Well there are a number of things I have been holding back form recent posts and I have been trying to work out what order to start doing these in?

My Twitter notifications are building up again it seem but the broadband internet which has been down for seven days is supposed to be off for another seven?!

I do not mean slow for seven days. It has been slow for several months. I mean off completely and never comes on at all. Not even for a few minutes.

Crap I spent twenty minutes trying to get on the Internet in the local park and now that I have it has gone off!

Most trouble with the Internet in the history of the Internet!

Nope cannot reconnect so I will keep going and hoping it comes back online.

So yeah .. the odd thing is that a I get a lot of people talking about British people, Britain and our proud nation. There is something about that with my family and one of these is that fact that my grandfather was in the Royal Navy in World War II.

But that is not all you see there was this .. other relative who was a pilot.

His name was Reginald Kirlew and he was a test pilot for the RAF and Avro and he died testing an aircraft called the Avro Manchester. They added to engines to it due to this death and that aircraft then became now infamous Avro Lancaster.

But do not take my word for it it is all on record and just so happens to be in a couple of books ..

  • Test Pilots by Dan Middleton
  • Avro Manchester

I happen to get a hold of these, though may loose them very soon, and I did a video about it I put on my YouTube channel a couple years back.

Ahh .. only taken an hour and the Internet is back. It would appear all the Internet was out because I could not see any of a dozen Wifi signals?! Weird.

Anyway .. I have often wondered what my great grandfather would think of Britain if he was alive today?

Here are those videos fro my very crappy and neglected YouTube channel. I was going to do political videos but then they moved the goalposts on advertising revenue and then they started hitting people with a ban hammer. Plus my life get turned into hell as my daughter’s was simultaneously.

Go figure!


Oops so eager to get it posted I forgot to add videos!