Well, well, well .. what do we have ‘ere then?

According to the story in the link below our beloved Atos .. have been taken to court and found to be dishonest about someone’s assessment and ordered to pay £5,000 in damages?!

That is no less than sweet music to my ears and .. ooh yes please, I will take that!

If this occurred with me right now it would completely turn around the absolute mess they turned my life into and I can go right back to where I was and with all the tools I planned to buy but did not acquire .. by doing the job of the public services for them.

There might even be a certain .. person at Arrowe Park Hospital I might visit and state .. “Oh I do not get my money back do I for doing the job the public services are paid to do? Well lookee here and see that? Read it and weep .. arsehole!”

I am amazed it has taken this long for something like this to happen while at the exact same time wondering how they did it?

Yes I do have m own solicitor and I feel fortunate to have one after the very long search to find a representative for my case.

I am also wondering whether or not there will be more and also whether Capita and Maxima will be found guilty in time?

The disabled victim of Atos, Vanessa Haley from Huddersfield, stated the following interesting statement ..

“We are constantly being lied about, repressed and vilified. Many disabled people have become even further isolated by this system and have lost much, if not all of their care.”

The people behind the website, the Disability News Service, also made the following interesting statement ..

Disability News Service has been investigating claims of dishonesty at the heart of the PIP assessment system for more than a year, and has heard from nearly 300 disabled people who have made such allegations.

I can assure you that more than 300 people have complained about this. You only need to fnd the news story, which I posted about and linked on here, to find that they are reviewing 1.6 million disability claims.

I would like to see the name PIP, or Personal Independence Payments, gone! I would like the ‘Personal’ word replaced with ‘Disabled’ so that it becomes clear what it is for and that they give a shit about people with disabilities.

There was an interesting statement about the victim which was too close to home for me and sent a shiver down my spine ..

She now experiences “constant paranoia” about being misdiagnosed by GPs and other healthcare professionals. She has also begun self-harming.

The victim also stated the following, which was also a bit too close for comfort ..

 “It is rarely absent from my thoughts, and as a result my anxiety is through the roof.”

Well I previously stated that I felt like we was at the beginning .. of the end? After seeing and reading this on Facebook where it was posted on DPAC’s Facebook page I am feeling more confident than I have been in a long time.

Fingers crossed now for everyone out there that suffers from a disability and who has suffered at the hands of these evil doers.


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