So then looked at almost everything else and no doubt there will be more .. links emerge to what is going on. Watched, listened and read a hell of a lot. Not posted them all.

So I figured that coronal holes will be key in the Sun’s cycles and its temperature and it does appear to be so. It struck me that either a large than average size, length of duration or both might be telltale signs to what expect next?

A substantial one was seen and reported on in December 2016.

“The reason this is news, is because the hole is unusually large for this point in the cycle, but certainly not unprecedented” –

Going to guess that was a little bigger for that time of the solar cycle than expected and that probably more likely to be about now? Maybe just bigger than average anyway?

So what occurs with both the lack of Sunspots and the size and duration of these Coronal Holes throughout this year of 2019 is likely going to be key. No Sunspots at all or very few along with larger and longer lasting Coronal Holes is not going to look good.

To a couple of shocked people thinking tha planet was still warming they found out that the winter 2017 lead into broke records as did the one 2018 led into. Not sure how many consecutive years this has occurred for?

Hmm and this hole reported the same year is even bigger, no?

Now as I have stated for bloody decades to people and blogged for nearly 7 and stated online for over a decade we have swings. Waxing and waning of temperatures. I have also reminded people that despite the bold claims and confidence of scientists shoved in our faces .. they do not know for sure and often are wrong.

It recent weeks it would appear that I am not the only one with letters after their name .. offered more letters to go after or before their name .. that has been saying this.

Oppenheimer Ranch Project on YouTube .. damn this short term memory whose name escapes me, I now know to be a Paleantologist, or so I have read.

Adapt 2030 used to work importing coffee and believed in global warming until cold kept affecting coffee crops and he realised it was al lies.

Professor Valentina Zharkova with PhD in Astrophysics and BSc and MSc in Atronomy and Mathematics was laughed at by NASA. Now starting to quote her without pointing out that they .. actually are quoting her?!

This is despicable behaviour.

Now .. something has popped into my head .. places to get away from the cold? We have had reports of space-ports in the UK, space stations planned around the Moon and a bas in its surface. I said to someone that underground cities may have been built? People laughed and said “Where?! How would they get away with that without anyone noticing?” I simply as when they last took a stroll right through Groom Lake in America?

Russia and China must have areas like this too, no?

How many people were pissed off at the cost of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN? How many billions did that cost? One in America too, right? Big expensive project, right?

That is a whopping 27km of underground tunnel they built. In a circle. There are cities smaller than that. A big place you can get a lot of people in, no?

So Europe has one, America has one and maybe even the Russians have one? Do they have one in Asia like with China or Japan? How about those we do not know about?

A giant sized underground project with a scientific purpose .. or cover?

Well if electricity fails then .. yeah they wont be operating the LHC any time soon so you have a massive underground complex that can be used to save many people, right?

So yeah I digress.

The fact was that the global temperature waxed and waned on both smaller scales, from cycle to cycle, as well as much, much bigger scales from ice-age to ice-age.

As much as I do not like the way that the rich and powerful have ran things .. that I claimed that many of their monetary methods will inevitably cost lives and that this will be proved but not in my lifetime, not now proving to be. I was astonished at the rate that old companies got blamed, rich people were blamed and them mankind in general.

So for thousands of years we have been pushed to work .. and work harder. Often for less and less.

We started to use animals in that work with horses, cattle and such.

Eventually machines were built .. then the combustion engine and we were just pushed harder and forced to rely on these. Then they started adding more and more tax to these things they forced up to rely upon. Then were were told that is is we that are destroying the planet by using the things they forced us to and by doing as we were told.

And none of their predictions have played out.

Now the Sun and the planet is cooling .. the excuses are ludicrous and/or embarrassing. One said Sea Levels have not risen because the Sea floor is sinking?! No mention of where the feck it is going or that Gigatons of ice building up on Antarctica each year?

Waxes and Wanes ..

Note in the box on the bottom left of the picture above?

“Whenever Solar Radiation has decreased and volcanic activity increased global temperatures suddenly plummet often within weeks or months”

Like I said .. it is not like the film “The Day After Tomorrow” were it happens in hours and this much was obvious. Weeks is unlikely but possible .. months more likely .. however ..

It is of my belief that has come to the forefront in this series that a very major volcanic eruption happening at any point in the next 12 to 24 months will have serious consequences to the rate at which the temperature drops and it could be hours?

Also of note of the graph is the point where we entered a little ice age .. just as the temperature officially went into cool which is where we have been at for a year, there were 24 volcanic eruptions. In Italy, the Pacific, Alaska and Iceland and this is linked to the drop in solar activity. During the whole period there were 90 eruptions. The 24 where roughly in the period where the temperature was dropping and solar activity decreasing meaning it was pushing it down further still .. causing the Little Ice Age.

This is where things start looking a little .. scary .. as according to the Smithsonian Institute 35 volcanoes erupted or were erupting in 2018!

Updated 15th February 2019 it gets worse as 42 are currently erupting and added to the previous list one of that 42 only started erupting in 2019.

Now of the previous 24 I mentioned at the start of the Little Ice Age these may have all been major eruptions as smaller ones at the time are likely difficult or impossible to get records on?

While at the same time along with those hat have erupted and are erupting it I fear that it will only take one or two bigger than average and newsworthy awe-inspiring ones to make it abundantly clear to the world where we are now heading.

Now let us look at the numbers of eruptions year on year the past few years the Sun has decreased its activity ..

  • 2013 2
  • 2014 3 (Decreased Activity and Mini Ice-Age predicted on BBC)
  • 2015 4
  • 2016 6 (Big Coronal Holes Appear)
  • 2017 8 (Britain gets weird orange skies and dimmed sun)
  • 2018 34 (New York gets orange skies and dimmed sun)
  • Pattern emerging?
  • This is the Smithsonian Institute data ..
  • Greenhouse gasses being put into air way faster than anything man can do and maybe increase over next year or two?
  • Can you see from all the available data that they first thought it might be 15 years away .. then got moved closer and closer and closer?
  • Likely that Adapt 2030 called his channel that as maybe that is when they thought it would start?
  • Then I was hearing 2028 to 2029
  • Then I was hearing 2026 to 2027
  • Then I was hearing 2024 to 2026
  • One video stated Earth would be 13% further fro the Earth in 2024
  • Some are even thinking it could be a year or two .. I stated that I cannot see it being a soon as 12 months, not without a big volcanic eruption, but would look obvious a year from now
  • Two years? I think it will have inevitable effects two years from now at the LATEST YES

Do we have enough eruptions to equal those of the ones detected from history that led up to the Little Ice Age? Now that would be something to look into, no? The period that started the Little Ice Age, known as the Maunder Minimum, looks very, very similar to what is going on right now.

Of course if they had been honest with us, climate change advocates whose plan was using billions of our money to cool the planet, along with politicians and fake news .. someone might have figured this out and people might have started of thinking of ways to prepare.

They will say they did this to stop panic .. no .. they made it worse. Instead of telling people 20 years ahead of time so that they could both accept what was coming and think of ways with fighting it .. we are heading for a stage where people will find out not long before it starts and pandemonium will ensue.

Remember .. it NOT a given at this point .. it just looks extremely likely, the data of the last couple of years at least is supporting that and scientists back in the 1970’s said this was coming. Svalbard Seed Vault was built in the early 1980′ and not revealed for twenty years either.

Yeah not looking good is it .. for government and politicians along with the rich, powerful and their appointed scientists?

Now look at what is going on in the world right now and look at what these people are both stating and doing?

Now .. yeah did I mention I got blocked by ..


Is it starting to become clear now why I get blocked by people in politics and science? Doctors, Psychiatrists and politicians along with many others besides.

Yeah I do not use swear words or personal attacks and I certainly never used to cool anyone an ‘idiot’ or a ‘moron’ until they proved themselves to be. ‘Naive’ would normally be the first word I used.

Except I asked a couple if questions of Mr Cox and was blocked without so much as a singe answer .. which oddly enough .. does not reflect well on him, does it now?

So this far I have covered astronomy, astrophysics, seismology, volcanology, meteorology and animals sciences to one degree or another.

Soon the only thing left other than the odd news update will be the psychological aspect of this news breaking out .. on a wider basis.

This will have a humongous effect on the Northern Hemisphere and so Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Germany, France, Poland, Canada and North America.

If I left anyone out I am sorry.

However .. the equator is full of people some of which are undesirable rapists and murderers. That is unless it is not. United Nations Pact Migration .. seems to have a lot of people moving north, no?

All those countries? How many people is that? Where will they go to in the event of an ice-age, mini or full? Lets not say its that .. lets say for argument sake something seriously happened to food production? This would not require something as severe as a mini ice-age and just vastly reduced summers. Ergo vastly reduced growing seasons from 8 months to 6 months. From 6 months to 4 months. From 4 month to 2 months. You cannot produce enough any longer for the number of people and will have to move.

Now all this talk about world wards and EU Armies and the threat of Russia would suddenly make a lot of sense, no?

  • Consider that not a single set but a long list of sets of data point to this happening
  • Consider how many odd things are being stated and actions that has everyone scratching their heads .. thinking it is all madness ..
  • But apply these sets of data to the madness that is going on and ..
  • Does it not suddenly all make perfect sense?

So in a decade it will be the best places to grow food .. but if most of the people have been allowed into the Northern Hemisphere, confusing the indigenous as to why in the hell this is going on, it thins of those central regions, no?

Despite claims to be doing this for the people and even I wondered if they were trying to move people away from the equator to save them, maybe .. just maybe .. it was far more sinister?

With tens of even hundreds of millions of the now located way, way north and a sudden onset of killer blizzard conditions, fast travel vanishing over night or in a few days .. suddenly it will be impossible to return, right? The journey because of the lack of cars, trains, planes and boats would become very lengthy and perilous and claim a lot of lives, would it not?

But a hundreds of leftists and other trolls insist I am an idiot. They push these narratives because they want those that are privileged to be found to be at fault. For some sort of revolution? Instead its worked out to be the opposite with everyone from centre-left to far-right wanting a revolution right across Europe, Canada, America, Britain and other countries. While the naïve leftists being used as pawns by those they hate still helping .. well .. those they hate and peddling the lies and myths.

So now I have put my number and pattern spotting to the test.

I have done this despite being severely handicapped with my health, pain, memory, working conditions, anxiety, deficiencies, oppression and just about every device being slow, faulty or temperamental and with a laptop whose screen now keeps going black while being balanced on the side of my kneww while typing as low magnesium is causing intense pain to my right leg and now realised I have been taking Vitamin ‘B’ Pills for several days instead of bloody magnesium pills.

This as been this way for over year now, started in January 2018 and 2017 was pretty screwed up too for everything. My photography, filming, writing and business start up.

Now imagine what I could to with these symptoms reduced, the right equipment, the right conditions?

No matter how hard I have tried and just when I thought I had that sorted it all got taken away from me in the blink of a eye.

Maybe this mass migration and edgy governments is linked to this? Maybe they genuinely think they are saving people? Maybe it is more sinister and thinning out the areas they want to live in?

What appear to be the reasons behind massive divisions could be in reality all part of some grand plan. Grand plan sound like the claims of tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist?

Well that plan not only exists, has one name behind it and is widely believed from the northern Americas through Europe to Australasia and beyond.

The New World Order and George Soros and we have even had Pope Francis and an Imam of Islam .. sign some agreement recently.

The list of unprecedented acts, things being said, data coming out and even the number of traitorous acts is like nothing mankind has witnessed for at least four hundred years but I would wager amny thousands. Only there were far fewer people back then while today?

Added to the story about the plan to get the Royal Family out of Britain over Brexit .. we have .. dammit .. one of those times where memory fails me .. and it has not come back. There was something else .. and I cannot recall what it was.

Well I am sure that many visitors by now could compile their own list of mad things that has left thing shaking their heads for weeks in disbelief?


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