Well this is frustrating .. wait? Let me have a little count up..

Twenty six.

Oh God .. now this post is in danger of sounding like something taken from The Hitchhiker’s Guide The The Galaxy?!

My latest thing has been to increase the quality and quantity of my photographs. I had this planned last year and was basically stabbed in the back and then it was stopped altogether and this was the government’s and public services way of helping people back to work. Though they were fully behind it and then pulled it a week after I went self-employed and then proceeded to stab me in the back over it.

Yeah all that despite the fact ..

  • I have several things classed as a disability

    • I have several ways I can die

      • Heart Attack

      • Heart, Liver and Kidney Disease

      • Several areas of pain

      • Memory Loss

      • Extreme Anxiety

      • Self Harming

      • All that and more from conditions they ignored for years and ..

      • Then failed to tell me about and ..

      • Failed to spot links to symptoms I already had, started getting to things they diagnosed me with

        • Hypomagnesemia for one

        • Fibromyalgia for another

  • This has been admitted to by a clearly corrupt court called HMCTS

  • Then found out by daughter had been victim of domestic violence thanks to mistakes by successive governments and attributed to the PC crowd .. once you read this, and you will, you will be I absolutely no doubt

  • Then I find out my granddaughter is seriously Autistic

  • They admit to that then lie about it

  • Then I find out my daughter has cervical cancer

    • Just to add to the dozens of horrors she has experienced already at 25

  • Then the public services continue to stab us on the back, refuse financial help or any other help and then ..

  • Go and help criminals and paedophiles

    • Oh if Tommy Robinson and others knew our details it would go .. wild

My plans for a couple thousand photographs from June or July 2017 until the end of the year .. go out of the window. I get next to nothing. Thanks a lot.

I left an area far, far away I did not want to.

This was down to both my health conditions as well as public services .. except in my absence they are now helping domestic abusers and have no doubt helped paedophiles and I fucking well kid you not on this one. One of these stores is currently on the cover of Love It Magazine, go check it out bottom right corner but you have to buy it to read it.

The other stories are coming throughout the rest of the year with the next one being around the 22nd June.

This is the only ray of hope that two of us and five children have. Because the results otherwise will be homelessness and death. In no way an exaggeration the the reasons will be clear in just four weeks from now. Some are already. The current story is just a single part in what are likely well over a dozen. The next one will be completely different to the current story.

Well there was a reason that a media agent sought us, or someone else, out and pressed hard to get a contract signed. I have also been a bit suspect about their conduct ever since said contract was signed.

The one thing I have been able to do sine being back here is get out and take some photographs, though nowhere near as many times as I would have liked. Currently it has been several weeks since I have managed to get out with my professional camera.

Once again this is because of another idiot public service doing something out of the blue, doing this something very badly and doing this something for a lot longer than they stated.

It feels as if it is by design and some others think this.

Also my health contributes to these failures as the heart palpitations have had my stop dead in my tracks. I am worried about passing out and having my camera gear stolen. I would rather not wake up at all if this was to happen.

Did a test run down to the city, as it is only a couple of miles from here, but the first time ever I actually had a damned heart palpitation attack while I was out and decided to sit on a bench outside on office block with some very, very tall Bamboo for thirty minutes.

But yesterday I had the opportunity to use my non-professional Nikon to get some photographs of some animals. So no 42 megapixel raw files but 16 megapixel, or is it 20, jpeg files. No problems them uploading these to my Flickr account? Like hell!

Twenty six, ahh there you go, jpegs and last night the utterly atrocious Flickr uploading system, both of them, just kept keeling over and dying before even one photo was uploaded!

Today and the following afternoon I still have only managed to upload one .. ooh let me check? Yup .. still just the one after half a dozen attempts to upload the next one. Because I gave up attempting even small batches of uploads and did them singly. Yup it still keeps keeling over and dying!

There in lies yet another of my problems ..

.. I should feel lucky that I have access to the Internet but is is not only a really bad Virgin Media broadband account but by far the worst one I have EVER come across. Though the naïve people that live here think it is fine, lol. Yeeeaaaah .. your paying for a 50MB connection you do not need and have absolutely no clue that it is even worse than a 3G mobile phone connection?! Riiiight!

My Flickr account .. https://www.flickr.com/gp/89426160@N05/v48K11

If you look at that sight you will see one picture of a Solomon Island Eyelash Frog or Ceratabatrachus guentheri ..

Let me see if I can show Flickr’s appalling upload methods up by uploading the second picture here?

Oops .. cannot upload pictures om here either, have to copy and paste, lol! Told you it was bad.

It successfully uploaded to blogger .. but took 7 or 8 minutes when it should have taken 7 or 8 seconds?!

EDIT: Yeeaah as long as that sounds I may have been a little generous. You see I managed to upload a second picture and I made a note of the time when I attempted the third. Now what happens is most of the time it normally fails and you get a message something went wrong. I started the third frog image upload at 17:35 and at 17:56 it is still telling me it is uploading?! Considering this is a jpeg that is compressed, 6.78MB, and that my RAW files are anywhere between 22MB and 35MB you can imagine how utterly ridiculous this is? I mean imagine just trying to upload ten jpegs? What about 100 jpegs? Well if I have a good day with my professional camera I can easily get well over 100 RAW photos to upload!

Ten times 20 minutes is 200 minutes. One hundred times 20 minutes is 2000 minutes. Now double or even treble those times and how is anyone supposed to work with that?! You cannot even leave it overnight because it fails so often! Now it is 18:02 and it is STILL UPLOADING?! END EDIT!

I did mention I was a scientist in several fields of animals and several other scientists, am BSc Applied Computing, got a Distinction for my thesis and turned down a Doctorate, right? Yeah nearly worked for GCHQ as well as was wanted by the MOD at one point too.

Only little jpegs and I have spent twenty four hours and only managed to upload a single photo?! Oh my God!

Trust me sating something like ‘you don’t know the half of it’ would be the understatement of the century and I am now mere weeks away from proving that once and for all.

Yeah .. good chance that dozens of public services are going to fold over .. or like Flickr’s upload mechanism .. keel over and die. Would be well overdue too. If it were not for idiot and naïve members of the public wearing those rose coloured spectacles?!

I will single handedly, well .. figuratively speaking, give a whole new meaning to conspiracy theory, let me tell you.

In the meantime I will try to find ways to get back to the wildlife photography, landscape photography and monochrome photography I wanted so much to get into.


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