Well I knew it.

I have mentioned time and time and tie again that I have been noticing some very odd numbers all over the place.

I have dropped hints every now and then that I am fairly good, used to be a lot better, at noticing things with numbers, patterns and behaviours.

I have also stated that my ad revenue has been frozen for over eighteen months which is probably more like twenty months now. I has not budged since December 2016. Despite the fact that my viewers have doubled in that time. Just prior to my first payment.

You probably also wont find this is a search because Google owns that too?

Well here is a guy I had heard mentioned by others. When I saw this I genuinely thought it was going to be about MundaneMatt, which is where I think I saw this guy, Mister Metokur, mentioned? It was called The Tale of Two Accounts. Except when I watched it I got a bit of a surprise.

He thought something was up and suspected that Google, or someone, was fudging the numbers on YouTube. If you watch him he goes through two different ways of viewing a video he uploaded and from one view to another the number of comments changes. A LOT! This is from the uploading view and compared to the viewer view.

Likes and dislikes appear to be the same but 2,800 comments were missing?!

So the numbers have been fudged. Have the comments been removed? That was the immediate thing I thought about. Was it lying about numbers to make it to appear to new viewers that they are not that popular or actually deleting comments?

Well I have asked and asked and asked about my own issues and I just get ignored.

This is really bad.

First off they think they are above both laws and morals.

Secondly this is the Internet and if people realise they will simply go elsewhere and alternatives have been popping up for some time now. Now you know why.

He states that which I do .. they claim they are all about people and it is turning out they are all about control and the money and just portray themselves as an organisation with peace, social issues and people at heart.

My daughter and I are living a series of absolute hells and there is a list of organisations that have to one degree or another contributed to this .. Google is one of them.

We often talk about how we would be better off dead .. that is how bad it is.

Just two parts have appeared in magazines and on the cover here in the UK and is featured in a past post, The Revealing Realities. Everything has been cut off, reduced or cancelled to the point where we lost tens of thousands of pounds and homelessness looms large.

I was misled by Google and as I have gone along on this journey in genuinely trying to help others I have heard the allegations and complaints while watching them move their goal-posts around and prove time and time again that they do not give a crap about any one or any thing and only about the money and the control.

It can only be a matter of time now before a series of investigations spring up, surely?


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