Jesus I have had some oddballs that think they are the be all and end all of all things and worse still is they think they are achieving something? Jesus!

Now this has happened in a big way on GAB .. I have tried to veer away from half-wits that are on the far-left and traded them for the same on the hard-right?!

Had a number of oddballs come along and complain about my posts and harp on about being anti-Jews?!

Make snide comments without reading my profile, involvement or links and therefore also not my proof either!

But they come along make some statements .. some random people on the Internet and expect me to just believe their claims .. because they said so?!

They are the mirror image of the fucking left!

Yeah dudes .. I am just going to believe you because you fucking said so! Because you showed a screenshot or had some random web-page?! Fuck all in the way of followers but thin they are winning in some misplaced cause? NO .. YOU ARE NOT!

Rule one ..

Do not fight all your battles at once or you will never win!

Now let us get onto another little one in all this .. came along told me to forget about Muslims, oh y fucking God are you insane? Then said that Jews were the biggest problem and that if you dealt with the Jews the Muslims will be easy to deal with?!

No .. just no!

Better still to convince me of this they wanted my .. Facebook profile which I gave them and I got some random message that was obviously just a copy and paste and their profile?

NOTHING! Worst and most empty profile I have seen on Facebook in a decade! Not even a picture and no details whatsoever.

SORRY .. was that supposed to convince me?!

Straight away I thought ‘government agent’ or shill or some kind!

Jesus .. if your going to go around convincing people or muddying the waters at least put some fucking effort into it!

They had spoken to me previously, claimed to be a victim and yet somehow totally forgot who I was and about my daughter’s story.

I get Muslims like this too .. one guy arguing with me about Tommy Robinson and the EDL and claimed they were all paedophiles .. I proved him with links to facts and recording he takes no notice. But he shows me some cropped screenshots and expects me to fucking believe it?!

Like dozens and dozens of others I ripped him a new one and eventually and to a small audience he bailed. Tried to make himself sound highly intelligent and it blew up in his face!

How in God’s name can you even claim that Jews are the biggest problem? Even if they are it is not all Jews and you should not generalize and .. there are far fewer of them than there are Muslims and 80% of Muslims think child rape is OK!!

So get with fucking reality and stop going around making snide comments thinking yourselves intelligent and others not when you can be pulled to pieces over your idiocy or exposed if your a fucking obvious shill!

I do not know if leftists and Antifa have infiltrated GAB or not but I have had several people basically appear to be exactly that!

Either that or they are working for someone just going around muddying the waters of trying to dumb things down, cool things down and using really stupid methods to do so?

Either way it is a mess out there .. though this tends to be somewhat less of a problem within the UK .. and if they are paid shills or government agents then maybe not even so much of a problem?

Still a mess nevertheless.

Still each day I wonder if people will just stop firing salvoes all over the place thinking that this is the best way to win war?

Your worst enemy in any war or political argument is generalizing over something you do not like as this will not win you any plaudits. You leave yourself open up to defeat .. based on morals and humanity and your done for before you leave the stables.

Yeah I do not trust GP’s because I have five surgeries in a row lie to me, not think they lied to me but KNOW they lied to me. That is 100% but does not mean to say that the next one will.

So if you run down a race or a group of people based on a small percentage your a naïve fool with no possibility of winning your debate.

If the problem is say in excess of 50% of a large group then you have half an argument. If it is beyond 70% of the group then yeah you make a point but why make innocent ones suffer because of the rest.

In Muslims however we can all see that this attitude is rampant and as I have stated for years many of them have kept it secret .. either by being silent or using tactics like ‘kitman’. When your talking abut 3% of the UK population committing 80% of child rapes alone .. it looks bad does it not?

Think about that and then consider that we have not even taken into consideration of other crimes being committed here.

Yet you get gunned down by morons for pointing that out who then insist that all white people and men mostly are evil.

Yeah .. never been in prison, never mugged anyone, never raped anyone, never even cheated on a partner, single for 15 years, never stolen, never even insulted anyone with name calling or insults. Not overweight people, had friends in the gay community years ago, not on race, colour or faith.

One relgious man I met years ago called me a “Warrior of God! And I stated he was barking up the wrong tree, was not religious but do have morals and that God would not pick me. He simply said “That is not how God works, he picks the people he knows will do a good job!” Has never felt like I have done a good job.

Always visited by Jehovah’s Witnesses too and they ended up referring to me in their local Kingdom Hall as ‘The Messenger’ whatever the he that meant.

Both was for what me and my daughter had been through and what I was trying to achieve in helping others and fighting the injustice, evil and insanity that has affected the UK for years now.

I have been told this morning that Esther McVey has got herself into hot water with Frank Field .. oddly two MP’s that are within a stones throw of my daughter and who I have spoken to. The former makes sense on Twitter but then goes and puts her size ten boots in it. The latter held in high regard but .. has not really done anything to help us.

Thought with Frank Field this might have changed with him leaving the Labour Party and thought that he was losing the restraints in helping victims buried under the carpet?

Maybe it needs more people leaving?

As it was explained to me is that it was reported that women in The Wirral were turning to prostitution over Universal Credit and she said there was plenty of jobs and they should just go and get one? Oops! Not a good response .. denial only gets you so far I am afraid to say.

There are still naïve people that think that life on benefits is really rosy and I keep telling them .. NO! It is not .. UNLESS your a Muslim with several wives and ten kids!

No benefit caps at all for any of them and I even know one personally that lives in a £2 Million house right in this borough. Plenty of stories coming up about them too all over the place.

See? FOCUS! Don’t generalise.



So naive people think the system is fairer?

Others, like one idiot I know, thinks that old people and disabled should be left to die to help the country out? Well how about we let anything go if your going to pick and chose what makes a civilised society and me the battle of the fittest .. robbery and burglary become legal and we go around to the houses of these amoral twats and take everything they have? I know Wing Chun Kung Fu so wont that be the battle of the fittest?!

How about the most intellectual? Oh I have letters after my name, turned down a Doctorate, was asked to attend an interview with GCHQ too.

My friend’s argument was not a well thought out one.

None of what he said would raise his regular Saturday takings up from the abysmal £56 average either, down from a previous £1,000 plus prior to the financial crisis. Nor would he get the house back he owned outright and lost by constantly remortgaging it to plough the money into his failing business. Nope .. on an intellectual level .. not a chance.

To this day I have absolutely no idea what possessed him to say that.

But he was the only one who ever said something like that to me.

Oddly he also thought the Earth was flat .. among other mad sounding things. Go figure!

Also lying seems to go for him as well as the government .. when it actually comes down to morals it seems that the less they have the more they think they have more rights and feelings of self-entitlements.

I expected money to help me with my life as someone living with several really hard disabilities.

If I was afflicted with self-entitlement I would demand any one of the scores of amoral liars in politics and these public services be fired and their position given to me as I could do it standing on my head while blindfolded with a Pit Viper down my pants!

But the biggest takers from the public purse are also the most amoral and biggest liars out there who do very little indeed.

Apparently the DWP is a hostile environment too according to a report by The Canary? Telling too many lies a little too much for some of them? Ahh diddums!

Well in the link below it will also list a number of horror stories of things being taken away from people who wanted to work but have not been able to.

I know this more than anyone because currently guess what I get and have been getting for about a month? Nothing at all!

Guess what else I no longer have that drives me to suicidal thoughts and has caused me to lose three stone in weight that keeps going over the past few months? A home.

So that previous comment about be being a freeloader? Hooo boy he had better not recreate that fake account and come back and if he does I hope he or she sticks around long enough to read my hostile response?!

Here is a better idea to help the country .. how about we have this grand purge of all the selfish people, amoral people and especially those that fake it and all the largest paid people in public services? Probably save four times as much money as having no welfare state at all?!

Apparently there has been some stuff reported on by The Canary about Universal Credit too?!

Two things the Conservative Party have touched since they was in power .. two things that I can think of ..

  • Entire Welfare System and changes .. PIP and UC
Crap I got my phone-call .. or at least part of it as all I could hear is two Autistic children screaming, another that has one volume level of foghorn and after thirty seconds she had to get off the phone.
It is like that all the time.
I am not going to get into the long gory details on that one, suffice it t say that it is all on here .. could go onto the front pages of the tabloids for weeks on end. Has been intentionally ignored by them. Had to tokenism parts published in Take A Break and Love It recently and promised loads of other things which then goes quiet. No explanation, promises all broken and we have no idea why.
Several times in the last six months we were told and thought our living and continuous nightware was over. I had everything I had cancelled twice, third time in 8 years and then my business support pulled six months after they agreed to it and one week after going self-employed.
Yeah that is how much this government and the DWP and Job Centre are trying to help you.
There is a whole list of people that now know about be who are popular people and with some big followings and if they .. EVER figure out out story from the posts in this blog there will be a meltdown!
I have always remained quiet .. prepared to do this a different way, word of mouth alone. But after a step up in attacks against us I decided to to things that up until recently I had never .. EVER .. done before.
I decided to become a bit more .. noticeable, you could say?
I have always had these other options open to me and I perhaps should have done this two years ago but I never dreamed that they would sink so low as to do to the two of us and four vulnerable children that which they have done in the last year.
In fact it has gotten so bad that my daughter actually told e today she was going to move to London from Merseyside and I never .. EVER thought I would ever hear her say that?!
If she ever does then this opens a door to me. I can expose someone and the local council that has protected them for so very long and allowed them to get away with all kinds of heinous and terrible crimes. All so that the local council would not be shown up for the incompetent twats they have been for well over twenty years that a court backed up.
If your thinking ‘Hornet’s Nest’ then you are simply not thinking big enough here. Think a nest of the dragons that Harry Potter had to face and you would be somewhat closer to reality.
I the meantime why do yo not go and get a head start o this by looking at The Canary’s list of horror stories regarding the DWP and disabled people?
The Canary ..



Well this is both interesting, enjoyable while at the same time knowingly to become .. frustrating.

Esther McVey has been forced to apologize over intentionally misleading everyone over Universal Credit?

First off what about all the other times she’s lied. Notice how they now refer to lies as being ‘misled’? Doesn’t sound half as bad does it?

Secondly .. so she’s lied and admitted to lying in a long line of government either caught lying or evading questions that make it obvious they are lying by omission. So what will be done about it?

Ooh .. nothing?

Yeah well next time when they tell even bigger lies and everyone wonders why ..

Because all they have to do is give an apology when they are caught.

Jesus H. Christ they really are taking the entirety of the British people for fools as well as sheeple.

Ooh I have read more now .. she ‘inadvertently mislead’ parliament and it is funny how they do this a hell of a lot.

Funny how they speak like they are all that and they are the smart ones and everyone else is stupid, predict horrible things they will have to do but as soon as they get caught doing something far worse than even the horrid things they said they would do .. they all turn stupid?!


Nope .. you were thick to begin with .. thinking that everyone buys your bullshit and that you would get away with it for eternity?

Yeah Esther I would start thinking about the history books of tomorrow because many of you are not going to have a good light put upon you.

‘No’ was basically the answer to ‘is Esther McVey resigning?’ and that was answered when Theresa May, like her predecessors not ‘Prime’ of anything, answered “Yes” to the question “do you still have confidence in Esther McVey?” Of course she has! Because ..

Esther McVey lies when she is told to!

Jesus H. Christ they ask the most stupid of questions, they really do.

But then the mainstream media is being found out, a spat going on right now between a Guardian reporter who told lies in his report and a bunch of people calling him out on it. Yeah he just dug himself in deeper with another lie. Lies are OK for some people and even those that are supposed to call out others for lying, it seems?! He reacted to being called a ‘slimy journalist; which I thought was funny because I thought personally he was a dickhead but now I think he is complete bloody lying and hypocritical wanker that should be kicked out of journalism and banned from ever returning. Ever.

A journalist who tired to deliberately give his readers a false impression .. tried to manipulate the readers with a bunch of lies.

I have started leaving comments here and there and I made this joke about how this moron has only found out about his targets right now? I have been listening to these people for years now. Do these people not look at the like to dislike ration on YouTube and not realise they were found out years ago and are now in an ever shrinking minority. And no .. it is not because of the Internet that people are not buying newspapers .. it is because you have all been found out to be lying and then when the finger is pointed at you, you .. well you .. lol .. you act like a bunch of pathetic idiotic children. Trying to steal someone else’s phrase as your own and make it about them and all the people who have long since found you out to be the liars that you are.

Yeah so asking the obvious question gets you the obvious answer or even the obvious evading the question which used up air time. This will make the journalists look like they are doing their jobs to the viewers and making it uncomfortable for them when the truth is the media are complicit.

But they cannot make this obvious so they all ask the questions they know they will get no answer to or that the answer will be obvious.

It was years I wondered why they asked these utterly stupid question which was a waste of time every single time and then of course it hit me.

Theoretically it will probably go something like this ..

Dumb-arse Journalist: “You going to fire her?”

Prime Idiot: “No”

Dumb-arse Journalist: “OK the microphone is off, that wasted those few minutes and we are both in the clear .. wanna go to Starbucks? I will be at that dinner event Friday and I will need to ask you dumb-arse questions for ten minutes avoiding the fact that you are siphoning off the public’s taxes and hiding some nasty arse shit but do not worry I will think of something. Make sure you get all the sheeple to think that everyone that is not working is a freeloader and lazy. I know this one guy with a blog telling the wrong truths. We will have a go at him when he gets too big for his boots!”

I might have questions regarding Elon Musk of late but I hope this journalist rating website he has threatened to do becomes a reality.

That is a bloody good idea! I simply cannot wait because they seem to keep on lying and appear to be oblivious to the fact that almost everyone in the UK thinks or know that they lie.

I wonder of they will stop and wonder what the backlash might be when all these people that are now finding out that they have been lying realise how long they have been lying for?!

Oh dear .. this will not go well because ..

Guess who has a shit ton of emails on all the national tabloids?

Little old me!!


Esther McVey forced to apologise for ‘inadvertently misleading’ parliament over universal credit report http://flip.it/l5o33V



Two of these incoming. The other was exactly what I predicted.

This one states that the DWP policies are causing an extra burden on the NHS?

My God are they actually treating people?

Funny though that this these send to go against what I know to be fact..

Fobbed off with no diagnosis, no proper referral and checks as has happened to both me and my daughter .. NHS saves money, DWP saves money and Local Councils save money.

The following story is all in the DWP though.

This statement about the DWP costing the NHS money seems to have come from a charity?

Funny then that no one in the government, not the health secretary or any other members of parliament have picked up on this?

I knew this was going to happen. Doctors and nurses told me this was going to happen and intelligent people I spoke to knew this was going to happen. Hell, even a pharmacist said this was a ticking time bomb over two years ago!



So David Cameron and George Osborne boasted that their welfare reform did what it was supposed to do?

Funny as I thought it was to make the system fairer to claimants and to make the whole welfare system more efficient and save money?

Like Esther McVey’s recent lies about disabled claimants and PIP working better than DLA we have yet another bunch of lies.

Funny that over Brexit there is a load of trouble because of some lies?

It would appear that it is OK to lie to the British public when your a Tory but you do not like being lied to? Go figure!

The Financial Times reports that a National Audit Office report is highly critical of the governments Universal Credit and that officials will never be able to measure whether or not he government has increased employment?!

Wait, what? How can you make changes that costs many billions of pounds and ruin so many lives with your reasons being to make it fairer, long since disproved, and helping people back to work and not make sure that you can prove what you say?!

Now this is the Financial Times stating this and reporting on the National Audit Office’s report on their absolute shambles of a reform? I had this thought .. ‘is that now not everyone?!’

Well I must say the people and organisations that are all in agreement must be high on everyone? Surely now with these two reporting on it and no doubt there will be more?!

So are the Tories now going to say that everyone is full of shite and only there are right and telling the truth? When they have clearly demonstrated they are clueless liars over and over and over again?

But, hey?! As long as there is no one doing anything about it, no one to challenge them and they can carry out these crimes without repercussion, that is al that matters, right?!

The DWP said: “Universal credit is good value for money and is forecast to realise a return on investment of £34bn over 10 years against a cost of £2bn, with 200,000 more people in work. Furthermore 83 per cent of claimants are satisfied with the service and the majority agree that it ‘financially motivates’ them to work.” – Financial Times (link below)

More lies.

There is no fecking way in any reality that 83% of claimants are happy with it.

There are at least three Facebook pages dedicated to Universal Credit and a she load more disability groups all going crazy about it on a daily basis. No there is no bloody way 41.5% are happy with Universal Credit. Pure lies.

Makes you wonder if there is some conspiracy and a way to just take even more taxes and stash them away? Anyone would be forgiven for thinking in some crazy conspiracy theory that the end of the world was coming and there were stashing money away to .. build something?!

I mean that is a lot of money they have spent .. a fecking long time doing it and around 6 times longer than they said, or heading that way, and nothing to show for it while everyone is losing money that is on the welfare system. So more money going missing!

I watched disaster movies and end of the world scenarios ad paid attention to what would likely happen if an asteroid was discovered to be on a collision course, continental shift was about to take place, magnetic flips of the poles, global pandemic virus and everything else. But I often wondered what truly would play out if something was discovered.

I recent years the lies and actions have been so bizarre you could almost state that around the western world it is almost as if the leaders do not care anymore.



EDIT: Oh it would seem that this is an old report from January?! Oh well .. still it is interesting nonetheless! Came through on my feed and I assumed this was very recent. apologies.

EDIT 2: Hmm so I had a thought, this is four months old? So do I take it then that Theresa May is still hiding behind privacy laws to hide the murders?

EDIT 3: I completely forgot to put in this post that the actually numbers of the deaths are reported to be anywhere between 120,000 and 240,000 depending on the reports you read. Many reports state it is 120,000 while one by the New Scientist states the NHS are behind 120,000 and you can vet your life even these numbers are conservative?!

Ooh this might be good?

Sorry I am sort of reading as I go here.

At first this was something posted to DPAC’s Facebook page. It was a video posted on a website that, it was claimed, had MP’s laughing at Theresa My when she came out with her now infamous line that ..

What it does it does do is ensure that we have a welfare system that provides support to those who need it and a welfare system that increasingly encourages those who can get into the workplace” – Theresa May

Yeah .. because of the words ‘ensure’. ‘support’ and ‘encourages’ makes this statement a lie. Sorry .. but it does and that is the end of it.

Then she says ..

Because we continue to believe that work is the best route out of poverty” – Theresa May

Again another lie because the best route out of poverty is not work for a great many people .. it is actually death. And this here is the point when it became interesting and this intended short post ended up getting longer and longer ..

.. because I was only going to link this in and mention that when she stated something at around the 0.33 second point people started laughing. Well that’s a first, I thought. Got to check this one out.

It was also a clash at PMQ’s and it became even more interesting when I saw a question that was put to her I could not quite believe and never thought I would hear asked in the House of Commons, despite the number of years I have harped on about this ..

Deidre Brock MP stated that she had pressed the DWP to release analysis it has prepared on claimants of Universal Credit. Interesting.

She then states that the DWP are fighting an order by the Information Commissioner, God I contacted them years ago, watchdog to release said data.

The report states that in 2015 it was reported that there had been 40 suicides. Suicides?! Oh boy where is this going? That figure was way, way under and the number that know this is way, way off are in there thousands .. maybe tens of thousands? Maybe even hundreds of thousands?

Separate research by the DWP, oh so it will be a fucking big lie then, showed that 2,650 benefit claimants died shortly after being found fit for work? Yeah .. you could add at least two digits onto that .. might have to change the first digit from ‘2’ to ‘1’ but my money is on that first digit staying at a ‘2’?!

Then Deidre Brock MP said ..

Will she instruct the DWP to release the details of benefit claimants with disabilities who’ve taken their own lives after their claims were turned down, stopped without notice or significantly reduced?”

And then that infamous line that I have had from many of them with the last one being HMRC who have also been up to no good, yup nothing is sacred. I asked them about the humongous bills being sent out to single mothers, my daughter included, for between £4,000 and £10,000 plus in overpayments from up to ten years beforehand and why no statute of limitation applies to government organisations or public services but does to the public despite the average Joe not being skilled or an expert in the these fields? I got this same reply Theresa May blurted out so I know she instructed them to state it to the public and if you ever got this you now know how ..

“The DWP does not give details of individuals with whom it deals and that’s absolutely right” – Theresa May

Oh OK so this is what I take from this ..

  • The DWP boss is the Prime Minister or the organisation now runs the country and not you?!

  • Marvellous .. we come p with these privacy laws to protect people’s data and you find a way to use it to murder hundreds of thousands of people and get away with it?!

Jesus H. Christ!

This link below also has links at the bottom to both The Mirror and The Express tabloids who have also reported on this now very public mess.

I wonder if I will get apologies from each of them now that it is finally being realised and them stating that they should have spoken to me. My dream of sitting in their headquarters years ago with a rather large USB memory drive being handed over with tens of gigabytes of data never took place.

Yeah those quotes above ended up being typed out in the wrong order because I did not expect so much to come from this news piece.

Funny, is it not? The webpage below I have not seen previously but it is called ‘Guy Fawkes Revolt’ and actually states on the webpage, that made me laugh ..

The last person to enter parliament with honest intentions was Guy Fawkes.

Hmm? Well I have always stated that there is someone else that runs this country and have long since stated that these so-called public services are being run by a private company. Serco.

Now perhaps it is Serco that runs the country and dictates to the government how things are run? It has to be someone. Every knows it or at least suspects it. I have had it stated to me by those of higher intelligence that is is like there is a secret government within government. Yeah I kinda buy that but not the analogy that is is a government within government but someone is most definitely pulling the strings.

When I was first directed to Serco by someone else with an inquisitive mind like my own I thought it was bullcrap. But a click on their ‘About Us’ page soon had me reading their boasts of running ..

  • DWP

  • NHS

  • Armed Forces

  • Police

  • Local Councils

  • List of other things

  • Claimed to be British but I was directed to several other websites that stated the company was American

The list was shockingly extensive and I had to ask myself how big a company you have to be to be able to run all that. An American company too, despite their claims to be British.

Here is the kicker ..

For Theresa May to now be very publicly ignoring these calls, requests, demands then she is clearly stating that it is her personal belief that if you are unable to work you are better off dead .. albeit a death that is slow, painful and loaded to the hilt with suffering. Her own words in a roundabout way!


If you would rather read The Mirror’s report ..


Or perhaps The Express ..



I have probably had a lot of things thought when people visit my blogs and read what I put and it is nothing I have not had over the years I have then disproved ..

  • Nothing wrong with you!

    • Business partnership went wrong partly because of that line

    • Plus he was fucking mad

  • Get a Job

    • Yeah .. tried that and see below

  • Get a Life!

    • Look at the title!

    • Tried that and once again .. see below!

So I was sitting in this park .. dealing with a rare but usual craving for Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese sandwich, which has now turned out to be a craving due to my low magnesium or Hypomagnesemia. While I was pondering things and how mainly my life was going to end and then I suddenly thought of the things .. wrong things people probably thought.

The difficulty when your posting about something is tat many visitors would not have seen all the previous posts and see all that I have done.

I am also well aware and even have family members that make up their own minds .. because everyone is so intelligent these days they do not need the Internet or books or shite, without even researching to see if they are right.

I have seen this over and over and over again in comments on blogs, forums and even on YouTube .. people arguing they are right and often with things they are very clearly wrong about.

I really do not know where the attitude comes from.

This makes it all the more insulting and frustrating when I have done all the work that I have and even acquired over 100GB in evidence. A very large portion of that are secret recordings of the people I accuse performing the acts I accuse them of. I have a great deal in the way of documents and reports too.

Now I tried many, many times to get the news media and the tabloids interested in all this but by September or October 2012 I gave up and started blogging instead.

Then little by little more and more of the stories I had long since claimed and covered started appearing in the news on TV and the tabloids .. so much so that I got bored of hearing people tell me about this.

But it still really bothered me that people might cast judgements .. abut me being lazy for instance, when they could not be more wrong.

Now below might seem like a very long list and I have realised there are things missing but .. trust me when I state without any doubt that each of these could be added to in the form of a book in some cases .. short story in others.

Well I did complete two books before I even started blogging .. did not get interest from big lietrary agents and small ones claimed what I had done was too big for them..

Hmm .. too big for the small ones and too small for the big ones?! Lol.

In fact if you go through the report below remember a few things ..

  • I had a disability from 1992 ish which became a real distraction around 2000 ish

  • I have that to this day with added extras and dangers

  • Heart, Liver and Kidney Disease, Cardiac Arrest risk, Heart Attack Risk and Sudden Death Syndrome Risk and now with testable problems

    • Nan, Father and possibly Uncle all died of heart related issues

    • Very High Blood Pressure

    • High Cholesterol

    • Very Low Magnesium Levels, Hypomagnesemia

    • Inguinal Hernia Repair and starting of a second one

  • As a Child

    • Around all animals

      • Become interested in

      • Batrachology

      • Herpetology

      • Ichtyology

  • 1985

    • Kicked Out

    • Lived in Brighton .. the Old one

    • On Youth Training Scheme

  • !986

    • Worked cash in hand for low wage

  • 1996

    • Got fed up with job situation

    • Attended Waltham Forest College ..

    • Intending to go to university

  • 1997 to 2000

    • Attended Middlesex University

    • Grandmother died 1999

    • Achieved a Distinction for my thesis

    • Offered a Doctorate by Peter Pasmore

      • Stupidly turned down

  • Disastrous Relationship 2000

    • Lived in Bristol with unstable woman, Allison

    • Was beaten up regularly

    • Returned to London

      • Within months feet started to hurt

        • This would then be ignored by the NHS for 14 years approximately

        • I would end up diagnosing this confirmed later by Guy’s Hospital (2014 ish)

  • 2004 or 2005

    • Dad set up by the BBC

    • Claimed to have sold a Lion – a lie

      • He did not get over that

      • Died within a year

      • 500 people ate funeral blamed the BBC

  • 2004

    • I start to write a couple of different books

    • One sci-fi Novel

    • One Spy Novel

    • One on corruption

      • As after being ignored and fobbed off by the NHS I actually start thinking something is up and plan to write this book as I figure out the truth

      • These do not get completed as I am made homeless ..

  • 2005

    • Despite requests for help and now disabled ..

    • Left Homeless

  • 2007

    • Find home in Enfield

    • Live there for ten years .. but deposit stolen at the end .. no reason given despite asking

  • 2008 ish

    • Go into first of two business partnerships

    • Run retail store with no capital, was family store

    • I request help with this from Job Centre

      • Told there is no help any more even for those disabled

    • This does not work out after 6 months and I walk away

      • I have to deal with painful feet

      • Vomiting without warning

      • The Odd Seizure

  • I am also unfairly kicked off Disability Living Allowance

    • I appeal this all the way to HMCTS who end up actually taking even more off me .. so much for law, justice and morals!

    • But then I had been fobbed off for years not knowing what ailed me but as I find out years later .. this does not even matter

    • Because they government are clearly up to something

  • 2008-9 ish

    • I get attacked and then defrauded

      • Out of £4,000

      • By Bailiffs

      • No Warning

      • No Letters

      • This ended up widely featured online .. on Community Action Group among others

      • Intercepted by solicitor type, Sheila Harding, who claimed I was going to be a millionaire

      • Turned out she worked for Bailiffs .. looking for people that had evidence against them

      • She gets hold of a witness called Tony Murray who disappears off the face of the Earth!

  • 2009 ish

    • Start Keeping Orchids

    • Get friendly with guy selling Orchids on eBay

    • Based in Caister-On-Sea

    • He asks to go into business partnership

    • But I spend 3 weeks up there and things are not quite .. right

    • I end the partnership before it has begun a few months after returning to London

  • 2010 ish

    • I write and complete a book on corruption

    • I write and complete a second book

  • 2011

    • My daughter gets into her third lot of serious troubles

      • Held against her will by radical Muslims

      • Children stolen from her

      • Her money being stolen systematically

      • I guide her out of it

      • MI5, GCHQ and two Merseyside Detectives become involved

        • I am told I am a genius by Detective Simon Broadhurst and I state yeah I get this a lot

        • I am later told by MI5 that I am a genius

        • Attempt on White Water Rapids Centre in Waltham Abbey Essex was foiled, though I find out a year after the attempt from a local

  • 2012

    • Fed up with trying to find job, I can get to and actually DO ..

    • I start taking camera cycling

    • I start a series of Blogs

    • I start uploading to my YouTube Channel

    • Kind of a long term back up project if things do not work out

  • 2014 ish

    • Turned down for new disability PIP or Personal Independence Payments

    • Except this is reverse when I spot a deliberate mistake and tell the DWP I know what they are up to

    • As the claim had taken a full year I get a £4,200 payment

  • 2012 to 2017

    • Been writing and adding to the blogs as and when I can

    • Now have over a dozen blogs

    • Now tipped over 500,000 visitors

  • 2016

    • I get a letter stating my Incapacity is ending

    • I get a letter stating they want to assess me

      • By this time I know ALL ABOUT Atos, the DWP and the lies

        • However though this is widely known all disabled people I speak to think that this is purely down to Atos and I facepalm myself for the number of times I tell them this goes all the way back to government. IN other words the DWP are behind it!

    • I have the fourth breakdown of my life

      • Once again the anxiety goes mad

      • Once again I go off eating

      • Once again I lose weight

      • I start to self-harm for the first time

      • I start planning how to go about ending my own life

  • I get put on Universal Credit

    • This turns out to be a mistake after 5 weeks

    • But I get accused of doing something wrong, tough there is no extra fucking money involved

    • They feel stupid when I point out it was all their mistake and can prove it

    • I then have to start all over again and claim Job Seeker’s Allowance

    • This happens with just around 18 months before the blogs and YouTube channel should work out financially

    • While under Universal Credit my Jobcoach realises how smart I am and starts putting forward the idea of staring my own business and going on New Enterprise Allowance

    • Not rusting them at all I do not tell them about blogs ad am not sure if I would be accepted as a viable business just yet?

      • Despite not trusting them Michael, my Jobcoach, tells me about IDS

        • Iain Duncan-Smith, I am told, is not a nice man

        • Someone he knew that worked for him said he was horrible

        • That he looked at the working class as slaves

        • David Icke flashed through my mind and a slithery tongue appears from the mouth of IDS in my head

  • 2017

    • Grandfather dies

    • I am to inherit money

    • I approach the Job Centre about this and go on New Enterprise Allowance

    • I present printouts of screenshots of my various blogs and the number

      • After initially saying I wont get accepted the advisers eyes go wide when I show him how much I have already done, the screenshots and the visitor numbers

      • I am then accepted

    • I attend all meeting

    • I attend workshops which is really pointless and basic stuff

          • At the end of all this I get a call from my daughter

            • She and my grandchildren are victims of domestic abuse by Muslim husband

            • He is arrested and put in jail

            • We are told he will get ten years

            • He is already out ..

            • With a cheque for £20,000

            • And probably housed?

    • I travel up to stay with my daughter and grandchildren for 8 days

      • Three grandchildren I am meeting for the very first time

      • I tell her that maybe if she wanted I could move there .. be around and help out

    • I return to London and a week after going self-employed

      • I am stabbed in the back by the DWP and the Job Centre

        • They cancel all benefits

        • They cancel the New Enterprise Allowance payments

        • Except I have already purchased almost everything that was in my business plan bar three or four items?!

      • I now have no time to correct this ..

      • Also I had previously been told that the heart palpitations I was taken to hospital for two or three times need to be investigated!! JUST PRIOR TO MOVING HOME!

    • I am there for four months .. in Birkenhead under Wirral Council

      • Outside of an extremely nice chap at the Job Centre, Lancs man called Adrian ..

        • Months go by and no one helps

          • Despite the fact I realise my daughter has my condition of Fibromyalgia

          • Then tells me that she has blood clots never sorted out

          • Granddaughters diagnosed with differing levels of Autism prior to me moving there .. but nothing is done

          • Then discover my daughter has cervical cancer

          • Then despite asking many people, including Frank Field I get no help

          • I made a load of mistakes on moving and realise that yet again I was lied to by GPs and the NHS .. putting my life and others in mortal danger

          • My money eventually runs out and I have a breakdown

          • A well known liar spreads some shite and tips me over the edge and I return to London without taking a single photograph while up there!

  • 2018

    • Back in London I try to get myself together

      • Other had already agreed to help but .. nothing happening

      • I try and go out and get photographs

        • Not always easy .. a day here and a day there

        • I am also in the worst possible location for wildlife photography and films

      • As 2017 was almost a complete wash out

        • Missing a couple thousand photos and few hundred videos

    • On the days I cannot get out

      • I write on my blogs

      • I decide to focus on putting my content on other sites

        • Flickr

        • Tumblr

        • Instagram

        • Twitter

        • Pinterest

    • Being screwed over by Google and their Adsense

      • Do not know why

      • Have asked but had no reply

      • People like me being screwed over by Google and their YouTube too

    • I get contacted by a woman

      • Perfect Hair

      • Perfect Eyes

      • Perfect but Middle Class voice

      • Into all my sciences

        • Quantum Mechanics

        • Astronomy

        • Others

      • Owns many of my books

      • Turns out she went through MI5 interview process

      • Owns GCHQ Puzzle Book

      • Owns book on biological warfare

      • My daughter reacts in utter shock, as do one or two others

And people think there are no conspiracies and that all the public services and courts are totally blind to what is going on in this country?

Yeah what after fifteen years of me alone being treated like shit and all that I have done and all that I have proved? Fuck .. off!

It is like the staff requirement for public services, or paid for by the taxpayer, is as follows

  • Do background checks

    • If background checks show them to be amoral employ them they can help

    • If background check shows them to be stupid or naïve .. employ them..

      • When it all goes wrong we can pin it all on the naïve and stupid ones ..

      • The Jobsworths!!

Forgot I worked for Land Rover for six months and was asked to leave there to work for a guy I was supplying t the time he turned out to be a lying, cheating bastard called Chris who was full of himself.


Oh good God .. the .. she’s back.

I thought I had finally finished with Esther McVey but it seems not.

Only in that she is mentioned in the link below in regards to more bad news reports regarding Universal Credit fur the umpteenth time .. you know what? Using the word ‘umpteenth’ in these instances seems to be an actual understatement now??

Anyway .. link below? Vulnerable, disabled and sick people going hungry divulged in sine devastating testimonies.

A crying shame and disappointing to read. I’m relieved to read about this as disapproving as it is but then it’s not like I was unaware it’s been going on.

After all it’s been going on with me as well as going on with my daughter and grandchildren.



Except .. it is not ‘universal’ is it? It is just the UK.

I wonder if anyone actually running this country has actually considered what this is like for people that are actually on the outside looking in? Probably not. Or maybe have but just do not care? Or perhaps care so little about it that the thought never entered their minds?

But the fact is that they have not caught on that countries do not live in bubble worlds where it takes a long time for people from foreign nations discover things that are going on within another country.

Almost bizarrely and in the UK this is something the news media do not think about unless they are finding something newsworthy of them in foreign climes.

As reported in the first link below to Sky News people are stating that Universal Credit is like “hell on Earth” and I cannot think of anything more degrading than what this has been.

I have been fortunate .. well .. up until now .. but it has still been a distraction and the only reason it has not been hell on Earth for me thus far is because the other things I have going on .. would put Universal Credit in a far worse light than it already is in, if that is even possible?

What I find disturbing is that anyone that regularly works but go through periods of being jobless, which let us be honest must be a fair few in recent times, are subjected to this .. degrading process and I am sure that the numbers that hate this system are rising week on week.

I also see that the timeline has shifted again and in the second link, again by Sky News, it states that the roll-out finishes in 2022 .. two years further away than the quoted year of 2020 I was last told .. which was a delay from the previous date I was aware of.

Of course members of the biggest group of liars within the UK state that it is helping, helping, people back into work but not only do I call bullshit on that as they will be massaging the figures in a number of ways, but it is not about forcing people back into work but about having the jobs there to begin with and KEEPING those jobs.

In America a certain white male Hollywood Director is stating that a bunch of people should lose their jobs because they are white males. I am sure the same attitude exists here in the UK too? It may well exist in certain countries in Europe too?

Oddly I have always actually thought that my skin colour would prevent me from getting a job and now I am hearing statements that seem to prove, to some degree, that odd feeling I have long since had?!

It is weird how they insist on going down this road, despite all the warning signs and the obvious and inevitability that eventually it will fail catastrophically and that we .. and more importantly they will be the laughing stock of the world. The western world at the very least. In fact I have not only seen dozens of comments by Americans on YouTube and forums essentially taking the piss out of Britain but I have even had a comment on one of my videos taking the piss out of me and assuming that I am like these idiots.

Inhumane, amoral and .. evil. No matter which way you slice it.

Note the woman in the first link is a volunteer, fuck me forcing you to work for free too, at the bloody Job Centre?!




A young mother dropped her son off to school .. then went into some woods and hung herself!

All because of Universal Credit and what the government think it can do to people and get away with it.

It’s been doing this to people for seven years now and has got away with this over one hundred thousand times that they know about.

Yet every time there’s so much of a whisper about it .. it then vanishes into the ether .. never to be heard of again.

So once again we have yet another case of manslaughter .. something that no one in the country would get away with once. Not when the culprit is so obvious, that is.

This has happened many tens of thousands of times so much that it’s heading for hundreds of thousands of times. So where are the legal cases? This is human life we are talking about here! Steal money and the 747 full of bricks works be dropping them on your head. Take thousands of lives and there’s always one hiding behind someone else and lane exist after lame excuse and news story buried under another news story.

Everything about the UK has become distasteful and despicable. Utterly disgusting and totally disgraceful.

It begs belief after begging for more belief.

I hope someone will be able to explain this to her son in years to come.

I simply would not be surprised in the least of a whole new breed of terrorist is spawned from these criminal acts sanctioned by the UK government?!

But then they probably know this and will be listening on everyone .. sorry .. sorry everybody with a brain …focusing, as they already are listening on everyone, on everyone who had somebody die as a result of austerity measures.

Jesus .. I hope they have the manpower?! That’s likely to be anywhere from one million to five million people and this is growing all the time!

I’m surprised I have anything left in the way of a forehead because I’ve facepalmed so much in the last ten years and it’s increased in frequency the last two!

On the TV News? Nope .. again and I have a few more posts incoming and a ripping a new arsehole to the BBC at the end of it.

Notice they are always laughing and joking on the TV News channels? Unless they are talking of gender pay gaps of a few hundred thousand or a few million a year then they look and sound serious.

I am glad that in their little bubble worlds, so much for keeping one ear on the street and investigative journalism, everything is so perfect. A shame for the rest of us living in reality.