So naive people think the system is fairer?

Others, like one idiot I know, thinks that old people and disabled should be left to die to help the country out? Well how about we let anything go if your going to pick and chose what makes a civilised society and me the battle of the fittest .. robbery and burglary become legal and we go around to the houses of these amoral twats and take everything they have? I know Wing Chun Kung Fu so wont that be the battle of the fittest?!

How about the most intellectual? Oh I have letters after my name, turned down a Doctorate, was asked to attend an interview with GCHQ too.

My friend’s argument was not a well thought out one.

None of what he said would raise his regular Saturday takings up from the abysmal £56 average either, down from a previous £1,000 plus prior to the financial crisis. Nor would he get the house back he owned outright and lost by constantly remortgaging it to plough the money into his failing business. Nope .. on an intellectual level .. not a chance.

To this day I have absolutely no idea what possessed him to say that.

But he was the only one who ever said something like that to me.

Oddly he also thought the Earth was flat .. among other mad sounding things. Go figure!

Also lying seems to go for him as well as the government .. when it actually comes down to morals it seems that the less they have the more they think they have more rights and feelings of self-entitlements.

I expected money to help me with my life as someone living with several really hard disabilities.

If I was afflicted with self-entitlement I would demand any one of the scores of amoral liars in politics and these public services be fired and their position given to me as I could do it standing on my head while blindfolded with a Pit Viper down my pants!

But the biggest takers from the public purse are also the most amoral and biggest liars out there who do very little indeed.

Apparently the DWP is a hostile environment too according to a report by The Canary? Telling too many lies a little too much for some of them? Ahh diddums!

Well in the link below it will also list a number of horror stories of things being taken away from people who wanted to work but have not been able to.

I know this more than anyone because currently guess what I get and have been getting for about a month? Nothing at all!

Guess what else I no longer have that drives me to suicidal thoughts and has caused me to lose three stone in weight that keeps going over the past few months? A home.

So that previous comment about be being a freeloader? Hooo boy he had better not recreate that fake account and come back and if he does I hope he or she sticks around long enough to read my hostile response?!

Here is a better idea to help the country .. how about we have this grand purge of all the selfish people, amoral people and especially those that fake it and all the largest paid people in public services? Probably save four times as much money as having no welfare state at all?!

Apparently there has been some stuff reported on by The Canary about Universal Credit too?!

Two things the Conservative Party have touched since they was in power .. two things that I can think of ..

  • Entire Welfare System and changes .. PIP and UC
Crap I got my phone-call .. or at least part of it as all I could hear is two Autistic children screaming, another that has one volume level of foghorn and after thirty seconds she had to get off the phone.
It is like that all the time.
I am not going to get into the long gory details on that one, suffice it t say that it is all on here .. could go onto the front pages of the tabloids for weeks on end. Has been intentionally ignored by them. Had to tokenism parts published in Take A Break and Love It recently and promised loads of other things which then goes quiet. No explanation, promises all broken and we have no idea why.
Several times in the last six months we were told and thought our living and continuous nightware was over. I had everything I had cancelled twice, third time in 8 years and then my business support pulled six months after they agreed to it and one week after going self-employed.
Yeah that is how much this government and the DWP and Job Centre are trying to help you.
There is a whole list of people that now know about be who are popular people and with some big followings and if they .. EVER figure out out story from the posts in this blog there will be a meltdown!
I have always remained quiet .. prepared to do this a different way, word of mouth alone. But after a step up in attacks against us I decided to to things that up until recently I had never .. EVER .. done before.
I decided to become a bit more .. noticeable, you could say?
I have always had these other options open to me and I perhaps should have done this two years ago but I never dreamed that they would sink so low as to do to the two of us and four vulnerable children that which they have done in the last year.
In fact it has gotten so bad that my daughter actually told e today she was going to move to London from Merseyside and I never .. EVER thought I would ever hear her say that?!
If she ever does then this opens a door to me. I can expose someone and the local council that has protected them for so very long and allowed them to get away with all kinds of heinous and terrible crimes. All so that the local council would not be shown up for the incompetent twats they have been for well over twenty years that a court backed up.
If your thinking ‘Hornet’s Nest’ then you are simply not thinking big enough here. Think a nest of the dragons that Harry Potter had to face and you would be somewhat closer to reality.
I the meantime why do yo not go and get a head start o this by looking at The Canary’s list of horror stories regarding the DWP and disabled people?
The Canary ..



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