tell my own daughter to be careful with every single so called public service there is! She us cut off and had no one else to look out for her and still young. If I got it wrong, yet again add I did with her evil mother, this would be to much for fit me to carry with me the rest of my life!

My advice would be do not pretend everything is OK because the consequences could be far, FAR worse and take it from someone who knows only too well, you do not want to go through half the things I did you really do not!

There is an extremely good and fully understandable reason why I have been asked countless times by both fully fledged health professionals and health trainees; How are you still alive and how have you stayed sane?!

The answer is very simple and part of that I have already answered. I do not like losing and do not like being outwitted by evil people and corporations and decided it was high time I fight back to do one thing and one thing only. To pay them all back tenfold for what they did to me, my life and those I know.

This is easily achieved but albeit with a long wait by simply exposing the lies told they think nothing of and to detail and show the utter horrors that these little idiosyncrasies eventually bring about to unsuspecting victims before it happens.

Sadly I have no doubt at all that this may be getting through to petiole who have had things done to friends or family members and are now asking themselves if they themselves have been mislead and they have therefore been unwittingly unfair to their friends or lived ones based on these so called white lies?

The backlash will cone about of this much I am sure but what magnitude this will be will depends on how many petiole have suffered or even died because of this little conspiracy?

Of that I simply do not know and will not until such a time that enough people have read this blog and made their own discoveries?

After all this was what I endeavored to do all along, to make anyone in a similar situation or know of those in similar situations to start asking new questions and do research themselves to find out.

I have no doubt that this had been occurring and it will take time to do but on here I an at least show you how to do it. The trick is on the manipulation of speak and text and these are not given any thought by those that perpetrate these immoral crimes. This is what you must use and it’s successful because they simply do not think of it! If your dealing with an organization that looks down their nose at you or speaks down to you then this is the best method my a million miles, make no mistake! Even by stating this here right now I am already setting out another trap for those that think themselves smarter to fall into! Any and all declarations have already had their back up plans mapped out. I do not declare anything without planning and then expecting a back up plan to eventually provide me with even more fruit! In fact even announcing this has it’s own connotations!

Throughout the rest of 2014 much of that will become clear and I imagine a few bright sparks may have already worked out what I am on about? I bet those that these posts are intended to hurt do not get it?!

This post was inspired by a current news event, or report, that had a similar action to that I hope to achieve in the coming year or two but have never, ever declared on here. I simply cannot even lay out clues to done things because it is important that these remain vague.

To anyone that finds my vagueness annoying, unless your one of my enemies of course, I apologize. But I just explained the exact reason add to why I am vague at times. The enemy!

It will not stay this way of course add there will be levels I each when it will be obvious that my goals simply cannot be thwarted any longer. In fact desire the fact that my ultimate goal would be declared it will become obvious to many immediately, and explained to others that do not realize, that it will still be a long way off despite being inevitable.

Well at least I think so at any rate and endeavoring is the name of the game because you get nowhere without it, also it should be realised that I simply show that ‘if at first you do not succeed then try, try again!’

Oddly enough I am going through this with something I want to attempt and have wanted to fur several years. This is for both work and entertainment but on a budget level. I keep changing my mind but just the process in acquiring will greatly benefit my attempts to reach my intended goals. I simply do not possess the finances to do it even on a budget level. Not without weeks and weeks of difficulties and I keep thinking of the end benefits. There are many indeed from this achievement on many levels. It had turned out very recently that this is actually less expensive than I first thought. But some items will still be … difficult! But I am seriously contemplating on attempting this now and this could be started in a matter of days due to done … growth of unspent money.

In fact this may be much better if I just then accumulate over the next fortnight after Wednesday as I worry about buying things piecemeal over time and then discover they are faulty! If you wonder why then you really need to check out my videos on the number of used/refurbished/faulty cameras I purchased from Argos that water several months of media content collecting on my YouTube account!


‘Plebgate’ officer in £200,000 claim


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