People are strange, sorry Jim.

Even those you know can say the funniest things and show that they have never quite listened to you at all for many years.

Sometimes you can just say something and it triggers them off and then you hear al the stuff that makes you realise some cold hard truths.

As I have stated a few times I have been having it hard lately and harder than any time in the last 15 years. It is why I have had breakdowns and why I am on a certain pill called Proprananlol. It works unless the anxiety happens to be very bad then it seems to stop working. In fact on the odd occasions I have had anxiety lately I have realised I forgot to take my pills. One day when it was particular stronger than any other time I realised I had not taken my pills for two days.

Now usually I would be reminded I have not taken my pills as I would get sever heartburn at some point. But I have lost a shed load of weight and when that happens the heartburn becomes less of a problem.

Unless I eat baked beans.

This has always been that way.

So it gets mentioned a hell of a lot whenever I am speaking to people I know about my different … afflictions.

So imagine a scenario whereby you mentioned that the difference in money is that even though I am surviving on crab paste on toast I am still running out of money. Then imagine that they then turn around and state, forr the umpteenth time so I REMEMBER what others say, “Oh told you before, don’t go to Sainsburys, go to Lidl’s and spend £30 on beans that will last you a month”. This is where I tell people that I am different whee I could then state “AND I TOLD you before that I cannot eat beans!” and then imagine that despite being reminded of this several times and explaining that I DO love beans one replies “Well, that’s down to you then!”

Yes I explained yet again that I get severe heartburn when I eat beans and I guarantee that of the same conversation took place in a years time they will tell me to go down and spend £30 on baked beans at Lidl’s as they have said it for the last 4 years or more.

Did you miss the main points in all that?

  • I am not eating because I have no appetite

  • I said I lived on Crab Paste (70 pence and lasts 3 days) and bread

I hope I did not have to put down how much bread costs as it is a staple food source and has been for thousands of years? Good.

I also mentioned that I was going to see someone this week that will help me with my major problem that I have with the DWP, in that I feel like they are going to try and kill me and will get worse at some point.

When I mentioned this I was asked, why?! So I told them that these were disability specialists and legal and I was asked “Well what IF they say your not disabled?” and that was really “Well I don’t think your disabled!” This was someone I fell out with for a couple years as they had adopted that attitude previously. When we started talking again they were sorry about it. Except we seem to be right back to where we was previously?

I was then asked “WHO is paying for this?” and the penny dropped.

That was really ‘Is that coming out of my taxes?’ when the truth is they do not make enough money to pay any.

I was shockingly told recently that the government should not pay disabled and old people so that they could die and take the stress off the country?!

I know, right?

Yeah they did not do the math for a start … once you get over the shock of what was said.

They never stated anything like this previously and I realised something about them and a lot of other people in the UK. Things have been bad for so very long that more and more people are becoming amoral. Despite the fact that I keep telling them they should choose their targets carefully and not throw stones at everyone. For starters you cannot win that way. Nor can being so angry that you talk about exterminating or removing people.

What I want to say in situations like this is that if you was a politician and you come out with stuff like that you would have to be an idiot. You would not last as a politician for very long but sometimes when I hear different people talk it sounds like that they genuinely want that?!

Though I complained about the extreme left Social Justice Warriors wanting unattainable things some people on the right, many of which jumped from centre-left to far right, harp on about wanting things that are not attainable.

It is like a form of entitlement based on delusional things? They think that by exterminating or letting disabled people die and not having a welfare state is going to make things right where their income is overnight? My friends it wont do this in five years time nor ten years time.

Note that one of the biggest problems during the recession is people not spending money, while rent, rates and buildings costs spent the previous years going through the roof and into outer space! Something should I have been done long ago, long ago I told everyone something should have been done, nothing was done and now were in the mess I predicted 4.5 years before it struck.

But now I a paying for it?! Right. Never voted for any of the twats ,until Nigel Farage came along that is.

I would rather vote for someone that speaks his mind than have all the stuff said to me that I want to hear only for it never to happen.

President Barack Obama promised three things and since in power everyone thinks he was the greatest thing since sliced bread was invented.

  • Guantanamo Bay closed … didn’t happen

  • Troops brought back from middle-east … didn’t happen

  • Gun Laws changed … didn’t happen

  • Healthcare, I refuse to call it ObamaCare … kinda sort of happened … after a long pause

OK so I remembered one he sort of brought in and added it. Credit where credit is due.

Oh … could not remember thellast one so I Google’d ‘Obama broken promises’ and I found a page that lists quite a few. Now you have to remember if you go and look at this that this could be a page very biased in the favour of the Republicans, yeah they get up to some similar shit, so might want to take that into account. There are six pages and it could be as many as 120 broken promises?

But then President George W. Bush might have broken 200 and you might not read about it on the web-page below.

I always try to get a ‘feeel’ for bias. Normally I can pick it up after reading for a bit or even just listening for a few minutes. IF … I am interested enough to read or listen to it all, that is.

Anyway … three major broken promises.

I didn’t care about any of the three broken promises, I did about health care and I am not American nor have ever been there.

But this is after eight years!

Your only allowed to be President for 8 years!

Every single President they vote for from now on has an excuse not to do a damn thing they promised to. “Well Obama didn’t fulfil his promises” will echo in the ears of every journalist for the next twenty years or more.

Everyone though things will be way better when Obama was president. Did not happen. Everyone thinks, or a quarter to a half do, that President Trump will bring hell on Earth?! Mark my words it will not happen. I know many kinda want it to go this way, to prove a point on one side of the argument and get rid of a lot of problems and people on the other side of the argument.


Out there bustin’ heads over it though!

The attitude is that if someone says a stupid thing enough or does a stupid thing enough things will go in their favour and eventually improve for them?!


You could get part way their and that is by … wait for it … picking the targets one at a time, vital that, and STICKING to them and stop moaning about fucking everything and everyone.

There is an saying that has lasted through the ages … divide and conquer.

Probably not a good idea to battle or ‘have it in’ for groups of people your friends with or have a family member that belongs to any group. Yeah not a good idea that one.

I was hearing tales of people on Facebook blocking friends they have had for years because they voted for Donald Trump! I have to wonder if this also happened with Brexit?

Stupid … stupid … stupid.

Some of these people are worth millions of pounds/dollars! Really … I mean … REALLY?!


I do worry and I see the signs that the things that annoy me with people I meet is now the attitude or becoming the attitude of the UK populace?

I just did a little chuckle … just then.

I suddenly wondered what people might try and guess about me if reading my posts and thinking about it, my political leanings that is.

I imagined someone thinking “Oh, bad person he is right wing … no wait a minute he is left wing?! No, no he is definitely left wing … no, right!”

Yeah … if you have … well … you would be spot on. I am neither, lol. If pushed and I have said this before I would be centre to left a bit … but will swing over to right-wing on certain subjects.

I said to someone today talking about Social justice Warriors … “The trouble is … extreme left wing … bonkers … extreme right wing … also bonkers” where the reply was “Extreme left is worse!” and I replied “Really? Because the way I see it they will kill you at either end of the spectrum. One for what colour you are and the other for what you say!” Lol!

What annoys me even more than the Social Justice Warriors are the complete boneheads that support and follow them…but I put this down to men that get a kick out of being opressed by women and turned on by those take charge type women.

Tip … the Social Justice Warrior women are not your only option, they do not have to me bat-shit crazy to be take charge kind of women. Lol. You just follow them because they stick out like a sore thumb, especially on YouTube!

But hey, whatever your into is you business and makes no nevermind to me. Just do not be surprised if you stick your head out in a very public way on social media and you get it chewed off.

Now for the surprising shit about me compared to the Social Justice Warrior types …

  • I never stand around telling sexual jokes

  • I do not stand around with people talking about sex all the time

  • I have been single for 12 years plus

  • I do not approach every woman IU find attractive to ask them out

  • I have never expected any of my ex’s to do certain … chores, like cook for instance

  • I will say hello or be courteous and thank anyone for good manners no matter WHO it is

I wonder how many Social justice Warriors have just read several posts about themselves, got a picture in their head about me and now confused and thinking “Oh I got him wrong!”

Do not feel alone … a lot of people do and even those a lot closer to home! Lol.

I just get annoyed at seeing people argue or spend money, time and hours campaigning for things they will never achieve instead of concentrating the things that you CAN achieve.

There are a lot of things wrong in the western world, governments and societies and it is not some imaginary beast of a being you think up that represents some evil system.

There are people really suffering in the world and dying too.

If you have an individual that genuinely does have a problem with you and what you are make sure that you are right and that when you do reach that point just think “Fuck ’em. They are not worth it” because despite everything I say I do not like prejudices … unless they are truly deserving of it. One two faced lying lot spring to mind.

As I said to someone today it is all about progress and progress takes time and cannot be forced and if you DO try and force it then things may well get worse for you. Fulfilling your own prophecy you thought you were working so hard to prevent.

As for the terms for all the different trans-gender types? Really? Someone was on TV in America arguing about this being made law?! REALLY?! There looked like a long list of pronouns and … my God … you really expect people to know which one to use by simply LOOKING at someone?! Did you actually plan out a guide leaflet for every American citizen to carry around do every time they meet someone they can pull it out and check? Have you ANY idea of how many people across America will get seriously offended as the emerging leaflet will basically tell them that the person wielding it does not know what gender they are?!!

Well .. some will be wise enough NOT to pull out a gender guide in front of people but many probably will.

Do these people EER think things through? Do they not think of possible scenarios for the things they want implemented? Every time I hear one speak or make demands I immediately think, ‘nope … NOT thought that one through!’

But then as I always discover more and more of late people not only fail to think things through or do their research they also either have short memories or have changed their minds yet again over something.

My word … it is almost like we live in a world whereby people cannot stop to think for five minutes?

Could you imagine what a world we be like to live in if it was like that?

Oh, wait?!


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