I have been a mystery to many people, none more so than me at times.

On social media I have caused such a stir that there has been a concerted effort by many groups to perform character assassinations on me, attach labels that are not applicable and make claims they cannot possibly know.

Many have tried to get me suspended, even succeeded at times.

Several social media giants have also buried me. People on Twitter that follow me have come to me privately and stated that they never see my tweets. Going back as far as four years and as late as two days ago. For some reason those that hate me feel the need to tell me I get no interactions.

I keep telling them that I do not care and they do not listen.

They call me mentally unstable and this is wrong and I also do nor care.

Google, via Blogger and YouTube were burying me back in 2015-16 and friends and family talked and thought I was mad. In fact they did that about many predictions or theories I had to science and things going on in the world.

Today every single person I know bar one stubborn one that has always hated anyone smart, have all apologized and stated I was right about everything. Also that its worse than I stated.

I am also told by several people that on Facebook my posts never come up and yet I post more than anyone else they know. So they know I am buried on the platform and no one I know on Facebook would even go near Twitter. They have heard all the stories.

Oddly the packs that come after me absolutely lost the plot and the farm when they found out I had a Substack account.

After I passed around 60 accurate scientific predictions those that pursue me decided to start claiming they never took place, but my tweets do not self-destruct.

I am called all the labels, none apply and many of them I have suspended them for, something else that makes them mad.

They get really angry if I say or post anything about the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab and his Great Reset despite the fact that two years ago they said they had never heard of it and claimed it was conspiracy theory.

A big deal is made about me being single but they have never explained what this has to do with science, medicine or politics.

They seem obsessed on telling me all day long that I should get a job and that I must me unemployed because I tweet all day. Except several of their own tweet all day telling me this.

They are not very bright.

That being said I have one WEF guy that has lost several accounts by me and was forced to close several others, has six accounts running concurrently presently that likes to tell me and I do mean literally, that he is superior to me in every way.

Except he loses every single time and I am still on my one account. He has been through around a dozen or more because of me and he thinks this is him winning.

Even my own side are confused by me but not those that have known me longer.

I have not been on the science thread for weeks now because some .. things were supposed to happen that have yet to be completed. Three things, in fact, from three public services and they have taken way longer than they should in each case.

Now as these things should surely take place in the next week or two I thought that one last thing I should do is explain the mystery.

Partly because many are wondering.

Partly because several thousand people are asking all kinds of questions about me where I am going and even while on the phone to someone there I hear them ask about me. Which is kind of weird.

Also I do seem to be getting some attention just as the hiding of my tweets built up.

Lets just say that I was contacted by someone in America who does a radio show and has met Donald Trump’s son as asked me on the show.

Within 24 hours I then noticed that I was followed by someone who is followed by Dr Peter McCollough, which was a little odd.

Then the day after this I noticed I had been noticed by another radio show host who used to work for the BBC. So whether or not another invite is about to occur, I do not know.

Now the odd thing was that while this was going on I noticed something occur.

I was posting many news stories and smashing it out of the park. There was the Netherlands Farmer’s protest quickly followed by something starting up in Italy.

Then I head many resigning from the cabinet in the British Government.

Then Boris Johnson quit and everyone was reporting that this was over climate change and covid.

Then the news that sudden death syndrome deaths were going up and more issues emerging with vaccines was reported by GB News and Mark Steyn which was the very thing I got a suspension for seven days from Twitter for. I said that I can be affected by Sudden Death and that was one reaosn why I refused the vaccine and now reports of deaths were in the rise.

I never mentioned covid and I never said one was the cause of the other as I can only say that if there is proof. Did not matter to Twitter and they banned me.

Oh I had it out with them but they decided mid conversation to just ignore me.

There were more reports about things going on in the Presidential Election too.

Reports about Police still covering up grooming gangs in the UK on top of all this.

And the whole Elon Musk will he, wont he over Twitter.

There were reports about record cold and snow too and late cold and roads still buried in Canada, snow in New Zealand and other places.

Now what happened as half way through these posts my notifications on Twitter just stopped.

On the science thread I could get 300 per day.

Off it this would be more like 20 per day.

I got none for many hours and this was obvious and someone contacted me and told me in the evening that my tweets were not displaying.

They do that when they shit a brick about something.

Now I do not know whether it was something I listed or something else entirely I have yet to notice? I just do not know.

So I am going to first run though what I talk about and then we will do a little psychology run about who and what I am.

What I am not is perfect, lets get that out of the way first.

  • Batrachology
  • Ichthyology
  • Herpetology
  • Computer Science
  • Climate
  • Volcanology
  • Seismology
  • Astrophysics
  • Orchidaceae
  • Bromeliads including Tillandseae

I can really et into anything and a social worker friend always used to tell people that if I did not know something I could work it out in one to three days and a week at the most.

Not true for everything but thats what he used to tell people.

I do kind of have a pattern recognition skill, when my brain feels like turning up and working.

I am going to list things now that applies to what they call Sigma Males and if anyone I know that has seen me battle online are going to get a shock.

Because in the videos that I have provided below they will here many of the labels and accusations that were levied at me.

If you know .. your going to find it very spooky and your likely going to hear explanations that re going to finally provide answers to the mysteries. Unless of course there are those that know psychology and already know this stuff? It might not be that much of a surprise to them?

Broken into sections that can be found in the accompanying videos.



  • Know More than they let on
  • Rational in their responses and can remain cool, mostly
  • Strong sense of justice
  • Highly Observant
  • Always Bounce Back
    • Friend once called me a ‘Weeble Wobble’ which is a toy that in the advert used to say ‘Weebles Wobble but they don’t fall down’. I would stand up and brush myself off
  • Highly Determined
    • Tricky tactics do not work
  • Know How To Manipulate a Situation
    • Beware messing with them
  • Do Not Tolerate Mistreatment and No Time For Game
    • Often calling how the games of others
  • Not Afraid To Speak Their Minds
    • Force to be reckoned with
  • Well formulated arguments
    • Fools errand outsmarting a Sigma Male and attacker ends up looking the fool
  • Know Their Limits
    • Recognise probing of boundaries by enemies
  • Sigma Anger Can Be Intimidating
    • Hard to get a rise but scary when you do
    • Everyone gets scared when they see the anger
  • Remember Everything, Bad In My Case
    • Remembers being crossed, or evil in my case
  • Always Get Their Way In The End
    • Those that think they are getting the upper hand always lose in the end


  • Insensitive to Authority
  • Strong, a presence and wont mind telling you that you are wrong
  • Does Not Tolerate Incompetence (funny that)
  • People with preconceived notions do not trust Sigmas
  • Not Obvious
  • Never know when the sigma will go off the rails
  • Lone Wolf & Independent
  • In Pandemic Social Distancing was not an issue
  • Confident and Thoughtful
  • They can still get angry
  • Tries to avoid conflicts but not a good idea to get into one with a Sigma


  • Do not look for credit and do not care about it
  • Quiet Heroes
  • Unknown Warriors
  • Highly Intelligent but work not to be seen as Nerds of Geeks
  • Do not want to stand out and they end up standing out (turned down TV)
  • Love to Work, Learn and have High IQ and can be nomads
  • Avoid Celebrity Spotlight
  • Acquire as much knowledge as possible and typically become experts in the fields that interest them
  • Will eventually look for others if their goals are too big to achieve on their own
  • Use Logic and not Emotion
  • Three types, Black Sheep (Outcasts), Nomads (Free Spirit) and Outsiders (Visionaries)
  • Live in different places, Rebel, Spend life
  • Ahead of his time, mostly do not get recognized for genius for years
  • Do not play well with others
  • Socially Awkward and Ostracised
  • Do not care about TRENDS
  • Often we4ongly called narcissists
  • Good at Body Language
  • Enjoyable to be around but not social butterflies
  • Described as weird and socially awkward as they are off thinking about things that others do not understand
  • They do not understand others and why they do the things they do
    • Builds a Fortress of Solitude, gives up trying to fit in
    • Continues Search for His Destiny
    • Do not like being tied down, prefer not cities (Nomads)
    • Searching for something that will make him whole but does not know what it is
    • Sometimes does not see people for long periods of time
    • Rarely seen or heard from and prefer the shadows
    • Emerge with theories and clarity of thought that surprises
    • Hard to open up because of betrayal
    • Does not want to be judged and goes his own way and wont let society tell him what to do
    • Will not follow the crowd and gets called ‘crazy’ with no basis to these assertions
    • People do not get him
    • Might have been born this way or became this way due to bad things happening to him
    • Feels he is alone in the world and not understood
    • Searches for people that have similar struggles or see the world the same way


  • Appear a mystery to the world around them
  • Unconcerned by Society’s expectations
  • Natural Rule Breakers
  • Highly Analytic and Logical
  • One Man Show and attempts things alone
  • Does not pursue validation from others
  • Do not easily let others in
  • Are self-aware
  • Spontaneous and Unpredictable
  • Authentic Instincts and Desires.
  • Envied
  • Natural and humble leaders
  • Deep Thinkers
  • Lead Without Force and Dedication and Passion has others follow
  • Get Respected
  • Conformity Not An Option for Sigmas
  • Take Risks and might appear Reckless
  • Will not be told what he can and cannot do
  • Good track record of success
  • Gut instinct and can live in the moment
  • Do deep research and as much investigation as possible
  • Sharp Research Skills
  • Ability to read the emotions of others
  • Always has an answer
  • Always working towards success
  • Trouble attaching to others
  • Elusive, charming and women that get to know him find him alluring
  • Have unique styles even when it comes to clothes
  • Rare and Unique and Introverted in Nature
  • End up in the spotlight despite not wanting it
  • Like Personal Space
  • A Mystery to the Outside and seen as an Enigma

My ‘Issues’ Complicate the Above and why I .. let us just say ‘suffer’ and have for a long time

  • Fibromyalgia and Memory Fibrofog
  • Various pains from the above and others like physical problem with right-knee
  • Feet, Heart and Shoulders preventing me from doing things
  • Eyesight is becoming frustrating
  • Scared that my ‘freedom’ is seriously under threat

So there you have it. Well .. at least most of it.

Often been told even by long term friends that I am a mystery wrapped up in an enigma.

Those that have read my ramblings for awhile now likely think this or think that which alarmist and socialists do and throw the wrong labels at me, whether they are aware of it or not.

In fact a good friend from Australia that watched me for several weeks when I turned up on a large thread said that I frightened them as they could not work me out.

Things I have been called from various types of people, including Christians, are ..

  • The Machine
  • Grandmaster
  • Warrior of God
  • The Messenger
  • The King

The social justice warriors, socialists, Marxists and the World Economic Forum people on Twitter who are constantly pushing and goading groups absolutely cannot stand this.

Many of the ones that came along later have no idea I was saluted, with gifs and even from scientists.

Nor are they aware I was placed into groups by others and was in the top 20 of one, top 7 of another and on one list was the third name listed. Which gave some followers a kick.

I am a Sigma Male. This explains most of it and many will be sittig open mouthed saying “that is forking it!!” I do feel alone and cut off and I do feel like I am attacked from every angle and no I wont give in.

I would rather die than give in to evil.

Albert Einstein
Niccolo Machievelli
Niccolo Machievelli
A salute that started a series of salute that included anonymous scientist
Co-founder of Anonymous
Even when I get irritated by the ignorant I impress
Old follower from UK with few others pop on thread and meet new follower from Canada
One of three lists I was spotted I was put in and the very first

None of my science, unique explanations and facts that cannot even by Googled easily have ever been accepted.

Not by the people pushing the Great Reset who pretend to be woke, socialists and alarmists who literally run around many threads just pushing the minions on.

I could literally produce thousands of screenshots like the ones above.

But I think everyone gets the idea.

Mystery .. mostly solved.

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