Soo if your taken to court and there is no legal aid and you cannot afford to appeal your only option is to ask others and according to Count Dunkula and Vee in the YouTube video below .. the court see this as intimidation to the court if you attempt to crowd fund?!

I am not even fucking kidding you here and I have never heard of this before?

Intimidating the fucking court you fucking wankers?!

First off how the fuck do you work that out and in what reality is that even a reason?!

Secondly .. what the fuck do you think your doing to the British public?! The law is there to protect the people, or so you would think?!

This is an absolute bastardisation of law and does not twist it but makes it an utter disgrace.

No the real reason you cannot crow fund for an appeal, when you can everywhere else in the world, is obvious when you think about it.

Crowd funding and the Internet is global and after the crap they came out with in Liverpool over Alfie Evans .. sorry .. after this British Justice is dead. Well and truly dead.

Oh maybe I should tell you why Count unula was taken to court and why he was fined £800?

Yeah .. because his dog performs a Nazi salute and if you was about to teach your dog to raise his fucking paw to you, as millions have done for decades .. I would think twice about that?!

No I am not kidding here .. watch the damn video .. hang on was this Scotland? Is there legal system not different? No wonder they wanted to stay in the EU if this is their attitude to things, lol.

Count Dunkula who has a red star tattooed on his chest is fined because his dog, a Pug, performed a Nazi salute!

Twitter is awash with this racist victim card bollocks and everywhere I look their are halfwits arguing about antisemitism and Islamaphobia! FUCK .. OFF!

Exactly when how and why did the fucking UK become the middle-east and they dragged all their crap here to our shores and are ruining the lives of the British people with it to the point that people are actually fucking dying!

And they are handing out fines over dogs performing Nazi salutes?! You pathetic excuses for human beings! My God if a civil war broke out I would drag my arse out of the house no matter how much pain I had!

Everyone has a big pile of Orwellian Victim Cards and they must have bought them in January and got a ten packs for the price of one offer?!

Jesus H. Christ .. fuck off with all this shit I am sick of it.

I am also sick of the narrow minded deluded idiots that are getting stuck in with all this crap .. this is what they have also done to British politics now. Labour split in two over antisemitism other calling the Conservatives anti-Islamic .. bollocks!

Neither of these two statements is true and I hate both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn!

Jeremy Corbyn panders to the Muslims, let us make that clear.

Theresa May also panders to them.

That is it and that is all and think what you like.

I got talking to a famous celebrity tonight an Twitter .. he was being attacked by people that cannot count and simply refuse to accept they are in a minority or do not care.

I defended him. We spoke. I told him that I am shocked at everything that is going on, everyone sees to have lost their God damned minds? Maybe someone put something in the bloody water supplies? Maybe the heat and drought has turned everyone delirious?

What I do know is this .. everyone is complicit in ripping the UK right down the middle and nto two or three pieces .. well no just England.

My daughter and I have suffered a series of hell over ten years .. we have been lied to, had everything taken away, lied to about our conditions .. said conditions ignored. Left with fatal conditions and in pain both mentally and physically.

I have no idea why this is though I could probably guess correctly and I simply do not believe it and I have to tell my daughter of the absolute shite I read online all because of a few fucking words!

Stop the UK I want to get off! I am not one of these mad deluded idiots and I want out!


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