Always a sucker for petitions for animals, well provided they are not misguided even by scientists that get it wrong, but cruelty is cruelty.

I run this blog which is in essence a cruelty blog at the end of the day. Forget the political rubbish, political leanings of which I have none and other things it is about cruelty. Cruelty to people who are not deserving of it and as such cruelty to animals will always get a post.

If someone does anything that has a knock on effect whether intended or otherwise that had a detrimental effect be this physically, mentally or both this is cruelty. If you initially did this with a level of plausible deniability then that is dead and buried once people have pointed this out.

In fact it is this pointing out that catches out the ones that think themselves smarter than others. The punishment will be more so to, it is unavoidable. Inevitable even. That is the beauty of it if such a thing could be attributed to what I do.

Cruelty is cruelty at the end of the day and failing to deal with it and ignoring it while someone, or several even, works tirelessly to chip away and make it obvious that this has been raised directly and warning them that this is being raised publicly shows without doubt the level of contempt for any life outside their own greedy Topsy-Turvy world.

The longer this proceeds the worse it gets for those that are guilty. In the end it will occur to those that are guilty of the worse crimes, cruelty and contempt that it would become obvious when it’s too late that our would have been far easier on them both punishment wise and financially had they done something sooner.

How this turns out for each is not something I design. Nor do I am for this. This blame for the ultimate conclusion must simply fall upon themselves for what had occurred. Regardless of what this amounts to.

I simply tell the stories

I simply give my opinion on news stories

I make my predictions

I provide my evidence

After this circle of events which continue on for as long as it takes the truth and the reasons for the actions, inactions and contempt become plainly obvious for all to see.

Opening their gates, mouth, in the world stage starting that they are the opposite to what I claim of also of their own doing. Being labeled or accused by reporters as liars more and more as this time goes on is an example of the self infliction that will inevitably come over the next 18 months.

I cannot emphasise things enough on so many occasions throughout the life of this blog. Sometimes I get tired of this.

At the end of the day out all rather depends on whether or not a large enough section of the public are humane and not immoral. Not those that like to condemn things after the event because they have a camera rolling nearby or a microphone in their faces.

At the end of the day it all comes down to actions and not words. I know that at some point I will be contested regarding this. Likely a very big name will ask or want to talk about how they got involved in the areas I covered and how slowly the public became involved compared to someone offering free pornography or half price iPhones or iPads!

Those that think that people on benefits for into the category of a section of society that bright the country down. To which I would urge they do the maths and have a constructive argument. Well if they did the math they would realise there is no argument.

I bought the new Pink Floyd album called The Endless River. I thought it would be crap and it’s the best album since 79’s The Wall. Over ninety percent think the same but on Amazon there were some peculiar reviews. People really panned the album without reason. I wrote a glowing review and stated I don’t understand the tiny minority that hate it. One guy said I was … pretentious?! His review just literally said …

It’s crap, don’t bother and buy The Division Bell.

It should have been left on the cutting room floor.

That was the base if their arguments. I had no idea what they expected from it from geniuses in their seventies?!

I never thought it would be as good as The Division Bell let alone be far better.

Best left on the cutting room floor!

Was another remark. Despite all the rest of the crap that gets released? They are not alone in doing this and Radiohead have done this and starred they are doing this right now!

They completely mid the point that they are giving a review to inform others. Completely missed the point that they look utterly stupid for buying an album without hearing it first. Despite being a huge Pink Floyd fan for thirty five years and at Earls Court in 1994 I did indeed listen to it first.

They then complained they were no lyrics?! What the feck? Have they even listened to stuff like Echoes? Or Shine On You Crazy Diamond?

Mike Oldfield had no problem with this not did Moby or Jean Michel Jarre.

I got into an argument that for into name calling because I pointed out their mistakes, though to be fair one commenter stated I did make valid points in the parts that were ineligible no thanks to Google’s Android OS that had been turned into utter junk for the last half dozen versions they don’t seem to care about.

I have no problem stripping flesh from big names. I did think I would say that about Pink Floyd. Instead they got praise. A lot of praise and not that they needed it as the four big stores of WH Smith, Tesco, Sainsburys and Morrison’s were all sold out in a 24 got period.

That latter point is something else missed by those that did not like it.

In fact they missed the point that I was telling them they missed something and was… educating them. Idea being that they would listen again and realise they were missing out on so much and actually enjoy it so did not waste their money?

But no.

Therefore I use the phrase ‘You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink’ a lot throughout this blog. That incident on Amazon is exactly why I do and why I knew when I started all of this that it would take a long time of banging heads against the proverbial wall.

I also get moaned about because of my level of intelligence in my personal life. I’m used to it and it has gone on for years and fun is made of me behind my back, even about this blog. Yet these people that are less intelligent than I, which is why they make fun, do not get this from me. I don’t make fun of people being naive and stupid. I could. I could ream of jokes and funny comments to get laughs on here but that ignore the point and I won’t stoop to low levels many others have no problem in exploring.

What did that say about people?

Many, many years ago we had a friend come to work with me and my father. We were involved with animals and are experts in many fields to do with them. We were wholesalers supplying pet stores.

Working in a cellar with several drivers we heard someone shout out “How much oxygen so these Rats need?!” Several people turned around to see this guy holding an oxygen gun into a plastic bag used for fish. The Rats were food for snakes. They were frozen. Stunned, confused silence filled the cellar before I broke it with “None. They are dead, mate!” to which laughter then broke out.

I am sure he made the mistake or if first day nerves and realise later.

My point is he became a friend I had for many years. He always and for help and advice and would do anything for me. My Dad liked him too but he turned to me when I was about to visit him one night and asked why I was mates with him because we were on far different levels of intelligence. I said it is because he was a nice guy and has a heart. Plus he was damn funny. That was long before I attended college to get into university to get my degree.

Now I hope that like anecdote teaches one again not to his things against others unless they are fully deserving of it?!

So to bring attention to the fact that ‘they’ seen to be wriggling out of prosecuting some of these people here is the link to the petition.


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