Well, well, well.

I was going to type out a post regarding a Tory MP, Sarah Newton I believe her name was, and her statements about reports of people dying due to the welfare cuts was lies and scaremongering.

I was wondering if she would become besieged with emails?

I was wondering whether anyone would mention Calum’s List to her and the fact that the website was shut down as opposed to being ridiculed for being wrong on the TV News programmes or national tabloids. Or in the House of Commons or some committee? No they just quietly shut it down while no one was looking.

I was wondering if she would become besieged with tweets on Twitter?

The Facebook page for DPAC had disabled people going wild over her claims. Christ, even I liked the report but submitted I was angry about it.

There was a name that sprang to mind when I read it .. a friend of a friend. One that tends to like her feelings being known and renowned fit this, according to Gail.

Well blow me down if I don’t go and spot a new report via Flipboard and the Tory MP on question gets heckled by a couple of protesters.

I’m now up after being blown down and you can blow me down again if I don’t go and spot the name, Paula Peters in the report?!

Hmm wondering if it was Laurel now instead of Gail that informed me of this warrior woman? I think maybe it was both which was why she had always stuck in my mind?

Yeah .. without looking I’ve not gone and published several posts about people dying on benefits because of the cuts. Two mothers and a man found dead in front of his house. The latter not being deemed important or close enough to life-threatening to warrant an ambulance being sent?!

Yeah .. one .. poor, poor man killed by both the DWP and the NHS in one fell swoop. But no one is dying because of either of those public services that don’t do much when it comes to .. well .. services. One man’s death reflecting badly in two public services. That’s without even SEARCHING?!

Jesus Christ, man! So these idiot Tories even know what the Internet is?!

Do they even know what smartphones are and what they are capable of?

Have they any fucking idea what social media is?!

Or do they think they can just throw the words ‘fake news’ about and everyone starts disbelieving what others tell them online? Yeah .. that’s never going to work in anyone’s reality! But then these Tories have a very funny, bit too mention warped, idea of what reality is.

Good luck Ms Newton .. your going to need it, very much so, moving forward.

You have the right to any opinion you like .. that’s your right. But this does not make you right. You bloody idiots. I thought these people were supposed to be intelligent?!



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