I have gotten extremely fed up with my Internet connection service and Three Mobile did nothing about my complaint.

My Internet connection has been nothing short of abysmal. Lately it is quite literally OFF for major parts of the day, late afternoons until midnight! Non existent.

I know I am not the only one either and a local friend has complained about his, on O2, his wife, Orange, and both in Enfield. My mother in Hackney and on EE’s 4G too and my brother also in Hackney and on Vodafone.

I have also been on O2 while here, T-Mobile and Vodafone and all have been utter crap! So much so that I decided to do a speed test and in a series of just half a dozen tests very recently done while typing out a letter to Ofcom one failed to run! A web based app that is likely a Java applet and bare bones one and it failed to run! A few finished on 0.0mb/s and the highest one which was performed at around 9am with no everyone going to work or school I STILL only achieved 0.97mb/s.

So I took a series of screen shots that come up next and following that is an angry letter I sent to Ofcom. As this has been going on for a couple of months goping on and off like this and has been effing crap for around 6 years.

I have complained and complained and complained…to T-Mobile when with them, Vodafone when with them and Three Mobile I am on now and complained and when I was with them 6 years back I complained.

As usual no one does a fucking things while either holding their hands out to you for services not even close to providing or just grabbing hands full of taxpayers cash while sitting on their fat arses!!


Net Speed Net Speed UP Net Speed OTHERS Net Speed 1736 130315 Net Speed 1655 130315 Net Speed 1648 130315 A

Ofcom Email …

Dear Sirs


I want to make a serious complaint and I want no effing about as I normally get with every Ombudsman and want this looked into.

I am telling you now that I cannot be the only one that has complained about this because there is no Internet half the time right across North London from Hackney to Enfield and everyone I know has mentioned it across these areas and for a couple of months now.

This matters not as regards the connection and I am sure I have complained to you previously about this and told you that around 6 years ago and after being charged for a dozen phone calls to help centres for the mobile telecoms company and the then T-Mobile mainly that it was ADMITTED to me that a data cable was previously damaged and sounded like they had not fixed it properly. That was 6 years ago and the connection has gotten progressively worse and now almost non existent at times, see attached photos!

I am with Three Mobile and I complained to them about it and they did nothing and then had the cheek to ask me for a survey to see how well they have done, of course I put everything was crap!

I have heard people complain about EE, where my mother was sold a contract for a cheap crap tablet despite already having a Samsung Galaxy S5, Vodafone, O2 and Orange with internet problems.

I want to request details about your organisation vie a FREEDOM OF INFOPRMATION request and I want your running costs, ALL OF THEM, and I want you to show proof that you have actually done anything at all for the taxpayers money you take.

This is a test and your not even close to being the only one!

I have had wars, quite literally too and am presently in the process of ripping to pieces every single public service and its associated ombudsman…for both fraud and corruption.

I started filing away letters and documents over twenty years ago. A little over ten years ago I realise everyone was lying and suspected some very bad things. SO I started recording every single meeting, appointment, test and phone-call I ever had. Things were worse than I thought and I stopped counting how many Gigabytes of data I had some months ago when it tipped over 100GB.

Out of the myriad of things I collected and a long list of different ombudsman not only lying and doing bugger all I also have them actually helping out those they are supposed to keep in check?!

Of other things I have…

  • Police lying on tape over a dozen times.
  • Several Doctors lying about NHS departments, drugs and tests.
  • I have one Doctor admitting he falsified test evidence.
  • I have two GP surgeries realising who I am and what I have and try to falsely label me.
  • I have evidence that my medical records were altered, ergo falsified.
  • I have evidence of councils lying and conspiring to cover up their mistakes, Rotherham Council not being the only one to quite deliberately destroy children’s lives as my own daughter was wrapped up in all that in the North West and currently a court case is ongoing that has no effing Legal Aid to it but the solicitors are so disgusted with the state of this country and the law that they are doing it for free!
  • I have the DWP lying on loads of occasions and the same with their lapdogs, Atos and when I very recently laid all my cards on the table after being turned down regarding disability for the umpteenth time they caved in and paid me £4,500 in back payments, but actually owe me way over £10,000
  • I also have bailiffs, local councils and courts flouting the law and physically assaulting people for money and then defrauding them while also committing grand scale tax fraud that HMRC curiously did not even answer me about, let alone actually do anything!
  • At this point your problably thinking who the hell I think I am so I will tell you that I am a writer of a blog on the corruption of the public services, central and local government (consecutive governments) and where I post all my data for all to see.
  • I have had over 200,000 visitors and now they are trying to alter the figures to put me off continuing with what I do but the idiots fail to realise that I am smarter than they.
  • I was called a genius by both Police Detectives and someone from the Secret Services of MI5 or GCHQ, who offered me a job twice…the latter that is.
  • Pretty soon the blog will reveal details of those last two and what I have currently done which will cause my blog to go viral at some point in 2015. It will make everyone else I battled, including two Police forces, look like child’s play. Well they were and so easily manipulated to admit corruption while recording them it was not true.
  • Oh and soon I am going to put up the email from backbench Labour MP Michael Meacher who in January 2013, over two years ago, requested if he could use my data against Iain Duncan-Smith in the House of Commons and pass sections of it off to the media.
  • Therefore your reading a letter from an angry blog writer who is solely and single handedly responsible for all the public services, government, ombudsman and even a few private retailers appearing in the news for the past three years.

This little list of example is exactly how I describe it. Little. It is merely a fraction of what I have and in single figures too!

I can also tell you that I am paid attention to and those I meet know that I predicted the recession four years before it actually happened and I do mean four years before the official beginning of the recession, not at the end of it when we find out we have been in it for 6 months!

I have had nothing but aggravation from all the mobile telecoms companies and was extremely pissed off with the way they tried to charge more than one rental fee for the same data, sometimes even three or four times the rental price. No one did nothing and once everyone realised it even appeared on BBC’s Click program though over two years after I was posting about this online.

I have also always complained that the inordinate amount of time to do anything is an obvious con and has to stop.

Retailers everywhere are selling is faulty returned goods sourced from America and I have gained evidence of this too. Plus I was taken to court by Shop Direct, owners of Littlewoods, Very and Isme mail order catalogues over non payment of a faulty mobile phone and I won without even appearing in court. Because I had videos, ooh did I forget to mention I do videos too?! Yes I had videos that appear on my YouTube account and I can tell you that many months ago now I received an email from Google to tell me that just one of my 1,200 strong and rising videos got its 10,000th view!

I was and am fed up with the way this country is run. It has been sop obvious to me for a very long time that organisations, like you QUANGOS, were created just to give family, friends and cronies well paid jobs for sitting on their fat arses. This year my attention turns to ombudsman once more and create a huge headache for all the politicians running up to this election.

Then I will turn my focus to the news media who somehow manage to miss some very major things while turning into nothing more than a gossip coloumn at times regarding celebrities and their goings on!

Some years back I decided that I was going to change all that with the grandest of plans and was well aware that this was going to take a bloody long time and several years.

I have had four wars come to a head now and won every single one of them and a fifth is likely to come in very soon. This year will be overflowing with wars reaching their ends and they will all end the same way.

My blog is at and if you personally do not like it well then good luck getting rid of it. After all you have seen just some of the organisations I have mentioned here? It has been there for three years come August 2015 and has been creating an army of people now in the tens of thousands and soon to be in the hundreds of thousands all performing my tricks. All ow realising their smart phone can catch out their Doctors, Nurses, Specialists, DWP, Local MP’s, Police or anyone else they know to be lying or sitting on their fat backsides doing nout!

Now with that in mind just try to imagine how both 2015 is going to be like? How about 2016 and 2017?

I did this all without any money nor support or help from anyone. With a couple of disabling and incapacitating ailments too. With everyone in the world quite literally against me while telling me they are all for helping me and with many breaking Hippocratic oaths without so much and fluttering an eyelid!

However for a period longer than five years and likely more than six I was recording everyone while manipulating them into a corner sop that they would lie through their teeth as instructed! While I documented and taped them!

Mere morons.

So here we are. Me now blasting off on all cylinders at you because the medium I use is of an entirely crap service thats not what it is sold as, i.e. BROADBAND, and I am getting speeds slower than 56K dial up modems and have been for several years!

Ooh did I mention the letters after my name are in Applied Computing?! OOPS!

I am complaining because I am unable to upload videos and recordings to my various accounts dealing with greedy organisations who take and have taken millions upon millions of taxpayers money over the years and done bugger all for it. I am the reason that FOI’s have increased in number over the last year and this will increase over the next year.

How ironic? I am complaining to the people, or industry rather, about the fact I cannot post and write about all of you people on my accounts across the Internet?!


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