First off I got a notification today regarding a protest march in London over Brexit ..

.. oh .. my .. God!

You simply won’t believe what it says on one of the banners someone was holding. It says ..

“I was two months too young to vote on my future”?!

Really? Really?!

OK let me explain ..

First off no one fucking knows with any certainty what either decision will bring ..

.. but if you bother to do research of the feeling around Europe, and trust me it’s both overwhelming and growing, the EU is finished. It’s merely a matter of time.

Secondly .. your just one bloody person .. what difference do you think your one vote would have made?

Ooh no wait a minute? Of course all remainers, like all on the far left, actually convince themselves everyone thinks like they do and hate it and throw hissy fits when they find out that’s not correct.

Maybe they think everyone their age this the same and had the referendum been a little later they would have won?

Well .. no. Lol.

There are to factors that those that do not believe in democray simply want to ignore ..

  • Many that voted to remain believe in democracy and are not happy with these romoaners, as the are now widely called
    • Many of these people will to vote ‘exit’ in another referendum
  • Many people that voted remain have been witnessing this around Europe and rise in hatred towards the EU
    • Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and others ..
    • I am hearing too that Spain, Sweden, Denmark and even parts of Germany are following suit
I have said it before and I say it again .. I have no issues with any European country but I do with the actual EU themselves. I thought it was a good idea but in its current form it is a joke and the mere fact they are un-elected is simply ridiculous in a modern world.
Plus just look on YouTube for the things they are not telling you in the mainstream media and believe me when there is a lot of incontrovertible stuff out there to fill a series of encyclopaedias that they are not reporting on in the mainstream news. Even when they are .. I suggest you still look it up elsewhere as I have seen so much twisted around.
Just look at what Time Magazine, one of the biggest names in the world, recently did. It seems faking news is OK if your a big corporate news media organisation. Little guys would have the book thrown at them.
They voted to LEAVE. They did not vote to a ‘little leave’ or an ‘agreement leave’ or some under the table ‘deal leave’ they voted to LEAVE! Jsus H. Christ ..
  • Everyone agrees with me we want to remain .. oh?!
  • I do not care what everyone else wants I want to REMAIN!

Jesus, I simply do not know how these people justify their actions or their demands to waste many more tens of millions of the taxpayers money just to get their arses handed to them yet again.

Part of we wants there to be another referendum just to see them get their arses handed to them and it is not just the British public but many Americans too feel like this.

Funny how the Trump argument is a mirror image of the Brexit argument.

This tantrum throwing is also not lost on anyone and the longer they do this the more people leave there side for the pro Brexit side.

In the event than any other referendum was arranged it would be too far away and even if held .. it would be many months away and in that time more and more people will be turning against Europe as they see the real truth unfolding on YouTube.

I will tell you something else too .. despite my own beliefs I like to cover both sides but do a simple Google search for either ‘Brexit Protest’ or even ‘Pr-Brexit Protest’ and every single mainstream media comes up and all it states for two whole pages is about the Anti-Brexit protest’ as if trying to fool you into thinking no one turned up to protest against them.

Nooo .. that is not intentionally misleading is it?!

As is proving to be the case with government, public services within the UK and big business that all are basically saying that we are all idiots and they know more and what is best for us. So we need to be herded like Sheep that lack any grey matter.

I simply cannot find any reports about the pro-Brexit protests.

I found this who actually once again names George Soros as being behind this as he is accused by numerous people who report on YouTuve of being behind the Clintons, anti-Trump protests and Antifa protests among many others..

As much as I hate the way things are we do live in a democracy and until people get off their arses and vote for people other than the main two of the Conservatives and Labour, provided the voting is not fixed of course, it is all we have. A democracy.

Go against it, win and get what you want and before you know it .. everyone will be doing the same as you did and before long the country is a mess .. oh OK .. a bigger mess than it is already in.

Anti-Brexit protest: thousands march two years after referendum

Did a bit more digging ..

Now here is one of hundreds of thousands that know that the mainstream media is lying ..


Might be worth a read ..

Listen to the other side or live in ignorance with screams of self-entitlement?



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