Wait, what’s this?

I start up a crowd funding site for a young mother who has Fibromyalgia, Cervical Cancer, one child with severe Autism, a possible second child with Autism and a victim of domestic abuse.

Over eight months she has had social workers, victim support workers, family support workers, health visitors, Independent Reviewing Officers and Ofsted staff. Each and every one of them promised her help.

Not a single one helped her. Not even to move house. In fact ..

She was lied to for the entire time, except for the original health visitor who was subsequently taken off her case.

She was misled over many things.

Complaints got escalated so many times I lost count, I was forced to move away after four months and they continued to escalate the complaints for a couple of months.

Outcome? Zero, NADA, nothing .. ZILCH.

Ooh no I lie! Hey rent payments of 130 a week were reduced to 25 per week before being raised up to 50 per week. Half the rent!

They have also just lied on my granddaughter’s report. Stating she settled in well at school? Like fuck did she and my daughter was called in several times because of disruption and behaviour ..

My daughter told the teacher “She is Autistic, that’s why she behaves that way. What do you actually expect me to do about it?!”

She has an age of 3.6, really .. I mean .. really?!

My 2.5 year old granddaughter is more advanced in many respects and they said she was Autistic too!!

I told my daughter to contact the people that made the report and to quote me exactly and tell them “I’m being railroaded!”

I also told her to keep the letter somewhere very safe! Because that might end up being the most important piece of evidence to prove what I’ve said for seven to ten years. That the government has corrupted the NHS and that they work in conjunction with the DWP and Local Councils to fuck over the sick, vulnerable and the disabled.

I’ve always referred to them as ‘the evil trinity’.

How much attention did I get for my crowdfunding for my family? ZERO.

But if you click the link below .. they raised a $1000, I think it was, to buy ..

Elon Musk a fucking COUCH?!

Are people really that uncaring and fucking stupid?

I simply couldn’t believe it. Is fanboyism getting so bad that morons will actually raise thousands for someone that’s a billionaire .. to buy .. a fucking couch?!

Jesus .. H .. fucking .. Christ ..

I’ve truly heard it all now!

The internet just crowdfunded billionaire Elon Musk a new couch


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