OK this was weird ..

Tried to find a YouTube video I had included in my pole reversal posts .. only I could not find it?!

I thought about doing a very short recap and now it seems I have an excuse to do exactly that over the climate change fiasco ..


So and here is the missing video narrated by none other than Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek .. aired between 1974 and 1976 by my estimation. In it that say something very different about the ice quantities to what they are saying today. They say its growing and an ice-age is coming.

Narrated by Leonard Nimoy circa 1976


They must soon get the idea for the Svalbard Seed Bank Vault as the program is already underway by 1984 but bizarrely we do not hear about it for another 20 years or so.


Suddenly we start hearing about a climate shift going on they end up calling Global Warming.

In or by 1996 it is predicted that in ten years there will be no more Gulf Stream and the UK ill get severe wet weather.


The prediction does not happen and the gulf stream is still there. But now we are hearing that the world’s ice via pole caps and glacier’s are melting .. seas are rising. We are told we are going to lose land and be flooded. Later in the decade they start stating there will be now ice or snow in a decade. (EDIT: First it was by 2013 ad then they moved this to 2016 – Al Gore)

Possibly late  the decade or early the next we hear about Svalbard.


Massive solar flares are predicted .. panic about satellites being destroyed or malfunctioning. Only late on in the decade this has not only not happened but it turns out to be quite the opposite .. decreased activity and few or no sunspots ..

Reported by the BBC with talk of mini Ice Ages ..

They now are referring to this as a Grand Solar Minimum.

On or around 2015 onwards I notice an increase in seismic activity and volcanoes erupting ..

Late 2017 in the UK the sky goes an orange colour and the Sun goes dark which was particulates in the atmosphere .. official story plausible but makes no sense.

Mid 2018 the same thing happens in North America and British News media is silent.

Around the time of the weird skies in the USA we hear in the UK of a reports that NASA, having not gone to the moon in decades and the UK with no space-flight industry and way too many satellites, are going to build 6 space-ports in the UK .. a space station orbiting the Moon and if that was suddenly not crazy ambitious enough .. a huge base you can live in on the Moon’s .. SURFACE?!

January 2019 an odd YouTube suggestion fro man unfamiliar channel pops up claiming the magnetic North Pole has split and racing away from each other at an ever increasing speed. By a DIY scientist?! I decide I have to go back to this and research it as how could I be hearing about this and NOT from an official source.

Very next day and on Twitter I see a news report from Forbes Magazine being tweeted about a dormant Volcano in Germany that suddenly has magma moving under it. Scientists confused. My alarm bells go off and I recall the Pole Shift video and decide i better look into this.

Looking for that report I go and find this one, January 9th 2019, reporting that magma is rising under the Eifel volcano in Germany. On the same page of the Express are links to possible massive eruptions in Italy that will wipe out the centre of the country .. and Yellowstone eruption imminent, which is now the second time of hearing this for the former and third for the latter.

However several months earlier and live on the BBC on their News 24 channel they get a scientist and ask them why there has been an increase in all this activity who snaps back to my surprise, states that there is not and puts it down to social media. Yeah except its been around for a decade mate. YOU LIED!!

Just a week or so before the above in January 2019 is when I stumble across the fact that it is not being reported the Sun’s activity has decreased.

I am also seeing that all the other predictions that have been made concerning the climate science bunch have also not panned out.

Social Media is awash with memes from long term climate sceptics that list all the predictions and each time it has not panned out.

This was prior to the fact no one was supposed to be ever witnessing snow again by now according to Al Gore and yet they have had record snow falls in more parts of North America than you can shake a stick at.

Ice that was supposed to shrink or disappear completely has not at all and is apparently now reported to be growing.

So they said it the ice had shrunk for decades except from the 1940’s to the 1970’s it had grown.

They said that from the early 2000’s and consistently for years that by the late 2010’s or 2020 there would be no ice, no snow and we would all be boiling.

That is four decades in total they have spoken about and NONE OF THESE ARE TRUE!!

Now .. it is not rocket science to see what is going on here, right?

So were they stupid and you paid them billions for years they then wasted on all the wring things and people are going to die in the millions as a result?

Or were they lying, they knew and you have paid them billions for years so that they can build contingency plans for themselves? The worst dregs of humanity?

I have always maintained that the trouble with conspiracy theories, proved you rule out the plainly obvious ones, is that they always sound too crazy to be true and best ignored.

That is until one of the proves otherwise to a point whereby you cannot ignore it any longer and need to pay attention.


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