I have had some emails from Atos sitting there in my inbox for several days now but only just got around to reading it.

Of course I knew that it would be a passing the buck email which I’d kind of what I hoped. Had it fit years of them but like everything the I am not using it against them and teaching them a lesson.

A lesson they have to quite learned but will learn it extremely heavily over the next three months. Lol.

Now in this instance it’s a passing the buck email. How could I possibly turn ducky a shirt email around and have it go against them?


They previously have claimed on here, via pasted emails, that they are Doctors and health experts and yet they are not concerned that they have made several mistakes that could be detrimental to a disabled persons health?! Oooh… that’s gonna hurt in the morning son!

They also have no concerns about the facts I have them but that it’s on my site. Obviously think the British public are either idiots ate just a large bunch of known twats that one show humanity when they are in the TV or radio? I think that might just backfire on them before very long?

Added to this, though it is mentioned below and I may have mentioned it already, but journalists have been to a friends home complete with camera men. I lost track because I’ve been feeling unwell and rushed off my feet and only had my blood taken today for those tests. That’s two weeks today since I was asked to do them and I was bloody in agony and have very painful and stiff legs and feet.

In fact this pain and stiffness in my legs seems to be extremely common of late?! I keep forgetting to mention it but I get in knackered and sit down. If I sit for more than ten minutes I then experience a large amount of soreness in my legs and mostly in my muscles. It’s bloody worrying as I am doing a daily impression of a ninety year old man!

Those words of Dr Kirkham ringing in my ears!

I am going to have to talk about Pregabalin when I return to my GP about test results in the weeks time?

Oh and a message to Putin… if your in the wilderness and a Bear appears and shoes it’s teeth to you… well if your able to do it you will rip out its fangs! Don’t show your teeth and you won’t have your fangs ripped out.

Dear Sirs


That’s the worst get out of jail line I have ever heard.

First you made a mistake or do you not care that you have been ineffective of that it is obvious your just being paid to trick disabled people?

Secondly not only have you not had a single item regarding my medical records in your hands but as I keep pointing out to you brother do you have access you anyone that is a specialist in my main condition of Fibromyalgia, never mind my oesophagitis bow getting a lot of attention, was in hospital again today for tests, not my bugged right knee all of which I have evidence if that you conveniently did not request.

Do NOT patronize me. Your position does not bless you with some higher form of intelligence and if you think it’s breeding, well I’m a scientist I can explain the holes in your theories.

Your email I’d staying that you neither give a shite about the ailments of disabled people not that you do your job properly for what you are paid.

You just might be interested to know that the first person I know of that it my tricks to the test is not only a witness to the fact your liars, because she contacted you with a friends Doctors details of her Fibromyalgia but that this was actually by you and you informed the DWP that she should be paid and she was. So your lying.

Ohh sorry my mistake, I digress.

This same person has now had a tabloid journalist visit her home with a camera man who have taken pictures and have taken records she did with housing first lying through their teeth and then threatening her with the Police and solicitors, falsely I might add, to shut her up.

Now you can imagine how they are now knowing that a journalist had arrived. So early next year I am going to make an example of pathetic jobsworths as my first victims are literally thrown into their own swords by their own bosses and more fool them for caring out underhanded things and being too bloody incompetent to know or care about what was going on.

Now I can go to my blog and paste this email so that everyone can see without a doubt that you not only know I know they facts, so no excuses, but that add my 7 simultaneous plans unfold during 2015 it will be the year remembered when I have given the asses of a whole long list of huge corrupt organizations a kicking that will smart for a decade while talked and written about by many.

One of the most brilliant and memorable things from all this will be how I called dangled clue after clue in front of you each time and you failed to pick up on it every singles time.

So not only will I prove your lying about having experts assessing people but that your also far too incompetent to be able to live up to your claims of having health professionals.

My goal was set out 7 years ago, but my evidence gifts back way longer, like the proof I have that you have lied every single time I have contacted you about everything. No is no buts, you can say what you like I really could not give a flying…scotsman!

None of you ever realised that your negativity and excuses not only made no difference at all to be but actually was expected all along.

If ant if you or your dastardly puppet masters had any intelligence whatsoever they would have read in the first month of my blog back in August 2015 that…

Watch me do all the correct procedures, forms, letters, send in evidence and watch add every single time they change the rules, lie and then when I want then too they well lose the very files you will see evidence on here if me sending them.

I get so many people thanking me you don’t have no idea. I never really mention anyone who thanks me too friends unread their is something if note shot them.

Now imagine everyone’s faces when I told them I received a big thank you from a vicar who did his family had thought that all the public services thought they were lying and now know via my efforts to expose the truth that there were in fact lied to?!

This is just one of many examples of comments, oops did the other masters not think to check them out? Imagine all those hundreds of thousands that read my blog and the comments from anyone of note and wonder to what I have taught them to do?

I know of at least one GP in Liverpool that had been struck off, the last GP to lure to me repeatedly on behalf of both you and the NHS had realised he put all his chips on the wrong color and it appears that, like thousands of others, have deserted the NHS.

This is exactly what I expected when I manipulated you all to bin ask the health evidence I have proof that you have had, even in your own words and that of the DWP.

It’s now cherry on the bakewell tart of ‘game over’ and not only will 2015 prove to be EXTREMELY uncomfortable, hence why everyone is voting for UKIP, but I have seven simultaneous plans currently in effect to finish up around March 2015.

Ooh dear.

You could have all so easily avoided all this by doing what you are still supposed to do for the taxes you are paid but also that which you have constantly clarinet that you do.

But like I said I always knew that you wouldn’t.

In fact everything I did too destroy most of the public services and all associated governing bodies and ombudsman all relied on the fact that I would pursue you all repeatedly while providing proof each time from other areas I was also getting lies and corruption event from, like in this case the NHS, and catch you all…

Tripping up not only at the exact same time but also contradicting yourself and each other.

If you really need me to join up the dots for you… you recently sent me a letter?In fact I had four letters in the days that followed a couple of letters from a couple of weeks ago and a stunned DWP stressed member dealing with legal requests lists for words out what had gone on, where my health evidence is and both how and why I was refused countless times for my applications over the last few years.

On my blog right now are those letters and forms along with, soon, this email. Everyone had also recently realised that it’s NOT illegal to record anyone receiving public taxes or indeed retail outlets that lie. Now when I get a copy of the tabloid article and people felt hard done by n know they can record meeting and tests to garner attention from the tv news and tabloids… well, lol, ever heard of the term… ‘floodgates are opening’?

The funny thing is I have never contacted the media about my issues or blog, well not since its inception are any rate. I knew that at just the right time they would approach me. Have a guess at when I think that will now happen?

By the way I’m no fool. I know the puppet masters peruse and you can tell them this…

“Whatever you THINK you know? Just stop. Just don’t! I assure you that you REALLY don’t!”

I would help you that only the most incompetent of people would make everything they are doing that obvious. And I’m no fool as like the NHS you, the DWP, two Police forces, for local councils will all discover along with others.

Funnily enough you probably already have this proof but not connected it to me just yet but then this was fully offended too. Well… Like I always say… IT’S ON THE BLOG!

Like I told you already on here, in previous emails and from the beginning…GAME OVER!

We well be communicating again in the Spring, though you clearly do not want to. Maybe you have failed to realise our the DWP have not warned you about me yet and your still naive?

Well you have the evidence set your disposal that the NHS student realised what a threat I truly was and phoned my last GP! An hour long row all recorded, published and not the public services all hoping someone else gets the blame that’s will inevitably come.

Because it’s not long now before most if the UK public will know what’s been really going on. I am afraid if IS THAT you simply cannot lure yourselves out of. Ooh there is a general election in May too?! Not good! Not good at all!

Martin Haswell BSc

Sent from myMail app for Android

Tuesday, 09 December 2014, 09:42am +00:00 from “R customer relations” :

Dear Mr Haswell
Thank you for your email, a record of which will be retained.
We do not have a current referral for you in relation to an ESA claim.
Any concerns you have about a PIP referral should be sent to the email address previously provided
Customer Relations
From: Martin Haswell
Sent: 08 December 2014 16:18
To: R customer relations
Dear Sirs
Remember me?
Dear Sirs
Remember me?
Well I am back and despite having a mountain of things for you to look at on my blog I knew you would not.
So I put in motion a number of plans that ran simultaneously.
Oddly enough I also have a large number of things, at least six if I remember, running concurrently as of this moment that will take 3 to 6 months to achieve.
Did I ever mention that Which? Magazine were in correspondence? Or that a Vicar and family have expressed their gratitude for what I have done?
They really have not seen anything yet.
Now about your defrauding of the British taxpayer, I need to pint out to you that this was never ever about you awarding me money as I knew that both you and the DWP would not! In fact I was BANKING on this.
I did not want a caning of staff.
I did not simply want to make a very long list of psotions untenable.
What I did want, however, was to get enough of the ublic to know what your up to that would cause an event the likes of which wopuld make sure that this contempt shown towards human life and the British public would never, EVER happen again.
That is not ewven the main thing.
I have provided a number of attachments to the very things that I had run concurrently up until today and how these have paid of, oh and the scanned letters is not all and I strongly suggest you read a copy and paste of a letter I have also emailed to ICE?!
Oh and remember… I am not done yet and have 6 plans in place running concorrently right now.
Martin Haswell BSc
Do you remember that so called investigation you did as regards my case?
Well I have one more request of you and a whole bunch of letters I have had from the DWP not only stating in their own words that they have screwed up in a rather large way, unfortunately for both them and you I DO KNOW why, plus I have their own words that they not oinly did not process my claim correctly and in line with the law but have dropped both themselves and your right ‘in it’!
These letters arrived within 48 hours of each other…
*  Did not provide me with the documentation I requested via a Subject Access Request instead sent me copies of my own emails to them?!

*  I trust you KNOW how a SAR works? No its not saracasm, well maybe a little…

*  Then claimed they did not send me what I requested because I did not state ‘which benefits I was referring to

*  Silly me I had thought the line ‘Please send me all correspondence and forms pertaining to evidence requested of the NHS’ was pretty self explanatory?! I guess not.

*  They claimed to have sent me a SAR form, they did not, and then sent another one to files they cannot find?!

*  The last letter is the one stating they cannot find it and I have a recorded telepohoine call from several months ago stating they cannot find them

*  Oh and the letter states I requested them in June 2014? Lol, oooh no! I do not think so! I asked them this when I put in my claim for PIPs that I was just refused despite the fact that they have not contacted a GP regarding my health!! Oooh DEAR!
For your perusal I have included a series of blood tests I am about to have because my GP, unlike the last two that chose to lie and side with you and the DWP, is now somewhat concerned about my health. I have already had Emergency Response Teams sent to me and orderedf to hospital where they though I had either stomach or colon cancer and were shocked I knew what they were looking for.
Now picture a barrel floating on a creek without a paddle in sight and a rather amorous Pteradactyl is flying in at full pelt?
Now guess what you are all bent over?
I was never happy with just you showing that your not dfoing the jobs your paid a rather large sum of money for, hence my previous Freedom Of Information request.
I was never ever going to be happy with simply making a large number of highly paid careers by the British taxpayer purely unteneable either.
The years I spent plouging, pardon the pun, everything I could for evidence was to show the British public the truth and that there would be so much anger that eventually an event woukld take place that would never ever allow the same thing to happen again….EVER!
Thanks to the incompetence of everyone I have battled this has been made extremely easy apart from the inordinate amopunt of time it takes all you over paid people to do the simplest of things.
Oh? You do not agree? Well then I will simply refer you to both the above as well as the blog you should have paid more attention to but which I both knew and hoped that you would not.
I will let you all ponder what that last point was made.
Martin Haswell BSc
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2014 15:03:08 +0000
From:  custrelations@atoshealthcare.com
Dear Mr Haswell
Thank you for your further email.
We do not have a current referral for you from the DWP in relation to a claim for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and we have no record of corresponding with you regarding your ESA referral since 3 rd October 2014 when we sent you form BF223 to complete, explaining why you did not attend the appointment. On the 2 nd October. Your referral was closed and returned to the DWP office dealing with your ESA claim when you failed to attend the appointment and there is no record of any further contact with you regarding your ESA referral. The reason why a home visit had not been authorized for your ESA referral has already been explained and I can add nothing further to this.
ESA and PIP referrals are handled under different contracts and I am unable to assist you with any concerns you have about a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) referral or whether they have asked you to attend an appointment at a venue outside Enfield.  Please contact the PIP Customer Service Team at  PIP-customerservice@atos.net should you have any concerns about this.
Your Subject Access Request for copies of all documents we hold has been noted.  The Health Service Directorate are responsible for all data held by Atos Healthcare and as such, I have referred your request to them.
Christine Hughes
Senior Complaints Manager
From: Martin
Sent: 04 November 2014 14:35
To: R customer relations

Dear Christine
It seems you have had something further to add to what has already been stated?!
Well what do you know? After denying making arrangements to come to my home on threee seperate occasions and recently denying you made an appointment for me in August 2015 after asking you why you made the second one in October 2015 it now turns out you have written to me with a third appointment?!
Is your corrupt organisation going after a record breaker?
I laughingly showed the letter to several people that had no idea a year ago how corrupt you and the DWP are along with the government. They were first speechles over the location in Lambeth, South London I mean could you GET any further away from Enfield while still being in London?! Then when they saw the time of 9am after they were shown your email about how you do not deliberately do that to people they just laughed before then getting annoyed.
You really could not have exposed yourself any more if you had tried!
Now I then posted it immediately on my blog so that everyone can now see that only one of two possibilitites exists…
1 Your definately corrupt or…
2 Your definately incompetent
Or both of course?!
I also explained another possibility and that is that your organisation has not been able to get out of the contract becase you have been threatened by the British government with having all the blame at your door?
As stated this has been explained on the blog @ asaintcalledallnights.blogspot.co.uk and nothing on this blog can be undone.
I would also like to explain once again my reasons for not turning up are the exact same as they were the last 6 times I did not turn up and added to this my health has taken a dramatic downturn. But then if you kept abreast of the blog, only complete and utter morons would not be perusing it regularly, you would know this.
I could not even tell you what is up but I assure you that death was an inviting proposition! I had an emergency response unit come to my home late one night and only found out he was an emergency response guy when I was in Barnet Hospital having a barrage of tests primarily looking for stomach or colon cancer!
I have had diarrhea for 9 weeks now and this has been joined with severe abdominal and back pain with severe vomiting and emmiting sulphur like aromas from everywhere. Oh yes and blood.
What you also have failed to realise is that in all your decisions of the last two years I now know that you have no medical evidence of mine at all, at least that is whjat was stated in a telephone call to me apologising from the DWP?!
Now as I stated to the lady on the phone, who was not part of PIPS/DLA/ESA/ATOS and is responsible for their extremely late Freedom Of Information request, which I have also made to you with no response, how have you refused me my applications for DLA five times in the last two years?! She did not know! I also informed her that there was an application going on right now and in the process of being refused for the sixth time and she was completely confused and did not know what to say.
So once again…
1 Can you forward me all documents you possess on me please!!
1 I cannot travel beyond Enfield unless assisted
2 I REQUEST a HOME VISIT for the FIFTH…oh I have lost count!!
3 I have Fibromyalgia that causes a dozen areas of pain one being heels which is why I dont do public transport, MEMORY LOSS, other symptoms that make it terrifying to travel and an aversion to it! Oh yes and best of all is the sleep depravation which happens most of the time!!! In other words its common for me to not get to sleep until 3am to 8am and not wake up until midday, rather bloody annoyingly.
Now please NOTE:
You do not have one excuse in my case, you have way over a dozen! All clearly linked to Fibromyalgia and not including a real physical problem now diagnosed in my right knee. I have still not PLAYED THE RECORDING AT GUY’S HOSPITAL BACK AGAIN to find out what this was. I was too busy screaming in pain and it was conveniently left out of the letter to my last GP. Oh and I should now mention that I passed by it yesterday and is now the second GP practise I have been registered with to close in as many years!!
That is another point you have failed to pick up on. I was already told by a GP you were lying and so were the DWP and that you lied about a previous GP of mine regarding the forms being filled in. Oddly enough she was the one that first spotted my knee and I know that the hospital rerferrals had the hospitals go out of their way NOT to diagnose it. One referal even shifting focus from my knee entriely to my feet, then did x-rays I knew where just to fob me off and I was already well aware X-Rays do nothing and they knew it.
You see thats been going on for a very long time and quite unfortunately for eveyone, you and the DWP included, I knew this and recorded every meeting I had for several years. This spans 5 GP Surgeries and God knows how many Doctors along with no less than FIVE hospitals consisting of…
1 Chase Farm Hospital
2 St Michaels Hospital
3 Royal Free Hospital
4 Barnet Hospital
5 Cannot remember fifth
This also includes documentation from other hospitals going back TWENTY years including…
North Middlesex Hospital
Whipps Cross Hospital
Probably others I have forgotten?
I then spent two whole years publishing what I had on my blog and predicted what you would all do over the next three years and carried on recording and publishing as I went.
A brother of mine who now want to find legal representation to take a public service to court for malpractise involving manslaughter was shocked to hear I had collected around 100GB of data.
So I am giving you fair warning once again to all this and I have also made something very cclear to you that when bought up in court will have any accusations about me redundant and will be thrown out. It is quite obviously in your face and down to you to work out asndf not for me to tell you. That is how it works and how I cover myself while making you all look bad.
In other words I am giving you opportunities over and over again to do the right thing and stop the lies and corruption. If you fail to over and over again you simply just carry on proving me correct, its hardly rocket science.
Martin Haswell BSc
Subject: RE:
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2014 15:10:49 +0100
From:  custrelations@atoshealthcare.com
To:  saintallnights@hotmail.com
Dear Mr Haswell

I have nothing further to add to what has already been stated.
As requested, I have forwarded your email to the DWP
Sent: 08 October 2014 18:34
To: R customer relations
Subject: Re:

Dear Christine Hughes

I have been lied to get again by Atos and my questions/complaint has not been dealt with, well there is a surprise.
First off no documentation regarding my health exists with you or the DWP and I have had a phone call from the dwp stating this and apologising for it. Ooh did I forget to mention that recording?! Yes that was awhile ago now.

So your statement that you requested medical evidence and s bit sufficient is built crap too. You have not contacted my gps as I asked them. Oh yes and I do mean gps,  PLURAL, because I have caught two GPs in a row lying about conditions, drugs, dosages and the existence of NHS Departments. I also have two Doctors falsifying ultrasound tests and in the last four years I have recorded every meeting I ever had with anyone.

Unfortunately the GPs kicked me off there register after I told them I knew what was going on. They attempted to falsely label me as first mad, second violent and when this failed accused me of breaking the law by secretly recording public services for four years!

Oops, so you have not contacted my latest GP, as you would not know who they were, and nor the last, unless of course your willing to tell me that my previous GP did get contacted from you, put in the letter what he was told to and lied to me about it?!

That really WOULD make my year!

You might find that a bit of a problem proving the contents of the letter he may have been instructed to write. Let me just say that there is an easily proceed lack of professionalism which is very easily proved, ergo I possess proof, and leave it at that.

Hmm now what’s next? Oh yeah..

1 Your the complaints department, another blatant rip off of British taxes, and yet you have made no comment at all about the lies about Home Visits bit being made!

2 The fact that I have had Home Visits before therefore means that I qualify,  Fibromyalgia is a progressive condition and once again you expose your own lack of knowledge in the world of medicine.
3 You have made no remark I came across about the fact I was told that you claimed you did not make an appointment in August?! But you seem to be admitting I have a pending claim for PIPs soon…  are you saying I am right or something else?

4 So your insisting on sticking with the line ‘well you qualified for a Home Visit severance times in the past but despite the fact we are claiming to have letters staying your Fibromyalgia (the dozens of symptoms I have told you and the DWP of for a decade, which you did not have for ALL PREVIOUSLY AGREED HOME VISITS), Oesophagitis Grade C (sudden vomiting without warning), Hiatus Hernia (severe heartburn), painful groin from your inguinal hernia repair and the knee problem which I have a letter about from 3 years ago or more and have a confirmed diagnosis of on tape diagnosed by Dr Kirkham at Guy’s Hospital the same time he diagnosed the Fibromyalgia, but later incompetent omitted to former from the letter as per instructed?

Are you serious? Really?! Please remember while I laugh and smile that this would have been on my blog for 12 hours or more by the time you read it!

Please forward these emails onto the DWP.


Martin Haswell BSc

Sent from myMail app for Android
Monday, 06 October 2014, 02:54pm +01:00 from “R customer relations” :
Dear Mr Haswell

I am now able to respond to your email of 2 nd October 2014.
Further medical evidence was requested but this was insufficient to recommend that you meet the Support Group (SG) or that a home visit was necessary, which is why you were asked to attend an assessment.

We appreciate you have provided copious amounts of information; however, we are unable to advise that you meet SG criteria.
We have previously explained why a home visit was not authorised and I have nothing further to add to what has already been stated.
For your information, customers who are in receipt of a benefit are periodically referred to Atos Healthcare for advice and the majority of those are required to attend an assessment at some point. It is noted you have not been seen since 200 8 when you claimed Incapacity Benefit and it would have been helpful to be able to provide the DWP with an up to date picture of how your condition currently affects you. It may be useful to explain that ESA is different to IB and the criteria to reach benefit threshold is different. You can find out about ESA and the WCA on the DWP website, in particular, the ESA214 will be of particular interest regarding the criteria that needs to be met in order to meet benefit threshold.

We do offer home visits; however, as previously explained, we do require supporting medical evidence to show why a home visit is required. We have not received sufficient medical information in yo ur case to warrant offering a home visit. There is no record of you being offered a home visit due to an IB or ESA referral s. Whilst it is possible y ou may have been offered a home visit in relation to a previous DLA claim; the criteria for this is v ery different to ESA.

As you failed to attend the appointment booked for the 2 nd October, your ESA referral has been closed and returned to the DWP office dealing with your claim. Form BF223 h as been sent to you for you to complete and return to the Decision Maker explaining why you did not attend the appointment.

I have been advised that you currently have a live Personal Independent Payment (PIP) referral. Any concerns about this should be directed to the PIP Customer Service Team at



Christine Hughes
Senior Complaints Manager
Customer Relations
0113 232 7032

The registered office for each is at 4 Triton Square, Regents Place, London, NW1 3HG.The VAT No. for each is: GB232327983 err it’s in PARIS!

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