I have had a busy few days.

I had my first session with Mind just a few days ago and that was the second member of staff to be stunned. They only heard about one particular aspect and the was one thing going on for several years that was meant to lead to something for 2016.

Except as most know that come on here and were coming on here throughout 2015 that … did not pan out as well as planned. Well if truth be told … it did not pan out at all!

I think two or maybe three times the lady said “oh, Martin!” throughout our session.

Ooh boy, does she have some shocks coming her way.

The very day before this is, as I stated, when I was told quite categorically by my present General Practitioner that it is not a General Practitioner’s place any longer to state if you are fit for any work at all because it is no longer the job of a General Practitioner.

The question was then that could I make it three days in a row of stunning revelations? Well let us see, shall we?

I have been informed by the horse’s mouth that by 2020 both ESA, Employment Support Allowance, and PIP, Personal Independent Payments, will be gone and only one benefit will remain and that of Universal Credit and everyone will be on it! Added to this someone that they knew that worked with or around Iain Duncan-Smith said that he was a right ~#@!*#~!! He also stated that he hate and looked down upon working class people and looked upon them as no more than slaves?! I stated that this was odd to hear as when he quit being the Secretary of the Welfare State, or whatever they call the position, many of his friends chimed in about what a really nice guy he is when you get to know him. He smiled and shook his head to say quietly ‘noooo!’

Oh Jesus!

I just got held up there for ages as I posted the news on two groups on Facebook …

One was DPAC and the other was a group for the health condition I have, Fibromyalgia.

As I have been discovering the Fibromyalgia one is run by naïve idiots. I was told off for posting the news and stressing people out and told to remove it. That was the third time in a week I had been ticked off by something I posted.

I said to the admin … “Ever heard of three strikes and your out?” she said “Yeah, why? And I closed my my membership of the group. Someone from DPAC, Disabled People Against Cuts, called them idiots for doing that.

It turns out they would rather have found out when it is sprung on them in 2020 when they then cannot do anything about it!

Oh and now someone on DPAC is not happy and unfollowed the post I did.

This is because of a little data that strongly suggests that the ESA and PIP will be merged into one?! Not losing it altogether but merging into one! How would they react, I wonder, if the welfare system disappeared altogether?

Well take a look at this following interview on Russia Today with a Tory MP stating that the certain things, I am NOT SAYING IT, will collapse on it is only a matter of time! Stated back in 2013 …

It seems Thunderf00t (on YouTube) was right, there are a lot of naïve people in the world!

Ahh … another private message. Someone telling me the Mods can be dicks.

Ahh we have someone here like me. Another fighting for the cause and trying to highlight just how corrupt the public services are!

Well I told them I would mention them on my blogs and sure enough and again like me they have a WordPress blog…

I also see that they are not restricted to one single area, like so many naïve people who are simply unable to multi-task are?! Very cool.

Also … I have had a letter from HMCTS and it seems that I just MIGHT be getting a letter for a court date?

Have you been paying attention?

I HAD a court date. I was railroaded and it was nothing more than a big setup, despite the mutterings of words like ‘independent and ‘my arse’ … oh no sorry that second one was just me!

Well they sent me two lots of letters stating different things and it sounded like they were setting up not one but two separate tribunals for the exact same case?

Well I wrote to them and told them … TWICE! I had five letters saying two different things and even when I appeared in court I told them yet again!

So I told them three times, twice by post and once face to face.

Umm … except it looks like I just might be getting … a letter with another tribunal date?! Oh well … I have tried to tell them three times now.

Now I have decided that if another date comes through my door I am GOING to ATTEND IT!

I wonder if the next judge might utter the word, Fibromyalgia?

I wonder if the next judge will actually ask me about it?

I wonder if the next judge might already have made up their mind before I walked in the door?

I wonder if I will lose?

But … umm what if I won?!

I told two friends today who could not believe what I was saying and in fact I am sure they think I am mistaken. But I told them that the letter came in the door this morning and the date on it states the 18th October which was two days ago. They have also written to the DWP!

It really does beg belief!

And to think they were talking down to me like I was both an idiot and a liar and they cannot even sort out their own shit even when someone points it out no less than THREE TIMES?!

Anyway I am done with the patronizing moderator on that Facebook Fibromyalgia group who do not seem to think that alterations of the benefits system and the closure of both the ESA and PIP is anything to do with them. Weird as the Fibromyalgia Association UK stated that TWICE the DWP had admitted that it was a disability and would not bother anyone on benefits with it. Maybe this Fibromyalgia Facebook group do not know that it is a disability? I had not considered that.

Do you know what annoys me?

If the DWP and the Courts had this grand plan to switch everyone over to a tiered Universal Credit it would have not been anywhere close to as painful as they way that they did it!

If they had just said ‘Oh we are not going to put you on ESA as it will be gone in three years and we have this plan for a tiered Universal Credit’ I would have said, OK then.

But no. We have to go through this fiasco of them asking me to do something I cannot, kicking me off unfairly, forcing a tribunal at the taxpayers expense (or two) and accusing me of things I had not done, calling me things that I am not and patronizing me in a way that I would not do to a dog. Nice UK Government, nice.

But no I suspect foul play and as it turns out so do many that I have told this to. Of course what makes it worse is that they have been secretive about it and I was surprised of just how many had not heard of this plan before! So when you are keeping everything hidden … it could only mean one thing. They are up to no good. Oh well there’s a surprise!

So then this court … thingey?

Well I seem to be heading for a second court hearing for the exact same thing only with a different judge!

I have now scanned the letters I have received today, there are two pages, and it states that the appeal my proceed.


OH … MY .. GOD!! I just realised something bloody major!

I complained that the last judge showed no emotions nor said anything about the fact that I had proved that the DWP had lied on several occasions? Well I just realised …

…if they have been handling this as two separate cases with two separate judges and clerks … then the last one may not have had the evidence I sent them?!


Wouldn’t that be a turn up for the books?! LMAO!

court-two-1 court-two-2