THE POLES APART (Pole Shift Part 2)

OK so this Magnetic Poles North and South Split?

So I found this page on VOX which seems to be reporting the split but the distances are somewhat different to the guy who reported this on YouTube many months ago and who has followed this for a decade. He uses his own equipment and even right now is in the process of making his own magnetometers he will be sending to various helpers around the globe to help monitor the situation.

He is a British guy and you can find his channel and videos on YouTube under MaverickStar Reloaded. I think they took a channel down and was almost like they knew about this and did not want the info out.

He reported this months ago and he even predicted the Arctic blast that hit North America months back, beating all the weathermen by a considerable margin.

He also states that not only is the pole heading towards China stronger than the one over Canada but your talking 1,000 miles distance too, but one over the South Pole is actually over the sea?!

That might not seem like much when you first read it but Antarctica is a substantially large piece of land .. that is some distance to be out way over the sea, no? Think it is heading for Australia if I recall correctly?

Make absolutely no mistake this is unprecedented and anyone that tells you that either this or that will happen is either knowingly lying or making educated guesses and should tell you so.

I have stated before this could snap back but it not only shows absolutely no sign of doing this but the graphs I have seen show that this is has been speeding up in recent months.

One astronomer on YouTube said it wont affect us and he is wrong. It is already having an effect and the further it travels the greater these effects will be.

At a certain point in another 300 miles it will reach a point whereby the do state that we will be in the process of a pole reversal, some are already confident n stating that we are.

The magnetosphere has already weakened, more harmful rays will be reaching us, and it will continue to weaken the further the pole travels. Estimates are it has weakened by around 20% though this is probably give or take 5%?

What we do not know is if it will reach the point where we are in a full flip and just how weak the magnetosphere will get or even what effects we will see. But we will see effects.

This is affecting the weather and read this carefully .. it is NOT global warming or climate change as they have explained to me I have stated is bullshit for as long as I can remember. Carbon and man has nothing to do with this.You were conned. If your a leftist then they probably preyed on your hatred with bog corporations and used that to tax you. Maybe to build them ships or underground cities?

Think they have know for a while now because after all think about it .. you announce to the world that half the planet’s population might take an absolute battering take a guess at what happens to the stick markets and the value of currency overnight?

As I told my daughter too .. how many disaster movies have we watched where the governments were warned by scientists who took no notice and make no preparations? Must be every sigle movie? Comets, Asteroids, Megaquakes, Volcanos, Tsunamis or Epidemics it matters not. You just know that is exactly what governments have done .. nothing, right?

So .. currency becomes worthless and the rich and powerful want to survive so need to build ships, underground cities, spaceports and Moon bases to survive but done nothing? Yeah try getting anyone to build them when currency is worth nothing and they think there is a possibility that there might be the end of the world or at least entire countries wiped out?

This is not like the Millenium Bug where nothing really happens. It is already happening and continuing on its current course it will continue to do so more noticeably.

Now they will likely be two sharp rises in these affects with the first one being if the Magnetic North over Canada disappears like they think it will. It is already getting weaker.and the one over Siberia is far stronger.

The second time will be when there is not a magnetic pole at all. After that we may have none at all or we may have any and what effects each of these have we simply do not know. If it reaches that point. Which it may well not.

But you have to understand that this has been tracked not for hours, not for days and not for weeks but many months. The YouTube channel I heard it fro has tracked it for years.

In fact there was a BBC report I saw a few weeks back regarding a decrease in the sun’s activity and in fact did not reach its peak at all. Now this turned out to be from like 2014 and I could not understand how I missed that!

Six months ago and easily found on the Internet was a solar observatory in North America somewhere that was mysteriously shut down and by none other than the FBI and without any explanation, annoying the local Sheriff.

The sun, magnetosphere and the Earth’s core have always said to be linked. So it seems to be more than a coincidence that suddenly a reduction i the Sun’s activity coincides with a sudden change in the Earth’s poles.

Throw in these two facts and one for each and I would be shocked if you do not raise an eyebrow ..

On both cases of the Sun’s decreased activity and the distance and speed of the movement and also the splitting of the magnetic poles .. have never been recorded before.

Soo ..

  • Splitting of Poles .. never recorded, but known to have occurred in ancient time
  • Distance of Poles from Geographic Poles .. never recorded but known to have happened in the distant past
  • Decreased Sun Activity .. never recorded

To think any secret plans made were to probably save what to my mind is the absolute worst of humanity too?

Go figure?

This could be how Ice Ages come about for all we know and I have stated this time and time again for bloody years but no one listened. If I die and I am born again please let me be in a world where people possess ears they actually use?!

The report back in 2014 by the BBC had scientists even state that we could end up with a mini Ice Age like the one several hundred years ago where the River Thames was frozen solid?

It could bring about a full blown Ice-Age, we just do not know.

As for the point of no return where we are in a reversal process and when that will occur? Well we do not know.

As I stated previously it could stop and come back again and it all goes back to normal but we are hundreds of thousands of years late for one.

They initially estimated that it would be 2026 at the latest .. or possibly a couple if years sooner as the speed increased in recent times.

But that speed is still increasing and some state that if it continues to increase it speed without reversing or altering its current direction it could be in as little as two years. The point of no return that is. Not a Day After Tomorrow scene of an Ice Age suddenly hitting us.

Any Ice Age starting we do not know anything about and should this be the event that sends us plummeting into one at some point .. it could be a week before the point on no return or five years or so after this is reached? It could be a process that itself take five or ten years once started?

We do not know.

The trouble we humans have is we pay no attention to scientists unless the are hack ones that use sensationalism to get on the news media.

We also like to blame any thing wrong with our planet on the ones people perceive to be benefiting the most and despite how I would love to do that at times .. you simply must stick to the known facts.

Morons that believed it was the rich people and wanted to go chasing ghosts with carbon have done more harm that good..

You will find plenty of posts on this very blog stating not to pace all your eggs in one God damn basket!

I aid to someone the other day .. you have one billion to solve the issue and you spend all that money throwing it at it only to find down the line it is something completely different .. what do you do? That money is now GONE!

Well .. God man idiots harped on about it and billions if not trillions have been paid out over these taxes based on Climate Change that was based on nonsense. If this turns out to be a major event .. where your taxes? Where your money all gone? Now your in a world financial crisis and how will you survive?

Food for thought.

In the meantime animals will and are being affected from the seas to the skies. Skin cancer will likely increase and I would seriously do your own research if your going to spend an entire holiday sunbathing near the equator from about 2020 onwards. Hopefully they will decide not to keep being secretive and give out health warnings, no? But then they have all your money so do not expect much, eh?

I wonder of Continental Drift might be part of what is to come and whether ancient Volcanoes will wake from the thousands of years of dormancy? Would certainly prove many other of my theories I have talked about on my blogs.

We could end up living on Antarctica as a new land? How weird would that be? Watch out for those Emperor Penguins they are bigger than they look on TV!



Well …

I have said it and I have stated it and I have fucking well shouted it but people do not listen, make up their own minds and cannot even be bother to just check it out on their fucking phones ..

.. because nothing can get in the way of Candy Crush or Angry Birds, no fucking doubt? Or Twitter?!

Now then .. let me stress something because I am sure and have been for a while that doing too much is causing me a lot of harm. Because I often do too much and it fucking well hurts. Always. So I end up doing a day here and a day there and if the first day is not too much hassle I might do a consecutive second day in a row? This happened recently when I was taken by a car somewhere that then did not involve much else and I got a load of photographs while missing a few. I then went somewhere else the following day. Take the opportunity while it is there, is my motto.

But while I am out I am always wary of something untoward happening and as I am normally carrying a professional camera I get even more panicky because I cannot lose that camera.

I .. currently want to die and yet .. I STILL do not want to lose my camera because it is everything to me. Yes .. I am missing two lenses and it weighs a God damn ton .. but it is part of what I do and part of what I had been working towards for five years, when I finally got it.

Oh and it is paid for. Not on hire purchase or anything like that. I do not do hire purchase any more it is just not worth the hassle.

In recent times you cannot rust the government not to fuck you around so .. you cannot guarantee you can make payments on hire purchases or loans. So why would you even bother?

I refuse to even get a monthly mobile contract and have done for years, using pay as you go only which is way easier to deal with anyway.

Also remember, or look up, that I used to switch a lot my methods for getting around. I have long since stated on this very blog that I might cycle one day and if I was out for too long and went too far I would then switch to using a bus. Long, long, long have I stated this. Because sometimes I simply am buggered to cycle again the following day and if I try I used to end up with a lot of muscular pain .. despite the fact that Guy’s Hospital told me that if I had not already figured out that cycling helps with Fibromyalgia symptoms .. they would have told me to buy a bike! But they key word they gave me was ..


Yeah well .. it turns out there is more to it than that .. but then that Dr Kirkham was not even aware of the only drug that works with non-restorative sleep was Sodium Oxybate.

In some cases over-exercise or over-training has even resulted in cardiac arrest and death on the track. –

Yeah well there it is!

It was not that long ago that I stated that one of the many times I thought I was going to have a heart attack was travelling on a bus to the court hearing. You know? That first one where they did not even bother to turn up but then became guilty of double-standards by pulling me about not turning up to the second one?!

Over-doing it has resulted in cardiac arrest and death. Told yah!

Another thing I have always hated and I should state here, what it states on that webpage, you should be aware of if you have low magnesium levels, or Hypomagnesemia?

I absolutely loathe diet drinks and now it turns out that some sweeteners will deplete your magnesium levels? Are you frikkin serious?! Did they not tax sugar so that they put less of it in our drinks to help our health?! Now it might turn out that the increase in the use of sweeteners will increase death rates?! I .. I .. simply .. do not believe it!

I wonder how long before this little nugget will actually come out in the news media or to put it another way .. how many people will they kill before they realise that the sugar tax was all and only about money?!

Ooh wait .. was it suggested by Doctors? The same Doctors that NEVER look at their patients magnesium levels as stated in several places all over the Internet?!

The same Doctors that ignored my magnesium levels for years that has nearly killed me several times, out me in Accident & Emergency over half a dozen times and might now be well on its way of killing me for sure? THOSE DUMB-ARSE DOCTORS?!



OK this one kind of has me .. stumped .. shocked .. disgusted and all manner of other things besides.

According to the report by The Telegraph tabloid in the link below the NHS crisis has caused 1,000 care homes to close down which house somewhere in the region of 30,000 pensioners?!

That is what I typed and it is correct as far as the report below is concerned ..

30,000 pensioners .. that is thirty thousand pensioners?!

I am sure I have fallen asleep and am dreaming or .. perhaps woken up in an episode of The Twilight Zone?!

My bloody word, where did they all go? Or perhaps the correct question is where are they going to go?!

So then? Aren’t the care homes all funded by the local councils in which case and with 1,000 care home closures being reported now .. how many local councils are involved and on the verge of collapse? How many more are going to be added to this list throughout the rest of this year of 2018?

Of course this was something that was started by the Tory government that was in power years ago, setting something up that was unsustainable over a long period of time and the most hated Tory leader of all time, Margaret Thatcher.

Of course that plan was Poll Tax but as is so often the tricks with politicians of British government .. they tell everyone they are going to introduce something really and extremely cruel only to then dial it back and get what they really want and get away with it without too much trouble. Everyone goes quiet pleased it is not as bad as the rumours or first announcement.

It was .. never going to work in the long run. Nothing ever introduced is ever tested to see what happens in the event of a financial crisis and a bad one at that. But then when these things happen there is a bloody good chance that it wont happen until those morons that introduce these things have long since retired.

As always no accountability.

I wonder if that is what all the cameras are for ever five effing miles up the M1 and M6 motorways and all of the cameras and reduced speed limits I have now noticed within London itself?

Tricking motorists into more stealth taxes, along with ridiculous emissions taxes, to pay for care homes? To pay for the NHS? Or just to pay for salaries because no one has any effing money to pay council tax bills?

The Telegraph ..

The Guardian ..


Well it’s taken longer than I first thought but it looks like one set of wheels on an Apple cart are becoming loose.

In the BBC report below many people with Apple iPhones of the 5th and 6th generations don’t want to upgrade to the latest 7th generation.

It’s not just Apple owners either.

These phones are bloody expensive for what they are and they are not even designed to last beyond about two years.

No? You disagree?

Ready to change your battery is it?

It’s really expensive to buy these things and people are feeling the squeeze everywhere now. I know it’s taken a bloody long time for people to wake up but they are waking up.

For the cost of the top of the range phones I can get a pretty decent laptop. The funny thing is that’s about to change. For the better!

A laptop is far more useful to me right now than a smartphone. In fact I hate fucking phones but that’s because of Android, WordPress and the mobile phone networks.

My provider Three have just hiked to the price of their unlimited package by a whole £10 per month. This is after hiking it twice by £5 per month. Yerrr if you haven’t worked it out its been raised by more than DOUBLE!

Also since this new change my phone’s run out of £10 credits twice in less than a week. Before the change £10 lasted six weeks.

Confused? You should be.

I did state I get unlimited internet sooo .. how am I running out of credit with a package?

For two fucking years I’ve had to run not one but TWO mobile phones.

Because they are all unreasonable and greedy.

At the exact same time they show that big companies simply refuse to tighten their belts like the rest of humanity. Seven years into this financial crisis and they still haven’t figured out it and because they haven’t bothered to we have to pay for it.

Makes a mockery of governments and public officers dictating and lecturing to individuals about then tightening their belts, does it not?!

Ooh .. you don’t know what I mean?

Trust me that over the next month or two that one is also coming!

I’ve been tricked, double crossed, lied to and then lectured about what I can and can’t do with my own money. I’ve even been moaned at fit going away .. from a public service that had already suspended their support. Yes .. I get nothing and they are still dictating as well as being extremely rude and our of place.

Yeah .. that’s something I’ve worked on since February and a continuation of something I’ve worked on since last October 2016.

Yeah .. then there’s the stuff I’ve secretly worked on for two years now.

Yeah .. then there’s the stuff I’m going to be working on.

Plus the unboxings from the shopping lists I’ve got but have had to pause.

Bit big businesses refuse to budge and bills their hands out for our tax money or be trading favours when it gives to the law and advertising standards. Yup .. the ASA will likely have awkward questions out to them.

If I buy something that’s advertised as new then I fucking want it to be new. That has not been happening .. a lot .. and due a long time see where is the tax funded Advertising Standards Authority all that time?

I me them aware of this scam several years back and since then I’ve drawn attention to others that have done the same thing.

So what have the public funded ASA been doing? Sitting on their arses stuffing their faces with doughnuts? Taking back-handers? They most certainly have been looking the other way and for many years too.

Built in batteries you can’t replace so you have to buy a new phone?

Funny how the environment morons are never around spouting their crap about this?

I say morons because they get things wrong, just like these hack climate scientists. Funny how everyone that’s an idiot or spouting false but sensationalist claims all get week paid jobs while I don’t get an interview?! Lol.

I reckon that mobile phones manufacturers emit more heat and chemicals than anyone else. I say that because everyone in the world more or less has a new one every year or three!

But it’s slowing down and the Dixons Group board members are worried.

Not about construction change. No we get charged for that .. like the fucking £550 tax I have to pay every year for my car?! That’s more than what I was paying for fully comprehensive and protected no claims insurance on an Alfa Romeo 3.0 V6!!

Mugged in broad daylight.

But I’m a poor individual, of which we have no rights and they can move the goalposts around as they see fit.

If I received money based on false information is below locked up for years.

Be interesting to see what happens as this showdown of mobile phone sales unfolds?


I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Why does no-one want a new phone these days? –


Before I started blogging I wanted to prove what had become obvious to me.

That there are a lot of … illusions out there. Illusions most definately set up by the powers that be, the government, the Illuminati pr whatever takes your preference, to fool us. Fool us that there are avenues out there we can take. Fool us that the laws actually matter and protect us. Fool us into thinking that we are fooled into thinking that we actually matter.

But I could not come on a blog and just state this.

So for a couple of years before I started blogging I started recording. Once I got up enough stuff and for another reason the London Olympics had finished I started to post to blogs.

I said from the very start that I had tens of Gigabytes of data and that as I went along I would continue to approach organisations and in each case it only worked if I had a genuine reason to do so.

I also stated that as I blogged my approaches for year after year that I would get nowhere.

The difference was that as I re-approached organisations that had given me the brush off previously I would do so with a very big difference. Over fifty gigabytes of data/proof and growing.

Of course to anyone with more than two brain cells working as a team you would be forgiven for thinking that I would win and get somewhere. Well yes OK I sort of did on occasions but the £4,500 I got from the DWP, for instance, was supposed to be £45,000 and that does not include the 8 years of being without a Freedom Pass, free travel on buses and trains.

Now think about it … I had 50GB of proof that has grown to over 100GB of proof and yet I was sure enough of myself and them to state that despite me gradually getting all this proof I would still get nowhere?

How could I be sure of that?

I would imagine that many visitors thought ‘no effing way!’ I mean … if I could do all that I could, get all that I could and post and publish in very public places how could I lose?

Because there are not as bright as they like to think they are and did not have a contingency plan for someone like me. Unfortunately for them.

Yesterday I got a letter from another organisation as part of the ‘Wading Through The Sea Of Help’ posts I did recently. Though this one was a bit different …

I approached Patient Claim Line about taking the NHS to court. So I told them what had happened and I told them I had proof. Out of the 100GB plus of proof I told them about a select few, one Doctor admitting that he falsified an ultrasound scan and told me that I did not have an inguinal hernia when I did. That condition is a killer, or can cause gangrene and result in having your entire groin removed to save your life. Nice, I know. Now THAT is not what I had the scan for … it was because I was feeling pain in an area where I had an inguinal hernia repaired on the OTHER SIDE. Now there they found an elongated and jagged black lump that was causing the pain.

What was it, I hear you ask?

They did not know!

Except when I got to the Doctor for the result, just as the Inguinal Hernia did, the black lump magically vanished from existence.

So not just a simple falsification we are talking about here.

So my plan was to go back to these people one at a time once I had enough evidence and better still, I had enough people visiting my blogs.

They cannot possibly so no, right? Wrong!

The Patient Claim Line actually told me that according to their solicitors, who must be, let’s be honest here, fucking incompetent, I do not have a chance greater than 51%?!


But wait a moment … they did not listen to a single scrap of my recordings or look at any of my reports, letters or anything else?! HUH?!

I got a reply back from someone, could have been the Patient Claim Line or the Disability Law Service … who incidentally have not been a law service for over 5 years now … but STILL have the name and still operating and getting funds from somewhere. One of them told me about …

AvMA or Action Against Medical Accidents

Except all the things that happened to me were not accidents but deliberate which is far more serious than an accident.

Plus I do not have one but four cases and in each case there are half a dozen to over a dozen incidents of lying, proof and all that jazz. My God, it is over 6 GP Surgeries, little clue there.

After acquiring 100GB of data over several years, if I cannot get legal representation from somewhere then who the hell can?!

Well yup. I got a letter from AvMA and I have posted it below. Remember this is yet another organisation supposedly to help one or other sector of society and all the time I keep finding new ones.

The UK. The country were everyone works for a help or advice organisation despite the fact they do not do anything.

Well, other that is than making British taxpayers even poorer than they are!

Now I have told three people thus far, who were non believers just as many naive people that came on here likely were in the early days. Except now they were aghast that now I have proved what I said for years, oh yeah and I have fucking witnesses too!

They complained about the amount of tax they paid and asked if this is what all their taxes were going to? Dozens upon dozens of organisations that somehow came into existence over the last couple of decades that do not do anything?

I said, yep!

Or worse still getting donations off of naive bleeding hearts!

Rather bizarrely AvMA said the exact same thing that Patient Claim Line did without listening nor looking at a single kilobyte of my 100 gigabytes of evidence.

Just as before they did not even ASK FOR IT!

Remember they are called Action Against Medical Accidents so the name is misleading to likely defraud money and … well you do not see a lot of ‘action’. Lol.

AvMA 140416A AvMA 140416B AvMA 140416C


Been a little lackadaisical of late, it must be said.

I have currently not let the house in three days, though I intended to both yesterday and today. Hmm or is it two? Now I was out Monday and today is Thursday, so yeah the days.

Both yesterday and today and exactly when I was intending to leave the house it rained at that exact moment! I kid you not! I have felt a little relaxed the past couple of days and I am not sure why. I have done only a little in the house but have been back on a game I got sick of playing on my laptop. It is called Elder Scrolls V Skyrim and for the uninitiated you do not know what your missing! However the game is not without issues and one is why I left it alone for months. But I managed to finally figure out how to get around it and I have been making up for lost time!

It has not gone unnoticed, with a bit of a chuckle of course, that Atos have had their contact terminated by the government! For the naïve though it is not over and Atos, guilty as they are, were only doing what they were told to do and those people are still there. Probably think I have no idea who they are too?! Dumb arses! It was only one fence to be knocked down along the way. The fact that this has happened when I have been asked a question that is the innuendo is quite a coincidence! As you may or may not find out in due course but there is of course a link!

Hmm now I started this post for another reason?! Umm?! Lol! Oh yeah! I have had several emails from companies regarding one of my blogs. Well for companies I can think of and some are…persistent.

Now oddly I expected this, or rather hoped I would get the first few, but not for another 5 or 6 months yet. That is about the time I also expected to get somewhere with the NHS, Atos and the DWP. So it is refreshingly positive that these have happened earlier than I expected, but it has given me the confidence to now continue stating that which I have for a few weeks now and to at least three people, no four people, no five people, Lol, that I know not on the Internet. Though admittedly some have trouble listening while not having to much trouble talking. About not very much or mountains that are in reality more hills and no idea what suffering with you health really means. But that is their problem and not mine fortunately! I have no problem with empathy as those who have spent enough time about me now know to well. Despite everything I will go out of my way to help others and without so much as a bitch or a moan in sight.

So I can say with more confidence now that this year should be very productive, very productive indeed! Plus if I work around my issues and work my butt off provided the summer is not a complete wash out then 2015 will be like that of a fireworks display on a grand scale?!

Ooh, and it is the year of a general election too! A shame either the same tossers with no gonads/intelligence/wisdom or corrupt, or a whole set of new tossers who also have no gonads/intelligence/wisdom or are corrupt?!

I wonder which of the two it will be and how long before everyone is complaining yet again? I mean if I complain at least I can state that I never vied for any of them that for in power, not once!

They say the weather will be warm this weekend and I hope that means… SUNNY?! If so I will be back out cycling around like a moron with a camera! With any luck?!

Also there has been no response as regards my application for PIPS, Personal Independent Payments, which is exactly what happened exactly a year ago with a DLA, Disability Living Allowance!!

I should also add that despite telling ICE about this both last year and this time around I have had no response from them either! After accusing them of being frauds by taking British taxpayers money and doing bugger all for it I did not expect an unmediated response, but I did expect them to carry out what they claim!

Just to recall what they ‘claim’ they do they are supposed to keep the DWP in check when it comes doing their job properly. They do not and I have now given them two more chances to price that they do as they claim and they have failed miserably thus far! In fact I will email ICE again and remind them if what they claim and of the fact they have failed the times in a row. I will also add that if I cannot get them to act with my documents, recorded evidence and the blog that no one can!

In fact that has been the purpose all along, to rant off and attempt to get them to act and provide proof to back me up and that they will do everything but act!

Also along the way not only would I shite what I had stated previously and for many years but that I would continue to do so and then prove it!! By doing this little by little along the way then the more I prove I am being honest and am spot on correct and the more and more this evil companies and organisations will eventually appear to the visitors on here for what they are!

I have looked better and better and gotten closer and closer while they have gradually looked worse and stepped further and further away.

In the end there will be two very contrasting realities and I will not only show that they are frauds, immoral and evil while being self serving but at the same time I can also show how the British taxes have been wasted for years and years and years! Atos have after all been around and operating in the UK for many years and I would wager well over ten years?! But it must be realised that what they have been reprimanded for doing, not punished as they wangled a deal to quit the contact obviously, they have been doing a very long time and both this government and the last one not only knew damn well what they were doing they were either the instigators or they allowed the owners of Serco or whoever it may be to play these games and defraud the taxes.

Remember this is but one institution and there are several and are extremely big and extremely famous but they ate now entering the age of infamy.

It had been years of false economy which the idiots did not care about as long as they could make the books look balanced at the end if the financial year!! I they can keep going until they get paid 5 million to go or 10 million on retiring then they are happy to do it!

This is the problem with these people everyone casks fat cats using companies in a game of musical chairs?! Once they have moved on and with a warped, biased and corrupted British Legal System they can wriggle out of any punishments backed by a while team of lawyers!