I was watching a video by someone calling themselves Woz Lee and it was about the Social Justice Warriors and Anita Sakeesian in particular and he made some valid points. It also made me come up with a new line and another version of a line I have used previously.

  • Men and women are simply different, not unequal

  • Social Justice Warriors seem to complain about not being equal as if either men are perfect or claim that they are

Now I do not know any men that think men are perfect.

Hmm maybe I put those two points the wrong way round?

It was pointed out that in another video by Michael Rowlands he used a clip where Anita Sarkeesian states that everything is sexist, everything is racist and … umm … one other thing. Oh I cannot remember.

The claim was this statement was taken out of context because in the complete video it was what she was stating about systems. What systems she is speaking of I do not know and I really do not want to know. So I am kind of going against Woz Lee here because he does speak sensibly about watching the original material as well as not taking things out of context but I simply do not want to entertain these videos nor add to their watched numbers.

My coming across Social Justice Warriors only came about after watching a series of videos by Thunderfoot.

Yesterday I managed to communicate with someone I know I have not seen in a fair old while and he used to work for a university in Cambridge. We used to call him ‘Kevin The Chemist’. He must have noticed something that got posted up automatically in my Facebook page because he suddenly messaged me about Donald Trump.

I should point out at this point that he is a Labour supporter and is not right wing, but he is in the same instances that all others are. Hence why we have a Conservative Party government that thinks fa too highly of itself and why Jeremy Corbyn will not be elected Prime Minister. Before you might think it I had forgotten about Kevin and so he is not an example of why I drew the conclusions and predictions that I have, or rather the ones relevant to the subject of politics.

I stated that I had stumbled across these Social justice Warriors and he was already aware of them, stated how he was finding it hilarious and then while talking about them and Donald Trump winning he mentioned a channel on YouTube called Info Wars! I was shocked that he was already aware of the SW lot, called Anita Sarkeesian a bad name, then mentions a channel I had already watched a couple of videos of. Bizarre.

Why people cannot accept that people are simply different I do not know. This does not mean that one is better then the other, except for those groups with the twisted mentality that they are, it simply means what it says and is … that people are different.

However the problem is with many societies and as I have stated previously is that every one wants their own way. This is why multiculturalism is not working and likely never work.

As I pointed out to my socialist mother many,, many times there is a humongous, lol sorry, amount of cultures and everyone will want laws and allowances for said cultures.

You cannot … you simply cannot. Even if you were stupid enough to try you will come up against conflicts and in these situations where laws were broken it would all come tumbling down.

Even starting to make concessions for one culture and many others would rise up and cry foul.

Woz Lee was right though about basing things on the facts and not simply taking something that sounded great out of context and using that. Despite this being the staple diet of western journalism for the past 15 to 20 years. A diet that has become so obvious they do not even think they are affected by it when they are called out on it.

Many of the biggest American TV news networks are being predicted across the board on YouTube to disappear. Well … they should considering the gravity of a great many things they have been found out as doing … but WILL they? If no one does go under then what do you think their attitudes are going to be the next time they cover something vitally important?

They are wholly responsible for the violence taking place in the wake of Donald Trumps election win. Because they convinced a large percentage of the nation of what Donald Trump is and then went on rants afterwards about how bad things were going to be. Christ, even Hillary Clinton said to give him a chance but this was more likely down to the fact that they saw the first of the protests ,scared a nationwide series of meltdowns and violence would take place and in the aftermath of all that would realise it was the controlled national news media channels that caused it and that they lied in doing so? That would be my guess.

I have to message my friend before I leave the house today to inform him that the word on the wire is that Nigel Farage has not only visited Donald Trump but the word is that he will be made Donald Trump’s … wait for it … Ambassador to Europe!! LMAO! I literally laughed out loud when I heard that.

I bet UKIP is going to be giddy with glee when the news of this sinks in? If it does indeed turn out to be news? I still wonder to the validity of a lot of channels I suddenly find myself watching.

I never watch everything of any one person or channel on YouTube and tend to flip about a fair bit to get an more broad idea of what is going on. Sometimes you get the picture very, very quickly and this is how it was with Social Justice Warriors. Other times this process takes somewhat longer which is how it was with predicting Donald Trump winning. As I said to friends I saw far more Americans on YouTube complaining about Hillary Clinton then I did about Donald Trump. Funny that I could do this and yet every major news outlet in America could not? I have never even visited America! Though I have always wanted to.

I have spoken about and revealed a great many things on my blogs over the last four years or so and some might seem fantastical or even like the ramblings of a crazy conspiracy theorist? Except it might surprise anyone that has seen read some of my posts to know that I am a stickler for the truth and I prefer to find the right solution to things instead of trying out all the wrong ones first. I just see the latter as a waste of time and money. So why do that? Research, research, research … though this does have to be combined with a level of both intelligence and wisdom. Intelligence is not much use without wisdom and vice versa.

I see a lot with either intelligence or just bits of wisdom along with opportunists. Rampant and obvious opportunists that see that they can get attention from a bunch of others lacking wisdom,, build up a following and then make money doing talks all over and campaigning for things they can never acquire. Makes no difference to them that they do not achieve these things as, as long as they are chasing them they get paid. A lot.

Figure out the meaning of the equilibrium.

Then you can realise that there is indeed a problem with western society but your failings are felt by others of different colour and gender and it is not down to either of those two things you feel lost, neglected or are suffering.

I know because I have suffered all these things and still do. Only I have had thirty years to figure out why.

Things have not been fair for a long time as I had repeatedly claimed on here, oh and please do not claim that my blogs influenced Brexit or Trump as numbers are not even close. But things being fair have not been for what you have heard or what you even think for a long time.

I predicted Brexit and Donald Trump for those very reasons. Because I saw that the ones that really felt hard done by had, had enough.

It is just astounding that for all their size and all their resources that no one in the news media could predict what I have done. I also predicted the recession 4.5 years before it started and I predicted at the time it would take place within five years. Just about got that one right.


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