Oh dear.

It seems Mark Carney has announced that the be interest rate is going to rise.

It’s obvious this has gone far too far when he actually states that this will affect people who are affected by austerity.

Well .. most everyone has been affected apart from a lucky few.

What will happen now then is those below the poverty line will find things impossible.

Many more will die.

A huge number will start trickling down from above the poverty line to below it.

Over time businesses will become affected and more will disappear that will increase the flow of people going from above the poverty line to below it.

My. I didn’t actually think it could get any worse.

All because government has avoided doing what it needs to do while avoiding the issue or giving lame arsed reasons why they haven’t.

The Independent reporting on Mark Carney and the Bank of England’s possible base interest rate rise and his comments about austerity ..




Ooh care about children on foreign countries do we?

Care about children in foreign countries should we?

This government loves to talk about how much they care about individuals or groups of people around the rest of the world except they are completely unaware of where the starting lie is when it comes to charitable acts.

Now below is a link to a woman in Luton.

Repeated health assessments? But wait a minute, Tories and their idiot voters love to state that all this shit is to weed out the non-serious claimants?

So why did I now win then? Despite the obviously corrupt HMCTS stating that my medical records state that I have issues and manage to miss a connection that has been missed, or lied about to me, for the last four years?

But wait a minute? Sandra Burns was REPEATEDLY ASSESSED?!

So how come that HMCTS did not notice this when she had to keep appealing?

But wait a minute? How come she ended up in debt with everything over this? Surely if she won her appeals she should have been awarded all the money she was missing?

Ooh wait? They changed the law so that you cannot go back beyond a certain time when it comes to backdating, which is wrong and immoral and now they have things all tied up just as they have with all the Statute Of Limitations where we are now expected to be the fucking experts.

Sadly Sandra Burns had a traumatic time of it with the DWP and HMCTS as .. she is dead!

Surrounded by hounding letters from various energy suppliers threatening to cut her off and from the DWO obviously asking her to go for her tenth assessment or that she was having her money stopped once again from her tenth and obviously unnecessary and lying, cheating assessment?

Poor woman .. I know how she was feeling as I feel like that myself .. though I am not surrounded with hounding letters or letters threatening to cut me off, Chance would be a fine thing.

Make no mistake .. Britain is a vile, corrupt, evil place to live and filled with naive or amoral people that either could not care less or have their heads wither in the sand or the clouds.

And people will be stupid enough to ask me why I want to die?!

Well .. if they ever find out, that is? I have kept that fact quiet for the last couple of weeks, let it slip to one person on the phone and it seemed to slip by them. Perhaps they thought it was a figure of speech?

Oh no I did mention it to a friend. He asked why and I said that I had, had enough.

Oddly enough he has escaped scrutiny thus far when I and other people he knows in the same situation as him have all been screwed over. He always thought he was untouchable years ago .. refused to believe it when I said that in a few years time it would all be changing. “They wont come after me!” he insisted. Since then they went after a friend of his with the same Type 1 Diabetes and I think that made him stand up and take notice?

Bearing in mind people can say and think what they like but ..

  • Never stolen
  • Never committed a crime
  • Never hurt anyone, quite the opposite in fact
  • Never hurt an animal, quite the opposite in fact
  • Never sat on my backside and did nothing
  • But I know criminals that are treated way, way better than I am being treated .. burglars, drug addicts and even domestic abusers?!



The BBC report below, shoved to the side and onto their app, states that it’s being reported that 140,000 families going without food and water.

Think about that for a moment .. that’s one hundred and forty .. thousand .. families. Not individual people. Families.

Now they say that there are 2.2 people per family on average. That’s bullshit and not only out of date but we all know there are certain types of people that have many more than two children. Who don’t have the same rules and restrictions. Except the ones they can screw over our that benefit them.

I’ll tell you something else too .. I think the real figure is probably over double that stated.

This is because two groups were involved in the number .. one I’ve never heard of .. so where the feck do they get their numbers. The other is the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and it don’t matter whether I’m in London or Merseyside .. no one even bothers don’t to the Citizen’s Advice add they are useless. They certainly have had a zero success rate on my pleas for help.

Also and as the title strongly suggests .. well it’s a fact actually but a lot more are suffering.

Are we forgetting that the Doctors, Specialists and Nurses have taken money and incentives to lie about patients? Hmm .. patients? I’ll get onto that one in the next post.

To round off the Evil Trinity we have the DWP and local councils too ..

Ooh by the way? Yeah .. I’ve had confirmation that I know one, at least, has been visiting this blog and sorry to disappoint ..

No .. you haven’t got away with it just because your times up and nothing has happened ..

To expose anyone .. they have to fail to do things all the way to the end you fucking idiots.

I post recordings before it’s over and you all turn up, and ‘all’ is a lot believe me, and say “oh her you are, see? We always intended to do this all along?!”

No. Just .. no.

Yeah .. I’ve been a little quiet on that front because I’ve been a little busy myself .. trying to stay alive, stay sane, not walk in front of a bus, get my own plans moving and .. a little matter of a court hearing with a corrupt and biased court over another public service.

So .. we care for those downtrodden in foreign countries do we? Funny as we don’t give a fucking crap about our own and year then very differently and have very different expectations out upon us. Despite living in a literal hell hole that’s getting worse.

So .. crimes against people that now don’t just include children but .. scores of them?!

So .. where is the law and the legal system in all this?! Nowhere to be seen .. that’s fucking where.

Remember what I said .. that the real number would be very likely double the figure of 140,000 given living without food and power. I would wager the food banks would have a better idea of this figure but .. will any of these investigative journalists think of asking them or anyone else this? Nope .. why that would involve both ‘investigating’ and reporting on something they avoid like crazy .. so they can chat shit about celebrity gossip instead.


I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Poorest families ‘going without food or power’ – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-43827846


A young mother dropped her son off to school .. then went into some woods and hung herself!

All because of Universal Credit and what the government think it can do to people and get away with it.

It’s been doing this to people for seven years now and has got away with this over one hundred thousand times that they know about.

Yet every time there’s so much of a whisper about it .. it then vanishes into the ether .. never to be heard of again.

So once again we have yet another case of manslaughter .. something that no one in the country would get away with once. Not when the culprit is so obvious, that is.

This has happened many tens of thousands of times so much that it’s heading for hundreds of thousands of times. So where are the legal cases? This is human life we are talking about here! Steal money and the 747 full of bricks works be dropping them on your head. Take thousands of lives and there’s always one hiding behind someone else and lane exist after lame excuse and news story buried under another news story.

Everything about the UK has become distasteful and despicable. Utterly disgusting and totally disgraceful.

It begs belief after begging for more belief.

I hope someone will be able to explain this to her son in years to come.

I simply would not be surprised in the least of a whole new breed of terrorist is spawned from these criminal acts sanctioned by the UK government?!

But then they probably know this and will be listening on everyone .. sorry .. sorry everybody with a brain …focusing, as they already are listening on everyone, on everyone who had somebody die as a result of austerity measures.

Jesus .. I hope they have the manpower?! That’s likely to be anywhere from one million to five million people and this is growing all the time!

I’m surprised I have anything left in the way of a forehead because I’ve facepalmed so much in the last ten years and it’s increased in frequency the last two!

On the TV News? Nope .. again and I have a few more posts incoming and a ripping a new arsehole to the BBC at the end of it.

Notice they are always laughing and joking on the TV News channels? Unless they are talking of gender pay gaps of a few hundred thousand or a few million a year then they look and sound serious.

I am glad that in their little bubble worlds, so much for keeping one ear on the street and investigative journalism, everything is so perfect. A shame for the rest of us living in reality.



Well what do you know?

It would appear than finally an organisation is doing something?

The disability rights group I happen to be familiar with, Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC), are starting to play with a harder ball.

Over Universal Credit and the effect they have had in disabled people they have decided to have a march. Well they already had, apparently, but due to bad weather it was called off. I was not aware it was taking place. It now appears to be taking place on the 1st March. The march in March.

Hmm .. I’m assuming this will take place in London? I’ll have to check .. as I might actually attend?

Well .. health permitting as I currently am crammed into a tiny room, shouldn’t be here and back is hurting like hell and has been for a while now. As is every inch of my legs .. aching like buggery and I have been doubling up on vitamin pills. Also I seem to have yet another bloody cold!

Doggedly holding onto to their failed benefit reform which seem to be accepted as a failure by almost everyone which the Tories are either oblivious to or .. don’t care that they fucked up in a rather calamitous fashion.

The thing is they are so cut off from reality and the real world, well like most politicians to be honest with you, that they probably have no bloody clue that their reforms as seen as a failure by everyone except those that are amoral.

Our best hope is that there is a big turn out at this march but in all honesty I have only just found out about it and not a great deal of time to prepare. Only a few days and I would have preferred more in all honesty.

What I find hilarious is that they claimed in the beginning this was reform. But cuts but reform. In fact cuts does not quite .. cut it. This is more than just cuts .. it is daylight robbery with more than an air of inhumane. More than an air! Even people terminally ill people are being flogged like rabid animals.

Oh and there is my memory problem.

The report can be found here at The Canary’s website followed by DPAC’s own website ..




Well no sooner had I accused all the Tories of thinking like that of that amoral moron Owen Lister .. they then go and prove it, so good luck trying to pretend that you all do not!

Apparently they are in court to state that they want to .. wait s minute? Let me check. Yup ..

They are ‘apparently’ claiming that disabled people have no human rights?!

Let me state that again ..


Now forgive me hear for a moment but how the flying fuck can that be the case? How can you go to a court to state that ANY group of people have no human rights?!

I do not know whether to burst out laughing of their total idiocy or get very very scared and concerned that my previous .. concern regarding the British courts being corrupt might be about to be proved?

Now just think about this for a moment ..

How could you go to the courts and the law, meant to be there for everyone and how we can claim to be at all civilised as a society, and ask them to allow the Tories to discriminate against a group of people?! Oddly mostly made up of British born people too .. so once again stabbing their own purely because they can get away with it without being labelled.

Also how can a political party in what is supposed to be a first world country, show their inhumanity in this way and get away with it without repercussions? It simply begs belief!

I keep asking myself .. if what it states in this blog post can possibly be true?! I .. I .. find it so difficult to believe. That they would come out with it in a way that can be reported upon and go around the Internet like the proverbial wildfire.

A pile of cash has more rights than people .. except the Tories, lawyers and Judges seem to have forgotten that ..

  • A pile of cash can not suffer.
  • A pile of cash cannot feel pain
  • A pile of cash cannot become homeless
  • A pile of cash does not have difficulty with the over inflated bills .. which the Tories and other politicians are too fucking scared to confront
What the fuck is going on in the UK and why are the leftist, or claim to be left, media ignoring shit like this?!
It would not surprise me in the least if this was very recent and that they are doing this purely to prevent me from winning two wars?!
Yeah .. I have two wars and it looks like both will be won .. there is just this damned waiting involved with one lot to do with fact checking and another thing literally awaiting a court date!
Still trying to get everyone else to pay for their mistakes?
Still trying to prevent justice to protect the money that is not even fucking theirs?!
Wonders truly never cease with this political party and in all honesty another wonder is coming that they still will not only STILL exist five years from now but will also likely be the party still in power?!
That wont be saying very good things about the British people.
Do you go some of the way right or all of the way right? If you go all of the way right and you let it be known .. do not be surprised if you get burnt at the stake further down the line!



It’s funny. Ever since I was first told about UBI or Universal Basic Income it keeps cropping up in the news.

When first rid about it by a supporter I thought it was some mad idea cooked up by some drug crazed conspiracy theorist?! But no.

The person explaining it to me was a big supporter of the idea but I thought it was totally fucking bonkers!

For example .. everyone gets £100 per week .. EVERYONE?!

First off .. that’s utterly stupid and your wasting a large chunk giving out to people that are earning a high amount anyway so neither need it nor deserve it.

Of course you know that any system introduced like this will allow them to get rid of the welfare system fairly easily.

Umm .. rent? That’s the biggest problem in the UK and especially in the south east is the criminally high rent prices.

Rent is one problem. Next up .. children?!

See where this is going?

Now all this are the basic problems and you don’t have the most immediate and painfully obvious problem ..

.. money?! Or how are you going to pay for this? Every person, there is 58 million or so, gets £100 or whatever it is?! That’s one hundred times 50 million? Providing, that is, of its set at £100 per week?

Like I said .. sorry .. it’s bonkers, pure and simple held onto by people so desperate for their lives to change from the living hell they are living in.

They can’t see the wood for the trees I’m afraid.

It’s also been rejected recently, or something very similar to this, in Switzerland. Theirs was a lot more than £100 per week and I think it was over £300 per week? Seem to recall it being over £1,500 per month but likely due to the high living costs in the country?

Imagine it being set at that amount in the UK?! LMAO, does not bear thinking about.

That’s another problem you have with this nationwide flat amount .. regional variation.

Oddly enough the supporter of it failed to realise that it would actually bring about a mad sounding conspiracy theory he had. That they are planning to move all the poor people and shepherd them into built up places away from rich people. There was also some mad talk about a wall around London?

Yeah well .. if you pay a flat rate .. people are going to migrate away from the more expensive places all in their own. Not having hoods places over there heads, bundled into an unmarked van in London and dropped off somewhere. Somewhere rundown.

This BBC report below isn’t this UBI thing .. or so it claims but it sounds a hell of a lot like it to me.

As for introducing something like this? Look how effing long it has taken them to bring in Universal Credit and what a major feck up that is?!

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: £10,000 proposed for everyone under 55 – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-43078920


The Armchair Activist on Facebook has published another post and this time it is about a 24 year old woman called Lorna Taylor .. who suffers with Multiple Sclerosis and has been refused Personal Independence Payments that proves once and for all everything I have stated for five and a half years ..

That the government was going to dump every single disability off the benefits system .. meaning that there first port of call was to take away any financial support so that every single person got the same on the welfare system. But it was never going to end there ..

.. eventually they would have gotten rid of the welfare system altogether down the line and one Tory MP even stated as much in a Russia Today interview that I linked on here and can be found on YouTube.

But this is something that would take years to do and as they like to feign their surprise over the financial crisis you wonder why they would make mention of an intention that they cannot possibly carry out for well beyond five years down the line?

So what else do they know that they are not telling us?!

Also anyone notice the announcements about council tax rises?!

It has already gone way beyond ridiculous and into the realms madness and the figures have long since not been able to add up and it just keeps on going.

They are creating large armies of people without considering the numbers of these armies on their own and certainly have not considered the numbers if these armies are combined!

What armies? The victims of the public services ..

Those that have been victims of the Police, Local Councils, the DWP and the NHS and there will no doubt be others I have not thought of. Pretty big and rapidly expanding, if currently segmented, army if you ask me.



I have .. stuck my foot out .. metaphorically speaking.

I am not sure what has happened but for the first time in over a week and to my shock I have had some anxiety this morning. Might be something to do with that metaphorical foot? But then that would then be down to someone who has been over the top negative to the point of showing they have an agenda?

But after I got fed up tossing and turning I opened my laptop and saw a tab open in my browser and remembered a news article on the Guardian newspaper’s website. This was to do with the mess that is the PIP benefit and what they have been doing to disabled people.

It is not so much that they talk about what a mess it is or what they are doing to people. It is not so much that it refers to mobility cars being taken away from disabled people. No it is more to do with the date the article was published and a reminder that it often takes a fair old while before anything appears in the news media. Though the TV News is far worse than the tabloids in this respect.

The date is the 7th June 2016.

I cannot recall exactly when it was I lost my PIP but .. I think it was later than this? Was trying to recall this yesterday and thought it was later than this by several months but .. now that I think about it it might have been earlier?

I recall the month of October and I did think that was when I first went onto Universal Credit? But then I thought this morning that this was when I was kicked off Universal Credit? But I am also wondering if this was when I first went onto Jobseeker’s Allowance?

All I know is that I was on JSA for awhile when I then took the plunge and went onto the New Enterprise Allowance scheme which was in January 2017. Which was all to do with my online blogging I had been building up and working towards for 4.5 years, at the time.

I have so many possibilities presently that any normal person would feel confident. Well .. I was feeling confident.

But you get these moments where you are reminded that barely anything ever goes right and even when it does it only seems to do this momentarily and then goes wrong.

Though I did state to someone recently that maybe this was .. meant to happen, what took place recently?

As always I am terrible at remembering the basic and the mundane and I have forgotten my pills for two days in a row. Whenever that happens I start to wonder if it is three days in a row? My thighs and calf muscles are aching this morning from around 6am which is an absolute definitive sign that I have gone two days at least without my pills. The first two things I will notice, not the more dangerous and unnoticeable ones like blood pressure, are muscle pains from both my legs and heartburn. You might think of it as a reminder but its a damned pain in the rear. I am wondering if the anxiety is now another one as this seems to have occurred before any sign of heartburn?

Forgetting the pains in my legs or the pains in my feet or ankles .. also forgetting the high blood pressure for a moment. The intense anxiety and what it is linked to with mental health is something that they seem to mention in the news reports about PIP returning to where it was previously. Though I am not entirely convinced it was ever on a good position to begin with? I mean, yes just like DLA I had previous to this, before that was taken away for 7 years, I got it and it was taken away. But with DLA it was easier to get awarded. PIP was refused twice some time apart and I had it awarded on an about face decision because I threatened to expose them. It is all on here .. somewhere.

I wonder if someone, somewhere at some .. point will do a break down of how much money these so-called bean-counters and business experts that call themselves the Conservative Party have actually cost this country and its taxpayers?

Maybe two lists?

A list of the losses and a list of the dead?



Well, well, well.

I was going to type out a post regarding a Tory MP, Sarah Newton I believe her name was, and her statements about reports of people dying due to the welfare cuts was lies and scaremongering.

I was wondering if she would become besieged with emails?

I was wondering whether anyone would mention Calum’s List to her and the fact that the website was shut down as opposed to being ridiculed for being wrong on the TV News programmes or national tabloids. Or in the House of Commons or some committee? No they just quietly shut it down while no one was looking.

I was wondering if she would become besieged with tweets on Twitter?

The Facebook page for DPAC had disabled people going wild over her claims. Christ, even I liked the report but submitted I was angry about it.

There was a name that sprang to mind when I read it .. a friend of a friend. One that tends to like her feelings being known and renowned fit this, according to Gail.

Well blow me down if I don’t go and spot a new report via Flipboard and the Tory MP on question gets heckled by a couple of protesters.

I’m now up after being blown down and you can blow me down again if I don’t go and spot the name, Paula Peters in the report?!

Hmm wondering if it was Laurel now instead of Gail that informed me of this warrior woman? I think maybe it was both which was why she had always stuck in my mind?

Yeah .. without looking I’ve not gone and published several posts about people dying on benefits because of the cuts. Two mothers and a man found dead in front of his house. The latter not being deemed important or close enough to life-threatening to warrant an ambulance being sent?!

Yeah .. one .. poor, poor man killed by both the DWP and the NHS in one fell swoop. But no one is dying because of either of those public services that don’t do much when it comes to .. well .. services. One man’s death reflecting badly in two public services. That’s without even SEARCHING?!

Jesus Christ, man! So these idiot Tories even know what the Internet is?!

Do they even know what smartphones are and what they are capable of?

Have they any fucking idea what social media is?!

Or do they think they can just throw the words ‘fake news’ about and everyone starts disbelieving what others tell them online? Yeah .. that’s never going to work in anyone’s reality! But then these Tories have a very funny, bit too mention warped, idea of what reality is.

Good luck Ms Newton .. your going to need it, very much so, moving forward.

You have the right to any opinion you like .. that’s your right. But this does not make you right. You bloody idiots. I thought these people were supposed to be intelligent?!