I’m not a right wing person, despite how I might sound like at times.

I’d never vote Conservative, never have and never will. Also if I lived in America and was eligible to vote of never vote Republican. Sometimes the same reasoning and sometimes .. not.

That doesn’t mean I’d always vote Labour because I don’t always agree, well very rarely actually, with them. Especially when they were basically bloody Tories in disguise under Tony bloody Blair.

I don’t agree with Jeremy Corbyn so I won’t vote at all.

I also didn’t agree with the Democratic Party in America and thought they had basically lost the plot and had become corrupt. Along with just expecting to get everything handed to them.

Neither Labour under Tony Blair note the Democrats under Hilary Clinton seem very left .. other than their language and anything that didn’t involve money. For show in other words. With Obama what you got was charisma .. sort of and beyond that a bunch of broken promises even after two terms on office.

Things have been twisted and corrupted to cheat their respective people and it needs to change. Fast.

Because what your going to get is more and more people refusing to vote and more and more morons on TV pointing that out and asking why this is! I mean .. really?!

Also the Democrats not only expected everything they proceed this when they became sore losers.

The haven’t stopped being sore losers either ..

What do you do when you don’t get your own way? Well you use the legal system that doesn’t enforce the law and on one can afford anyway and toy use it to sue people. Everyone!

Well it’s Russia, the Trump Campaign and Wikileaks thus far.

No doubt Facebook and Cambridge Analytics will be added to that list.

Russia? Being sued?! LOL .. I have ever heard anything quite so stupid .. but then they have gotten away with things for so long in the western world that they think even being obviously fucking stupid will not unseat them from their thrones atop their towers of power.

Jesus at this rate I’ll be on that list .. of there is anything left to sue because .. I’ve had a fucking bad day .. one of those you don’t want any more of … ever. Again.

‘Do what we tell you and when you quit, resign you will not be able to be touched’ seems to have been in the job description for Prime Minsiter, certainly when Tony Blair was PM and now that Theresa May is PM but what I want to know is ..

.. who makes this promise? Who really runs the UK?

Also .. does this apply elsewhere too? Like the USA? Europe?

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Trump-Russia ‘collusion’: Democrats file lawsuit –



I am .. annoyed with myself.

I have been drawn into an argument that became loud and heated by someone that thinks everything bad in their life, and their past, trumps everyone else. Even those with cancer, to which they have now done this twice to two separate people. One dead and one not.

For thirty years we have heard that they have health conditions and could die any day. In recent years I have lost a number of people to death and so have they but it still makes no difference.

Despite being told by a friend that he thinks I have been amazing to go four weeks without them starting an argument or me being drawn into one, I am still annoyed with myself.

Fortunately there is someone missing from this equation today .. as of this morning away for two days but .. if they hear what has happened .. I am going to get it in the neck, despite notbeing the perpetrator.

But then the perpetrator loves to twist the truth .. they are someone that not only like to play the victim card but likes to sit there cutting out all the victim cards ready for them to use upon getting the slightest excuse. Well .. excuses are not really needed nor have been used for many years.

You see if you try to talk about any subject and within ten minutes the subject gets changed. If you try to state there is no relevance to the subject matter they claim that there is and need to talk, because it is ‘important’ when it is not, for the next two hours. There never will be nor never is anything of relevance. It switches to politics and leftist attitudes are brought in and then about their .. health condition. Then it moves onto how their kids do not give a crap about them .. despite the fact we all suffer from anxiety and that they are the most stressful person in the world to be around. My friends fear being around them for more than a few minutes. Hence why I was told I have been amazing to last this long.

At the end when they are losing or lost the argument facts then get tossed out the window and divide and conquer techniques that should stay in the school playground, come into it. “You DON’T KNOW what the others say about you!” is one common line. Yeah .. that is fucking relevant! The other is and I had today “you have done nothing but talk about your health conditions since you got here!” I knew that one would come so I said “Oh, do I?! So how many chest episodes and blackouts have I had since I got here?!” They then walked out the room and upstairs.

After hearing about how none of us give a shit about them because they cannot go on about their epilepsy, which is mild and I have never witnessed an episode and no grand mal, for a few hours I said “My daughter has fucking cancer that will kill her and I have to listen about this?!”

A friend of mine recently stated, upon hearing of a few things she said and a few other things I have heard her say, that they need to speak to a professional. I said “I have been telling you that for fucking years!”

To be fair .. I knew that the situation could get like this when I came here .. but not this bad and not every single fucking day. After a whiff of this heading in that direction I had no choice but to cut the conversation short and retreat to a room 6ft by 9ft. Does not leave a lot of space with some essentials in there, let me tell you. Hence I was praised for going this long by one .. while two siblings out of four will blame me when they find out this has occurred.

The hilarious thing is that the very first thing that I stated in that hour or two conversation is that I need to go and see a Doctor. This person never got to hear why it is that I need to see one .. that is how much it is me that does all the talking. But I listened to stories and whinging that I have heard a dozen times since I got here. Hence why I have had to walk out of the room several times while they was in mid sentence. There were plenty of other times I simply left the room before it even had a chance to head in its unavoidable direction. That was purely being tactical. As my siblings all say that spending too much time, normally anywhere between five and ten minutes, will result in it ending this way and that is without fail.

But I have had to stay here and for longer than I had planned too. Oddly enough this amount of time is down to one of the two that will complain to me. In fact of they do I will point out that had they not taken so long to advertise my car, around three weeks, I would have sold it and already be gone and therefore this argument would not have occurred at all.

It simply is not normal anyway and like someone said to me in a strange tone as to get across how much worse things are than even they realised “Oooh nooo, Martin. They really need to speak to a professional!” by which he meant a psychiatrist. I said that I had been saying this for years .. but as I also stated .. they would be convenient with the truth, make themselves look like the victim and do that to get attention, ammunition to use against us in the hope that they would change us. SO we all sit around as a family while they harp on about the past for four hours solid. Not a single one of us can handle this but then as I have found out through others .. they would not put up with it for a single moment and none understand how we have done it for all these years.

It is an absolutely crazy situation that I have liked to blame on the NHS for the last fifteen years or so but .. like I said I do not know, at the end of the day, if the blame is warranted or can be attributed because .. I tend to feel like they LOVE being like this and doing this. Even one sibling mentioned the “victim card” which is a phrase I am familiar with but never thought I would hear anyone in my family use to describe this person?!

Oh and why do I need to go to see a Doctor? Because I have these really bad leg pains as a result of a vitamin deficiency that for the lest few years have been controlled by vitamin pills. Well for the last three days they appear to be refusing to work and I have leg pains that have become worse over those three days.

I had already started to rub my legs in the evenings the last couple days .. this morning I was rubbing my legs like crazy .. rubbing them while making a cup of tea, prior to said incident, and have been while typing this out.

After this I need to Google this to see what is going on, as it is Saturday and I am worried this will now get worse. Though I have just remembered though I already took one vitamin pill this was singly and I need to take my usual pills that has another and different vitamin pill in. In other words I would have taken two, vitamin overdoses not withstanding, to see if that stops the pain?

But I came back here nevertheless.

This would go some way to explaining how bad things got where I was?

I had previously told people I would rather die than ever have to live here again and I never foresee it ever happening .. up until about five weeks ago, that is.

So it is down to the sale of my car .. which was forced out of my hands by the one that started to argument. Left to someone else that took three weeks to advertise it, already had the pics before coming back here, who will blame me for this. Remembering I am the only one in my family with a registered disability?! Homeless temporarily for the sixth time.

Then there is the PIP fiasco and the DWP and Job Centre lying and taking money away, from my disability to that of starting my own business. Would never have been forced to come back here at all of it were not for that.

Solicitor trying to get my PIP back? Taken well over a year and I would not have come back here at all had this been sorted out much earlier!

What else? Oh of course the public services refusing point blank to do anything at all for a single mother of four children, two testes as Autistic, who herself has cancer?!

This is not forgetting the absolute balls-ups the Police have created while all this was going on .. plus previous balls-ups.

As I walk into my room I see a message from my daughter, ooh have I not mentioned her? It is a photo of a bill that HMRC sent her as they have done thousands upon thousand, if not tens of thousands upon tens of thousands, of others.

The letter states that despite receiving the exact same money for many many years, as it has done with all the other single mothers that received this fuck-up of a letter, that one year was an overpayment and they want the money back?! That is over £5,000 and do you recall about me stating that the ‘bean-counters’ cannot count?

Four children, being paid £25 of their £100 per week rent. Capped for various reasons, no council tax benefit and no fucking help moving house and now has to pay £5,300?!

If anyone cannot work out that there is much more going out than coming in without the need for a calculator then they are a fucking idiot!

My daughter said to me “How can the Tories be doing stuff like trying to use a court to take away the human rights of disabled people and the British public still sit on their arses?” I told her I do not know but that I have the same problem with my blog. Everyone is either very naïve, highly amoral or that this country is largely made up of a mixture of those two. “But they would not get away with it in France?” is often a response I get to explaining that to anyone.

So I am manded if I do and damned if I don’t in my current situation ..

If I say anything at all and get to finish it is all too much for someone, stress wise despite the anxiety thing being an issue for the four they complain about.

If I try to say anything I am often cut-off to a tirade of whining about very old stuff reminisced about because no one else’s problems are as big or as serious as theirs.

If I say nothing, or indeed if we say nothing, we are all bastards because we do not tell them anything! Despite me telling her for fucking years that she does not give us the chance 99% of the time so we gave up trying a long time ago. Not one of us but FIVE of us and the penny still does not drop! Or they do not care because it is just something else to complain about?

Now with the homelessness, the cancer, the chest episodes, the other threat of homelessness that involves four children and the one with cancer, the pain being experienced by me, the blackouts, the pain of my daughter and many other things besides you would think that .. well they might put aside whinging about us or me for a few months?!

Not a fucking cat’s chance in hell.

Yeah .. they need to speak to someone professional!

But then again.

Funny speaking about naivety as how many people thought Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Starbucks and Apple, among others, were wonderful companies? How many thought they had left leaning ideas and politics only for it to come out that there is no truth in this?

Maybe it requires another year?


Well no sooner had I accused all the Tories of thinking like that of that amoral moron Owen Lister .. they then go and prove it, so good luck trying to pretend that you all do not!

Apparently they are in court to state that they want to .. wait s minute? Let me check. Yup ..

They are ‘apparently’ claiming that disabled people have no human rights?!

Let me state that again ..


Now forgive me hear for a moment but how the flying fuck can that be the case? How can you go to a court to state that ANY group of people have no human rights?!

I do not know whether to burst out laughing of their total idiocy or get very very scared and concerned that my previous .. concern regarding the British courts being corrupt might be about to be proved?

Now just think about this for a moment ..

How could you go to the courts and the law, meant to be there for everyone and how we can claim to be at all civilised as a society, and ask them to allow the Tories to discriminate against a group of people?! Oddly mostly made up of British born people too .. so once again stabbing their own purely because they can get away with it without being labelled.

Also how can a political party in what is supposed to be a first world country, show their inhumanity in this way and get away with it without repercussions? It simply begs belief!

I keep asking myself .. if what it states in this blog post can possibly be true?! I .. I .. find it so difficult to believe. That they would come out with it in a way that can be reported upon and go around the Internet like the proverbial wildfire.

A pile of cash has more rights than people .. except the Tories, lawyers and Judges seem to have forgotten that ..

  • A pile of cash can not suffer.
  • A pile of cash cannot feel pain
  • A pile of cash cannot become homeless
  • A pile of cash does not have difficulty with the over inflated bills .. which the Tories and other politicians are too fucking scared to confront
What the fuck is going on in the UK and why are the leftist, or claim to be left, media ignoring shit like this?!
It would not surprise me in the least if this was very recent and that they are doing this purely to prevent me from winning two wars?!
Yeah .. I have two wars and it looks like both will be won .. there is just this damned waiting involved with one lot to do with fact checking and another thing literally awaiting a court date!
Still trying to get everyone else to pay for their mistakes?
Still trying to prevent justice to protect the money that is not even fucking theirs?!
Wonders truly never cease with this political party and in all honesty another wonder is coming that they still will not only STILL exist five years from now but will also likely be the party still in power?!
That wont be saying very good things about the British people.
Do you go some of the way right or all of the way right? If you go all of the way right and you let it be known .. do not be surprised if you get burnt at the stake further down the line!


Well this one was a surprise .. well .. an expected surprise.

I have been fully expecting things to boil over between the public and those morons that work for public offices and local councils in particular.

I have waited for so very long now.

The seams coming apart will be coming in 2018 and 2019 but .. I see evidence of it starting and it is starting somewhere I really did not expect it to.

Once again we are back in Northamptonshire in a place called Desborough. Desborough? It sounds .. familiar somehow.

Anyway ..

Yeah .. there was some obvious and inevitable abuse thrown at them .. and a claim of a brick thrown too?! Through the patio window of .. umm .. someone .. ah, one Jane Pearce. Apparently a load of Tories in the authority have now quit?! Well they must have got in somehow and now forced to leave in shocking, abusive and violent fashion.

Well .. I have long stated that I fully expect a meltdown and I probably predicted it would be within five years? It took a little longer than I imagined, as everything else has done but .. it seems others were naive about it when a statement read ..

We deplore the unpleasantness, rudeness, abuse and bullying which Jane has endured and to which we, ourselves, have also been subject. Vigorous political debate over issues of substance conducted in a civil manner is one thing. But personal abuse, intimidation and threats is quite another.

Yeah .. what did you expect?

Here is a tip .. I expected this for over five years and my advice is to expect more of this.

Oh dear.

You see there in lies the rub. These morons get away with shit because they insist on continuing to talk while their policies, taxes, fines and anything else continue to be paid.

Yeah .. look how long the middle-east has been talking? Gotten anywhere despite the huge cost to taxpayers for envoys and the like? Nope. Will it ever? Nope. But they love to bang on about continuing to talk.

Sorry, Stephen Hawking but there is always a time limit on talks. It is simply human nature and especially when the public as a whole start to see this ‘talking’ as an effing delay tactic!

This one was sent to me on Facebook.

It states that there is a 400% rise, that is four times what it was, but not clear if this is the council tax or something else. I mean ..

How can council tax rise 400%?!

I do not know what the council tax was there but if we took an example of say £1,000 then the very thought of it suddenly rising to £4,000 and especially as there is no council tax benefit any longer .. yeah what the hell did they think was going to happen? Be sent bunches of roses for God sake?!

I have already seen examples where there is nothing left for food and heating and people have been dying because of it, just ask Paula Peters of DPAC about that one. I have seen examples now where what they want back is actually more than they give out .. or certainly seems like it?!

Fucking bean counters that either do not know what in the world a bean is or cannot count.

You just do not do this .. especially as they have had this holier than thou, think they are above the law and God complex attitudes within public services for a very long time now. It was all a recipe for disaster.

It is a disaster and it is a disaster that will slowly play out over a couple of years and it was always going to end around the years of 2020 to 2022 and maybe beyond that? What I did not know was when it was going to start but after the last four months I have personally experienced? Yeah it was any time this year of 2018 and likely very early.

One person in the comments section may give a pointer to where this will occur next and this is only the comments section .. we have absolutely no idea how bad each council borough is and I never expected this to happen where it did ,,

EAST DEVON > No Police , Street Lights turned off , parking spaces changed from 1Hour to Half an hour ( EXMOUTH ) ,Schools overcrowded but council tax still going up so council bods and civil servants can have a big pension and retire early !!!!! so good for Desborough

So it could strike absolutely anywhere and despite how much I hate each public service outside of fire services and ambulance service .. I would not want to be them for all the tea in China!


Well, well, well.

I was going to type out a post regarding a Tory MP, Sarah Newton I believe her name was, and her statements about reports of people dying due to the welfare cuts was lies and scaremongering.

I was wondering if she would become besieged with emails?

I was wondering whether anyone would mention Calum’s List to her and the fact that the website was shut down as opposed to being ridiculed for being wrong on the TV News programmes or national tabloids. Or in the House of Commons or some committee? No they just quietly shut it down while no one was looking.

I was wondering if she would become besieged with tweets on Twitter?

The Facebook page for DPAC had disabled people going wild over her claims. Christ, even I liked the report but submitted I was angry about it.

There was a name that sprang to mind when I read it .. a friend of a friend. One that tends to like her feelings being known and renowned fit this, according to Gail.

Well blow me down if I don’t go and spot a new report via Flipboard and the Tory MP on question gets heckled by a couple of protesters.

I’m now up after being blown down and you can blow me down again if I don’t go and spot the name, Paula Peters in the report?!

Hmm wondering if it was Laurel now instead of Gail that informed me of this warrior woman? I think maybe it was both which was why she had always stuck in my mind?

Yeah .. without looking I’ve not gone and published several posts about people dying on benefits because of the cuts. Two mothers and a man found dead in front of his house. The latter not being deemed important or close enough to life-threatening to warrant an ambulance being sent?!

Yeah .. one .. poor, poor man killed by both the DWP and the NHS in one fell swoop. But no one is dying because of either of those public services that don’t do much when it comes to .. well .. services. One man’s death reflecting badly in two public services. That’s without even SEARCHING?!

Jesus Christ, man! So these idiot Tories even know what the Internet is?!

Do they even know what smartphones are and what they are capable of?

Have they any fucking idea what social media is?!

Or do they think they can just throw the words ‘fake news’ about and everyone starts disbelieving what others tell them online? Yeah .. that’s never going to work in anyone’s reality! But then these Tories have a very funny, bit too mention warped, idea of what reality is.

Good luck Ms Newton .. your going to need it, very much so, moving forward.

You have the right to any opinion you like .. that’s your right. But this does not make you right. You bloody idiots. I thought these people were supposed to be intelligent?!



OK this one kind of has me .. stumped .. shocked .. disgusted and all manner of other things besides.

According to the report by The Telegraph tabloid in the link below the NHS crisis has caused 1,000 care homes to close down which house somewhere in the region of 30,000 pensioners?!

That is what I typed and it is correct as far as the report below is concerned ..

30,000 pensioners .. that is thirty thousand pensioners?!

I am sure I have fallen asleep and am dreaming or .. perhaps woken up in an episode of The Twilight Zone?!

My bloody word, where did they all go? Or perhaps the correct question is where are they going to go?!

So then? Aren’t the care homes all funded by the local councils in which case and with 1,000 care home closures being reported now .. how many local councils are involved and on the verge of collapse? How many more are going to be added to this list throughout the rest of this year of 2018?

Of course this was something that was started by the Tory government that was in power years ago, setting something up that was unsustainable over a long period of time and the most hated Tory leader of all time, Margaret Thatcher.

Of course that plan was Poll Tax but as is so often the tricks with politicians of British government .. they tell everyone they are going to introduce something really and extremely cruel only to then dial it back and get what they really want and get away with it without too much trouble. Everyone goes quiet pleased it is not as bad as the rumours or first announcement.

It was .. never going to work in the long run. Nothing ever introduced is ever tested to see what happens in the event of a financial crisis and a bad one at that. But then when these things happen there is a bloody good chance that it wont happen until those morons that introduce these things have long since retired.

As always no accountability.

I wonder if that is what all the cameras are for ever five effing miles up the M1 and M6 motorways and all of the cameras and reduced speed limits I have now noticed within London itself?

Tricking motorists into more stealth taxes, along with ridiculous emissions taxes, to pay for care homes? To pay for the NHS? Or just to pay for salaries because no one has any effing money to pay council tax bills?

The Telegraph ..

The Guardian ..


I do not nor never will understand how areas of the human body can cause so much stress and pain and yet still be alive?!

I also don’t understand quite how in this modern age we still don’t have the drugs to deal with it properly. Well .. prescription drugs that is.

I awoke this morning after something of a night of.. forget that happens once a week. Friends around and a few drinks.

Had to go out and get a couple of things with one of them last night but .. flutter-flutter-flutter my heart was playing up a little.

Had to go out a second time, oh .. my .. God, this went wrong and more of a boom-boom-boom.

Now I a only mention a symptom now and then for a reason or if I think I’ve made a connection ..

This morning and against all common sense I awoke to very intense anxiety. I asked myself why in the world this could be? In my groggy state I even wondered if it was something else but felt like anxiety?

I had it yesterday morning but not as intense.

But I did push things a little last night .. oh crap, afternoon too when I was getting stuck into some house work to help out.

I just sometimes and myself why I’m getting this because the we nothing really to set it off, unless I have dreams that set it off but never recall the dreams?

Well I had that email from the Work & Pension Committee.

They wanted to use the cut down first I sent them.

But despite it being damning it was only two pages and not damning enough for my liking. So I sent an initial response stating that I would submit a full report, broken down into sections.

After all I only mentioned the current situation.

What I didn’t include was a full breakdown for PIP as well as ESA along with Universal Credit which are the three they mentioned in their response.

Red rag to a bull, anyone?!


A two page report they reacted to and apologizing upon hearing or situation and then stating what they did? ESA, PIP as well as UC?! JESUS, Christmas had come early, surely?!

Now think about a report containing no less than six pages and me pointing out that even this is not complete?

Yeah well that’s what they now have, after many hours, broken up here and there, some copy and pasting and six whole pages!


In it I quoted three quotes ..

“Why does this keep happening to us?!”

“Nothing ever works out for anyone on our family!”

“I told my mum .. I want to die!”

Then I started the report!

The most complete report I’ve probably ever sent .. ever!

There are some conversations that are going to be extremely interesting over the coming days, weeks and months.

A lot of people are going to be hurting to varying degrees over this and they cannot say I didn’t warn them. Not for a moment. I spent years warning each and every one of them telling each it was a matter of time. That guessing the amount of time involved wood be akin to guessing the length of a piece of string.

Despite the negativity of many online people including those that are disabled .. my view is that it’s been shit for soo many people for so long that’s it’s hard .. no .. impossible to see an end to it all.

I see things .. a little differently to everyone else.

I’ve been working my arse off in ways many people couldn’t imagine for a very, very long time and just the document gathering started over 15 years ago, possibly more. It then changed up a couple of years around 12 years ago and then the recordings started around 8 years ago. The blogging started 5.5 years ago.

Many others have not covered as many as I have, not even close.

Many others have not done as much as I have.

Many others have not yet anywhere near the amount of devices I have used.

Many others have fallen by the wayside long, long, long before I have done.

Many others are defeatist.

But with death knocking on my door with no less than four knocks and no matter the amount of pain and suffering .. I continue.

No matter how many times I’m sent to the darkest corners of my mind .. I continue on.

I battle on because I know there is an end game. It’s inevitable. History had taught us that over and over again. Plenty of history books throughout .. well, history. Lol.

Find was what I needed. Time to reach the right amount of people. That was the proverbial length of string. How much time we needed?

The time was needed to reach the numbers and the numbers are more or less easy. A decent six figure number was what we required. Not everyone needs to read this blog .. just enough people needed to visit this blog. Because there is the one factor every single person forgets..

People talk.

If everyone, or rather the average, is that everyone speaks to one person about shit they read or heard about then you should the figures reached.

But as everyone knows .. it doesn’t work like that.

Everyone had at least the relatives on average.

Everyone has two of three friends on average.

So the average could reasonably be six people but could be as high as ten.

The other factor is the six degrees of separation.

In other words the world of country is a network.

Except there is one other factor that increases the numbers above expoentially..

.. Smart phones!

Since smart phones crashed into our lives something changed. The average of just six people increased itself expoentially. And that’s an understatement.

I know someone with 300 friends on Facebook and and I just even more than that Brits I decided it was too much and deleted a load. A lot more.

So even if we halve that to 150 .. that’s a bloody speedy network, think a ten gigabit connection.

There was always another possibility .. or rather .. another network or .. networks. I unfortunately don’t trust most of them .. probably most of them.

But there was always the possibility .. that .. something else would occur along the way and the very, very obvious is the mainstream news media.

When it’s already obvious that they are corrupt .. you have to think of something else or wait for something else. If you don’t possess the funds for an expensive, major legal battle that left the news media with no choice but to cover it.

Yeah .. didn’t have the funds for that, though I considered starting up a crowd funding campaign specifically for that alone. Never really could reach the decision to do it or set a date to do it.

Eventually I probably would have done. Not reached that point .. yet.

That left .. something coming from the proverbial left field.

This could have been from well known leftist, socialist or community group. A particular type of red political party that was .. well known enough.

Some of these are global.

There is, of course, that which is unknown or unexpected. The ‘left field’ as I tend to call it.

Well that left field was caught by me the other day and .. I’m not really sure how it happened to be perfectly honest. I really, really don’t.

But .. it’s happened.

They want to attack the government, the DWP and their henchman, no doubt?

Well that’s what I’ve been doing. They want a team player. Someone that can help and I have the my blogs and my ever worsening story.

There’s always an ever moving boundary that you need to cross but you never quite know where it lies at any given moment in time.

Your guessing at best but your hoping for the best each and every week. There’s a point you know you have ventured beyond it but you still need that boundary.

To leave the Earth’s atmosphere you need a certain amount of trust for a given length of time.

This is no different .. you need enough evidence combined with enough people.

I’ve long since had enough evidence .. and have a lot more too .. but it’s enough people.

What I got from left field was the .. umm Government. Well .. sorta .. a kind of shadow government .. of possibly a bunch of people after other ones jobs. Possibly not carrying the courage of their convictions.

We will see.

The chance has come and it’s been taken. An opportunity such as this simply could not be ignored. You would have to be a fool not to grab this with both hands. It’s merely a chance to change things before the tunnel exit is reached.

Since finishing this piece which I entirely wrote on my phone with squinty eyes I have now received confirmation of the Work & Pensions Committee receiving my updated and more complete report.

They stated that would get in contact with me if they require anything.

Let us see if they do anything?

I have had a phone conversation with one of my friends in London and a friend of someone up here and told them about being contacted. Both are shocked and over the moon.

My friend in London and the ex-social worker said “Oh, Martin! If anyone deserves this with everything you have done and everything they have done to you .. it is you”

I also told him about the crap HMRC over-payments and now he tells me they did it with his daughter too! He said they are the most unhelpful people on Earth and if this is the case what fucking moron put them in charge of payments for children?! What fucking absolute dicks!

You should heave witnessed first my friends shock and then roaring with laughter when I told him they billed one person £35,000 for last year and another young lady £6,500 for a period between 2008-12 when she went form the ages of 14 to 18 with no children?!

He knows as long term visitors of this blog would be well aware .. I have been kicked in the teeth so many times that they have now rapidly progressed my Fibromyalgia into things I first did not know you could get with this condition and secondly .. I have had them from a few month to well over a year before recently discovering they are far more serious complications to Fibromyalgia I have developed.

Funny then that no hospital I visited or GP in the last 18 months have either mentioned the connection to my Fibromyalgia to me when I reported the symptoms nor have I been warned to watch out for anything ..

Like my bloody EYESIGHT!

Oh and my heart!

More on that to come.


Undertakers must be tossing in their sleep?

I thought I would add just one more post regarding the treatment of disabled people by the government and those who are effectively their .. henchmen.

Now what I am going to tell you I kind of knew previously .. except the figures, I believe currently any way, have gone up since then.

Now you have to consider what it is that they are doing to the most vulnerable in society, which are those with disabilities.

They have been trying to kick them off Disability Living Allowance and still doing this since they bought in what was originally intended as its replacement, Personal Independent Payments, which is not going to be around for very long anyway. Because it is to be ‘absorbed’ for want of a better word, into Universal Credit and this was by 2020. Whether this date means everywhere at once or the last of the places to lose PIP I do not know.

So what do you do when you want to stop supporting and paying people with life changing disabilities where getting to your local shop can be a challenge and causes you to stop and thinking your about to have a heart attack.

I know because that is me and that is just something that has bothered e the last year ro 18 months ad does not include everything else. Pain from walking, pain from standing still, different pain fro descending stairs, aches, pains, tiredness (well it is a kind of sleep disorder), insomnia, bad anxiety and short term memory loss among many other things. That is just mine. God know what others suffer with.

I have been on DLA .. had it cancelled .. appealed and lost and not knowing what it was that affected me at the time.

When I later found out and had it diagnosed I then reapplied for PIP, got turned down, told them I know that they lie and had recordings .. they rang me up reversing the decision and then .. 18 months later cancelled it again. For not turning up for an assessment I have NEVER turned up for. Because they deliberately made them far away up to 30 to 50 miles when they had one a mile away from my house they failed to mention. I lost the appeal for the argument for not travelling 50 miles, because I travelled 6 miles on empty buses to a hospital appointment for an ECG over black-outs and grey-outs. Had head MRI too but the judge, Miss Mark, did not give a flying fuck about that just as I did not give a flying fuck about her three failed attempts to call me a liar that then stayed of the decision paperwork.

Yeah so what do you do to make everyone’s lives a misery so that you can save a bit of money?

What you do is you take two firms and you pay them half a billion pounds in a single year!

Except .. that figure was over £100 million some years ago and .. there are four today when years ago there was only one .. Atos .. who we were told I the news media they were getting rid of three or four years back. The news media has not, however, gone back to the government to ask why they are still there?!

Even Nick DeBois MP, Tory, for Enfield North told me to my face that the found out what Atos were up to and got rid of them. This was not true of course and I told him he was looking at one of the people responsible for getting rid of them due to the evidence I had published and the lies on their letters I had published with the video proof they had lied. I also told him that I was asked my Michael Meacher MP if he cold use my data in the House of Commons to attack Iain Duncan-Smith and send things to the news media.

Of course I had the odd story like mine appear in the news media but after Michael Meacher’s email to me this increased .. a lot. I regularly had disbelieving friends and family mention that they had just seen or heard something in the news that was a carbon copy of something I had covered. Many times months or years beforehand.

Yeah .. I always suspected the news media to be honest.

In fact I had suspected many for well over ten years. I moved to Enfield in 2007 and had long since suspected most of them including the mainstream news media. Including those that are now trying to steal the phrase ‘fake news’ as their own. God how utterly slimey can you get?!

So .. half a billion pounds to just half of the companies in just a single year?!

What will the bill be next year?

What I find utterly funny is how they keep on employing these people, not just the usual thoughts of what kind of rock they lifted up to find people like this.

Here is the late Michael Meacher MP’s talk in the House of Commons about the DWP, Atos and disabled people. I have never listened to it, sorry. Lol.

Now when it comes to the Atos and Capita scandal .. I am not sure of this link to where I heard about it, will work …

Oh .. it is reported in The Mirror .. boy, what has gotten into them? ..


Well it seems that some are on the same page as me.

Actually every now and then I have people actually contact me that have been recording their own evidence. I wonder if they have realised that even with the evidence they get no help from anyone or the news media interested?

Anyway I think I know three or four .. maybe more? It is hard to keep track when you have the short term memory issues that I do and other Fibromyalgia sufferers.

Anyway .. one night I heard a news anchor here in the north-west actually get sarcastic about how we have been in this austerity thing for seven or ten years but that was supposed to be how long it was stated to last for. He then sarcastically stated that there was also no end in sight.

I saw an interesting headline ..

This isn’t the end of austerity – it is a new age of cruelty economics

Here is a quote

Seven years of sadism

I presume they are referring to George Osborne when they say the name ‘Gideon’? That made me smile, lol.

“When Gideon giddily dished it out to single mothers, the disabled, pampered public sector workers” and ooh boy how I have seen that since I have been up here in the Wirral! That last one about pampered public sector workers actually made me laugh out loud!

Hammond quietly preserved the major austerity measures in place, including £12bn welfare cuts. He concealed a long-term cut in NHS spending, exacerbating a major fiscal crisis for most NHS Trusts and emergency hospitals, behind £2.8bn extra funding offered for frontline services

Or ..

The ‘living wage’ was moderately increased, but remains well below the actual living wage

Or ..

Productivity is flatlining. There is no chance of a balanced budget by the mid-2020s. The Institute of Fiscal studies expects the national debt not to return to pre-crisis share of national income until “well past the 2060s.The living standards crisis goes on: according to the Resolution Foundation, pay is now not expected to recover to its pre-crisis peak until 2025, “a full 17 years after the pay squeeze began.

No chance of a balanced budget before the mid-2020s? They are joking, right?

No return to the pre-crisis share of national income until well past the 2060s? Now they have got to be fucking joking?! That is their plan? To starve to death millions of people until somewhere beyond the 2060s? Give me that fucking cyanide pill and give it to me the fuck now!

For anyone interested in delving deeper into these Tories and their bullshit and shady tactics and steal like attacks it might make for some interesting read/research ..

I am not familiar with the website but it is called ..

Red Pepper ..


Well I simply do not believe it.

At the same time and just as I said to my daughter .. well two things actually ..

First I find myself posting several posts and then another pops up I simply have to link and post about.

The other one on this day of the announcement of another royal wedding is that I cannot help but think this will be used to bury stuff. You know like I mentioned in my last post .. or was it the one before the last post? I cannot recall.

So Prince Harry is getting married to Angela Merkel? No wait? Meghan Merkel? Meghan Gherkin? Meghan Markle? Yeah that is it!

Huh, so much for the news media lading her as a famous actress, yeah now, because I had never heard of her or the things you has appeared in. Yeah OK that does not amount to much because I simply do not watch TV .. but my daughter does and she stated the exact same thing!

While talking about it I stated that it worried me after she said that it seemed a bit weird even in its timing and I said that I was worried that they would bury some things that would otherwise piss of much of the British public.

Not thirty minutes had passed by and a previous blog post regarding Conservative Party bullshit and .. I get myself tagged in a couple of things on Facebook. One a vaper claiing to have the best vape tricks that had me covering my face with laughter.

But another is a story by the Mirror tabloid and on its webpage states that just 21 minutes after the Royal announcement the Tories announced that benefits were to be frozen for another three years while jobs in the public sector have had their pay cap removed.

You know those public sector people? The ones I am constantly stating and later proving do not do their jobs properly, if at all?

Those that I have reported have not turned up to four out of five meetings to do with four vulnerable children being looked after by two disabled people and having offered absolutely nothing in the way of support. Yeah those public sector people.

But do not take my word for it ..