I should have really done this weeks ago but .. with a new house and four children, two Autistic and one .. extremely disruptive, needy and wanting to be the centre of attention and screaming the place down and stamping is feet every time he is asked to go to bed .. it is bad.

The older one is nearing puberty too ..

So we think we, or rather they, are moving into a more, but not totally, suitable house.

The mother is tired all the time .. has sleep apnea, specific women’s problem I will not divulge, Fibromyalgia that causes a long list of problems which is a sleep depravation disorder at the end of the day.

She is tired all the time and always doing something while four children are always at her feet demanding things.

I think there is some pyschology going on here because needy-boy was and still thinks he is the centre of the universe, has no problem with a sister two years his junior going to bed two hours before him but flips out if he is asked to go to bed before a brother that is five years older than him.

I have tried to explain this over and over but it just does not compute.

So .. I have been thinking long and hard as well as mentioning to the mother about things that would make her life easier.

  • Fortunately there is a large kitchen, three times bigger than the current one so ..



  • WALL UNITS out of reach and with doors because ..

    • If they see stuff the house gets screamed down until they get it and it is all gone!

  • CHILD GATES on the stairs and living room doorway

  • LOCKS for doors and cupboards

  • Way better and bigger COOKER

  • CARPETS .. for Five Story House with 3 Bedrooms

    • TELEVISIONS for the Autistic Children a must

    • TELEVISION for needy-boy

    • Because they all end up in mums bed who then cannot sleep and then has to get all these children up, dressed and to school on time!

  • Much Larger FRIDGE FREEZER.. it empties not long after being filled

  • SOFA


  • STAIN RESISTANT CLOTHING for two with Autism

  • A bloody CAR

  • CHILD CAR SEATS that Autistic Children cannot get out of

  • That then means CAR INSURANCE

  • Overpriced CAR TAX

  • Two Autistic children really show you that familiarity breeds content

  • Play things for what will be a real garden

  • Garden needs work soo GARDENING STUFF

  • PLAY THINGS LIKE SLIDES for Autistic children for garden

  • Garden SHED


  • New GARDEN DOOR with windows so children can be watched (only if it is decided the house is suitable at a later date)

  • PAINT for every single ROOM! LOL!

  • BOOKS ON CHILDREN WITH AUTISM (As there are no libraries left and no bloody time to go there because there is no bloody help & support!)

  • Set Up two Crowd Funders to Help where my own help is merely time and small amounts of what is left of my savings ..

People knowledgeable on children with Autism might know about other things, which we would be grateful to hear about in the comments.




Many of these got sacrificed because I needed to help with my family and move 250 miles away to a strange place I do not know and everyone feels .. different. With my own disability and heart and chest issues.

  • New PC BUILD with as many CPU cores as possible (12 to 16 AMD Threadripper)

    • For 42 Mega Pixel photo-editing and 4K video editing

    • Can be used for gaming I upload to my YouTube Channel

    • Home Broadband (using mobile currently ā€“ NOT VIRGIN!)

    • (All above was sacrificed)

  • AMD RYZEN 6 CORE LAPTOP (Photo Editing ā€“ Video Editing on the Move)

  • Sony 100-400mm A-Mount zoom lens (was sacrificed)

  • A MONTH IN PEAK DISTRICT (might not happen)

  • A MONTH IN SCOTLAND (was sacrificed)

  • A MONTH IN WALES (might not happen)


  • Trip to China with Camera (was sacrificed)

  • Car checked over .. CV Joint replacement, Top Up Cooling Bottle Replacement (was sacrificed)

  • Camera Flash (was sacrificed)

  • Typhoon H Camera Drone or Mavic Pro for Wildlife Photography and Birds Eye View Videos (was sacrificed)

  • Celestron Reflector Telescope of 8 Inches for Astrophotography and YouTube Channel and Astronomy Blog

  • Though I would be over the moon to just get my savings up a little (would kill anxiety issues) the PC Build, the 100-400mm zoom lens and car given the once over!

  • Set Up my own Patreon Account so people could donate .. thanks to the evil UK government and their lies, tricks and cheats ..


If only it got moving by just a few pounds, the crowd funding that is, so that I would give this mother something to feel positive about and some feeling of hope?


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