I had a load of notifications come through on YouTube .. watched a few videos and I could not quite believe what I was reading about a man I know nothing about.

Hmm come to think about it I was going to look to see what Sargon of Akkad said about this when I got back to the house and as this damned laptop is on and off the very shite Internet connection and Flickr’s crappy upload is once again refusing to upload a single jpeg, 16mp ones at that, I might as well now go and see?

Oh and after initially feeling somewhat better after staring to take those vitamin B-Complex pills in conjunction with my magnesium, calcium and vitamin D3 pills .. I am still having the humongous heart palpitations. Still experienced some aching in my legs too. So looking as though a malabsorption thing is going on. It its early stages, no doubt, as a full on failure to absord magnesium and I simply would not be here.

Let it be said here I have no idea who this man is, not listened to him at all and on being told this had actually happened a couple of days ago I was told he was the leader of the English Defence League, it also has to be said I no very little about. Well nothing in all honesty. They do not even come up in part in anything I watch on YouTube or anywhere else I might watch a video. Show how much I know because only up until I typed that line I kept thinking he was the leader of UKIP?! Lol. As I typed I then remembered I was told it was the EDL and by someone I know that does not follow them or know very much about them.

I probably should look at them .. because if there is one thing I have learned it is that the mainstream media and especially the national TV news networks lie and mislead and do this intentionally. Also that there is this overwhelming desire to label with PC terms like ‘racism’. ‘fascists’ and ‘neo-nazis’ .. and and ‘alt-right’ and good God do I so hate that last one. As I said to someone this drumming in has been going on for so long that it has become ingrained into our consciousness and with the intention to silence people from speaking out about their thoughts and feelings.

Yeah .. yet all this is supposed to be about someone else’s thoughts and feelings and yet we are supposed to suppress ours so that they can act out theirs. Hypocrisy in action.

So anyway there was this rally and I only see a short video and it did have Sargon speak in it and not the other guy.

Oh? He was the leader of the EDL but no longer is .. something to do with white nationalists .. whatever the hell they are?!

Hmm I just remembered that some black guy whose name I cannot remember .. here let me look ..

.. hmm I cannot find it and I have a notification to state that a video has been deleted soo .. I guess that is it? Oddly enough I thought I heard that it was illegal to talk .. once again let me just say that .. again .. it is illegal to talk ..about this incident?! To be honest I totally ignored that and thught it was bullshit but now? Soo .. they are shutting people up now? Oh cool!

As it turns out this man was talking about paedophile rings and .. was .. arrested and from what I am hearing and within the space of an hour or two was imprisoned for 10 to 18 months or something?!

I simply could not believe this considering the amount of English disabled people have died since 2011 and would have prevented by a court case that took way too fucking long. In excess of 120,000 people and rising and I think closer to double that have died in total. But someone talking about paedophile rings gets a court hearing and locked up before the day is through?

For fucking speak and the fucking truth at that?!

Want to see what a piss take is going on in this country?

Here is a video by Sargon of Akkad but at the end of the video, like the last minute, there is a video of this man driving along. He is being interviewed. HE tells in the video how if he was to walk along the street he would get beaten up. Probably killed. Now the interviewer, I think, does not take this seriously .. within no time at all the car stops and a man comes over to his open driver’s window and starts having a go at him. Take a look at what this vile evil scum of a person does ..


At times like this I start to wonder about my claims of American owned Serco running the country and start to think it is Arab Muslims?!

Because it is like people are just laying down to be shot in the back of their head and giving up there country.

Even the media are at this crap and I sat opened mouthed recently as I watched a British Army video of a Muslim man praying on his mat while his fellow soldiers sat on a few rocks. Really?! My God have you any idea how many things there are wrong with this picture?!

Out somewhere as soldiers and he has to stop and pray on his mat?! In the armed forces?! Are you fucking insane?

Umm .. have any children now growing up talking about joining the armed forces? Well take it from the great grandson of the man who died test piloting the Avro Manchester that then became the infamous Lancaster .. do not let them do it. Your children’s lives might be lost because half the squad are praying on their mats?!

Some of them might even be hoping their fellow British soldiers get shot? Fewer nationals while they keep growing .. brings forward that which now looks to be inevitable?

I saw a video with Heather Southern doing being her controversial self to prove a point and then did something not illegal and was threatened with being arrested and has since been banned for entering the UK?!

Yeah .. Heather Southern is Canadian which many like to portray as being the most leftist and tolerant country on the planet.

One of the best videos I saw .. for the hypocrisy and the sheer idiocy of the Police, Islam, Muslims and these Jihadists were in a video of this black guy called Sa Ra Garvey.

Now follow this carefully and I will bullet point this ..

  • Sa Ra Garvey a black guy

  • He interviews this other .. leader of the EDL

  • They get attacked by this Muslim guy .. I assume has a big following

  • They each get accused of being supremacists because of their skin colour

  • Except they then get accused of teaming up to attack Islam

  • Because they both hate Islam


He’s funny.

And the British Police and the British government along with British courts are complicit in all this and it is now going to get far, far worse.

I published a petition against the PHSO recently.

In this petition, which not many would sign because not many would have gotten to reach the PHSO and even only a small percentage of them would have realised they had been lied to, manipulated or duped. It was never going to be big.

Yet in a week 346 people have signed it and from areas right across the UK, so you cannot claim it is just family and friends nearby to do with just one case. So there are things being lied about right across Britain just as I correctly claimed the all the national tabloids and TV News Networks way back in 2012.

Yeah .. I make bold claims and predictions because I know I am right and I know that I will be proved right at some point down the line, even if it takes a few years.

So would it surprise you to find out that I was sent a petition about freeing this ex-leader of the EDL and that it was very close to 300,000 and went over it by the next morning?!

PHSO Petition number at 346 .. despite the fact I proved the PHSO were lying bastards and corrupt organisation the taxpayer is paying for, just like the GMC and others but .. 346 ..

Petition for the ex-leader of the English Defence League and .. races over 300,000 .. soo .. should be racing over 300,000 people now that will believe anything after what they just did?!

Oh? It was something like 290,000 plus when I signed it and it is now 353,000 plus and I am sure I only signed it last night?!

I signed because what the Police and the courts did was purely illegal, immoral and politically driven and I have exposed everyone as being corrupt for 7 years but called mad for most of that time.

To cut a long story short it was wrong and in all honesty fucking .. obviously .. wrong. If you idsagree then I am afraid your a dictator type. You cannot be happy because your locking up someone because you do not like them or what they say. Otherwise you had better go and start demanding the arrest and prison sentences of all politicians. Because most of the fucking country does not like anything they say .. or like them. Instead of blind fools that would not recognise a lie if it was turned into an anvil and dropped on their heads from the top of The Shard?!

I now have one aspect of my story in a major nationwide magazine and with a lot more to follow throughout the rest of 2018 and I imagine taking place throughout most of 2019 and beyond?! I just hope I live to see this take place?!

But like Mrs Robinson’s son .. I have had my fair share of thwarting tactics from various angles and each one gets a little more direct than the last.

At least now I am not in an area where it is easy to be taken out with a damned sniper rifle?!

Yeah .. that paedophile ring subject matter he likes to talk about? You know Mr’s Robinson’s son?

Yeah .. a shame he did not meet me before he was locked up?! Oooh boy he could have a field day with what I and others have in our possession and .. he may well be well aware of this by the time he leaves prison. If he ever does leave prison, that is..

Because the other troubling thing I hear is that there are a lot of Muslims in this prison. Umm .. just this prison? If so why would the put him there?! If not then are all prisons full of Muslims now then?!

Hmm so much for immigrants not being a cost or drain on society and coming here to contribute to the country?

Attack and kill people, rape young girls and fill up our prisons while attacking politicians who speak out against them while driving along in their cars?! Yeah right.

So .. every few years they become more and more brazen .. so begs the question if you was to list the brazen actions over a timetable ..

What would be the next half dozen brazen acts and when?!

Food for thought, dear boy, food for thought.

I speak about this as do others because we are scared and fear about what is to become of this country.

The leaders and politicians clearly gave up on it and its people years ago, while maintaining this attitude of self-entitlement to large salaries while sick and disabled people along with children starve to death while watching our country sink into oblivion while slowly being over-taken.

Oh and do not even get me started on delusions of grandeur in all this idiocy and hypocrisy.

Look at my last post The Fugliness to see a glimpse of a first part of over a dozen in stories to be released over the next year or more.

Oh-oh-oh I nearly forgot .. Heather Southern on being banned from the UK and Mrs Robinson’s .. son  lol ..


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