The shame that has been on the government over the public services has been immense and grows all the time.

I sometimes sit there asking myself if Theresa May has any idea what her legacy is going to look like, David Cameron, George Osborne, Iain Duncan-Smith and a few others besides.

Tony Blair can add himself to that list because he more or less started it .. he just managed to fool everybody for a very long time. So much so that everyone blamed things on the Tories when they got in power and only the Tories. But they just took it and ran with it. Where Tony Blair was far more stealthy about it .. well .. except I had started to notice long before he left.

I always find it odd when a Prime Minister leaves and yet we have had two now do it and no one seems to ask why it has occurred twice.

Within the powers that be they must know this? Yet they are still willing to stand up to the plate and carry on where the previous Prime Minister left off. That takes a pretty callous person.

Oddly this was remarked upon by Theresa May’s closest rival to become Prime Minister .. pointing out that in her opinion families would suffer.

Everyone has now suffered, families included.

The lies and cheats I claimed as well as predicted in the NHS have come out thick and fast and I did think that despite the fact that the news media have compounded the downfall of British Society by avoiding sad and serious issues and reverting to celebrity effing gossip, they could not avoid it forever. There would be a point when they realise that so much was happening there would be a wide-scale breakdown of trust. A nation wide break down of trust.

I had barely finished vacuuming a living room when I was suddenly tagged in a story on Facebook that someone had posted from my old friends, The Daily Record.

I say ‘old friends’ because a few years back I had spoken to several people and had asked them how they heard about me. One replied “Your joking, right? Your blog is everywhere!” yet even three years ago the numbers did not seem to reflect, by Google and Blogger, this. A couple of others stated that it was from The Daily Record’s webpage.

Well the Daily Record has a story that piles a whole mountain of shame onto the one public service everybody insisted did not have a problem, did not lie or falsify documents. All my friends would say .. “Oh the NHS would not do that!” and it seemed a bridge too far. But I knew my facts.

So how about an 8 year old boy who kept writing suicide notes, clearly had a mental health problem and even tried to kill himself with a pair of scissors?

I effing kid you not!

I had a conversation with the person that tagged me in the story and while she said “It is bad, isn’t it?” when she has two of her four children autistic and a domestic abuser locked up who threatened to throw a 3 year old girl out of a window and kill her. Another situation everyone is avoiding and no one is doing anything about. Or helping with.

I have two crowd funding campaigns for them all. A family of five that I have been helping but has been killing me .. cost vast sums of money and .. I have my own disability that causes dozens of symptoms, some life shortening, and might be behind my chest and heart issues I am now being seen by a heart specialist for.

I literally feel at times I am going to drop dead at any time and while I would welcome that .. I would prefer it does not happen around people it would seriously affect that have already been affected beyond most people’s imagination.

So what I said in reply to ‘it;s bad’ is “It is SCARY is what it is!”

I am told that her mother, from my generation, also does not understand how things are not happening for her daughter. She told me that her mother said that years ago everything would have been sorted out in a flash and there would be an abundance of help. She is having difficulty coming to terms with the fact that there has been nothing. Nothing at all.

There is a house but .. something seems to be taking time with it. I have now learned there is a Support Worker and a Family Support guy. The Family Support guy has said that if the housing has not got in contact by Monday, it is Friday today, then he is going to phone them up and have a go at them?!

I am worried that they are going to withdraw or refuse the house they previously offered that we have had to wait many months for.

Added to all this is a recent report in the BBC about the lack of support for children with Special Educational Needs, SEN.

With the suicidal 8 year old the hospital even admitted that his condition was severe but the parents were told there were no beds.

The boy spent the last year leaving notes like ‘Everyone please forget me’ and the shocking ‘Burn me alive’ one. It is mind boggling. Pictures of the notes he left, or at least some of them, are pictured on The Daily Record’s webpage in the link below.

Another thing I have noticed in this area is .. people dying young. So much so that a mother and daughter spoke about it yesterday and the mother said “I wouldn’t be surprised if the government were putting something in the water to kill us off?!”

As crazy as a conspiracy theory this sounds .. my health has deteriorated since I have got here and I have heard myself of a lot of people dying in their twenties and thirties and that does not include he stories of children dying either!

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