Right now then…I have targetted Ofcom over the Internet and services long not provided and now once again to return to the Big ‘G’?!

Those of you visiting this blog from way back will remember me blasting off about Google and their Blogger primarily about impossible numbers? Well I can now tell you that after a whole year or more, oh I can’t remember, of posting those last screenshots of the followers way lower than the one I have on WordPress, have not effing altered at all and I kid you not!

In fact I just realised that the total visitors for one blog, like this one and on corruption…this was always my back up blog in case someone closed the Blogger corruption blog, have stayed on that 74,000 odd total for several months now?! As I was worked out I was getting around 13,000 visitors a month give or take a thousand or two I now realise that I should have spotted this a lot sooner.

So once again someone on the Internet is either quite deliberately screwing me or being forced to screw me over?!

You cannot contact Google…because they are all made up of God like beings and DEITIES that you simply are not allowed to talk to so what do you do?! They will only give you a contact email when your making money and yet I am being screwed over so that I am not making money so…a rock and a hard place of very simple but clever design!

Here is a screenshot…

Blogger Totals 130315


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