Over and over again and ranging from the absurd to ridiculous and through all levels all the way up to downright evil and in need of both capital punishment as well as castration.

As I have any found for the extreme majority of the time Arab Muslims lie, cheat, scheme, manipulate, opress, thieve and just about every crime in the book.

This is not one of two crimes for the odd individuals but many of them willing to commit them all.

For many years I thought this would happen and they went far beyond anything even I could dream of.

Time and time again they prove themselves to be like nothing higher than a slug that lives under a rock but they have the audacity to think themselves the master race and that everyone else is behind them in intelligence and progress.

Yes mates that’s why you counties combined have produced feck all for themselves and have either copied others designs legally or otherwise or queue up around the block to buy goods produced by countries you live to claim somewhere with satan.

Your so called claims have giant sized holes in everything you have ever claimed that even children could see through, will except for the vast majority of the idiots that have been in power within the UK.

I sat stunned as I heard this fucking report that a bunch of scummy Arab Muslim liars managed to get legal representation to claim for compensation by falsely starting that they were tortured or beaten by British soldiers. I have to admit to being somewhat stunned that this is the first I have heard of this?! I also have to say that as soon as I saw pictures of the men making the claims and every single one of them looked… well… I did not like look the look of them at all, not one of them and not one bit. I would not have believed then at all based purely upon seeing them. I do, do that and I would have been correct in my estimations. So I’m confused I have not heard about this case.

This leads me into several things rather neatly it had to be sod said.

First off why is this the first time I am hearing of this in the news media? I will return to this shortly once I have covered one or two other points…

Secondly how the fucking hell did they get representation for a legal case when I can’t even get common courtesy from ninety percent of the 200 I contacted and even the ones that did respond many of these were arrogant, rude or patronizing. A bit like Doctors then?! Lol!

Thirdly it shows beyond a shadow of a doubt the which many people from different parts of the world have reportedly told me for years.. that we have been letting all the worst criminal elements from the worst cultures in the world into this country and one person I will quote said

“Your country is well liked aroubd the world but your government needs to wake up and do something!”

She was referring to the foreigners we have been letting in and this conversation took place…hmm, let me see? Five years ago long before the recession hit. Might have been six years or more?

Now… the legal system. Just as with everything else I started in this blog I have started it before…several times over or more. Each. Done in the dozens. I can rest all my cases out before you! Literally!

Asked if they, the solicitors, we’re going to apologise for wasting £31 Million, yes you read that correctly and is thirty one million quid, of the British Taxpayers money they said “No”! Unbelievable but really if I’m honest and like everything else based on my experience I am not that shocked. Because I have been expecting another banking like avalanche. With solicitors. Following on from bankers. But it was going to be a race to see if they would be the first to follow bankers our whether it will be Doctors and General Practitioners?

The jury is still out but I thought it would be Doctors in all honesty but after the report below I think it could well be a very close run thing now.

Solicitors will be one of the following villains blamed for playing a large part in bringing Britain to its knees, though really should have been stopped in their tracks by government a long time ago. Like bankers and house prices all of which will create the bigger picture in the final stages of my grand plan during 2015. It will be shown how delusions of grandeur along with arrogance, greed and a few other thing leads to terrible injustices. But they are solicitors?

Where are the legal ombudsman and governing bodies like The Law Society? Groups I have contacted a great many times and correspondences I still possess and should be posted on here somewhere?


This very cavernous hole that many did not see has destroyed the very notion, the very meaning, the very basic idea behind why they were created in the first place. All completely forgotten or vast to one side purely for greed. With, I have to admit, to what looks like one exception. At the end of this post I will explain, mostly, who and why.

Now we reach the first of two….announcements I will make that’s linked you this but directly linked to me..

First off someone I know… who put my tricks into practice themselves who then recorded Notting Hill Housing Association, yes hello again it’s me and like I said in here previously… I taught her that, and then was lied to and threatened with a false claim, read LIE, that they will calm the Police and have then arrested! Well this someone called me and was thrilled because a newspaper finally got in contact and visited her home. This was over terrible damp conditions causing there ailments to get worse, one an asthmatic boy, and the digging up of the foundations of a block of flats they then left for over 6 months with a moat, not a trench as she put it, so deep a family of foxes set up home underneath the building?!

The reporters actually turned up, took photos of the damp and then proceeded to move furniture to look for more. They told me that they all got a shock, including my friend, because the damp was far worse than even she realised.

The following day the housing association, who also scuppered a move between three couples at the eleventh hour without any reason, we’re there normal full of piss, vinegar, shit and lies were then told after awhile about the journalists visit. Suddenly they have off the phone and then called her back with a complete change in attitude? Fancy that?!

What will happen as far as the housing associations recordings of their staff lying through their teeth I do not know and I was unable to speak for long due to me finding myself in Kent then Sussex and at McBeans Orchid Nursery looking for a pink slipper Orchid my brother wanted to buy my mother as A Christmas gift.

My daft brother bought me Orchids too and now I have to do the videos for my YouTube account to link back into my Orchid blog with pictures. I plan to do more Orchid and Amphibian related things throughout 2015.

My friend told me she tried to get the media interested before but they paid no attention. I reminded her that I sent out sets of four DVDs over 6 months before I started this blog and got diddley-squat but knew I would not hear from them. Well I strongly suspected no responses would come. I was right.

While this was going on and very recently I had another issue and a great deal closer to home, yet father away then anything.

Not going to go into to much detail but I had what I thought was a serious issue going on with my daughter for ages now. Well there were two actually, not sure if I posted shut the first one but I now have a granddaughter who is a year old nearly.

Some months ago my daughter who knows London not, only being born here and left at 16 months old, pops up in the middle of the night at Euston Station. I tried to find her but there was a really silly situation that happens all you often.

I was a bit worried about why she was in that area at that time and thoughts ran through my mind.

This was not helped when I suddenly stated getting asked for money… a lot of money. I lost count of the amount but somewhere around 250 to 300 I would imagine. There was something in the fore front of my mind and I had to find out. I was also worried that the legal case would be completely screwed over something bad. Very bad and very stupid. I had to think of a way of finding out which took me the months to come up with one…

Refusal of money, accusation of being in hard drugs I knew would piss her off and she would never soak to me again!

Which she would do… unless… I was wrong and…

She would then vent to get solicitor who would only reassure her I was looking out fit her and my grandchildren the only way I could. The solicitor would then realise I do mean business. A few weeks wait and I would get a phone call from a calm daughter sound SD if nothing happened. When she did she would not state why the change of heart and me being curious to know if my intricate elaborate plan worked I would simply boot resist asking.. 

“So who told you then that I was only looking out for you and the kids and that’s why your now talking to me again?”

The answer was a simple… “oh, my solicitor”.

That was exactly what took place and after 6 months I am still in need of a graphics card, blu-ray writer and 2TB Western Digital Hard Drive and…and…Jesus I always do this! I always forgot items in my own most wanted blood lists of toys!

Welllll….it’s not finished! That is the main thing.

Eon Energy are owed some money too! I will have to apologize but for once they have not been on my back. I will have to actually thank then too?! What’s going on?! Everything is backwards! Lol.

Anyhoo…there was one surprise announcement…or rather the announcement of a surprise, from a calm daughter to do sounded happy too?! This was… new! No crying, ranting, cursing or declorations of extreme self harm. Then I get told she had something to tell me but wants to do it face to face.

I don’t know what it is, I was not told and did not ask…important information not relevant to what I’m aiming for are not pursued by me. Not even when she makes an odd comment after I explain that my electricity bill wiki be high once again and my computer is still bit finished. What did she say?

“Don’t worry Dad, in the new year I will help you out to pay your electric bill and your computer bits”

Hmm so it seems I might have also managed to poke the solicitor into mentioning something to show that I was exactly correct in this one from day one too?

I do like a calm daughter in the phone!

How did I react to being told my daughter was going to buy me these things suggesting the solicitor told her the doubt in damages she might get?

“Oh no you won’t! I can get my own things, than you very much. I will also make my own money during 2015 just as I planned that you would!”

Watch all these spaces throughout 2015.

UK army murder claims ‘were lies’


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