As I started typing out this follow up I was expecting it to grow somewhat and it has.

That being said it has grown far quicker than I imagined as some things I expected to come to light have along with a few I did not.

I should have realised that this one will end up being the biggest or at least one of the biggest ones on a subject I deserted over a year ago when I realised what I was being told and the numbers I was getting stank to high heaven.

Antifa teachers and two pills on top of risky injections and backlashes from parents along with a very large survey of 1.4 million people to check for anti-bodies for covid.

Now then there is more to go and we are just a few days into Autumn. I knew that there would be a lot more over the next 3 months so this was going to have to be a minimum of three parts and I soon realised .. yeah four most likely?

Been trying to keep these posts as short and sweet but this one has already grown and likely will a bit more before posted.

Starts off with a few early tasters but as you go on you will see scientific evidence that more of my predictions have turned out to be the case along with that of more and more people doing an about face, realising and calling out the evil groups trying to manipulate others.

Yeah many already realise they have been lying but this is about to sky rocket and a few things have happened a month earlier than I thought they would.

Right at the end there is going to be a screenshot that is something of a surprise and though I do get this from time to time .. the names involved are ones I used to adore so much and shake my head as to what they have now become.

Out of 3,371 pregnant women in the whole if the UK infected with Covid19 only four have had the first dose of the vaccine and none have been fully vaccinated.

Now in New York they are persecuting children and disabled people who have been advised not to have the vaccine and Tim Pool points out that this is exactly what they did in Nazi Germany.

If you are not fit or worthy, have too many facts and too intelligent .. do not do as your told then you are for the chop.

The evil lying Marxists insisted to me they were not fascists and no one called them this.

Here is Tim Pool now calling them this and explaining why they are fascists and that when he asked many restaurants about disabled people that have been unvaccinated they all replied as the Nazis did ..

“We are only following orders”

Two Black Guys talking about why the Black Community are hesitant on Covid19 vaccines and talking about the hard-left ripping into them and calling them anti-vaxxers and how they are wrong, bullies and hypocrites. How celebrities so stupid shit because the virtue-signalling hard-left are liars and hypocrites. Like Philip De Franco and is mentioned.

They also talk about how they hard-left so socialists and Marxists are only interested in what blacks have to say when those black people say what the hard-left fascists want them to.

Told y’all.

Here are two videos featuring Tim Pool (centre-left but hard-left call far-right), Ian Crosslands (moderate left at a guess) and Steve Bannon (right-wing and not as he he described by the hard-left either).

In the first one they talk about Elon Musk’s cryptic ‘end of the world’ tweet that contains the word ‘Sun’. Collapsing empires. Food shortages in America. Working class too. The Fourth Turning.

Tim explains how he had to relocate many times as the trouble spread to places they never should have.

Here Tim Pool has guests on, one from Australia ad they talk and agree how the Hard-Left and Antifa are fascists. Now attacking people protesting against mask mandates and in all honesty at the worst possible time too.

Here is Fox News talking about the expose by Project Veritas of a teacher in a school in the US where he openly admits indoctrinating children to Antifa and literally telling children if they are not Antifa then they are pro-fascism.

Of course as is typical of nasty, narrow minded fascists who have claimed moral superiority to go after others and your children as they think they own them ..

Out comes the victim card as they are superior and crying because people are going after his job.

Remember these are the people that are the main pushers of

  • AGW or man-made global warming
  • Scaring people over Covid19 after claiming closing any borders was racist and encouraged everyone to be brought home with said virus
  • But now do not want you leaving your house
  • Want you to be forced to have vaccines that are untested and in my experience have been worse than the virus itself and more reports inevitable from what I am hearing of alerts to hospitals to expect an influx

You really could not make this stuff up.

These people are nasty and control freaks with low IQ’s and no morals whatsoever and I catch them out on a daily basis.

They insist I am conservative when I have proven I am not and currently trying childish and lame reverse psychology and have done a couple of weeks suggesting all conservatives should not be vaccinated.

So on the one hand saying they want conservative people to die while trying to use psychology to trick them into having vaccines which have been causing more deaths than the virus.

I have to deal with idiots still that do not agree with socialists and hard-left but want to pick and choose what they are right about because they are scared.

Oddly enough one was insisted on people being forced and did not agree with me that people were refusing vaccines because all the news said otherwise and they would not lie about this.

Pressurises his girlfriend to to to Crete where they usually spend 6 weeks every year and did not go last year.

Gets there ..

  • Curfew after 1am
  • Restaurants they love all closed .. and .. umm ..
  • Starts asking people about the state of things, remember he thinks people that refuse vaccines are evil and selfish ..
  • No one wants vaccines ..
  • Everyone seems to have had Covid19 ..
  • Gets told repeatedly for weeks 19 out of 20 barely knew they had it
  • Only one in twenty was bad
  • Not one person could tell him of anyone they knew that died from the virus

So I need to ask him if he ever plans to return to Crete as according to him for 8 months solid anyone that refuses to have vaccines are evil and selfish.

By that logic all of Crete is evil and selfish.

Also his girlfriend did not want to go because of the virus they believed was a threat so I cannot even begin to imagine the awkward conversation as once again they insisted I was wrong and I was right, never been wrong and they simply never learn, and she finds herself surrounded by people that could be carriers.

Bearing in mind these were people that agreed with people being locked in their own homes and seem to be now oblivious to the fact that the vaccines do not work that well and drop in effectiveness with each passing month.

Honestly have no idea if they had more shots or a booster before they went.

Also that they could have picked up another strain and brought it back to the UK and is totally possible and plausible.

Its been startling that those that claimed they hate socialists and fascists are quick to agree with them when it suits but then think that the rules only apply to others.

I have acted with far more responsibility over the virus that any single person promoting facemasks, vaccines and lockdowns.

Here is the original exposing of the Antifa teacher by Project Veritas where he admits to having an Antifa flag on the wall in his classroom and a student has since confirmed he has been at it awhile.

The teachers in the school are all far-left so socialists, Marxists and Antifa.

Here he is being confronted by Project Veritas and claims harassment and gets out his victim card while wearing his communist vest with a hammer and sickle on it.

He states “extreme times calls for extreme measures”?

Sooo .. that means lying and bullying people while the world is going to shit to get the society that they want?

No champ, that just sounds to me your a bunch of selfish c*nts that are nasty amoral fascists but have declared yourself morally superior and think that you can lie and instil fear into others to get what you want.

The Nazis did exactly that in the 1920’s and 1930’s and when they were called Nazis they were all for the working classes and no one knew what they were doing to the Jewish people.

Battle with these people online and they are worse than the Nazis, absolutely convinced they are not and do not seem to know their history very well. Or definitions.

I dare say the number of deaths are going to rise over the coming months and that when it does there will be no doubt that these hard-left fascist morons will be directly responsible for ..

  • Deaths from vaccines
  • Deaths from unrest and confrontation they are responsible for
  • Early deaths from Covid because they did not want to close borders
  • Theft of large sums of money over the AGW nonsense
  • Divisions within other countries and the deaths that may occur from these

Married couple I know who were forced to have vaccines have been very ill form them and this is in Yorkshire in the UK and many have gone back to the Doctors to complain and were told ..

‘Your problem, it was your choice to have it’.

So just in the UK and will build over the coming weeks right into 2022 the public are realising they was lied to and are now being blamed for something they was given no choice in.

Funny story as I know a woman teacher who told a health care worker that she had both jabs and tested later embarrassed Doctors told her she had no anti-bodies and did not know what to say.

Only after reports of vaccines amplifying covid symptoms in some cases and then being told by a health-care worker that the NHS put out an alert that hospitals may experience an influx of patients with reactions ..

I then get told that the teacher, not being told about any of this, returned to the Doctors to get another two vaccine injections where she was then told that she did have anti-bodies?

This could only mean that they are now lying so that they do not have to give her another one or they got it wrong last time and misinformed her?

Now considering the reports that the vaccines have ..

  • Not been working
  • Been worse than the virus
  • That have amplified symptoms
  • The NHS have put out THAT alert

It would be reasonable for anyone to think as well as plausible that they knew this was a major league flock up and did not want to give this woman two more injections only to have her hospitalised a few weeks later and maybe even die?

Could you imagine the headlines?

I mean she must have told people and she told her health-care worker, who was the one that told me about it, so if there was a fatality ..

‘Woman gets first two doses, gets side-effects but no anti-bodies, gets next two doses and dies’?

As she is a teacher she was likely forced by the government to have the vaccine too?

Yeah I will put money that they lied to stop her preventing having two more jabs as they do not want it being any harder than it may well be once we are well into Autumn.

Now then before the Autumn has barely had a few days a few reports turn up that raise an eyebrow and the first is one from the CDC suggesting that 80% of Americans have antibodies. No idea how many of those were unvaccinated.

A few days after that CDC Report a scientific study in Israel shows that effectiveness of vaccines is going within 6 months, effectiveness against the Delta variant differs from report to report.

Now then the Doctor that invented the mRNA vaccines is Dr Robert Malone and he started talking of his concerns about rushing this as did Dr Philip Mason, aka Thunderf00t.

Malone also talked of worrying results of tests concerning spike-proteins and was worried about long term effects like ovarian cancer and leukaemia.

Yeah they started to censor him.

Now I heard reports of the vaccines not protecting people from covid and in cases actually amplifying the symptoms though I know nothing about the numbers right now. Though I do expect to hear about them by December 2021.

Then I heard Dr Malone was talking about this and here is an interview with him I found and possibly others have been deleted. As if your Google, Twitter, YouTube et al then you can act as Doctors while Doctors that do not say what they are supposed to cannot.

Now out of the people I know, and I only state what I predict will happen and unlike a fascist group do not tell people what to do, 60% have not been vaccinated. Including two people working in health care.

Now one of those was very quick to decide what other people should do despite not speaking to any epidemiologists and also ignoring my success rate in science and politics. Not to mention the other things I have done.

Now they were under the impression they were protected and despite claiming others should be locked down in their houses .. went off to Crete for 6 weeks.

Considering that Covid19 has been in the UK ‘officially’ for 19 months and we have seen reports that suggest it could be 24 months and the vaccines have been around for .. ten months?

I have had no one tell me they have had either a booster shot or a second round of jabs.

Did the two I now have any jabs before they departed for Crete? I simply do not know.

As everyone they met had not been vaccinated and seem to have mostly had Covid19 and you can still contract it anyway it hardly seems relevant.

That being said if they travelled 4 months or more, they was there for a month, then they would have had next to no or no protection while there.

Now if that last one was the case and considering they were there for 6 weeks among people unvaccinated and many having had the virus .. would it not be reasonable to expect the to contract it? Considering how we are told how they are becoming more and more contagious over the last several months?

Ever since the virus had ‘officially’ been in the UK around 4 months every single thing I have looked at either does not make sense or after all this time they do not seem to know what is going on.

A socialist I know that thought she had some agree with her over covid and vaccines is somewhat confused as those that did have changed their minds. Been told that they do not want vaccines and do not trust the news media, NHS nor government on the subject.

Here is a video on how the hard-left socialists are not human at all. They are nasty, bossy low IQ people that just want to be in charge telling others what to do.

Now these boys right here? They iz not impressed, y’all.

Here is Tim Pool who is centre-left, who misses things but the hard-left call far-right because he does not agree with them. Yeah its a form of fascist bullying. Also talking about how these people are not human people at all and how the media make shit up.

Here is Luke Rudkowski on the same thing and a few others.

Intelligent black guy on a black lady with children who turns up to rip shit out of Antifa and call them names and explains that they are full of shit and that the media have ignored her.

These hard-left have been warned but despite claiming to be scientists have zero idea that winter is approaching and that the reports and data for Covid, Vaccines and AGW is about to get a whole lot worse.

A mother stripped of custody of her own child by a fascist Judge because she had not had the vaccine when her own Doctor advised her against it?

Where is his punishment for overruling Doctors and giving advice on vaccines? If it were me I would reintroduce ‘squads’. That fired people.

So the CDC published study that 83% of Americans have immunity that the hard-left are desperately trying to spin but also forgetting the vaccines only last 5 months or so ..

Tim Pool and guests saying that they must lift all restrictions now and if they do not then this is nothing to do with Covid19 and more sinister ..

Then Tim Pool hears that Pfizer now say you have to have three injections and on top of that take two pills every single day?

Yeah Pool loses it ..

So though I do get attention from scientists from both sides and many fields and I have no idea how many as I often do not check and many are anonymous because politics has destroyed science but ..

This author of a book called ‘Super-volcanoes’ and write for the National Geographic, New York Times, Scientific American and The Atlantic, liked one of my tweets.

It the alarmists that called me all the names under the sun ever found out there would be a mass meltdown as they have spent 2.5 years lying their backsides off and also claiming no one takes any notice of me.


Are those that have been following order and pushing narratives now realising that it is all about to end? Or have they realised it has already and now just a matter of time?

That would be the third author I am aware of to take notice of me in 3 years.

I am scientific, multi-disciplined with a weird pattern recognition skill and have made close to 90 predictions just in 2.5 years on Twitter that have almost all come to pass.

And for some reason many individuals and some very big names have thrown all including the kitchen sink at me and cost me financially just to try and stop me.

I am the wrong dude to do that to for a very long list of reasons.

All this because I am evil for providing the facts, reports, making predictions in science that later turned out to be true and telling people why I am not having the vaccines.

From people that hate others, want anyone that disagrees with them to die, lie about science, bully people, make up shit about others and push them as facts .. order people to have vaccines or they are evil murderers.

Then they do a switcheroo and for a few weeks were telling Conservatives, told them for two years and proved that I am not a Conservative, not to have them.

A stupid and childish reverse psychology that also comes across at the exact same time that they want everyone that disagrees with them to die.

That is everyone from centre-left to far-right.

Or more or less anyone that is not a socialist, Marxist, Trotskyist, Communist etcetera.

Where only the most naïve wont notice over the newt few months I predicted there would be many protests and they started earlier than I thought.

Thousands of cities across the world have had protests against government using the virus to bring about draconian and authoritarian measures against the people.

Now in Paris, France in the last few days there have been not one but many.

To give you an idea and make you question your mainstream news media there were no less than four on the same day in Paris.

Also there and what I have been waiting for were the Gilets Jaunes who I knew in time would start up again as more and more, well of the less naïve, realise they have been lied to, manipulated and that governments are following the path they did in 1930’s Germany.

Rather surprising was the ‘USA’ chants as well as the repeated calls for Macron to be impeached and go to jail.

At least Joe Biden will have someone to talk to when he is conscious, eh?

Water canons and tear gas were used.

Here is Ken Wheeler a guy I have watched for years on Fujiflim and Nikon cameras who himself got dragged into this.

Listen to him on what Australia are doing.

Neil Oliver from the ‘Coast’ series now on GB News and listen to what he says about the news media, government, NHS and Doctors regarding Covid and the Vaccines.

Here is Neil Oliver from TV series ‘Coast’ which I think was on the BBC and now on GB News talking about how covid is madness and no one trusts the vaccines, government, Doctors or the NHS.

Branching off this is Sabine Hossenfelder. Much admired by me I very much enjor watching her videos on science when I can get away from everything else.

Multi-published scientist she did a video on AGW where she got angry with the news media and ‘do-gooder leftists’ using the phrase ‘follow the science’ which is nonsense and explains why.

In another video show helped me prove something these ‘do-gooder leftists’ were wrong about in that she was askd to write an honest piece on speculative physics. We were told that neither Doctors nor scientists were shut down. They lied.

After writing the piece for the American Physical Society, remember they asked HER, she was then rejected for being too honest and that the piece would ‘offend people’.

Here she talks about the cosmological model, something I had long theorised they were wrong about .. and it is wrong. Prediction number 87 .. or is it 88?

Once again some ‘friends’ that have spent years questioning me on views and predictions and always end up being wrong are wrong yet again.

One wonders whether they will take into consideration how this has affected me over the years and whether or not people with a zero score and getting it right should stop telling someone that they have even admitted always gets it right and stop?

Would be nice but I doubt it.

It is why I would like to live on a deserted island until its over but doubt I will last 10 years anyway?

Now then just to repeat because the hard-left hate me and insist I am far-right but along with all the other labels they like to call me .. they cannot prove it. Because there is no proof and it is not true.

Now they are also well aware and have been for years of my political leaning and along with ignoring it and still calling me a ‘right-wing nut-job’ they do another of their many ‘switcheroos’ and run around telling my followers that I am left-wing and even the term ‘closet leftist’ strongly implying I am a socialist .. but they just laugh.

So for the exact same reason that all the hard-left hate me the centre-left to moderate-right adore me ..




Noam Chomsky
Noam Chomsky
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein
Karl Popper
Karl Popper
Karl Popper
Niccolo Machievelli
Mystery Quote
Mystery Quote
Mystery Quote
Mystery Quote

Here is part of an all day battle that led to carnage and a deep state of denial on those lying about science tp push an agenda and this is common occurrence and included as a bit of fun as well as insight

They waited a few months to come back and lie abut a scientist whose video I posted
Except my side knows I know every thing they try to pull and had beren prepared for months and so let fly and followers were falling about laughing
Get retweeted and as we will get to in a minute my scientist quotes get a lot of likes now
Due to my knowledge and style along with reputation and being undefeated I often get standing ovations and even salutes
Put in a list of the top 7 people on AGW they think I am like Feynman and sometimes Tony Stark due to me Peacock like struting around with these liars and abusers of science
As a scientist I am unique as my skill extend to politics and humour in the form of extreme sarcasm and efter over a doen or two and with only two left I think I may have made the Antifa hoard angry when I posted this above meme?



In my experience, being a stickler for the facts and follow the rules of science and centre-left and consider myself a centrist and having a memory condition that makes it impossible for me to lie ..

I have witnessed a cascade of evil actions and evil statements from a group of people that think they are morally superior and think everyone else is beneath them.

Make no mistake this group is behind and push hard as well as attack anyone that disagrees .. socialism, global warming being man-made and down to CO2 only, identity politics, the worst stories on covid and supported face-masks (now may have been collecting Black, White and Yellow Fungus spores that have killed people) and vaccines, which we now know are not only killing people but seem to have little effect on covid transmission.

To me these people should be locked up in prison for the rest of their lives and the keys collected up and tossed into the Mariana Trench.

Their only homes are Twitter and Facebook as well a YouTube where they have many, many accounts each and pretend they are much bigger in numbers than they really are and mass bully, or so it appears, others.

They have been caught lying hourly and also guilty of that which they accuse others of and its clear their rules do not apply to themselves. These are these woke left idiots I just lump in as Marxists but are likely a collection of groups.

One thing they consistently insist on is that they are using logic while their opponents do not and one even uses the word ‘logic’ in their name.

In my opinion they are the worst group of humanity you could ever come across and there only interested, while being low IQ scoring morons, is control over other people and bossing them about. While they moan about governments bossing people about.

Well recently after getting dragged back into something by others. People I muted suddenly not muted any longer basically because of a Marxist (whatever leftist) Chemist called Gerald Kutney who tries so hard to be relevant. He also gets pleasure out of shepherding the sheep but vanishes when you confront him. It seems after remaining off a thread for weeks I was being argued over and Gerald Kutney put up his usual science which was a string of ROFL emojis. Cos that’s how scienzey is done, dontcha know? Now only is he a liar and commands a bunch of SRI loaded minions to lie and cheat for him but he is also a coward and a backstabber.

I had been interested to see what would happen if my absence appeared to be permanent and of course Gerald came back from under his rock and was taking jibes. I was being defended by some very nice followers and then someone seeing this actually tagged me in.

Wondering WTF after seeing someone I had muted I went in and I carpet bombed the lying fascist manipulators and of course Gerald Kutney teleported out and I cannot even recall if he managed a single tweet?

Anyway not wanting to dive everyone crazy I was already regretting going on as the SRI loaded minion hoards that had not blocked me descended. got some inspiration to do something I have wanted to do for a long time.

One lying moron called Mark Lunn, I call Ma Klunk, apparently for the umpteenth time tried to claim my previously involvements with British Secret Services were bullshit.

Once again I reminded him and his comrades that each time they say this I keep offering proof and they simply refuse to ask for it. Sometimes I still provide it anyway and they will refuse to look. Or one did and then lied about it and said that he heard it all and I was lying. I said ..

“So you listened to a five hour discussion in 30 minutes and declared I am lying?”

They are not very good with numbers even including TIME.

Then Lunn said something perfect that allowed me to get him into a trap where he claimed how they worked and they contacted me and used me as an asset. Yeah except I contacted them with something that I myself knew about and they did not and I myself collected audio evidence from 250 miles away over two atrocities with one half going to MI5 and GCHQ and having a five hour visit from Police Detectives, from 250 miles away, for the other. Jurisdiction.

So I asked without correcting therefore laying the trap “How do you know that?”

Whereby he then started tweeting how he knows how the secret services work because he is the son of one?

“Yeah champ? No. Just, no! You are not allowed to talk with family over dinner about the goings on with the operations of the secret services and in the UK have to sign the Official Secrets Act”

In his scramble to talk up his bullshit, or double down, he stated that he relative was a pilot.

They have secret agents pilots now?

Not very secret if you come roaring in, in a Lockheed Martin F22, F35 or Apache Longbow, is it now?

Wanted to expose their lies and run through how logic works and go through a list of the logical fallacies they commit every hour despite claiming constantly that they present logical arguments.

Its kind of liking poking a Lion with a stick, do it enough times and thee true nature is revealed and is swipes for your face.

So here we go ..

Logical Fallacies & How They Work ..

False Cause Fallacy – Falsely assuming that one thing is the cause of another. Despite the fact nothing has been proven and despite the fact that the climate is hundred of complex systems we are very far away from understanding and need quantum computing and the correct models to even get close. They insist everything is down to CO2. Completely false.

Gambler’s Fallacy – This fallacy occurs when the gambler falsely assumes that the history of outcomes will affect future outcomes. The absolutely best example on this occasion is their use of the world ‘trends’ when it comes to global temperatures. The fact that the Maunder Minimum, a Grand Solar Minimum which cause very long and cold winters, means nothing to them.

When shown that the data suggests we are entering one and even on the BBC in 2014 they said the data appears back then like the Maunder Minimum, they dismiss it. For 7 years it has only got a great deal worse and they still dismiss it. People dying in the record snow and cold across the world and they do not care. Nope focus on CO2 and they have to be in power to do something they have no solution to for a problem that does not exist. Except in very vague theories that observational evidence does not match up with. Oh they do not like observational evidence and even claimed it is not used in science. Utterly false. Check Richard Feynman’s quotes on that one.

Faulty Motives Fallacy – Irrelevant appeal to the motives of the arguer. They will literally run through a list of things to accuse you of to cast the seed of doubt. I even accused them all of having a document open where they just copy and paste some shite or other.

Genetic or Bad Seed Fallacy – Appeal to the origins of an argument to discredit its claims. Word phrase ‘fell for denier nonsense’ is usually used. Or origins of a person similar to Guilt By Association. The hard-left look for something bad to say its all bad and rule it out. While in their case they do the opposite .. they wait for one thing they got correct out of 100 and then say its all good. Its utter incompetence and sinister beyond belief and if the Devil was around he would be PROUD! One of many why religious people think they are the Devil’s minions and after a time you can see why and really cannot blame them.

Here is a recent example where the woke left crows will go after you for something you said a long time ago, a decade in this instance. If its their opponents then you are guilty for life and will destroy your life.

If its their side they get a pass even if it was something two days ago and no matter how many times and I have seen this literally myself online with racist tweets, they get a pass.

Group Think Fallacy – Impressing others or supporting each other has them thinking they are all correct. Illogical and dangerous. When its them numbers are important and back them up and when you put the same thing to them they then dismiss numbers as not being relevant.

Guilt by Association Fallacy – If I do not agree with the hard-left but agree with someone who is, say, far-right they conclude and insist I am far-right also. Kinda also the False Dichotomy Fallacy is thrown in.

Hedging Fallacy – Is more or less someone gradually moving the goal-posts when it comes to their original statements and probably the fallacy they are mostly guilty of on the far-left.

False Dichotomy Fallacy – Insist something is this or that sometimes called the Black or White Fallacy. Usually their opponents political leanings.

Hypostatization Fallacy – Taking something from an abstract term and treating it as if it is a concrete one. A fairly common abuse of logic by the hard-left while they continually accuse others of being illogical without an explanation or use of any names of these fallacies.

Ideology Driven Argumentation Fallacy – Presupposing an aspect of their own argument they are unable to defend. Oh my this is one of the more common ones you see. What usually happens in this instance, as well as some others, is they then ignore you and start attacking someone else. I have had period where I have literally fired questions at them for hours to highlight their avoidance to others.

Common Cause Fallacy – Occurs when they apply everything to their one cause or in this case how global warming causes record snow, record cold, global temperature drops and volcanoes to erupt. These morons literally think, or it could be faking it, that they are the moral superiors because they claim to be saving the planet, people and animals. Except they don’t bat an eyelid when you show a report of people dying. Especially when its down to cold or snow.

Ignoring Inconvenient Data Fallacy – Kind of speaks for itself. Best trick is that they dumped one global temp graph because the ‘+’ changed to ‘-‘ for another. In this instance a common one is ignoring weather reports that are not to their liking and it becomes ‘just weather’ and claim that ‘you do not understand the difference between weather and climate’. With the latter I then spent sever4al months asking them to define the difference, because I know what is is being an expert on it, to which they did not answer. They did not know.

When they then see a report of record heat it then changes from ‘just weather’ to ‘proof AGW is real’. I made a meme graphs that zigged zagged across a baseline. Above I put ‘Proof of AGW’ while below the baseline I put ‘Just Weather’.

We compare the results of computation to nature, experiment or experience, compare it directly with observation, to see if it works. If it disagrees with experiment it is wrong”

  • Richard Feynman

No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right, but a single one can prove me wrong”

  • Albert Einstein

Unless you are a climate alarmist where all the quotes by the greatest, most scientific, philosophical and wisest minds are all dismissed.

Insufficient Statistics Fallacy – Drawing conclusions from data sets nowhere near large enough to extrapolate anything from. They will cherry-pock the absolute worst example ever if the numbers go in their favour.

Likely top example is Polar Bear numbers where a scientist and lecturer cal;led Susan Crockford stated a couple of years back there were more Polar Bears than they was telling us and was removed from duty. She was interviewed by Don Smith over this and yet a recent report states that there are between 3,500 and 5,500 Polar Bears.

Quite literally in politics, social media and in science now and the fake news are guilty of this is that some facts are wrong to reveal to others while many lies are perfectly fine.

This is YOU we are talking about. Why would they not want YOU .. to know the truth? Because they want to CONTROL you. Cannot recall if it was Noam Chomsky or Karl Popper or even Mark Twain that said that ‘If you control the media, you control the minds of the people’?

Appeal to Authority Fallacy – When someone says that NASA, a Doctor or the news said something so that their argument must be true. Not only are people like NASA, NOAA and the USGS used but they even do this with The Guardian, Media Matters (proven to lie and hard-left leaning) and Snopes and even Wikipedia, disowned by a co-founder who has apologised for the misinformation contained within it. I call it WikiPencil.

Slippery Slope Fallacy – Insisting that the worst that can happen will happen and perfectly describes how for more than thirty years we have heard at several different junctures that we are all gong to die in a burning world in 8 years time.

The Bandwagon or Appeal to the People Fallacy – Stating that because most people believed in their theory then it has to be true. The sad fact is that this was actually a lie as well as a logical fallacy and something extremely common with the hard-left on everything.

No True Scotsman Fallacy – Argument being that if you do something out of the ordinary in a group then you cannot be part of that group. Example someone says ‘No True Scotsman puts sugar on porridge’ when a Scotsman tells him that he does this he is then told ‘you are no true Scotsman’ usually used in political debates. Constantly told I am right-wing. I let them do this for a few years and then broke it to them I was centre-left. After being called a liar they came up with the idea that they could call me a ‘secret socialist’ and therefore lose all my followers. I let them go on about that for months before I told them that they already knew. They do not care.

Should have seen the raging over that one. And therein comes in the False Dichotomy Fallacy whereby if its not this then its that or as always turned out when they try to turn me to their side or group whereby I reply ‘I do not agree with socialism, Marxism, Communism and I do not agree with lying or misleading people and could never be part of any group that manipulates others for control’.

Observational Selection Fallacy – Drawing the things you want from something and ignoring everything else. Perfect example is when a hard-left posted a link at me, this happened all the time, to prove global warming was real and proved by scientists in China. Only I was familiar with the paper and I quoted 8 sections from it.

It stated no evidence of warming, signs its now going to cool and this is worrying. They then homed on ion them stating one line that ‘we should not just forget about warming’ and used this alone to show the hard-left should be given power. Which would always follow, as this happened repeatedly, when I quoted the part where the scientists state that people have the false idea that we have control over CO2 and climate, when we don’t.

Ad Hominem or Against The Person Fallacy – Forgot about this one where they make personal attacks and this one is the most used on the hard-left and used when they have lost or know they are about to lose an argument. Hence WHY it is their most commonly used fallacy.

Anthropomorphism Fallacy – not Anthropogenic in AGW which they love this is where you project human qualities onto something. An example is that my side of people from centre-left to right-wing always respect each other and ask how each other are. Me being me after 18 months after being labelled with some pretty horrible things I asked how it is that the hard-left have never greeted each other or asked each other how they are.

After a long period of quite the next few weeks had them asking each other how they were, even pretending to care about me and offering help, yeah right, that had my side laughing. Yeah they call me ‘the King’ for a reason.

Appeal To Emotions Fallacy – Is another common thing that something must be true and therefore change, normally disregarding the majority, because of their feelings be that anger, sadness, love or whatever.

Appeal to Ignorance – Claiming something is true or false when this is not the case and the proof is out there. They just did not bother to look or knowingly lie. Although I have seen evidence of them genuinely making mistakes this is only in things they cannot twist. ‘Saturn’s Moon Titan is way bigger than Earth’ was thrown at me while I was explaining that the Sun affects the atmosphere of even Titan further out than Jupiter.

Traditional Wisdom or Consensus Gentium Fallacy – Has anyone ever put to you that something is true because there is a consensus? Yeah if so then they are hard-left. I referred to this before I knew its name as the Round Table Fallacy. I would say that a group of morons around a round table is not how you get to the facts and science is a process to reach one or more conclusions that are wrong half the time and not even that can be called ‘settled’. How can a process be called ‘settled’? It cannot and therefore is a lie. Or one argues that because something has been done a certain way for a long time it must therefore by the correct or best way. Everyone once thought the world was flat.

Tu Quoque Fallacy – When someone is advised not to do something who realises that the adviser has actually performed said act themselves. ‘Look whose talking’. Those being advised then become suspicious of the adviser.

Unfalsifiability Fallacy – Is when you make claims someone cannot disprove. The hard-left do this all the time and use it in conjunction with the Ad Hominem Fallacy or personal attacks when they are losing or lost and you can have 3 to 24 of them do this. I used to call it the Marxist Faeces Throwing Method and even created a meme for it of a cartoon monkey slinging his faeces.

Richard Feynman and Karl Popper along with others make quotes along these lines.

Another thing I must tell you is that you cannot prove a vague theory wrong”

– Richard Feynman

Vested Interest Fallacy – Oh this is also a very common one used to shut down, they really are fascists these people, anything they do not like. The most common ones are ‘they are paid by oil companies’ despite also contradicting themselves by telling us many times ‘oil companies admit it is real’. The others are ‘they are far-right’, ‘they believe in God’, ‘they are paid by Trump’, ‘ they are paid by Putin’. Or something similar or some variation on these things but you get the idea.

Wishful Thinking Fallacy – A beauty this one as the other thing I did after 18 months of posting record snow, cold and global drops in temperature was point out that they did not want the world to cool and in fact wanted it to burn. Because this will get them their precious socialism when the truth is 80% of the people they lured in do not understand everything it entails. You own nothing under socialism. Nothing is yours but that is one they do not tell people. To this day they have never once shown a sign of relief that the Earth is not burning. After 6 months of global temps dropping and record winters they have done nothing but complain, attack and make every excuse under the Sun .. LOLz!

Avoiding The Issue Fallacy – Think this one is self-explanatory and its when someone does not want to hear the facts and changes the subject. Avoiding the Question is kinda the same thing.

Begging The Question Fallacy – Concluding something from an open question be there an response or not. In my case I get questions asked that are irrelevant and designed to trick me to bring the Bad Seed Fallacy into play and I refuse to answer. Sometimes I say its irrelevant and sometimes I simply do not say anything. Several times a day they will then decide what the answer is and state that this is obvious because I did not answer the question.

Remember at this point these are people that mention the word ‘logic’ or ‘logical’ in every other tweet and even one on Twitter has there Twitter @ as @RuledByLogic who I caught claiming that if Earth had no CO2 it would get down to -273C. Absolute zero is -273.15C and impossible to reach. So getting down to -273C naturally with radiation coming from everywhere is very hard. The lower the harder.

This is someone claiming to teach children science right here in London. Pluto is 90 astronomical units, if memory serves, from the Sun where Earth is just 1AU. At its coldest Pluto’s this atmosphere gets down to -223C

Biased Generalizing Fallacy – Generalizing from a biased sample or using an unrepresentative sample and overestimating your arguments strength based on that sample. Yeesh I could go on for pages over this one but its basically like cherry-picking things that say what they want to hear to rule out facts or theories they do not like. They not only love graphs that amplify their claims in some way but have even edited graphs and drawn lines that look as if they are in orbit, this was CO2 mainly.

Cherry-Picking or Suppressed Evidence Fallacy – Intentionally failing to use evidence suspected of being relevant. Prime example is that they used to use the UAH Global Temperature graphs then when it registered into the negative territory on temperatures chose another and started inventing excuses for why the UAH is wrong.

Tokenism Fallacy – Think we have all seen this in our entertainment. Apart from Warner Bros cancelling the masterpiece of Zack Snyder’s Justice League which did Ray Fisher an injustice and made me wonder about the nationalities of Ezra Miller, Gal Gadot (Israeli)

Confirmation Bias Fallacy – Is when people search for only the things that support their biased views and the hard-left do this on everything. Absolutely everything from politics to woke to science.

Explanation is an Excuse Fallacy – Is a common thing when you answer a question and they find some way of twisting your answer into an excuse and rule it out. Which, after awhile, makes people NOT want to answer their questions, get fed up with their Red Herring Fallacies and refuse to answer in which case yet another logical fallacy comes into play by them.

Curve Fitting Fallacy – oh now this is a funny one due to the skewed graphs out there and member of the alarmist groups actually distorting rises in graphs to make them look scary but instead make them look ridiculous.

They have issues telling red from blue from yellow too. My annotated solar cycle graph with my forecast of smoother sunspot numbers represented by a red line was for a WHOLE YEAR repeatedly claimed to be incorrect because of a blue line or a yellow line on the graphs. My prediction from late 2019 turned out to be accurate and as far as I am aware, I was closer then anyone else. Except maybe Professor Valentina Zharkova.

Double Standards Fallacy – Would require a 50 page post ALL ON ITS OWN!

Equivocation Fallacy – Switching meanings or definitions to words and phrase and oh my word did I get a shock when I realised they was doing this. In fact it even goes beyond that. Dr Ball vs Michael Mann .. Mann lost a court case. They continually claimed that Mann won despite the fact the case was thrown out and Mann was forced to pay the legal costs. They even lied and said they BOTH paid. When the transcripts were presented to them they changed this to ‘it was a draw’.

These people were shown to all be disturbed, twisted and obsessive to the extreme and along with lying and getting angry and talking about their opponents ‘kissing a shotgun while an epileptic holds the trigger’ were later found out to be all taking Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors and other drugs. Which was classic as they spent two years accusing their opponent as having serious mental health issues and stating they had no right to an opinion because of this.

I refer you back to the double standards fallacy.

Faulty Motives Fallacy – Commonly used by the hard-left to put doubt in the minds of others, your followers and friends when they imply you have some personal gain in something. Very evil and sinister and more double standards when they themselves have a goal of socialism or something further left and want an authoritarian system with it. A la ‘1984’.

Loaded Question Fallacy – Those that are shepherds of the herd are more papable of this abuse of logic but sadly for them they have been destroyed also. Its when they frame a question, like fake news frames statements, headlines or lines, to make the answer they want look obvious.

A common one is throwing a formula at you that if you do not answer means that you know nothing about science.

Loaded Language Fallacy – is kinda similar to the last and the news media outlets are mostly guilty of this one.

Misplaced Burden of Proof Fallacy – They are always doing this and ties in with the Vague Theory analogy in that they make a claim and then demand that you prove them wrong. If you cannot they declare that they have stated facts.

Listing and many more from the California State, LOLz, University in Sacramento ..

Will add at this point that since becoming President and all the people he has stabbed in the back over promises the woke refuse to this day to condemn anything that Joe Biden has done.

They have also refused to condemn Alexandria Ocasio Cortez attempting a grift for money over her grandmother’s destroyed home and then refused to take money from Republican’s out of principle, not giving the grandmother she was crying about any thought .. leaving her grandmother in a destroyed house.

These people only care about themselves and the power they have over others.

They get plenty of evidence of their doomed failures among the woke with the whole ‘GetWoke Go Broke; thing but these people do not want to listen to you unless you agree with them.

They will carry on and destroy everything until they get what they want.

And if they get what they want? They will spark off civil wars in every country where socialism and wokeness gets a grip and I for one will be on the side that stands against them. That is not a place they want to be. Twitter is a place where you have no choice but to be .. TAME.

The very idea that they can get the whole world or even a whole nation to agree to their insane madness is in fact a form of delusion.


When someone seems hell-bent on convincing you watch out for buzzwords like ‘peer-reviewed’ as this is intentionally misleading and the hard-left do this all the time.

From a court case 2009 and they are STILL doing it. This is abuse of science and language.


Little something on the history and the Fagradalsfjall volcano

For Several years now the data has been telling me Global Cooling will occur, volcanoes are going to increase and a Grand Solar Minimum is upon us

This morning I hear something from someone in #Iceland and Did a little research .. oddly missing from one page but not another

“Fadradalsfjall mountain is a Pleistocene table mountain in the Reykjanes Peninsula NE of Grindavik, and the remnant of a subglacial eruption during the latest glaciation”

But been trying to work out how bad, how cold, how long and the current reports from animals to science are telling me .. possibly worse than Maunder Minimum

That last glaciation is the Younger Dryas Ice-Age and now I am more concerned that I was previously

Factor in how, after years of the experts that you pay for to tell you these things lying to you and stated otherwise, volcanoes are increasing, Etna has gone off many times and La Soufriere has erupted to high-levels many times, around 10, may do for the next month and many others are too.

Now then .. I have been trying to educate people for the longest time and though I have reached people and people are appreciative of it, it has not been enough.

Look at the world .. look at your country. The same mistakes over and over again.

If you take the average person out there and agree that the average person is naïve, stupid or amoral or a combination of any of those three then consider this ..

How many more are there out there more naïve, more amoral and more stupid?

There are those that love drama and those that love to panic. There are those that love to boss others around too.

This has not been missed and this has been capitalised on.

  • Play to Power
  • Play to Greed
  • Play to Fear

If you do not want to be controlled and manipulated by others using deceit then you should not be deceitful yourself. You have to ignore those three things if you want to be immune to the manipulation.

I have one and others get annoyed with them, many refuse to have anything to do with them and they are constantly using the panic and fear of covid to draw attention to themselves.

What annoys others is that for 20 years they have always disagreed with me, me a genius scientist and they not educated at all. What annoys me is that those that get annoyed with her for always disagreeing with me end up doing it themselves and get proved wrong.

OF course the latest one is covid and the vaccines which has played out now exactly as I stated it would when I stopped posting a series on it 8 or 10 months ago because I knew the official lines on it was bullshit.

The virus appeared as I predicted, though three years earlier than I thought, and then did not play our as I thought and I realised they were lying about it.

I have an analytical mind and factual and I simply had to stop.

Since then they have gone heavy on it while I have had to point out their complete bullshit and as a result of being factual and scientific I have been hidden. A women in Israel I know I spoke to for the first time in months on Twitter and she tells me she thought I had left Twitter a year ago.

Nope .. been there every day.

My daughter informed me she could not see any posts on Facebook after my birthday. So missing around 500 posts then., She even sent me a screen-shot and after I seem to remember have had that particular conversation before?

I am sure when those in power and behind the charade get found out the excuses will be ..’Oh it was for the benefit of mankind, the greater good’?

Yes ..

  • Lying to the people
  • Getting the fake news to lie to the people
  • Screwing up our lives
  • Taking trillions because of lies
  • Screwing up our escapism
  • Allowing the far-left progressives power knowing they would screw everything up and create division because they are amoral fascists
  • Intentionally spreading fear over viruses, climate and WARS
  • While you all continued to lie and line your pockets and maybe even create survival shelters for yourself, just in case, which WE PAID FOR?
  • Yes, yes I am sure the greater good and the benefit of mankind is for a whole bunch or evil, amoral, deceitful UUanchors to survive while leaving innocent people in the dark top their fate?

I had a friend who was always a supporter of the Jews say this to me when I tried to tell him that forcing people to have injections of an untested drug is fascism and the sort of things the Nazis did on the war, experimenting on people and his answer, as a professional socialist, was this ..

“But sometimes you need a bit of fascism”?! And I could not believe my ears.

This was someone that had two nicknames for the socialist I know and used to duck, hide and run with his African girlfriend if they ever saw them while out ‘Hitler’s Wife’ and ‘Satan’s Wife’.

Someone that apologised to me because they thought we were being unkind and over the top about this socialist and then after meeting them a couple of times him and his African girlfriend turned to two of us one day and said ..

“We want to say sorry. We never said but we thought you was all being really horrible about her. But now we have met her a couple of time .. she is WAY WORSE then you described!”

Now I can tell you what this one has done for years that I see them ALL DO ..

  • Claim they are for the workers
  • Claim they are for the poor
  • Claim they are for people of colour
  • Claim they are for disabled people
  • None of the above is true ..
  • Got annoyed with friend with terminal cancer because she went to her house and her ‘friend’ was in hospital
  • Ignored people she knows with cancer and thinks he undiagnosed mild epilepsy is worse
  • Finds two hair in the bath and tells everyone she might have cancer and others say is she still going on about her hair after 30 years?
  • Upon receiving a phone-call from a son’s girlfriend that her son is in hospital she answers “oh I am in bed right now, can you ring me back in the morning”
  • Blows a gasket if it a get-together and they are not the centre of attention
  • Ignores science and goes with political correctness every time
  • Uses manipulative tricks to control people around her
  • Lies constantly
  • Repeats those lies sometime later when she thinks everyone has forgotten they were exposed as lies
  • Thinks everyone should have a say like some Communist committee
  • But when it comes down to it everyone has to agree in the committee with what she says
  • No education of any kind, no skills or training .. nothing

After explaining my debates with socialists online a friend of mine that knows the above person said to me

“My God, all these people sound just like her?!”

They think that things should be how they want them to be to the point of obsession and people in power know this and played to these obsessions.

The fear. The amoral side. The greed.

There are of course other psychological factors ..

  • Dunning-Kruger Effect and was likely massaged to think they are right, I know mine was and I know EXACTLY how they do it
  • The obsession, the commitment and the time involved only makes the above worse and they end up trapped and unable to escape and take absolute beatings over this
  • But this persists because of a group mentality and re-enforcement from each other
  • I have LITERALLY proved statements to be inaccurate and also lies and they LITERALLY continue liking tweets or in this ones case “But HE agrees with me!”
  • Constantly fuelling their confirmation biases on Google searches

I refer back to what I stated earlier .. if the average person is naïve, amoral or an idiot .. how many out there are as bad or worse?

Consider this .. how much has not been learnt, how much has been missed, how many opportunities have not been capitalised on because of this humongous distraction these people have caused and the amount of money, time and effort has been wasted?

The number of dead whales, dolphins, fish and marine life I have seen on beaches has not only been staggering the last two years but increasing.

Been warning and warning and warning about this but they did not listen but supposed to be about the environment?

Literally with one in Israel they all collectively said

“Its an oil spill and therefore we should be put in power to stop using fossil fuels”

  • They have no alternative to fossil fuels
  • You cannot make everyone stop using it across the world
  • More top the point .. I answered ..
  • So from New Zealand to Australia, to Middle-East, to Europe, to Russia, to the UK, to North America and South .. these have all been oil spills, have they?”
  • I myself had been not only telling THEM directly but on this blog and elsewhere that submarine volcanoes would increase along with those on land
  • They said I was both wrong and dumb because no one else was saying this .. because yeah, that’s how science works .., an individual cannot come up with a theory it has to be a communist committee
  • Only now it has, meaning once again I was correct when all the science organisations were wrong
  • They attacked me and falsely claimed I stated that Etna had thrown massive amounts of SO2, Sulphur Dioxide as it COOLS the planet, into the atmosphere
  • Because they HAVE to keep the warming narrative going, despite claiming to be about the science
  • After all getting angry and attacking me for predicting that the Geldingadalur volcano would erupt when experts said it would not ..
  • La Soufriere I was watching erupted and has had 10 high-level eruptions producing a big cloud of SO2 which stretches from South America to Africa
  • This was literally weeks after they were trying to talk down Etna, my predictions and still state I was wrong and nothing was happening and everyone should focus on CO2
  • What do these socialist scientists say now after 54 of my predictions in 27 months have been proven accurate when they use Galileo to complain no one listens to them?
  • Well apparently with my 54 predictions and every one of their failing I am STIIL WRONG and they are STILL RIGHT
  • No I am not joking with that last one

Think about this for a moment ..

They constantly use dead people in either science and politics and claim they would agree with them and I have to use quotes to expose they are lying.

They whine that no one listened to Galileo Galilei about this ONE THING.

Then someone comes a along with well over 50 predictions and over 27 months 54 of them have proven correct and outside of Trump not remaining as President, none have been wrong.


And these alarmists and socialist scientists do not like this and constantly attack me, ridicule me and mass report me to get me off Twitter.

They have been down four other profiles of mine too. Often leaving messages or gleaning information they can post on Twitter to scare me.

Does this sound like the actions of someone you can trust?

Does it sound like the actions of someone into science?

Does it sound like the actions of someone into the facts?

Do they sound like the actions of people trying to save the lives of people and animals?

I should point out that its these people that have pushed for more lock-downs, pushed for forced vaccinations and defended these untested drugs and lying health authorities like the NHS.

The ones that did not want to ground aircraft because it was racist and said it was just like the flu but now using to to spread fear?

Does all that not sound just a wee bit more than a little funky to you?

These people are fascists and not interested in you at all. Even Lauren Chen released a video titles something along the lines of “Dear Asians, the Left are Not Your Friends”

I never thought I would live to see evil quite like this and a group of fascist supremacists projecting those things onto others to inch their agendas forward and follow in the footsteps of the Nazi’s in Germany from the 1920’s and 1930’s but that is exactly what it is.

Called it and hash-tagged it #ProjectDistraction all along and I have always maintained that I believe they have known what I do and maybe even more than I do.

That all the craziness around the world has been a huge distraction so that we do not see the bigger picture and what is going on.

People are narrow minded as many will focus on ..

  • Hollywood Elites
  • Lying double-crossing politicians
  • Covid
  • AGW (though this has now reduced to about 10% and dropping .. FACT)
  • Vaccines
  • Wokeness
  • Supply and Food
  • Jobs
  • Money
  • Brexit that is never ending
  • Suspect Elections
  • Collapsing EU
  • the list goes on

Of course there is my other theory that the changes around the Earth, energy, atmospherics, Schumann Resonance, magnetosphere .. is making everyone crazy? It certainly is having effects on animals.

What is important is getting it right.

Lets review just a small part here to see if we can get people to think ..

I mentioned the dead whales and dolphins?

There has been far more whales than dolphins .. here as the possibilities ..

  • Magnetic Field: Navigation ..
  • Submarine Volcanoes: Toxins ..
  • Toxins will affect smaller creatures first and these wont be affected by magnetic fields
  • Whales feed on the smaller creatures while dolphins larger like fish
  • If plankton, shrimp and krill die off, and these are VERY susceptible to water quality, then it would explain why there are so many whales and no so many dolphins
  • What about sharks?
  • Well I got a shock when a dead Whale Shark washed up
  • Now go and look up what a Whale Shark feeds on

Here is a webpage where they are warning mariners in the Caribbean now to watch out for those submarine volcanoes I warned about for more than two years.

With the Smithsonian Institute and USGS (who argued and lost with me) stated was not happening while suspiciously not updating their graphs for years ..

Also I should add that along with the coldest winters in a swathe of the world and the coldest March in years and currently an April colder than March and four months with a rise in global temperatures which are now at -0.01C, it looks like another drop, no?

Remember people have been asked “How dare you” by Greta Thunberg, her parents being opportunistic communists and Antifa, who herself was going on about reaching +2.0C .. and then it seems to change to +1.5C as it was no rising as fast as they claimed?

Well first off it Roman Times it was actually around +3.5C, give or take, without any cars of Industrial Revolution and with the latter I have al;ready proven using animal movements that no rise in temperature was started by the industrial revolution. As have two teams of scientists in China.

Remember .. it was around +3.5C in Roman times and its been warmer before that too and now after 300 years of exponential warming and the fake news telling us, no they really did this, that each place in the world is heating up twice as fast as everywhere else .. it is now at -0.01C globally.

Yeah that is MINUS.

And this month it has been a record cold Spring in the northern hemisphere in most places and a record cold AUTUMN in Australia complete with snowfall. Snowfall. In Australia. In AUTUMN.

Oddly enough Greta has cancelled her attendance to COP28 in Scotland.

Not over the record cold, record snow drops in global temperatures to negative territory with it looking to drop again. No and nor is it anything to do with the solar minimum now running at over 38 months or the volcanoes popping off that mean it will cool down faster over the next couple of years.

No its to do with covid that virus everyone has known about for 15 months that the leftists all knew about and claimed that everything they had done had worked and they knew what was best for everyone ..

  • ‘Face-masks worked you idiot’
    • Scientists found dangerous chemicals on face-masks
    • Scientists said 3 feet was safe distance not 6
  • ‘Lock-downs worked you idiot’
    • People’s lives being destroyed, people committing suicide, families being torn apart but at least fascists are satisfied?
  • ‘Vaccines work, you right-wing Nazi idiot’
    • I am centre-left but they still insist I am right-wing
    • I only know one person with covid, he lived
    • I only know of one covid related death, cause by a blood-clot weeks after given the Astrozeneca jab and YES in the UK
    • Strains in Brazil, Canada, Germany, Israel and others not affected by vaccines, said to have all originated in Brazil, P1 or P2, don’t care, or something ..
    • So lock-downs worked then, EHHHHH?!
  • Was one 95 year old Asthmatic lady I know that ..
    • Had it
    • Then didn’t have it
    • Then did have it and was not going to survive the night
    • Then didn’t have it
    • Then did have it and at this point the family was in pieces
    • Then didn’t have it again, wanted the family to pick her up who had children and then when they didn’t they dumper her outside the care home after it was locked up and left their all night
    • Your sincerely the NHS and P.S. Please think about how hard and caring we are when it comes to your lives after lying to patients and refusing treatments for decades while we find the time to post videos of us doing dance routines while holding dead bodies while you stand outside lined up up and down the street clapping for us like a bunch of trained Seals from a Circus .. oh and do not come into hospital for anything to help us save money from the taxes you paid us for half a century .. TOODLES!

And people I know after not believing me for years that the NHS not only lie their asses off but do not care then realised I was right, moaned about them for the last year .. moaned about the adverts telling you to not bother them and save the NHS .. because that’s how it works ..

Then all start believing them about a vaccine they can neither see, test or have any test results too because there aren’t any or not anywhere NEAR enough.

Amoral? Stupid? Poopy pants?

These are people that watch a disaster movie and go mad at the screen at survivors acting like idiots out of fear .. now acting like idiots and saying very STUPID things out of fear.

Mankind? Well it EVER learn?

Oh oh oh but they heard it on the news ..

Here is a video for and shows La Soufriere and you can count eight high-level eruptions and there has since been another one in the day and one at NIGHT.

See what I did there? Yeah this video is in the DAY .. and 8 with another in the day being 9.

I know of one since this video at night. Have there been any others at NIGHT?

Do you own an Apple iPhone?

Have you seen they have just been fined in Chile for sabotaging phones they charge you a thousand for that costs them 100? Do you think Google are not doing shit too?

Do you think the authorities you have funded with your taxes are being honest with you?

NASA, NOAA, USGS, Smithsonian Institute, Professor Brian Cox, Michael Mann, Gavin Schmidt, Potholer, Rob Honeycutt and Professor Katherine Hayhoe have all been proven wrong by me. In all manner of ways.

I had a literal purge which along with a series of illnesses and pain that had people freaking out so I did a Covid test and was tested NEGATIVE .. I have been slow because there was a burst ..

After Iceland and then again over other things like La Soufriere, Etna, Global Temperatures I had a flurry of followers on Twitter.

Several came to me and said .. and remember I have science groups and science websites that are involved and talk top me now ..

“I have been hearing stories about you .. I have been told of this guy that has an absolutely shocking and flawless record in his scientific predictions”

The socialist scientist alarmists spends every single day now trying to tell everyone ..

  • He never made any predictions
  • His predictions were all wrong
  • Never produce the tweets not even ONE when I challenge them
  • His blog is full of pseudoscience
  • Insist climate science is a science

Yeah lets get something straight .. or a few things straight about science ..

  • Science is a process of discovery
  • It involves theory and testing
  • At the heart of science its LITERALL scepticism
  • Climate Scientists do not have much more than 10% of the data
  • Climate Scientists do not even have the correct climate models, keep creating new ones and you need QUANTUM COMPUTING to even do the calculations ONCE you have worked them out
  • With missing data you have it guess and hence why they have all failed
  • If you guess and claim you are correct that is the very ESSENCE of Pseudoscience, go look it up on ANY dictionary site
  • Ergo technically speaking climate science is not yet a science and likely decades away from being one

So there you have it.

You should be able to take from this and the other 50 plus parts that I get my stuff fairly accurate and that those that you listen to with the alarmists, Greta, the fake news media and socialists are completely dishonest and they have lied.

How and why is up to others to find out, despite my theories. I cannot do it all.

When they call you a ‘denier’ or anyone else they are rejecting the very core of science. When they ignore the facts, results and conclusions they are cherry-picking hacks and frauds because they want you under their control.

Will leave it with what I said to Friends Of Science and some of their followers two days before Geldingadalur in Iceland erupted after I had just told them it cannot last more than three days ..

The energy from the Sun has altered and altering down from the atmosphere including the magnetic field while the energy from the core of the Earth has also altered and heading up.

We are being squeezed in the middle, we are seeing the effects and no one knows what its going to do”

I have done a pretty good job I admit but NO ONE .. is more surprised at this than I am.

Kirk OUT!


Forgot to add this .. Dr Roy Spencer ex-NASA and climatologist and possibly behind the UAH readings? Yeah they don’t like him now and attack him .. bunch of nobodies attack him. But anyway he is what he is and here is that -0.01C negative global temperatures as the news wont tell you ..


Many years ago I predicted that in a decades time the world will be an insane place and those that knew me were aware that I did not lie, knew I knew a whole long list of subjects so just thought me insane.

Now and 7 to 10 years on they come to me, tell me how sorry they were and not just how right I was but how it has turned out to be far worse than my insane predictions.

What annoys me today is how I just did not catch on early enough as to what was going on.

Oh that is not to say that I would have convinced those around me but I may have been able to build up an audience whereby when they started to restrict and suppress me it would not have made much difference.

One professional friend to someone who turned out to be a YouTuber in a Diabetic Type 1 Clinic ..

“Oh I have got this friend who was going to make money three years ago and then it stopped and he has this mad idea that he is being suppressed and prevented form making any money”

What does he cover?”

Global Warming, politics, corruption, socialism and many other things”

Oh. Well I can assure you they are suppressing him and they have done this to me and I have lost £2,000 per month and many of my friends they have done the same thing to also”


I am guessing at this point he said something about how he was going to have to call me and apologise as he had been saying I was wrong for years. He did call me and apologize.

In the last few days while the science thread, or was supposed be be, I was on had leftists tweeting out nonsense about how Joe Biden becoming President has everyone happy and united and there are no problems and already better than Donald trump that had me post 20 screenshots of leftists rowing one said the following ..

Yeah your only doing this to make money and sell your blog”

While a comrade said ..

The increase in your blog is double of nothing and therefore worthless”

This was more or less from the exact same time and had nothing to do with either science nor politics.

So basically if you have no money you have no say .. this from leftists? Also if you have a say then you should not make money? Like CNN or MSNBC, Washington Post, Daily Mail or the BBC or anyone else?

These people spend every single day telling others how much they know about science and get it all wrong.

But now that they are lying and the only ones I have seen lying about how Biden’s presidency is going I am leaning towards another conclusion.

That these are shills for the ‘establishment’ or what most refer to as the ‘Deep State’.

Now the very idea seems preposterous because one of these people was 10 miles north or me and others scattered across Canada and the US, though I have way more from all these areas in agreement with me.

But then there are Americans living in other countries and with the right money you could buy almost anyone and get them to lie. Not me. But many people.

When I caught them and exposed them I said to my own side “Who does that? Why would you do that? Why would the leftists, who openly admit they hate Joe Biden too and Antifa rioted, goes on social media telling everyone that everything is fine when it is not?”

Oddly enough people say this lot are terrified of me and I have certainly been reported several thousand times on the same thread. Blocked now close to 100 times and muted by many dozens.

Sadly I was trying to get through to them that the left was manipulated and used and that in time once Joe Biden was in they would start disappearing and like everything else they would not have it.

In fact when you look at how many predictions I gave them over two years and they just continued to call me an idiot and a liar with every one I made out of 35 you start to wonder.

I myself get very impressed with others that get things right especially difficult things in science while these people who are a dumb as a bag of rocks, do not so much as twitch an eyelash.

I was trying to warn both sides and these people did not want me to. They still don’t despite the fact that various Antifa and Socialist groups as well as individuals like one called Graham and a progressive on YouTube who just got demonetized I heard about on Tim Pool.

They just used you to get in power and they know something that you do not which I also know and that is why there has been such a focus on me.

It really is not hard to narrow it down ..

Global Disturbance like never before.

Requires a global issue.

Which there are very few of.

That scientific data is now showing us is the case in at least one and maybe several things.

You simply cannot ignore scientific data and fantastical theories to look for little insignificant things to attribute to a global wide set of problems. That is madness.

And no it is not AGW it is something quite the opposite that has various other dangers attached all of which have been increasing and with reports and scientific studies.

I am centre-left and one of my best friends considered himself a socialist because he thought that is what you had to be, to be fair and he died slowly of cancer and I was the only one really looking after him.

He told me that he felt so sorry for me and that I was born way before my time and I will have so much trouble finding people on my level and he was right.

Tim Pool and Luke on how the billionaires have rigged everything including the news media to cheat you of money. There was a huge blizzard going on, many stores were unexpectedly closed and Ian actually stated something that impressed me and something I have waited for on a Tim Pool show ..

AGW is not real, it is all normal and he read something about it and now convinced. He mentions this was on the Utah Government website. Shocker.

Tim Pool says that the lying from the media about the silver squeeze was the most brazen of lies he had ever seen and had previously mentioned that NBC, CNBC, Washington Post, MSNBC, Daily Mail and Jimmy Kimmel were some that were in on it.

He uses a pretty good term for this “the veil has been shattered”

He also says Dogecoin was fake and its odd as my alarm bells went off when I saw both Dogecoin and Silver and told people to be careful in a tweet,

They are blaming Russia yet again.

They state that Wall Street forced Robinhood and others to shut down.

Tom Nash on Wall Street and them still manipulating the market

Steven Crowder is going to sue Facebook

Tucker Carlson on how troops are moving in Syria and how, after all these years, Joe Biden states that Iran is a week away from building a nuclear bomb.

He states “Well you know how this is going to end”

Troops and wall to remain in Washington DC which, when you think about it, sounds like even that would occur if you was either at war or expecting war right there at home or an end of the world scenario. Of the latter there are plenty to choose from and this blog has spoken about many in the last two years,

Carlson reports that if you ask them what they are doing there and why they are increasing you do not get an answer.

I have stated this all year ,, in fact likely longer. Others were stating something different in the first half of 2020 in that they cannot wait for it to end because, regardless of skin colour, its the worst year they have ever known.

Then as we got close to Christmas 2020 many were starting to say they had a really bad feeling about 2021. Even Pepsi had a poster on a Bus Stop saying “All I Want For Christmas is 2021” and I took a photo of it.

You see I was convinced it was going to get worse. When the Presidential Election fiasco unfolded I was convinced by Christmas it was going to get a lot worse a lot faster.

It is only the 2nd February as I type this and it is not only already worse but even Styxhexenhammer has stated that he has been proven right on this by the end of the first month.

People say to me that I said this would happen and I replied with “Yes but I thought it would take three to six months! Not four weeks!”

Have you ever seen a disaster movie? An comet or asteroid strike? Armageddon or Deep Impact or maybe something on the magnetic field failing like The Core? Or continental shift like ‘2012’ or an ice-age like The Day After Tomorrow? Maybe in gaming you played the Fallout series?

Did you ever talk to people after about whether that’s how things would play out in the event that the world was about to be turned upside down? Did you talk or even imagine other scenarios?

What is occurring now is occurring to varying degrees across most of the world as far as I can tell and does it seem similar to a scenario like the end of something or maybe the start of a world war?

People have told me, while I needed some serious help, that it wont last long, it will be OK before long while others promised help and then did not deliver. Had friends ask me why I was getting no help. One friend realising I was right all along repeatedly reminds me I need new computers and asks me regularly whether I have got any closer to this.

He also asks why no one has helped.

Everyone asks me why no one else has helped.

What the leftists do not know, who currently are lying and saying no one is falling out over Joe Biden anywhere and forced me to post screenshots of 8 arguments among the left, is this ..

I am convinced of what is coming, do not want to be right about this and keep hoping that I am wrong but I am very .. VERY concerned about this.

I like certain movies and was once looking forward to the next part and I literally do not think I will see many of them now.

I tell people I wonder if its even worth building a PC. But then I think in a few years money will likely be worthless anyway.

But of things like power went down and food was short I could not stay here and could not drag everything with me. Heavy and expensive electronic devices I might never get to power up again?

Then there is my health whereby having no magnesium will cause very severe problems and things are bad enough even with the magnesium levels at normal.

In the early stages of my global warming series and how this is false and its going to cool and fairly quickly, which is what I think all the madness has been about, I talked about the possibilities.

The possibilities of how people would react from the bottom of society to the top.

I find it funny that billionaires are doing a cash grab and that everyone else seems to as well and wonder if they realise that in a major collapse money becomes worthless?

Now to me and with what I know is going on in science the actions seem like part of a plan for the useless kings and queens to remain on their thrones after a collapse should there be one.

It does not really matter whether there is or if there is not and it does not matter what you, the reader, believes.

What matters is what the people in power think and how you think they would react even if they thought there was a remote possibility of the world being turned upside down.

For arguments sake if there as an asteroid going to strike, do you think they would tell you? Or do you think they would keep you working, react and talk in bizarre ways and do strange things up until the moment everyone saw that growing light in the sky and could not hide it any more?

With the increase in fireballs his could be the case but I think its because it is going to get very cold in a few years and we have already seen the signs now. Especially the Japanese and others across Asia.

It is also odd that I spent all of 2020 explaining that after this winter tie would have run out and of solar cycle 25 had not got started, and its four years late, that the cat would be out of the bag.

Well after a couple of spurts around September and then late November the sun then flat-line before a spurt for about a week and has now flat-lined again.

Yesterday I posted a screenshot that showed that the sun had just gone 6 consecutive days without spots and another site had oddly stopped counting two days earlier.

I did not predict this last year but I spoke of this as a possibility. In late 2019 I was told by global warming aficionados I was wrong because NASA and NOAA stated differently and I said I did not care.

They said that solar cycle 25 was about in October and it did not. They did not bat an eyelid when pointed out that it was already a couple of years late.

I said that the solar minimum would last until late Spring like June until October. They laughed and called me an idiot and a liar. These are people that claim to know science, do not forget.

Once again it went beyond June and then after a brief spurt prior to NASA holding a panel where they mentioned the Grand Solar Minimum twice but CO2 or AGW was not mentioned once, it flat-lined again for three weeks.

The reports from this panel was used to show to everyone that I was wrong and I said that if it flat-lined again they would look stupid. They showed graphs that showed that it was rising fast and tried to spin it that it was a fast rise and that my predicted number of 48 spots maximum would be proved wrong in weeks.

They are clueless and have no idea how to read a graph and it would take at least two years before my numbers could be proven wrong, possibly longer. They also used the wrong number and pointed to the wrong coloured lines on a solar cycle graph to show I was wrong. I was not.

It then flat-lined again for about 10 or 12 days.

Still I was told I was wrong.

So this battle with whatever these people are, NASA or government shills or hard-left Marxists thinking they can capitalise on AGW, has gone on since January 2019.

The argument about whether the solar cycle was about to start or not has gone on since November 2019.

So here we are in February 2021 when a solar cycle that lasts 11 years and is already four years late and we are currently at six consecutive days without spots. There are no bright regions anywhere on the sun that could be sunspots. So provided one does not pop up in just the right place they are saying that it could go another four or five days without an Earth facing sunspot.

So this could take us to another ten days. The idea of this going beyond 14 days is just insane in my view at this point in time. But then I thought that about the last ten day stretch.

So that is 16 months of the AGW people telling me I was wrong about the sun because NASA and NOAA said so and yet here we are.

We are in a solar minimum that has lasted three years. This has not occurred since the Little Ice Age period.

Also these people that argue also seem to think that a rise in sunspots means no Grand Solar Minimum, which is what they call it when two or more solar maximums are very low. Between 1648 and 1700 30 was about the highest it got as far as we know.

Oddly and shown with proof in an earlier post a NASA graph has the next solar maximum at 25 while NOAA has the following cycle at 10. The last was a record low at around 88.

If those figures are correct that is a Grand Solar Minimum.

But as soon as they see any sunspots these people cry ‘no grand solar minimum, you was wrong’ which is complete baloney.

These figures are widely known and easily checked and the point in rehashing them is this ..

Remember when I said how would those in power behave if they thought there was a possibility the proverbial was going to hit the fan?

In fact I spent several months telling people that if this solar cycle does not get seriously going by January 2021 a lot of already nervous scientists were going to get a lot more nervous.

The Little Ice Age was known as the Maunder Minimum and I can assure you that they spoke on the BBC about this being just like a Maunder Minimum back in 2014.

And its been 6 years of things looking a lot worse than they already looked.

I really do not see how NASA’s latest prediction of 110 sunspots in 2025 is going to be reached and unless things really get going in the next couple of months many scientists are going to realise its just not going to be possible.

Generally the longer it takes to get going the lower the next solar maximum will be and as the previous solar minimum was also a record breaker at 20 months followed by a solar max at 88 and this one is three years. Well you can imagine that this rule looks like it will hold true?

As half of 11 years is 5.5 years and its currently February 2021 even if you run from mid solar minimum this barely takes us to 2025.

Except the cycles have been getting longer which the American Astronomical Society predicted back in 2011. Have a video for this too. ‘The Solar Prediction’. In fact from the peak of cycle 23 to the peak of cycle 24 the time was around 13.7 years, give or take.

Half of that is 6.75+. But if it is still getting longer and when you consider that the solar minimum is now 16 months longer then the last is this figure now closer to 7.2 years?

Following that rule then solar maximum of solar cycle 25 will not be reached until 2026 or 2027?

Yeah so would it surprise you to be told that it was supposed to arrive this year?

NASA predicted solar maximum of cycle 24 to arrive in 2010-11 and adding 11 years onto that puts it at 2021-22. Unless the sun does something we have never seen before, solar maximum will not arrive even by 2024.

And each time we get a stretch of consecutive days without sunspots this gets pushed further forwards in time and that is something NASA has long since gotten used to doing with cycle 24.

So yes if you want something that has gotten the powerful spooked this is it and this can be checked and with the right solar viewing telescope you can see for yourself.

So rather like my approaching comet analogy this cannot be hidden forever.

This is why you have been hearing about CO2, to make you think it wont get cold and icy. Plus they can make money from taxes. Used to save their own asses and remain in charge, no doubt?

Its why you are hearing complete nonsense about La Nina dropping the global temps down. And a warmer world produces more moisture and that is why you have all this snow.

They are just treating everyone like fools, causing as much distraction as they possibly can and everywhere they can so they can kick the can a but further down the road as long as they can.

I would suggest that building a wall in Washington DC tends to show they think they are almost out of time, no?

Geological time-scales. They can be a real beyatch.

Now while writing this prediction number 35, that I am aware of, of mine has emerged as I stated they would look further and further into the Little Ice Age or the Maunder Minimum.

The University of Bristol in the UK transcribed a book you are not allowed to touch because its, well 300 years old and fragile.

They hand transcribed the book and it talks about crazy weather and unseasonal freezes, tempests, floods, droughts and crop failures.

It sounds like a a lot of the flip-flopping I predicted back in January 2019 I said would continue until 2022 to 2023 and while we are now seeing this across the world in every continent the Sun has been behaving the exact same was from 2008 to 2030 that it did back then.

It is very spooky despite the fact I fully expected all of this.

There is a theory of mine also slowly emerging in that everything is in upheaval and this even affects us. Behaviour and other areas and my health has turned to shit and everyone I know has been behaving out of character since November and all occurred at the same time.

People that called me at least four times a week have not called me four times in 10 weeks.

Now desperate the AGW Hard-Left pushers are now blaming record cold and snow global on a circulation or oscillation of water in the Pacific Ocean known as the El Nino Southern Oscillation, or ENSO, and namely the La Nina end of it.

A circulation of water caused record cold and global temperatures to drop. So that’s cold water rising and so seas surface temperatures dropping causing the cold.

This they argued over several weeks while when it switched to the snow reports I was posting they were getting very angry about while arguing about the climate they would then get condescending again and state that the reason there was so much snow was because of warm sea water temperatures and evaporation.

So lets just go over their arguments ..

  • Record Cold and two month drop in Global Temps was over colder water and La Nina

  • Record Cold and snow at the same time was caused by warmer water three years into a solar minimum we have not seen in 300 years

  • La Nina was not in effect a year ago when there was another two month drop

  • AGW Climate Change is real because water evaporates

  • They call me an idiot and science illiterate because I do not understand these basics

Now think about that.

The people that push this are always hard-left and I am not going to say anything for about a month but the climate groups I have been looking at all around the globe while I look for people to talk to ..

  • Around 80% of them stopped posting between October 2019 or earlier and November 2020

  • Those that still post is mostly on hard-left politics with words like ‘solidarity’

  • Greta Thunberg posted something about farmer’s protests in India then angered many Indians that attacked her and celebrity Rhianna that led to Greta, or rather the people behind her Twitter account, to delete her tweet

So the hard-left have lured people in, thought they were so superior to all others that lying to them and manipulating them is perfectly fine.

Donald Trump was bad and Joe Biden and Hairy Harris, the latter who kept innocent people locked up to use them to fight fires for free, were angels.

And since they had their way and Biden become President .. people have seen ..

  • Allegations and videos about elections fraud

  • Feminists angered over trans people competing in women’s sports

  • Students double-crossed

  • People with mortgages double-crossed

  • Broken promises on no fracking

  • Cancels pipeline and jobs lost .. an oil pipeline pleasing hard-left

  • Reports of troops moving to oil fields in Middle-East (but cancelled pipeline?)

  • Record number of executive orders

  • Rushes to re-sign the Paris Agreement though

  • Stock Market, WallStreetBets and Hedge Funds with MSM lying to protect billionaires

  • Leftists falling out and at war, many being called far-right now, all over Twitter that the group that targets me lied and said was not happening anywhere

  • So my group now sounding like what they call Deep State or Establishment shills

  • AOC caught lying about her life being in danger and being in the capitol building the the MSM lying once again to protect her

  • Claims Iran will have a nuclear weapon within a couple of weeks like they plan to invade Iran

  • Bank of America breaking the law handing over customer data

  • Rights being taken away

  • After MSM caught lying in ever increasing amounts Time Magazine runs an article admitting that the Democrats changed the election rules to cheat the election and called it a good thing that has YouTube channels and everyone everywhere getting angry and calling for an investigation they are obviously not going to get

What about that last one?

Yeah this literally came out just recently before I finished this.

So Joe Biden was inaugurated on January 20th 2021 and it is February the 6th 2021 so its been 17 days and just a few days ago I asked others “What is it going to happen between now and the end of February?!”

Its literally like living in several episodes of The Twilight Zone all at once or several disaster movies all at once.

I am very genuinely worried about several things that, for me, are inevitable and is seriously affecting my decisions to do things.

There are things I need to but to do things to help me work and make money and I very, very genuinely am asking myself if it is worth it at all at this point.

I am genuinely concerned and I have these far-left fascists online that lie about science, lie about politics, lie about the facts and even lie about their lies while in between being condescending and even acting friendly at times to convince me of things that are not true.

Meanwhile was have had an earthquake swarm in Granada Spain and a second one in the Canary Islands in last few months at a volcano that could cause a mega-tsunami to hit Florida and up the coast of the US.

We have also had forecasts that in the US and Europe its going to drop massively in temperatures and the Express tabloid in the UK has issued a red weather warning for snow that even covers London for the 7th February 2021.

So we could see a third global drop in temps which would be the first time this has ever happened on record and reports that show that statements about hottest years ever is complete and utter lies.

To give you an example of this I am on first name and friendly terms with a Turkish man who owns a local store.

Yesterday he shows me pictures of a road burying in like close to 10 metres of snow and a JCB digger with its arm at full stretch to reach the top.

He tells me that they have never seen anything like it and that people are now saying that AGW is not real.

He is also saying that people are saying that American big tech companies are trying to control and manipulate people across the world.

Telling people on Twitter these random hard-left liars who have been caught out hundreds of times then go into a frenzy .. call me stupid for believing some random Turkish guy.

They then do a check and say there is no snow in Turkey and that I am lying.

Just as I usually do I poke them and poke then to tweet more and say more and also allow them all the time required to check.

Then I post a Turkish website with s story about the snow from around the 20th January while pointing out how it is funny that they find things that they think back them up really easily but can never find any of the reports I mention.

There argument was changed to “That was three weeks ago, meh”

Bearing in mind I had posted several times recently a report that the whole of Europe including Turkey was going to go into a deep freeze for the next 3 weeks until the end of February.

Which looks very much like there could be a three month drop in global temperatures.

Which would also mean if it occurs and runs until the end of February that the month of March is also going to have a very cold start to it, and maybe very snowy start to it too?

Which could have us facing the possibility of a fourth month of dropping global temperatures?

When after summer snow in New Zealand and rare snow in Australia in their last winter, they are now heading into their autumn with unusual weather reports.

So a shed load of record cold and snow cold be soon followed by another load of record cold and snow in South America (already below average for a year), Australia (record snow), South Africa (below average last winter)?

Now can you imagine how this will appear to the masses after all the claims about hottest years ever?

And currently every other advert on TV in the UK seems to mention climate change or Covid and they seem to have managed to fill the entertainment industry and news media with absolute low IQ idiots across the board to spout this crap?

All pushed by the hard-left and Democrats for decades?

Now remember those walls the Democrats do not like but suddenly want to build one around Washington DC with a resident army to protect themselves?


Jack Prosobiec on Tim Pool’s show talking about the Time Magazine story of praising the cheating

Funny take on Game Stop and Hedge Funds if it was narrated by Morgan Freeman that had me in tears of laughter and at around 2 minutes 43 seconds a picture of a ‘neck-beard’ flashes up that is one of the people I stated I battled with, Swiss Antifa dude called Aanthanur I have posted shots of that got himself permanently suspended.

Ben Shapiro on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lying

Tim Pool on the mainstream news and fact-checkers like Snopes lying to protect AOC

Tim Pool, Lydia, Luke and Jack Murphy on AOC and how she lied about her life being threatened and how she does it for sympathy, likes and follows but like I said to AOC and her supporters

You do not get special privileges because you think you are superior .. lying and manipulating people is wrong. I then quoted Noam Chomsky that stated that everyone should do their absolute best at being the best person they can be.

Sorry but I have never liked AOC she seems very dishonest, evil and narcissistic.

How she is a politician and has followers is not only beyond me but makes me feel like that with that many morons out there mankind has truly had its day and heading for the end or that there is a scientific explanation going on to so many people acting like morons and/or out of character.

I will add that many people I have know for a long time and know well are most definitely acting out of character both online and off it.


They never made a point that the man they accused of lying and showing me a fake picture of snow was from Turkey .. apparently

And despite doing a search and allowing them 20 minutes they claimed THIS never happened ..

And absolutely no one on the left are falling out and now accusing each other of being ‘right-wing nut-jobs’ their favourite term for anyone disagreeing with them on anything

In other words anyone socialist or further left seem to be very good at finding things that help their agendas, twisting what they find to help their agendas while being very bad at even finding weather reports from anywhere in the world or articles that hurt their agendas


You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink.

I have gathered together a set of videos I think are some of the best, if not the best, out there on the Game Stop fiasco, lying news media and censorship.

As of this moment and not even half of a month that we have a President Joe Biden the sheer collapse that is going on all over the place is something that you could never have foreseen in a million years.

Have had people approach me saying that I predicted these things would happen and I answer that first of all yes, I did. But I never imagined they would occur this quickly and there are many things I simply did not foresee.

One of those is the excellent news of Reddit, Wall Street Bets and the collapse of the Hedge Funds over Game Stop which is still panning out and the focus, as I thought, is shifting to Blackberry and Nokia.

Tim Pool has shares in Nokia and when he first heard what was going on and then that they tried to limit share purchases he flipped out and get angry. He has done this a couple of times over this.

At first I did not pay much attention and it raised an eyebrow but them within 24 hours I realised how bad this was going to be and that it would run a few days.

Then came the fallout and the statements of sheer incompetence from the mainstream media and rich billionaires who started falling over themselves and each other to call ordinary people are incompetent.

One think that I picked up on was that a woman from Nasdaq actually stated that they listen to chatter on social media and no one seemed to pick up on this.

‘Oh only the billionaires are allowed to know all the rules and cheat’.

It has also started to look to me that there may have been a long term plan, and I have stated this before even here in the UK for many years, that there seems to be a grab for bricks and mortar and land. It suddenly occurred to me that the Covid19 problem and the lockdowns seem to be being used to force people out of business so that they can sweep all this up?

These people think they should be the ones in power and control over a global collapse? People that sit on their ass, do nothing, produce nothing and literally gamble with the odds stacked in their favour? Because they cheat? Because they are intellectuals?

Yes sorry chumps but these people behind the financial systems and big tech have done nothing but prove over and over again in may different ways that they are as thick as dog shite.

And its been hilarious to watch the market and these people crumble and akin to watching a train wreck in slow-motion.

Thus far this thing has been blamed on Trump, alt-right and foreign interference from Russia which has had people not only angry but laughing at the same time.

They also closed down the ability for ordinary people to buy shares on the so called free market and they used the new power the woke left gave them with ‘hate speech’ and millions of ‘I told you so’s have gone out in Tweets, GABS and posts on social media.

Billionaire cries that people he views as inferior and unworthy beats them at their own game and actually plays the victim card as that’s what everyone thinks they can do now thanks to the woke left

Level headed Louis Rossmann explaining, and seemingly surprised, that the mainstream media is fake and smearing the WallStreetBets people that bought Game Stop shares

Louis Rossmann getting angry over the mainstream media’s lies now that billionaire’s have lost money to the people they claimed to be about

Louis Rossmann on an embarrassingly bad ‘fake news’ article by the Washington Post and how no one trusts the mainstream media any more and how bad this is for any society.

The Hill ripping apart the billionaires wanting to de-platform people on Reddit because they got beaten at their own game

CNN blaming Hedge Funds collapse on Trumpism and talked about on Tim Pool’s podcast and laughed at by all

See Tom Nash for the first time and he is calling the mainstream media all liars as he explains what has gone on with his utter shock

Jimmy Dore talking to Dylan Ratigan over the Hedge Funds collapse because of people on Reddit and the Wall Street Bets

Government complaining about average people in the stock market ..

Sean Hannity speaking to Jordan Belfort, the real Wolf From Wall Street, on Game Stop, Robinhood and the Hedge Funds collapse

War breaks out on Fox News ..

Level headed Louis Rossmann spots market manipulation going on in real time over Blackberry

Dave Portnoy tells Tucker Carlson that people should go to prison over Robinhood, Game Stop and the Hedge Funds

Like the real Wolf From Wall Street says .. I have never seen anything like this and it was quite bizarre to see rich people and the news claiming to be for the average people accuse Republicans of going after rich leftists.

Unfortunately the socialist groups pushed things like Identity Politics, Woke Agendas and have lied and abused science. See me last post and many others on details of this.

The trouble is when you lie consistently to lure people in and especially when it is about science that the people pushing it do not understand you can be proven wrong at any moment.

And along with stupid unrealistic things that are pushed or things that just do not exist you are not going to get many on your side.

And as I show later on with a Jimmy Dore people even when a hand has been handed out to them they say ‘no’ and insist everyone else is far-right when they are not.

This attitude stems from a greed for power over others and came about because they literally thought that Big Tech and the Democrats were on their side. Or they thought they had a hold over Big Tech and the Democrats?

Within days of gloating, after crying in 2016, neither of which got them anything, they started getting purged from social media.

Now in all honesty this was something else I warned them about which they ignored and said I was lying about. But then some of them got banned and others got warnings and then they start chattering to each other.

Then as you see in a video by Jimmy Dore and others a large number of leftist groups got nuked .. from at least four Antifa groups to two socialist groups and these are just the ones that I know about.

When people came to me and said that I stated this would happen, I replied “Well yeah but I had no idea it would be this fast! Thought it would be three months down the line, maybe even six? What surprised me was how quick they were to resign the Paris Agreement”

So let’s review ..

The Democrats and Joe Biden thus far from January 20th to February 4th ..

  • Rapidly signed Paris Agreement

  • Record number of executive orders

  • Upset feminists over sport

  • Kamala Harris lied over fracking

  • Upset students

  • No mortgage relief

  • Jobs over a pipeline

  • Medicare and insulin prices to increase

  • Stock Market. Wall Street Bets, Game Stop and Hedge Funds

  • One reply to Stock Market is to point out they have a woman

  • One has meltdown over slight criticism from New York Times

  • Nothing we can do about Covid”

  • Socialists calling for censorship all getting suspended from Big Tech

Democrats remind everyone it is all OK as they have women .. only when asked one of them as zero answers

Literary Agent telling Tucker Carlson on Fox News that she was fired merely for having a Parler and GAB account

The Hill reporting on the meltdown by a Democrat over criticism from the New York Times

Stunning and fascinating interview where a socialist Trotskyist repeatedly lies in an interview with Jimmy Dore and calls someone from the Boogaloo Boys ‘far-right’ which angers him so much Dore swears and tells him to stop. Repeatedly.

Jimmy Dore talking to Glenn Greenwald about the fact that despite the fact that the Trotskyist was refusing to listen in the last interview and all for censorship that literally within a day or two his own socialist site was banned. Along with the Socialist Worker Party and I am related to an ex-member who now realizes it was all wrong.

And here is Jimmy Dore with guest Tim Pool about censorship and Pool confronting an uncomfortable Jack Dorsey and Vijaye Gadde on Joe Rogan’s podcast like a year or so ago

I said in a previous piece that the Democrats ignored everything else and rapidly signed the Paris Agreement and talked about green energy.

How about Nancy Pelosi have shares in Tesla? Which I hear a rumour was taken over or plans of a take-over from chip manufacturer I have always admired, AMD?

Jimmy Dore on Nancy Pelosi’s shares

So it seems politicians like to buy shares and withhold this information and then bring in policies that will benefit them?

Hermann Goring at the Nuremberg Trials after WW2 when asked how they got everyone to do what they want he said it was easy you just use fear. It works in any society. Monarchy, Socialism, Communism and Capitalism.

Do you not think it bizarre that we have had a string of viruses and now Covid, all going to burn because of global warming and threats of losing jobs, businesses, civil war and fill on war?

I would check my last post for details on how they have fooled the masses and on the largest scale ever known.

They got everyone to push socialist ideals because they KNEW .. it would divide people and they also knew they could never bring it in.

90 percent of people I know are left of centre and all say that these talks about socialism and The Great Reset will never work.

My response is that I know that but either these idiots do not or its being pushed to achieve something else entirely? A division everywhere they can possibly cause it.

If so, why?



Well this is a weird set of circumstances.

After I sent of what I decided was the final email to Age UK after they wasted my time for two years risking my life, turned out had lied to me, got things wrong and then I discovered they passed my information on to an organisation called Antifa who then used it to try to scare and threaten me online .. something else pops up.

I have had this for years from the likes of Citizen’s Advice Bureau to the Mary Ward Legal Centre and others


Now let me tell you this .. this is what these organisations never bother to find out when all they wanted to do is keep on about how everything is the fault of the Conservatives so much so they were promoting socialism and Labour, while Jeremy Corbyn was leader of the Labour Party.

Not only am I a professional but I have professional friends and one of those was a social worker for 25 years for Camden Council and he does not have anything good to say about them. He is a Type 1 Diabetic, has now been lied to, has been messed about and provided with a medical assiatant dog that is not only utterly shit at what it is supposed to do but has had two previous patients he was told it was a disaster with.

It runs away. I know this because half the time he talks on the phone he is always calling the dog back and blowing a whistle.

Another dog trainer stopped to talk to him while I was on the phone and she was shocked this dog was supposed to be trained and had a history of disasters with previous patients.

He told her “I am on the phone to a friend, he is really intelligent and he said ‘but your a diabetic, what happens if your sugar is low and the dog runs away and you go running after it? It could CAUSE your death””

I heard this lady tell my friends something to tell the trainers and my friend replied “Oh I have told them that, but they wont have it. They know it all despite not training the digs correctly” to which he was once again shocked.

I also know they are leftist socialists.

This is what I know about leftist socialists.

Oh they tell you how they are all about these different things and all these causes but they are most certainly not. You can catch them out every single time 100% and it matters not how many you go through and I have been through thousands. Maybe tens of thousands.

I have been blocked by thousands just on Twitter.

Every single time its the same.

What they are interested in is money and power and they use this bullshit claim they are into all these things as a way to get money and power.

For well over ten years I have hated every charity and I said to many people ‘how is it people donate tens of million each year and yet after more than a decade of doing this the causes seem to be just as bad as they have always been?’

  • Children
  • Cancer
  • Heart Condition
  • People dying of thirst somewhere

The other thing I know for sure and have a two decade long history of it is I have NEVER .. EVER .. walked in any charity or help centre and had them ..

  1. Genuinely give a shit
  2. Know what they are talking about
  3. Get something right
  4. Actually do something

The odd thing is that some years ago I have a friend who was a socialist and he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. I had always helped him with any problems and because he, like everyone else I know, called me a genius I was the first person who turned to.

A man with over 20 years more experience than I had of the world and used to be a projectionist.

So he had seen me not getting any help and suddenly there he was not getting any help and his genius friend with a bad disability was going around his house every day to help him because no one else was.

His name is Kenneth Walter Bunn and is buried in Enfield.

So have we got this?

Me with Fibromyalgia Syndrome which is itself listed in the top 20 of painful conditions who had been refused help by charities, help agencies and public authorities for years despite them either thinking they have a right to your money or begging you for it in no end of TV commercials. Me having to go and help someone dying of cancer who himself was getting nothing from anyone else anywhere.

My condition is in the top end of this painful condition and over the years I have experienced 273 symptoms for it, relived most of them were one-offs or rare. Though today my heart, blood pressure and magnesium levels are affected.

But I get nothing at all. And I do mean nothing.

For years and years everyone around me thought I must be lying about my condition i9ncluding my type 1 diabetic friend and he would absolutely testify to all I have stated in my blogs. Oh plus I have recordings. Even of this.

Now people are asking how I survived all this time and told me they are so sorry that I was treated the way I was for years and simply do not understand who it is these people are helping.

They seem to be able to acquire a lot of money from somewhere, enough to pay for TV adverts and, as I noticed, sponsor moves with Age UK featuring in a pretty good movie on Film 4 I believe was one with Diane Keaton in it but filmed on Hampstead Heath?

Had wondered for years why I was rejected. Has happened to my daughter to and is a child rape victim and cervical cancer survivor the NHS missed and now I discover they have missed heart murmurs in my two granddaughters. These are also linked to Fibromyalgia which I also know my daughter has.

And with my two granddaughters both special needs ask me what they have all had?

Nothing. Nothing but lies, condescension from people that would have had me slap them after not giving a shit about the welfare of children and incompetence while they talk to members of the public like they are inferior and morons while they have posters on the wall showing the fascists wont allow anger or violence towards them while they knowingly leave you in pain for years.

As my ex social worker friend put t a couple of months ago ..

“You were right. You were right all along, you was spot on about everything and it is even WORSE than you said it was. A decade you have been fighting over this while no one helped and everyone thought you was mad. You deserve a million pounds for the service you have given to mankind”

Goes a little over the top at times.

Well people tend to do this as I had Jehovah’s Witnesses in Enfield nickname me ‘The Messenger’ and a Christian man I met at Fishers Green call me ‘a warrior of God’.

I do not know why people come up with these things.

Despite my bravado, which drives hard-left fascists up the wall, I never feel like I have gotten anywhere nor getting anywhere.

Had someone who was an early member or one of the founder members of hacker group Anonymous, who also owe me £1,000 for an article I wrote, tell me that they had read several of my blog posts and said

“You are better than Tim Pool and should have more followers than him, how have you not got millions of followers?!”

I answered ..

“I do not know but I am suppressed and I think that others have put loads of faith into stupid things and I only hope for their sakes it works out for them”

They said they was going to help.

Seems to be no matter which side it is you get treated like shit. Or just overlooked or ignored or they are happy for you to work for years and years and years for free. While complaining about where their taxes go.

It never ceases to amaze me just how frikking stupid people are that seem to thin they are intelligent.

So after refusing, which I am sure is illegal, to provide me with details of any independent complaints, which they SAID they had, and after 3 months and 8 to 12 emails I have had it with Age UK. I did warn them the last two emails what would happen if they do not comply and provide with with contact details.

Unfortunately these socialist filled organisations always wrongly believe they are superior in all ways and they are untouchable.

Yeah you might want to ask the government that who handed over a 4 bedroom house to my daughter and then fully furnished it and said they wanted to keep things off social media after I hammered Boris Johnson, Priti Patel and the Home Office for weeks with a link to this blog which contains evidence. ON MANY MANY THINGS.

So below are just a few of literally hundreds of screen-shots of me battling Antifa who were lying their ass off and they have one that works for Age UK who doxed detail;s of me online with one of them very unique to me. Yeah one of them is Projects Manager to Age UK which really was not that hard to find.

Like I said .. they are not superior to anyone in any way but someone in power collected a load of morons together, put them in key industries like ombudsman, public services, the health service, DWP, local councils and charities and fashioned them into pawns.

Sorry but I have met Dogs smarter then these people.

If you are reading this .. NO .. you are NOT superior and if you are Age UK .. YES I am all the things I said that I am that you called me a liar over.

Oh yeah and they called me a liar and complained they did not have my address.

After Antifa spent a year diving down Facebook and LinkedIn and others trying to find it and I was even threatened by one that I am stupid and would be easy to find.

That was just two days ago and they call themselves ZombiePiano.

I said .. “well go on then”

Then the excuses came and IU ran them ragged around the houses and they are full of it. These people are nasty, hateful shits. Nasty, venomous little shits whose only desire is to rule over others and command everything they do. And they do not posses six grey cells that work as a team.

Then as I am getting ready to do this I go and find a charity in America linked to three Hollywood actresses who are Amy Schumer (no surprise), Brie Larson (absolutely no surprise and laughable the shitty little person) and Reese Witherspoon (OK that was a surprise).

This charity is called Time’s Up and is accused of raising $3.6 Million dollars and like 90% of it or more went of themselves and hardly helped anyone.

This was a gift from the Gods and this is EXACTLY what I had been telling friends and family for over ten years and asking where all this money was going?

I get really angry and it pissed me off that everyone is acting like the Devil’s fucking minions and its like living in a hell but where its feel like the last couple of years for many its been a couple of decades for me.

Fuck name I have been blogging about this for over 8 years.

When I am not angry the scientist in my tries to explain these shitty, low IG idiot fascists and wonder if is the magnetic field or one of the other major changes going on with Earth we have not seen before they are keeping quiet.

They call this a Grand Solar Minimum and anyone with a solar cycle graph and a telescope can see that the solar cycles went out of whack in a way that has not occurred since 1648 to around 1700.

Its going to get colder and winters longer for a number of years. I cannot tell you how cold or for how long but its a minimum of 20 and could be 60 and even up to 200. No one really knows but one woman scientist is good at this. But even she was silenced. Had a paper removed despite being published 261 times.

Its why there is talk of a Great Reset. No its not because of Covid as these sorts of plans require the minimum of a decade and likely several to come up with.

So those in power have screwed it up for years, lied to us, screwed it up some more, set everyone against each other, ignored the will of their people and now want to bring something in after lying about the end of the world and want to remain in power?

Well as well as doing away with money, all your freedoms, your privacy and salaries and make the world into one giant socialist system.

How the fork they think they are going to get everyone to accept this or allow the to remain in their positions of power is beyond me.

More and more people I speak to, foreign people owning shops, are talking to me about all this and losing their temper over it.

So here now I a video of my favourite YouTube couple Clownfish TV talking about the Hollywood MeToo type charity and some screenshots of those that have been trying to dox me I am sure they would kill me if they could get their hands on me?

Screenshots ..

One tweet where they threaten to find out someone’s address and say it is easy. But then never do it when challenged.

Sorry to disappoint but Age UK do not have my address.

These people will even call people liars upon hearing a statement they do not like when it was a statement made by someone else because they refuse, have been conditioned, not to listen to anything.

The same group of Antifa claiming something is a lie because a YouTuber called Tim Pool said it, except he did not.

Then after refusing to watch it and making assumptions its everybody’s else’s fault.

Tim Pool is centre-left but they insist, like everyone else who ever disagrees with them on a single thing, that he is far-right.

My trouble is I do not trust anyone .. and certainly not in the public services and do not know who to turn to to help myself. Now that I have helped my daughter out.

I am ..

  • Disabled
    • Where all all the disability charities?
  • Heart condition
    • Where are all the heart condition charities?
  • Memory Loss
    • As above
  • Over 50
    • Look at how Age UK have treated me
  • Homeless
    • Where are all the homeless charities
  • Victim of Number of Crimes
    • Look how the authorities treated me
  • Saved Lives of Animals like Swans, Deer, Cats
    • Where were the RSPCA who I get told refuse to come out?
  • My Problem or Issue?
    • Single white male?
    • Tell the truth too much?
    • Being centre-left not far enough left?

Told people I am in a livng hell and I literally just had a heart eposide because an idiot told me I was wrong about, get this ..

  • Sensor size in cameras do not affect aperture and only focal length
  • Trying to explain he is wrong, people say he is an idiot, and full frame cameras are expensive because of this he suddenly7 screams at me, slams his door so hard I thought the hinges would come off
  • Causes me to have a heart episode I get no treatment or tests for

Not used this in awhile and had to re-activate it. If you consider please do not overdo it .


Was getting tired of posting about the outbreak and was thinking of turning my next post into a piece regarding the evil Hitler like hard-left that has been destroying everything and have continued to do so. When the whole world is super depressed or pissed off over this outbreak.

Then .. something popped up.

I was impressed when I saw the first trailer to the video game by Naughty Dog titled ‘The Last of Us Part II’. So much so I was tempted to buy my first ever game console to play the first one.

Though I have gamed for decades I am primarily a PC Gamer .. or am wean I am able to do so and my degree is BSc Applied Computing. Should also add that I was already highly knowledgeable in animal science and was while I did my degree and included this in my dissertation I received a distinction for. They also asked me to go a PhD which involved working in simulation software to teach Keyhole Surgery.

When I try to explain my knowledge levels to the hard-left I am going to dive into they literally accuse me of lying, out of pure white fear.

On a daily basis there is a large focus from a group of, stupid, people that claim I am anti-science and a ‘denier’ to catch me out lying. Not only has this never worked but I have shown my prowess in over a dozen areas of science.

Now there latest trick as been to claim that I am not the author of this blog .. well now that they decided to look at it after 11 months and shocked at what they saw.

Yes I kid you not their tactic has been to claim that I am not who I claim that I am.

Make no mistake these people are somewhere between deep seated psychological issues to clinically insane. Strangely enough this is what I am also accused of on a daily basis, or whenever I show my proverbial face.

They also love swear words and labels that I will get into and at the end I am going to include a flurry of more screen-shots to show these people for who and what they are.

Remember these are the people that want to gain power and tell you that they are doing this for you and they are not. Like in the thirties they claim they are for the workers and the oppressed, in their views, people.

Ultimately these being in power will see everything go to shit and they will then strictly control everything you think, say, do, believe and own. And when I say own I mean to say you wont own anything outside the clothing that you wear.

If you are an inventor and require tools and equipment? Forget it as you will need permission.

Believe in democracy, despite it being screwed beyond recognition? Yeah you can forget that too because they do not tolerate other people’s views. Will get into this shortly. I have other posts regarding what a socialist system will look like ‘A Socialist’s Dream’ being one.

Oh and I am related to one and have been a long time so I know how they think. They declare themselves not a socialist these days but make no mistake .. they agree they have become authoritarian with no tolerance but still come out with the usual crap. “They have gone way too far” is one statement made to me and even state that open borders was wrong now the outbreak has happened and none of her family get help of any kind. Nor did their family get any help for other a decade prior to the outbreak being passed over in favour of ‘friends’ or to people can virtue signal to look good or avoid the usual labels.

Trust me when I say this the entire story is .. horrific. One part of one story can be found and with recordings with Police Detectives under the post ‘Country of the Damned’. Just one part of one story and there are many stories.

But back to the big hoo-ha going on.

So Naughty Dog is full of evil little Hitlers who treat their workers, the ones they say they are for, like crap and refuse to pay them. Over work them and have a turnover of like 70% of staff.

Yeah well one decided that he was not going to take it lying down, told stories of how bad it is to work for them and how Christians there were not happy and then leaked the game online.

  • Focus on lesbian relationship for the story
  • Loved character gets killed by transgender
  • Bad guys are Christians
  • Second half of game you play as the transgender and kill the other beloved character from the game
  • Not even played the game and even I know this is fucking insane!

You are also going to have to get it through your skull that as well as being intolerant these people think that the rules and morals do not apply to them.

You might be part of the hoard but the moment you step out of line the sheep around you turn into proverbial wolves and devour you.

This why the socialist I am related to that still considers themselves a socialist left their party and that was the Socialist Worker’s Party and not as extreme as the others. I believe they still wanted Brexit?

Well at first when I first heard these ‘rumours’ I thought it was nuts and some idiot faking it but in a very bad way. It was too stupid and too crazy to be true.

Despite me telling everyone from centre-left to moderate right-wing people how crazy these people are and a few, fortunately only a few, not realizing it .. they end up proving themselves far worse than even my claims.

The game has polls running on it. Anywhere from 56% to 65% of fans are point blank refusing to buy this game. Yeah the number would be higher and here is why ..

Some whiny babies, including one YouTube creator I will get into shortly, are furious abut the leaks and the backlash and are refusing to look at them. Saying people are over-reacting.

Except they have not seen the leaks and not considered to ask themselves why this is about the biggest backlash ever going on right now.

Now one thing I have noted is how prices have soared in recent times and once upon a time a serious high-end graphs card to build a PC with would cost around £500. Around £300 would get you a very good one. Not today as these have crept up to £1,200 or more and and £500 gets you mid-range?

Then you have had the ‘pay monthly’ greed. Then the micro-transactions greed. Breaking a full game up into parts with endless ‘Downloadable Content’.

Now consider this ..

  • Building a Gaming PC is close to a £1,000
  • XBox Series X and the PS5 are said to be more expensive than previous generations at £500 plus
  • Who exactly will want to spend that money to be screwed over while being preached to at the same time?

Tell me, who?

They have taken away or ruined everything and they think that is they just keep at it they will brain-wash everyone to think like they do while you also pay them for this privilege?

It is sinister, amoral, preachy, dictatorial, greedy and above all else .. WRONG!

It will also .. NEVER .. EVER .. be accepted and has now gone on for enough years that people are at their breaking points.

Also these megabucks companies have adopted this ‘Woke’ attitude and think that as they pander to the hard-leftists that the rules do not apply to them either and I will get to this.

We get abused on social media for speaking our minds or telling truths that are not acceptable and this can be mostly over political correctness or over money.

Progressives have the rules bent for them even by YouTube who are now possibly going to be sued over the Suzy Lu fiasco. She and boyfriend, Steejo, abused the copyright flagging system on those that said anything about them actually screening whole movies in reaction videos.

At the same time and while the Suzy Lu fiasco is unfolding now Naughty Dog and Sony are doing the same thing because they want people to have over money for a game they do not want to buy.

The sheer levels of self-entitlement at both ends of the spectrum is mind-bogglingly bad and in all honesty and pardon my French but .. fucking amoral.

For those of us Centrists be us centre-left to centre-right are bloody well fed up to the high teeth being in the middle and screwed from both sides. Though if the truth be told 80% of being flocked over comes from the hard-left. No shadow of a doubt.

There has also been attacks on innocent people and a very large and repeated attempt to silence people as well as go after their income from the likes of Google, YouTube, Blogger, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook and likely others like Apple and maybe even Microsoft?

All this shite and right in the middle or the worst pandemic in a very long time? Yes because that was always going to be a genius plan, no?

Yes in the middle of this global outbreak caused by leftists and spread by leftists while the same leftists lied their flocking asses off over it and running around bullying, swearing, threatening people, doxing people and even causing others to take their own lives.

But they think themselves highly moral, only ones (false claims) that tell the truth and all about the workers, people, planet and including the environment and all species on it?

Tell me, does it at all sound like that to you?

If you keep these things in mind as you go about your day to day surfing of the web and speak to others on social media, does it seem like this to you?

Surely in the longest times of troubles the blindfolds of men must slip off if but for a single moment of time?

One can only hope.

In one year of Twitter I picked up 7,500 followers and this is despite many being knocked off, many being suspended for telling un-PC truths (always will be a mistake).

Have been hugely popular whichever threads I speak on and am on five growing platforms and this is just in a year.

Every one of these simply do not understand how my blog has not been ten times, at least, more poplar than it has been. Well .. censorship.

They called me crazy but many of the things I have talked about and suppressed over are now coming to light. They cannot get rid of me because they cannot show that I have lied, some mad conspiracy theorist or paid to do this, as I am not. I have bobbed and weaved for long enough now that many of my predictions, all in actual fact, have turned out to be accurate. This now makes it even harder for them to get rid of me.

Oh they try to destroy my character by lying and you get posts like “Oh we have proved him/you to be a liar countless times” in which case they then get attacked. They are told in no uncertain terms that I have never been defeated by any one of the ‘legions of losers’ or some similar comment, that have tried. My defenders hail from the UK, Germany, the US, Canada and even as far away as Australia.

Yeah, yeah, sure, sure these people are interested in the truth, facts and science. No, the fact of the matter is they have an agenda and they will do and say anything they can to protect it and rid themselves of the obstacles in their way.

Despite the trials and tribulations I am an unstoppable force as well as an immovable object.

In the last few posts I have started to actually show screen-shots of some of the exchanges and in this one I will continue to do so and will from here on out. Believe me if you have seen the dozens I have posted recently it is a very tiny fraction of what I have and due to my short term memory issues do not always remember to screen-shot everything.

That YouTuber I mentioned that whined? Well he was angry because he was banking on the popularity of the game to increase his viewers and subscribers.

Mate? YOU are the content creator and not the game.

Want viewers and subscribers? Then do not be a crybaby ass-wipe, look at the blasted leaks and do a video talking about them!

As I will get to further down many YouTubers I know and watch and do not like being spoilt ended up realizing this was bad and looked into the leaks.

Tyrone Magnus said “If these rumours are true, Naughty Dog can kiss my ass!”

Poor Tyrone, he has been stating on his videos for a few years how he did not want to get into the political side of things when reviewing films.

That all ended either with Captain Marvel or the film prior to this. This is the same with many others who, like me some years ago. Have now been dragged into these pile of horse shit that the hard-left are forcing down your throat every chance they get.

I do call these people stupid or deeply troubled but I am aghast to think that they will be successful wit their tactics when there is absolutely no way on Earth and especially in these modern times they will even get close to what they want.

When I tell them this directly they literally laugh and tell my side that “you fear the change that is coming”

Tiny in numbers, crazy and flawed ideas and authoritarian other thought processes of others this will only result in scenes of large angry mobs with pitch-forks and burning torches that will literally round these people up and tie them to wooden stakes. Or worse?

It does not take a genius to look at the pain and suffering they have caused and over a very long period of time. Their politics helped the virus spread. They change their stances on things more than they change their underpants too. The boredom they have caused during the worst time in history. The extremist friends they have made and covered up for while turning against all others.

Do not even get me started on their racism and sexism.

Their rules do not apply to everyone, they are selective, they are biased, they are bigoted and above all else they are sexist.

Now was it Goebell’s in World War 2 they stated thought that the best way to hide your own crimes was to accuse all others of it?

Trust when I tell you this that despite the problems with the world today, which is down to greed as well as leftists, the Dystopia they want to force upon you is not only hard to live with the thought of but which the reality would be a living hell.

My sole goal is revenge for what they have done to my daughter and my family and to expose them for what they are and completely destroy their dreams and causes while saving the world and the environment at the same time.

  • The lengths one should go to prevent a world one would not be prepared to live in should know no bounds.
  • A society installed and built upon deceit will quickly fill with people not willing to comply and will eventually push back with their full force.
  • Do not expect acts and sacrifices from others you have not performed nor willing to do yourself.
  • Constant antagonising of a much larger and wiser group will only result in the demise of the smaller one.
  • History is awash with authorities that become too authoritarian to the messes only to be taken down in the worst ways imaginable.

Let is take a look at their favourite buzzwords ..

You cannot bend nature nor evolution to your will.

It is highly dangerous as well as irresponsible to draw conclusions from partial data.

I stated for awhile that these hard-left morons have infected everything from entertainment to politics and these are the same people that lecture you on global warming that has paused and dropped and dropping now but in three decades cannot prove is man or CO2.

Well that humongous backlash over the PlaysStation game The Last Of Us Part II is revealing exactly that and even those influencing these things, like lying grifter and con-artist Anita Sarkeesian, then bare-face lies about it.

She tweeted she had no influence and yet here is Jeremy from The Quartering on YouTube that shows you a video where Naughty Dog head Neil Druckmann, claiming that she did ..


The Amazing Lucas on The Last of Us Part II leaks ..

Jody’s Corner is not impressed with Naught Dog either

Tyrone Magnus says if The Last of Us Part II rumours are true ‘Naughty Dog can kiss my ass’

Robinoyo warned of something like this with The Last of Us Part Two and the evil leftists called him a bigot and racist and here he talks about that

DreamCast Guy on rumour of Naught Dog leaker being one of several employees who were overworked, bullied and not paid

Anita Sarkeesian gets accused of ruining The Last of Us Part 2, she says she has no involvment and Memology 101 shows video that states she is lying .. what a surprise ..

A blow up of epic proportions over the identity polictics and leftism in The Last of Us Part II results in Naughty Dog taking down videos of anyone even speaking about it. Abusing YouTube’s copyright claims.

Jeremy Prime of Geeks & Gamers along with many others being attacked and here Jeremy, no not that one, from The Quartering talks about it ..

HeelvsBabyface has Sony and Naught Dog try to take his channel down and a number of YouTubers start talking of a legal case (Class Action?) against Naughty Dog and/or Sony.

Tyrone Magnus on Sony stating they have the leaker and that its not am employee of Naughty Dog and absoluetly everyone cries “bullshit”

Well this video seems to have already gone

Yellowflash on how Sony and Naught Dog are proverbially torching everything The Last of Us Part II

Upper Echolon Games on how the gaming industry is going to get damaged, well even more so than it already was, by the Naughty Dog scandal

Mr H Reviews on Naughty Dog striking people, who has been struck and more talk of legal action against Naughty Dog. From so high to so low and in record time too ..

YouTube could be heading for a lot of hot water over the heavy handed censorship as along with the Naughty Dog Shite they have a couple of others occurring at the same time.

Tim Pool on Journalist that went after YouTubers like Sargon of Akkad and I believe Count Dankule getting caught doing some very bad things ..

Anyone remember Suzy Lu too? Well it seems after playing the victim and striking out at other for not doing the very thing she has been herself she has had a lot of videos taken down.

Vindicating Tipster ..

Remember the other half of the progressive couple of double-standards? Well John Swan here explains that Steejo has had things taken down too ..

On another note ..

Ed Davey is a condescending idiot as Sargon of Akkad explains leftist, vomit inducing, pandering ..


Now then .. one thing that leftists love is AGW and Green or Renewable Energy. So let me explain a thing about wind-turbines and solar ..

    • Are very expensive to build, run, repair and produce little
    • Kill millions of birds, many bats and untold insects but this is a necessary sacrifice according the the hard-left
    • You need high grade coal
    • You need high-grade quartz
    • These need to be melted which produces a lot of CO2
    • That along with mining the environment three times more than just coal to burn
    • Companies claiming to be 100% green energy have lied
    • Event with eco-warriors and music band ‘Johnny & the Eco-Twits’ (joke) was said to be solar run but plugged into the grid
    • Apparently this is also OK to the hard-left

Now I know nothing about Michael Moore but if yu watch just the first half of his movie ‘Planet of the Humans’ you will see just how stupid, dishonest and dangerous these leftists are.

Even I had underestimated how bad, amoral and utterly dangerous as well as how widespread these people had got. They know I know and they are worried abut that ..

On Dr Roy Spencer’s site, former NASA Climatologist and Author, he is reported on a second drop in consecutive months on annual temperatures and second highest drop in satellite history.

Let me tell you this .. any Marxist climate alarmists that have more than two grey cells working as a team are going to making brown bricks from their small round holes for the next four weeks.

If yet another drop occurs next month or even the month after the floodgates are going to open against anyone that promoted AGW especially those in a very insulting way.

Hold on to your butts!

Bit of serious fun .. Joe Rogan and Tim Pool .. it was aliens!


Now some wise quotes from some rather brilliant individuals .. again .. as I have done the last few posts.

Rationality of thought imposes a limit in a person’s concept of his relation to the cosmos” – John Forbes Nash

In a dream it is typical not to be rational” – John Forbes Nash

Scepticism is as important for a good journalist as it is a good scientist” – Freeman Dyson

The glory of science is to imagine more than we can prove” – Freeman Dyson

If you have any talent or occupation that delights you, do it and do it to the hilt. Don’t ask why or what difficulties you may get into” – Richard Feynman

Facts are stubborn things but statistics are pliable” – Mark Twain

Always do what it right, it will gratify half of mankind and astound the other” – Mark Twain

There are heroisms all around us waiting to be done” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Skill is fine and genius is splendid but the right contacts are more valuable than either” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

That last one has been the bug-bear of my endeavours not helped by the combined efforts to suppress me and my goal to reaching enough people to make a difference.

Cannot think of what it is that would instil so much fear into so many agenda driven people just from the things that I state publicly?


One trying to be crafty and as delusions to the levels on their own levels of knowledge .. in this tweet they make a huge mistake. They ae trying to argue that CO2 warms the planet but also ignoring that not just CO2 gets warm. They also used the temperature of -273C and this was a mistake.

I answered after a few tweets at them asking what the issue was with absolute zero they failed to answer, which was a clue to them to their mistake.

My answer was ‘everything’ stops the temps from hitting -273C and they then took the piss and declared I know nothing.

This is the sort of people you are dealing with, they claim they know about science and that actual scientists do not if you disagree with them.

Except absolute zero is -273.15C and cannot be achieved. For this temperature to occur naturally you would have to be well out of the solar system and as they have detected heat beyond the Sun’s influence, likely outside the Milky Way entirely.

In fact you may have to be in a large star-less area of the universe known as the Bootes Void?

So empty space cannot influence temperature in which case its all matter .. or everything. AT least within the solar system as everything radiates heat and keeping things well above absolute zero is not hard.

They posted a meme, told me I was cute when I was wrong, sounding a lot like another troll of mine who lies through her teeth and called ZombiePiano.

They said they would keep me in suspense until tomorrow morning. My answer?

No .. you really wont”


They all cherry pick philosophers badly ..

Now then a common thing among idiots is as well as not being scientists and calling those that speak science or claim to be scientists liars, they also rule out whole continents being below average as just weather but every single one of them will  at some point say ‘Well AGW is real as its hot in my garden’ or cannot be cold as it has not snowed in their garden etc etc ..

Blog they have never read at all but trash because they know it does not state what they want to hear?

Yeah that is called being prejudiced and is as far removed from science as you can possibly be while they call me a ‘science denier’

Get caught out lying all the time but continue to insist they never do this. Insist you have been caught out lying all the time to put off followers yet never able to prove it.

Claim they never ever report people and yet they have me many a time, around 30 on this one thread, and here they are more or less admitting they reported someone else.

Will twist anything to silence the truth and/or opposing arguments as these are simply not allowed and not allowed for me, centre-left, means not allowed for anyone. If you are hard-right, or at least think you are? You had better not step out of line as they will end you, your career and your personal life.

Here is a good one .. after more than 10 months of refusing to look at this blog someone does, there is a meltdown I may have covered in a previous post?

Well it must have scared them as this hard-left Antifa foot soldier pushing AGW then decides to go for the tactic of insinuating that I am not who I say I am? Umm yeah .. really.

Oh and then after realising I had recording of the Police, many and two on ‘Country of the Damned’, they then decide that what I did was illegal. No care whatsoever as to what I exposed or how bad the crime was .. actually rape against a minor. Nope then harps on abut me breaking the law.

Then when I explain they are lying yet again and explain the law, how it works and that I used to work for a solicitors practice they run off with their tails between their legs.

Of course they return with the claim the next day, or sometimes a week or two later, that they were not proven to be a liar yet provide no proof or links to that effect. They then insist that I am the liar and have been caught out many times.

Nasty, evil, lying scum of human beings is what these people are.

So next time your listening to someone preach to you about global warming, socialism or any other far-left agenda like identity politics ask yourself what this person is REALLY LIKE?


My situation got better but only momentarily.

Found myself sitting in a park with someone that does not like talking abut disasters who refuses to watch the news who was talking about this Coronavirus, Covid-19, spread.

This was a shock and he kept saying he could not believe what was happening and it was like a movie.

I had explained that I simply could not believe that the virus was appearing close to my daughter who was in a fairly remote part of North Wales. He did not understand this and said ‘but you said it is spreading fast?’

I explained that there are patterns to these thing, That it spread around the built up metropolitan areas first to quite a degree before it even reaches places like that. And for this to happen it must be far worse in the cities and large towns then they are telling us.

I had just been through a scare where my daughter had a friend staying with her who woke up in the morning with three symptoms of the disease.

But the next day it turned out she was the type of person that makes things up to get attention.

So while we were sitting on this old wooden bench where we had been looking for a rare bird called a Firecrest I was relieved but I wondered and talked about how long this would last.

Around two days.

Right now I am in shock and I am quite scared now and at a loss. I had been taking out my frustrations on very nest, evil, lying leftists whose idiocy has caused this situation. I have also been posting links to do with the virus so that people could find out of the virus was getting close to them and not get a nasty surprise as I had done.

Its frustrating too as because of fuck ups by other people I was supposed to be in North Wales and if that had not been screwed up I would have prevented things.

Now I have had three siblings who think they know everything with partners that think they know everything who kept telling another worried member of my family crap that just was not true probably because of fake news ..

  • This virus is nothing
  • Nobody at work is talking about it
  • Its just lie the flu
  • Its impossible for a virus to last more than a few hours on a surface
  • It will burn itself out

One of those I spent two days with while trying to relocate to Wales and I told them this was going to be bad and why I was moving, which went wrong and a found myself back in hell. Though chatty about it there were two remarks they made that had me realise he thought this would not come to anything. I said it was and it was coming. Told him that sports events would get cancelled like the Tokyo Olympics and there was absolutely no doubt in my mind.

Had been warning them about the news for 15 years and bearing in mind my father died because of the BBC you would think they paid more attention.

Others had realised my predictions were correct, though still expressed doubts. But relatives never believed me no matter how many times I got it right.

Never predicted anything until recently that would change forever the world we live and this started when I saw the data that strongly suggested we would enter another Grand Solar Minimum like we did in 1648 for a period of 50 plus years we call the Maunder Minimum or Little Ice-Age.

In that data I also realised that leading up to it there would be several possibilities not helped one bit by the actions of humans and the mental decisions by politicians acting like loony hard-left.

  • Cool period being reached around 2024how cold yet to be determined
  • Solar Cycles are one thing but magnetic fields and volcanoes among others play a part
  • Cosmic Rays getting to record highs will cause all kinds of health problems cancer, mutations and cloud seeding are three of those
  • Mass Migration and Governments acting hugely irresponsibly also leading to issues ..
  • Stated that this would spread diseases and so it did here and there, prior to seeing cosmic ray data
  • Civil War
  • War
  • World War
  • Food Supply disruptions
  • Virus Outbreak that would result in a Pandemic

Yes those were the things I stated.

The Gilets Jaunes protests started and spread and continued on for over a year.

We had to period with many record cold temperatures in January to February 2019 and September onwards later in the year. I also predicted that the weather patterns would change dramatically and flip-flop, people seeing weather around the world that had they never had before or was extremely rare. Stated this would continue for two to three years and by the end it would be obvious where this was leading.

In 2024 after a continuous cooling and low or non existent solar maximum and due to gravity and barycentre the Earth would be 13% further away from the Sun.

The unknown factor was that we do not know what volcanic eruptions we were going to get. These increase cooling and the number and frequency has been increasing for decades.

It took me a couple of weeks to a couple of months to work all this out and I had been getting this feeling for about 5 years that something was .. coming.

So would it be food supply or disease?

Had expected smaller outbreaks of things but a real pandemic I thought was likely to occur around 2023 to 2024. Cosmic Rays cause mutations and this was on my mind a lot.

Had thought that maybe the rays needed to be higher than what they are now? Maybe not.

So then now a virus has spread around and though I knew where this was going it got there a damn site faster than I had anticipated.

For a moment I thought I had avoided the demise of my own world, not that it had been very good to begin with thanks to the lying and corrupt government, NHS, DWP, Police, Social Workers, Help Agencies that do not do anything than tell you the obvious and others.

So my daughter was in the clear. Or so I thought.

Get a call to tell me a second friend who was pregnant was in hospital due to a fuck up by the NHS again with a second your woman pregnant. This had resulted in some real complications and internal bleeding.

Her father is my daughter’s boyfriend who was at the hospital and my daughter was on the way there to be with them.

Seems my warning to stay away from hospital was not listened to by anyone and she got on a train too.

Next day I get a call. Daughter’s boyfriend, whose own daughter is in hospital from a screw up by the NHS, is ill. High fever, cough and cannot get out of bed.

Daughter is walking the streets from supermarket to supermarket looking for food as she has very little and cannot find any.

Get a call in the evening and she is crying.

She has gene down very ill as has one of my young grandchildren who has breathing problems anyway!

My daughter is crying and blaming herself.

Authorities have been informed in both cases.

So then .. this LOW RISK the authorities, government and fake news have been fucking lying about like they have everything else?

  • Daughter, granddaughter symptomatic North Wales
  • Grandson coughing in Birkenhead, Merseyside
  • Boyfriend asymptomatic South Wales
  • Sister’s boyfriend and niece coughing in Enfield
  • Very old grandmother coughing in Brighton Sussex
  • Seven people I know of fell ill

So yeah I have been taking chunks out of leftist AGW cult members as despite all that I predicted coming to pass they are sill on social media being protected by the likes of evil companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook and the rest trying to say a these predictions they never fucking made are all proof of AGW.

People so dishonest, amoral and evil that I think nature has decided to have a good clear out? Had a few comments like this put to me now from many followers.

Well now people have realised too late that the virus really is a threat. Not even sure if people I know have realised that there jobs are over yet?

My resident socialist ripped into two people from the middle-east in Sainsburys who were clearing an entire shelf and asked them what about old people who needed to buy food, while they just stood there staring at her.

She said she had spent decades trying to help these people as a socialist and that now she regretted being one.

I said that I had tried to tell her for years just like I tried to tell everyone about the public services and how bad they are,like the NHS and news media and that now unfortunately it is too late.

Stated that I just hoped that when it was over and when these people crawled back from under their rocks t take over where they left off or when the evil leftists who sound like Hitler in his early years try to get control that those who have survived let them ‘have it’?!

Spent years and years and years trying to warn of these things and as I have stated so many times they have tried to stop me every step of the way.

It may well sound crazy and insane but not just one or two actions but the actions of those in power for many, MANY years look as if they want this to happen?

If I could work all this out in a few weeks to a few months how could it be that they missed it for decades?!

I do not believe that they did and whatever it was that was coming I thought that all the shite and identity politics was intended solely to distract us.

So much so I called this #ProjectDistraction.

What I believed scared them and why I was suppressed for years is my high level knowledge across the board and my ability to crash course many things, though not everything, in a few days or weeks. Posting even about identity politics and the others would lead people to the bigger picture.

I went on social media platforms like Twitter, Parler, GAB and Minds to get around this suppression and needed the people to spread a number of my posts around to stop them.

Despite the increase in viewers going up ten fold it really needed to go up by a factor of about fifty and now its clear this idea also failed.

This post I did not want to write for a list of reasons.

But I am scared, fed up wit life and angry and the mere thought that these people will get away with that they have done makes me so angry that, that which I am more than capable of doing I could not possibly put here.

Massive failures by the lying leftist fake news helped bring about this by talking the threat DOWN and praising and believe the Chinese Communist Party and had lied so may times over 15 years or more that when they did tell the truth many still did not believe them.

No they were not over-blowing it to stop Donald Trump and trust me when I state this that going around saying that actually hurts Donald Trump.

The virus is real, focus on that. Do not focus on who caused it right now as this is irrelevant and when the time comes THEN you deal with those who are to blame.

So lastly to be left here is a bunch of screenshots of the news media getting it wrong and talking down this pandemic when I was screaming at people to take notice.

This can sit there while I spend the coming days and weeks going out of my mind wondering what will happen to those I care about anyhow I will survive if it is anything bad?

I will not survive this.

Some links about emissions dropping which now includes China and Italy and within the space of a single week will have a host of other countries included.

But the AGW people will still tell you its not making a difference. Oh but it is and is inevitable just as I have stated for two months now.

Hole of Europe locked down as are many states in the United States and will be all states within a week. Before long Russia will follow and there is no stopping it now.

Italy ..

Daily Mail article about London and the globe ..

Australia predicting drops in emissions of millions of tonnes

Even in the Lebanon ..

Planes. Trains & Auto-mobiles? And ships ..

In case I never got on here again..

The things the news said abut the virus ..


Before I get into this .. yet again .. I want to point out a couple of things about China, the Coronavirus and the name Covid-19.

Are you ready?

  • Their numbers are way higher, recently saw a news video I will link below, where its claimed they are 52 ties higher in places
  • China went to extreme measures to prevent the spread and no western countries will go to he extremes that China did

Now if you can accept these as facts as many of us stated for over 6 weeks and keeping this in mind.

Two weeks ago I attempted to relocate to Wales and it went wrong.

During the two day trip I talked abut the virus with a family member that thought it would come to nothing. Several did this. It seems after years of proving fake news and corruption people still want to believe the media over me. Go figure.

Stated previously it wont be long before I am proven right .. yet again .. and today the Associated Press stated in an article that the number of coronavirus cases outside China now has exceeded that of China.

At the time of this journey there were somewhere between 21 and 24 countries with cases, I believe it was?

At the time of writing the number of countries is now 48 and I have no doubt that by the time I post this it would have gone up.

Since then a massive surge has occurred in South Korea and very surprising to me is Italy that has had hundreds of cases and a dozen deaths.

Worse still is Iran who have had way more deaths than Italy and yet way less cases declared which must be wrong as it would make the death rate higher than 33%! So it is generally thought that they have maybe thousands of cases and not 50 0dd with 19 deaths as was listed at one point?

The wife of the person I have since found out told someone I know now panicking about this that it would burn out and come to nothing.

I stated that its already way more than 3 times worse than SARS and is absolutely showing no signs of slowing down and that the person that told her had zero knowledge or understanding of anything in science at all.

Me? Among many things Herpetologist, Batrachologist, Ichthyologist, computer scientist who was offered a PhD by Peter Passmore of Middlesex University working in all of those as well as medicine creating software to teach keyhole surgeons how to perform surgery.

Then there is my high level of knowledge, certainly higher than average, in astronomy and astrophysics, volcanology, seismology, meteorology, orchidaceae and others.

Called a genius by Police Detectives, Secret Services, Doctors, lecturers, solicitors, social workers and others. But to the non-educated I am constantly told I am wrong and called an idiot. Not all, fortunately as one friend’s wife told her friends that her husband has a mate who is a genius.

Might be funny to hear I always get embarrassed when I am told these things.

As I am the various labels I have been given like a Modern Day Robin Hood, Warrior of God and The Messenger and the last two were fro Christian groups and I told them they are barking up the wrong tree as I am not religious. One said ..

“God does not work that way. He chooses those that are worthy”

Would have been a lot more humbling if I had been religious. Have a lot of morals that align with Christians. I am just very scientific and have an analytical mind.

Now despite people still calling me mad for my claims .. this is puzzling as six of those people have long found out in their own experiences that I was right. NHS, Police, Social Services and many others besides.

One I lost contact with for 5 years was unknowingly following me on Twitter and upon realising apologised for me for thinking I was mad and then told his 3,000 odd followers, who were stunned, that I was the guy he had been telling them about for a couple of years. The one that predicted everything that is now happening that people thought I was mad for claiming.

Picked up a few followers for a few days after that tweet of his, I can tell you.

So according to some and I have had to love with this for years .. I am an idiot and wrong, despite my 8 years and 100% prediction success rate .. oh they do not bother to look. But it seems despite all this uneducated people know better?!

Told one friend about this virus and gave him predictions a month ago and he did not think it would get to the stage it is at now. Other than some slight surprises, case rises in places I did not expect and low in others I thought would rise fast, it has continued as I expected.

But they still doubt. It beggars belief, it truly does!

You can imagine my relocation falling through and not hearing anything about it and not being contacted is quite frustrating and then some?

Since then I have had emergency meetings .. one that was fecked up by idiots and a second that was a waste of time and now a third I am waiting for.

This s being done because I do not know what is happening with my move and I cannot stay here when the coronavirus arrives as walking in front of a bus is far more appealing!

Well not its a matter of weeks and the one thing I have in my favour is that here in the UK it has been slow .. but this might turn out to be a bad thing?

After seeing Italy you wonder if this will suddenly occur everywhere? It did the same in South Korea.

The other issues is with 48 countries you now have potential carriers if this virus flying from country to country. More waves.

Also heard today that the Centre for Disease Control in America they have a tele-briefing service where they are stating in no uncertain terms this is coming and everything is going to change.

Like the flu?

Yeah .. on the social media platforms YouTube, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress and Minds and likely others people have noticed an extreme effort to stop people telling the truth and certainly do not want you making money.

But they evil bar stewards will happily promote fake news who have been wrong one very single thing on every single day since the news broke on January 1st 2020. That is 8 weeks.

It is OK to parrot the World Health Organisation and the United Nations both of which have now lost credibility with a humongous amount of people including some very good Doctors.

The best one was ‘Oh we do not use the word ‘pandemic’ any more’ despite their website having pages dedicated to how they would deal with a flu pandemic?!

What pandemics only apply to the flu now .. or what?

Yes they can lie and bullshit and make money from lies and bullshit like they did with Anthropogenic Global Warming which was never a thing in a million years with an army of useful leftist idiots, that also helped cause this outbreak, who kept parroting shite while ignoring scientific data.

It beggars belief.

I have been scratching my head for two decades or more and as they years have gone on I have just scratched my head more and more and more.

Flocking tools in power and tools voted them in time after time after time while sticking their heads in the sand with lines like ‘oh well .. that is just the way it is’

An what you have now is what you end up with when you stick your heads in buckets with idiotic statements like that.

There are a few as mad as I am about this and with both the right and the left and one of those, I discovered tonight, is Canadian Frank Vaughn on YouTube I have been watching.

The part that makes you furious is all those morons have forced you to sleep-walk into this horror story along with them.

Like someone I have to deal with who is a narcissistic socialist who cannot stand anyone else getting attention .. its like the old man in the second Poltergeist movie where he leads people to their deaths in a cave of whatever it was and wont let them leave. Either while they was alive or their spirits.

This is what it has felt like for me for the longest time now.

Absolutely years of my life in torture, pain or just plain wasted thanks to the evil people behind the social media giants who think they can play God and lies are OK and the truth is not. Effectively becoming slave drivers in the process. You could not make this stuff up, you really can not.

I should receive the fist money I have had for many months in about 6 weeks but I do not even know if there will be banks or a welfare system by this time?! It is that bad from my point of view and I hope I get lucky at least for a few weeks or even a couple of months and am able to escape .. to somewhere .. anywhere .. but here?!

Worst [art abut it is those in power that will be complicit in the murder of hundreds of thousands, millions or tens of millions or, God forbid, more will disappear under their rocks.

Then when the dust has settled they will crawl out from under those rocks and reclaim their power, land and make people work for them like the Kings, Queens and the deities I am certain they see themselves as.

Yeah I have a message for them as I assure you it wont go as they planned. Not even close.

Did you know that in Indonesia they frown upon people that wash their hands? How do you think the coronavirus will do there?

We have had a health minister in Iran telling people on TV twice its not big deal and they have control over it, while coughing and sweating and a day or two later posting a film of himself from a hospital bed stating ‘Oh I have tested positive for the coronavirus’?!

Yes its that insane and I a matter of days 11 or 12 countries in the Middle-East declared cases of the virus .. in a week or so?!

  • Leftists possibly created disease
  • Leftists let out disease
  • Leftists concealed outbreak
  • Leftists then lied about numbers
  • Other leftists helped spread the disease with the sheer leftist idiocy
  • Leftists then lied to protect leftism
  • Leftist News Media talked down the disease
  • WHO and UN praised CCP the whole way
  • Naive idiots did not research putting those around them at risk
  • Other idiots lied and said they did not have it
  • Along with the above those that did got on planes to go home, flock knows what for
  • Thereby infecting everyone on the aircraft
  • Meanwhile because of lying leftists and there fake AGW and as I warned them so many times had everyone and all scientists concentrating on global warming which was pure bullshit
  • Ergo leftists once again have killed a very large number of people

They argues, bitched, called names and reported me when I told them over and over again IF they keep getting everyone focused on AGW was is not real and NOT a threat something will come along and bite them in the arse.

Consider their arse having a few small lumps taken out of it before it has giant size pieces removed over the next few weeks.

And I cannot wait for the excuses .. and oddly the usual suspects have all been absent today and I wonder of they have realised, all wonkers from Antifa, and have crawled back under their rocks?

Have been dropping hints for a couple of weeks now and if they have now realised I can assure you they know full well, as I have done this many times, there is going to be a backlash from me.

Only this time I will pain the walls with them and then some.

Well as I was typing this out something I predicted has already happened. I stated that in time what would happen is that the CCP would get shown up to be false. That the numbers of cases outside China would show the numbers being given out would reveal what many of us already knew. That the CCP were lying. They could have covered it up better and could have easily explained themselves away. But that ship sailed some time ago.

Now what JUST happened occurred twice.

Earlier in the day the Associated Press ran an article that stated that for the first time the numbers of new cases exceeded that of China.

Then today and after South Korea announced 334 cases in their morning announcement they then announced 171 others later in the day. This meant that South Korea alone had more cases announced than the whole of China.

Should be pointed out that China has 28 times more people than China.

Yes it is entirely feasible that China slowed the spread but nowhere near the extent of that they have been announcing. It was inconceivable.

You have yet another one coming up that will further show that the CCP have been lying, which they have also done to their own people. This is time and specifically the time since the outbreak began in China and the point the numbers started to fall.

Now this might have taken eight weeks but if this was possible and with South Korea’s population being way smaller it should, in theory, occur sooner? But if that same point goes by and the numbers are still rising in South Korea then the CCP has nowhere to run.

Two things I want to point out and that is the AGW cult which are all Antifa leftists I argue with over their attitudes, lies, agenda and climate change were nowhere to be seen. This has not happened for a single day for eight whole months. Yeah I think they realised. There was one guy called Joe, I called LessThanAverage .. Joe, but on a different thread. But that was it.

I also want to touch on something else that has come up at a great deal and that is these accusations of racism.

Now personally I have not seen this myself so when it comes up in the fake news I have no idea what they are talking about. Well other than leftists that seem to suggest that if you say anything at all about the CCP y are racist?

Yeah that is very helpful to the people in China who are suffering and just another example of their utter idiocy among the modern day left. Idiots pure and simple.

Have had a lot of friends from the orient and several of them were while at university. Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai. They can be really nice people and can make the greatest friends.

I also love China and had planned to spend a lot of time there but it did not work out. But I have always disliked the CCP and think they treat their own people like garbage and this has gone beyond ridiculous since the outbreak started.

Governments are lying too. Was saying to someone recently that there will be so much trouble from this even after it is all over.

Iran health minister claims they have it under control on TV at least twice while coughing and sweating then appears in hospital testing positive?

In am matter of a few days they have 26 deaths and only 245 cases and the disease has spread to three or more other countries from Iran and experts saying that there must be thousands of cases or even 10,000 cases for this to occur?

Bearing in mind they stated something along the lines that it was fabricated to disrupt elections they had going on. I bet they are feeling very embarrassed right about now?

Make no mistake I live in a life of hell, I an area of hell, in a building fro hell in a room from hell with a health condition from hell and have a daughter with a life from hell. We have been absolutely battered about by our own country for years and neither of us trust anyone.

Then in the last year I saw the scientific data that leftists ignore and knew immediately what it meant for the world.

Made my predictions and while many have since been talked about one is unfolding as I type this out and when its over it will be obvious the world is cooling.

What rate this will occur is impossible to nail down and depends on other factors. But it will cool and for many years and would estimate 7 and maybe, if some predictions on solar cycle 25 are correct, up to 20.

A low activity sun and extended solar minimums are causing cooling but leftists ignore that, the reports of up to 7 metres of snow and insist it is still warming.

They cannot explain where the extra heart is coming from, mind you.

Volcanoes are increasing in VEI and frequency which will speed up cooling but they ignore that too and state they have no effect. They are all about the science though.

Now then let us deal with the Elephant in the Room scenarios no one else seems to have touched upon ,. the lying by governments. Why?

Well the easy place to start is China and they have a lot of people to cater for and have spent many decades building themselves up as the manufacturer for the world.

Because other companies wanted to save on costs and make larger profits. Apple, Nikon, Sony, various companies making bicycles and the list goes on.

Now I had a very goof friend years ago who was from Newcastle, so a Geordie. We were both into similar things and one was mountain bikes. I told him several times that this urge to make all the affordable stuff in China was a mistake waiting to happen. That down the line this would go wrong, as I also predicted with the stock markets.

But like so many things I never thought I would live to see my predictions actually unfold.

Now here is how it works ..

  • Country A outbreak occurs
  • They announce because they have to and think they might get help from the world
  • Outbreak gets out of control
  • Money people start thinking abut money and markets
  • They realise that this will spread fast
  • They then realise other nations will be pre-occupied with their own countries
  • Therefore help will not occur or disappear after a short while
  • They lie
  • Other countries, A-B-C etc, now realise this already
  • They then realise that if they appear the least affected they not only look good but ..
  • They may be able to capitalise and take things from Country A

Country A is obviously China in this instance.

A potential Country B? Well say maybe a large country where they had 2 cases only for several weeks despite the fact that several weeks ago they were asking embarrassingly bad errors. Saw a video where they quarantined a bunch of people and at least one escaped.

Now hold on to your butts for this one ..

In the video they had arrested this woman and took her to court .. a small courtroom in a building that was crammed with people and they was surrounded by journalists and photographers more up close and personal than normal.

It was a facepalm moment for me and I expected that within a week there would be up to 20 cases declared from this country. A few weeks later, maybe 3 and no one has mentioned this, there has not been a single case?

Other countries that border it have now had dozens of deaths and they estimate there must be thousands of cases? Yet this large country still remains at two cases?

If it already seems like they are lying I am afraid it is about to get worse .. because, you see, this country shares a very .. VERY large border with China.

It is also the country that China based its whole social system on.

Why yes that would be RUSSIA!!

In the space of two to four weeks and while Russia remained at2 cases we have had dozens of countries added to the list .. DOZENS. Countries like Italy, I did not expect at all, raced up into the hundreds of cases. South Korea now in the thousands of cases and they do not eve HAVE a border with China. Only North Korea and we all know how that one works.

So do you think that Russia might have hoped to gain all the manufacturing from China?

Lets be honest here. China might never be able to do again what it did previously?

Chances are China will collapse and I have said this for over a month. They might not have the workforce available when this is over? My betting is there will be a revolution in China and something like that has bee sparked for reasons for less serious than what is going on right now.

Watched a video from Shanghai where Chinese are all sitting on the floor in a public square and officials are walking around telling them to go back to work. This is a week after the CCP is giving the impression to the world that they have the coronavirus under control.

Everyone knows this is complete bullshit. As do the Chinese.

The people remained sitting on the floor. No one responded to the repeated requests and I was even wondering if they were going to start arresting people?

Because China are losing vast amounts of money and due to the population size a complete collapse would not take long.

They are more or less treating their people like slaves only in this instance the is a very good chance they will contract the virus and die. They have welded people into their homes. There was a video of a tower block on fire with residents reportedly still in it. They have dragged people off the streets and arrested them. They have arrested Doctors and others for speaking out. Anyone talking on social media gets a visit from Police within 30 minutes, even videos of that happening.

Yeah, yeah the CCP have been honest to the world, right?

Well in the public square the Chinese woman taking the video on her phone eventually speaks and says that the control over the coronavirus is a sham and a lie and no one wants to return to work.

In another video a canteen that caters for 100 companies in an Industrial area has very few customers after re-opening. The video was from the South China Morning Post and they talked to several factories .. many had been told to re-open which they did. Only most of the had no workers returning so were doing nothing. Some had anything up to 50% so where not operating at anything like their usual full capacity.

Of course I was waiting for these videos as this announcement that China was going back to work? Never gonna happen.

It is like other people that think this is just the flu, fabricated to get control, released intentionally by the elite and all other manner of theories.

Maybe when the Tokyo Olympics are not held or cancelled they might take this seriously and not just another tool to push their narratives because they have obsessions for those they want to blame everything on?

So far more than 50 countries, thousands upon thousands of videos, a case, death and spread rate that’s 4 times worse than SARS with no signs of slowing down, top tier football matched being cancelled, people fighting in supermarkets over food and by a long way the largest lock-downs in human history that is occurring in a growing number of countries is not enough.

One, trying t prove their point, wanting to tell me it was blown out of proportion by these elite t gain control actually used the line ‘think about it logically’?

Logically ..

  • Ignore the fact a serious virus is out
  • Spreading way faster and wider than anything before
  • Killing at a scary rate
  • hundreds Millions locked down
  • Logical thing to do is run around on social media blaming ..
  • Elite/China/Trump/Bats/Pangolins/Soros

Reality ..

  • Ignoring it wont change anything
  • Ignorance wont stop it
  • It wont care what colour, culture, religion you are
  • Knowing where it came fro wont change a damn thing
  • Wanting everyone to echo you wont change a damn thing
  • You wont get everyone or even enough to listen to your claims anyway
  • Data data data .. you cannot make on omelette without eggs anyway

Timing ..

  • Focus on what is important right now
  • The truth will come out as people will find a way after this
  • If this results in the end of civilisation as we know it then ..
  • The evil ones in power will retreat under their rocks until the dust settles
  • Once over they will re-emerge
  • They will then try to regain power, lay claim to entire swathes of land and the people to do their bidding and work
  • And THEN the people will have their culprits and can deal with them accordingly
  • THIS is ..
  • How you deal with t and make sure they do not get away with their evil plans
  • It is THIS you need to make enough people aware of to stop them ..
  • Because NOW it is the only way to stop them AFTER .. this event is over and like I said to this person ..
  • I would very much like to be around to see that but ..
  • If I contract this virus I am dead for sure

I held back until there as a right time to state these things but they have been in my head for a very long time now.

I have stated previously that I have been limited in various ways by a lot of social media platforms and some of these will surprise you and they have surprised me too.

Now maybe .. just maybe .. looking at the above LOGIC I have provided might make people realise just WHY I have been targeted?

It is not my numbers because despite everything my followers are not exactly big. But what they were doing was growing quickly and I went up to 4,000 followers in the space of a few months.

Imagine what this works out to be over a few years?

I have got through to people on the hard-left and the hard-right. Not every time admittedly but I have achieved this many thought impossible.

Have talked many times and used the hashtag #ProjectDistraction and it seems to me that the divide was almost as if t was created. People going very far to the left to start with, infiltrated news, politics, entertainment and industries. As a result other started oat then venture to the right.

It has been like watching pawns on a proverbial chess board over the past few years.

AS Tim Pool recently did a video about there has been this really annoying habit, by the leftists, to label everything they do not like as a ‘conspiracy theory’ as people have been conditioned for years to retreat in embarrassment from such things.

Quite how saying that someone has a theory about a conspiracy now means your a raving lunatic and best avoided is beyond me. But someone .. somewhere .. came up with the idea to do this.

Have to admit though .. many with the crazier sounding stuff have only helped them do this and therefore hide the truth that for the past couple of years they complain has been hidden from them.

Probably the worst of these is Flat-Earth and Bigfoot? Arguably.

Stories are stories and proof is proof.

It takes someone with some unique insight to separate the wheat fro the chaff and this is something I am very good at. This blog is full of it. Used to have a friend send me YouTube videos on Bigfoot and thought the Earth was flat.

On the latter I ended up listening to a video on Flat-Earth about some map. Two American women on a podcast talk to a British guy who was telling them about some old map and that the font on the map was Times New Roman. Something to do with the dates?

Now I thought he has sent me the wrong link?

But next time I see him I told him and he said “No that is the right link” and 20 years I had no idea he believed the world was flat. And I said ..

“Yeah .. that map does not prove anything”

He replied that it did because this font was not supposed to be around until the time that The Times created it. Times New Roman.

I simply said “No. All it sows is that The Times did not create the font .. they just copied it from some old map”

After a moments silence and thought he replied “Oh [BLLEP]! I never thought of that!”

I cannot emphasize enough that which many that knew me in real life know. I am not perfect but I am big on facts and do not go on faith.

Nor am I a sensationalist and these things would hardly benefit me now.

Never lied and you need a good memory to be a liar and I have a health condition and one of many, many dozens of symptoms is short-term memory loss so I would make a bloody awful liar at any rate.

As for the genius label so many people and organisations have given me and others fear?

My theory is as close a dammit in that my condition increases my brainwave activity and I can analyse super-fast but I do have the issue that sometimes I can shut down .. like a writers block only worse. Even has a name. Fibrofog.

Other than this I deal with anxiety, not over the virus, and many areas of pain and living a life of pure hell.

After watching me tear through dozens of people on Twitter, shhh, and getting blocked by over 40 Antifa climate alarmists on a single thread, muted by a dozen on the same thread. Blocked by Professor Brian Cox and Michael Mann (must do a post about this with screenshots) you might start to realise, I thin I mentioned earlier, WHY I was saluted?

That event literally brought tears to my eyes. Literally. Had to break off and go and make a coffee.

If you compare what has been said by so many people and that they have stated that I am one of the best people they have seen online for my ability to debate, my widespread knowledge, my ability to tear down scientific papers with aplomb you might realise something?

Everything I have said about being limited by all these social media giants is true.

I am good at spotting patterns and numbers and even the virus has spread just as predicted it would and an outbreak I predicted on this blog where I have had tags deleted.

Yeah I should have at least hundreds of thousands of followers .. and tens of thousands of viewers each month. But I do not. Also not being paid, mores the pity and to my daughter’s disappointment who tells people and her boyfriend she has a genius as a father.

Speaking t someone she knows on the phone he said to her “I have just GOT to meet your Dad! He is a genius!”

She replied in the background not knowing I heard her “Oh you have NO IDEA”.

There is indeed a blog post with a recording that will give you this idea and that is ‘Country of the Damned’.

Yeah the powers that be do not like me.

Unfortunately I have waited for help to promote me to get beyond their suppression and I have had a lot of help when people realised what was happening and see for themselves.

But thus far it has really never quite happened. Not sure if I have just had help from people with not enough followers or they are doing a good job at focusing on me?

People have tried for years to bring me to the attention of various famous people and if named you would know each one. One I will mention is Rebel Media and Ezra Levant. There have been four or so that I am aware of?

Some told me I was going in the right direction, keep going it wont last much longer but I was not so sure and yet again I was right.

One even told me they would take away my financial woes and horrific life and once again that never happened.

Both my daughter and I have had 9 years of this .. promises that are broken so much so that today if anything like that is said to either of us we just totally ignore it.

Yes she has had them too .. massive book, TV and film deals for her story and got reduced to local paper article, Take A Break Monthly article and Love It!

At one point she waited for a Limousine to take her to London to appear on Good Morning Britain, or one of those, and Panorama. That never came.

It is like almost the prefect timing that just as I am about 6 months away from actually achieving something by finding various ways around their suppression, am sure they are well aware of, that this damn virus outbreak occurs.

In fact this reminds me of people from my past .. sometimes distant that said two peculiar things and no not the Robin Hood, Warrior of God or The Messenger people that called me those things.

  • You have a highly unusual amount of bad luck?
  • The worse your life get the worse the world seems to get?
  • You have been through so many things it is almost like you have been put here for a test?

These things have continued and it so often feels like this is in fact hell and have been put here for things I did in a previous life?

Yet so many people see me as a hero and anyone knew that comes across me starts thinking that within a couple of weeks.

But still unstable idiots in entertainment seem to get masses of followers and it like a delusional disease affects a large percentage of the population.

Or Ike I said they are just doing a very good job at suppressing me or preventing what I say to spread too far?

So I sit around watching the numbers of the coronavirus hoping I get out of where I am in time before it spreads too fay in the UK. We have been lucky thus far as fully expected to spread much further and faster than it has here.

Unfortunately that has occurred in Italy which has been a humongous shock to me. Now spreading in France and Germany.

Now I did in fact find myself in North Wales in a van with two other people and what is left, that I did not lose no thanks to my own government, of my belongings.

I was within two miles of the house I was to move into. Only the person was not there and there was a mix-up on the dates a week apart.

In all fairness and agreed with by others, it was rushed.

So we ended up in a hotel in Bangor, went and spotted our first Chough, a rare bird, while fighting strong winds there is a video of. Then went to Snowdon and took pictures before coming back again and placing all my belongings back in my room just before midnight.

Due to my condition and just as I knew would happen I then suffered for a couple of days. Annoying there is often a delayed reaction with this condition, it is very weird. It is called Fibromyalgia and even affects my heart.

No medication nor access to Doctors .. because the NHS are evil morons for the most part as is every public service in the UK. Or just part of the concerted effort to stop me.

One friend I know who doubted me has now been lied to by the NHS, DWP, Police and Social Services and had belongings confiscated, been made to work in pain for years before finding out he needs a new hip and still made to work. Not lazy he has always worked, should point that out.

Since heard he was suicidal and speaking to him he said this “I wanted t smash my GP’s face in!” which was a real shock to hear! But these evil flucking morons push you and push you and push you beyond human limit and then have a meltdown and okay the victim when YOU REACT.

The NHS and government’s official line in the UK for the coronavirus?

We are well prepared for an outbreak of the coronavirus” or something to that extent?

What did I hear from Canadian YouTuber and all round sensible guy Frank Vaughn on YouTube?

We will not be treating those that are weak (and/or old and shite)”

Oh yeah sounds well prepared as the institution that has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths over the past few years wants t now speed up the process and save money and resources?

Fucking evil.

Had this myself its on this blog and you really could not make this stuff up about these evil asswipes and I am talking about Doctors here too. In it fr the MONEY. Not the people. THE END.

Yeah feel pretty sure they would prefer it if I was not .. ‘around’ any longer.

As of right now I am getting help from Age UK to get an income I have to wait 6 weeks for and I am even wondering if there will even be a welfare system in 6 weeks time or it will last much longer?

If I did manage to relocate to Wales then sorting this out prior to leaving would be a massive help but that is IF I relocate as I have not heard anything in two weeks regarding this.

In my head an am watching an hour glass and the sands of time slowly running out.

One of the worst health condition in the worst room in the worst building with the worst people while in the worst area while hammering away online to actually try and reach many different goals.

Oh I might add that it was all agreed with the British government for me to start my own business and go self-employed. Now let me just explain this to show you that something is going on ..

  • Government said I could not go on Business Scheme called Enterprise as it would take too long to build up numbers
  • Than I explained I had been at it for four years and showed them the current number
  • Business adviser almost fell off his chair and said ..
  • I can tell you now I do not even have to speak to my bosses, you WILL get accepted”
  • Did a course I did not need to do, admitted by the advisor when he realised what I was, what I did and what I know
  • Two days after going self-employed the government pulled the plug
  • At the exact same time I found out my daughter had been attacked by her husband who had gone to prison
  • Disabled Daughter and Father .. they did all this? Nice people.
  • At the time I was a couple months away from getting my first payment via Adsense and Google
  • That was Spring 2017
  • At the time I was not using Twitter, GAB, Minds, Parler or anything like that
  • In 2020 I have 12,000 followers, despite then knocking off 7,000 followers, on the above
  • So as you can imagine the number of viewers has rocketed in the last couple of years from the point I was about to be paid?
  • In 24 hours I was lucky if I got as high as 20 viewers in 24 hours, 50 after a week
  • Today I often get 50 in the first 24 hours
  • In 6 months that will be way higher
  • So where is the money?

Had a friend who thought I was mad when I stated they were subduing me back in 2015 and 2016 as did others.

A Type 1 Diabetic I know was in a hospital waiting room a year back and got talking to a YouTuber and he told the guy he had this mate who had this made idea he was being subdued and money being held back.

My friend got asked what it was I talked about and after telling him it was rapists, Trump, against climate change and others they guy then told my friend with his jaw open ..

“Oh yeah, he is right. I have lost over £1,000 per month and have friends that have lost several hundreds each month in income”

After a few years of thinking I was batshit crazy my friend apologized.

He later started that everything I had said for years n one believed turned out to be true and including the NHS because after thinking for years he was untouchable because of his illness they started to mess him around and lie to him.

‘You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink.’

If the virus spreads fast in the UK I fully expect public services like the NHS, Police and Councils to collapse within 6 months to a year.

When started typing this post and as mentioned there were 48 countries affected by the coronavirus and now that I have finished there are now 56. This does not include the fact that South African YouTuber and nice guy with the channel Loving Life stated yesterday that he received an email alert to state there are two cases in the country and hospitals have been put on emergency measures.

So that is 57 countries .. likely more by the end of today and Russia is still only on two and I have checked .. it has been 16 days now without hearing of a single case.

Now remembering the massive border and the fact that the virus looks to not do well in warmer climates what do you think the chances are that Russia only has two?

I fully expect in a few days that someone somewhere will look at these new numbers and accuse Russia are lying their asses off?

Wil leave you with one to cook your noodle that is taken staright out of my Grand Solar Minimum posts ..

It has been widely known and Carl Sagan stated it in his series Cosmos, I have a copy of, that Cosmic Rays can mutate things like DNA.

We had a record high of cosmic rays in 2008 to 2009 and we are very close to hat yet again right at this moment in time. Now I have heard that according to a nurse or Doctor they are seeing their worst flu outbreak in 13 years.

We have has Aussie Flu and Swine Flu and I have cold symptoms right now that have persisted for weeks, I kid you not.

Now if this new strand of Coronavirus has mutated a few times like some experts fear it has, like in Iran .. are cosmic rays behind it?

Now also consider that for a decade some very weird things and behaviours have occurred and over time it has only become worse.

Did they know?

Or is the behavioural thing brought about by something going on?

Animals show behaviours prior to events and might suddenly leave an area altogether. In recent times and as an animal expert and going from insects all the way up to birds and mammals I have seen some VERY unusual behaviour. Have spoken about this with various experts and enthusiasts and everyone has seen the same thing. A search on YouTube will bring up plenty of videos including birds dropping dead out of the sky. Even my daughter has witnessed this in Wales.

Food for thought.

When all else has been ruled out, whatever remains, however improbable, has to be the truth” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” – Mark Twain

Don’t pay attention to authorities, think for yourself” – Richard Feynman

There are a lot more where they came from that I use a great deal on social media

  • OscarsWild1 (T)
  • allnights on two! (P & G)
  • saintallnights (M)
  • Can you figure them out?

You cannot make bricks without clay ..

If Tim Pool is saying it?!
Unreported cases in South Africa?
Chinese factories are not open
Fake News finally realise CCP is lying?
Are the numbers this much higher?
More from Tim Pool who doubted it would come to anything
Frank Vaughn does not mince words and NHS not goint to help the weak?
GSM News I chat to and follow me in shock, cosmic rays and worst flue season
So Google did mess with Evil persists?

As I was about to post this the page froze up and when it came back my TAGS HAD DISAPPEARED!!


Do not even know what country I am in any longer.

A common thought I have as I make my way around dealing with several pains and God knows what else is .. if someone had told me as a child what was awaiting me in my adulthood .. I would have thrown myself off the first bridge I found!

Been lied to for years and left to suffer over money by one major party.

Screwed over by the other over money and in favour of other people who are not very nice and mostly not deserving of anything.

Cannot even begin to explain how that feels and they have done this to my family, my daughter too as well as me.

Everyone that even gets to discover half the details are completely stunned at what they discover and many leftists have totally and utterly failed tp pick up on my motivation.


Could never side with the leftists today as this means being dishonest and pushing false information as facts and I would rather face a firing squad than do this.

Was asked by Age UK not long ago to lie to the DWP. Cannot do that.

DWP and an incompetent HMCTS Judge treated me as a liar. Oddly they have done the same to my daughter and even my grandchildren .. all to save money. No support as we are not the right .. types.

This is not been lost on a friend of mine who was a social worker for over 20 years who consistently tells me I have the life from hell and the way I have been treated is abysmal.

He never believed my harsh warning but has since realised, as so many others have, that even before starting this blog .. I was right. Him and his teacher girlfriend, African I might add, have even talked about fleeing the UK. As have others.

Never forget hearing Nigel Farage talk on the BBC’s HardTalk years back. Loved what he had to say and told everyone I know to listen to him.

I pushed and pushed about him everywhere I could.

My life for over a decade has been one catastrophe after another and each time I have planned to do something .. something .. or someone .. has come along and wrecked it.

Sometimes these come in quick successions as they did the last week I talk about in my last post.

Then just when I think that we are heading for something it all goes astray .. then astray again .. and then astray some more.

  • Nigel Farage leaves UKIP who then seem to be in a mess
  • Then he stops talking about the things that made him popular
  • Gets a job at LBC, do not even get me started on that one
  • Then starts up the Brexit Party, hated the name
  • Then lets a load of Tories in I thought was a bit odd
  • Boris Johnson becomes PM ..
  • Like I stated he starts talking about deals .. as if suddenly privy to some information
  • Information I have suspected for some time and tagged all this #ProjectDistraction
  • Then he pulls candidates out of the elections
  • This pissed me off no end and left me and others shaking our heads
  • Then at the 11th hour they all flee with a video promoting the Tories

Now the wind just left my sails of late and then I had another series of catastrophes to go along with that the last week.

Lost all interest in the General Election .. and my fears that we were being played started to look like I was right .. AGAIN?!

Its almost like they are asking themselves ..

How do we keep our jobs while at the same time scuttle the ship named Brexit?”

Then you have the Labour Party made up of fake socialists who promote violence, anitsemitism and are biased in favour of others over their own.

Those that follow Jeremy Corbyn have no farcking idea of what a socialist system is and as soon as they feel its effects most will live to regret being such naïve fools.

You know you do not get to own anything, right? ANYTHING!

Nice phones? Gone.

Nice cars? Gone!

And so on and so forth!

Heard two friends in the street earlier as I hobbled back in pain and one asked “Who are you voting for?” and her friend replied “Oh I do not know, I do not trust any of them!”

Heard a socialist on the phone to her mother state “There are now only two white families on this estate and it is not fair. Things have gone way too far.”

They have done nothing but lie, conspire, cheat and worst of all betray their own people and for me its the people that make a country. That is how I see it.

More and more people believe what I stated all along .. that they do not really run the country and are just puppets to puppet masters. Have any of them ever carried out that which they promised?

What is even more worrying is the complete and utter morons willing to betray democracy to have a referendum result overturned which will plunge Britain into a civil war. Superiority Complexes without a shred of intellect but totally amoral and utterly dense.

If I was literally stabbed by two people and the authorities came to me and said “We can let each of them go but only with your say so” my answer would be “No, do not let either of them go”

So WHY would I vote for either of them?

They think everyone is wonderful and human and let a load of people in for years but ..

  • Built no social housing
    • Meaning displacement and who ends up on the streets? Even disabled people
  • Made no improvements to the NHS
  • No improvements to transport, though a new underground line will open soon, or has, that is over a decade overdue and need more
  • No improvements to other services
  • Police seem to have gone backwards and totally incompetent
  • Then you have all the shite that comes with this, gangs, violence, rape and terror attacks
  • This is sooo beyond incompetence its almost as if ..
  • They want the country to collapse or descend into civil war?
  • But they complain they are not paid enough though, eh?

Now what is scary about this, as if this was not enough, is just how many people I have been followed by from around the world that think the same things of their countries, or very similar.

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • United States
  • Canada
  • France
  • Australia
  • England
  • Wales
  • Scotland

All these people are living in fear, not to mention Israelis I know that have now fled the UK, of what the future brings and they live in fear of the hard-left they feel are taking over, despite us being in the majority.

Well when you speak to them they ..

  • Lie their asses off
  • Promote lies as truth
  • Truth as lies
  • Oppress
  • Bully
  • Dox You
  • Character Assasinate
  • Report the hell out of you and lie about it
  • On a thread of 50 people only three leftists could see my posts
  • Was reported 7 or 8 times .. but none of them did it
  • They scheme and manipulate
  • They are antisemitic

As far as that last one goes I find this odd. They call everyone Nazis but they dislike the Jews and support others that also dislike the Jews and would like to wipe them off the face of the Earth.

Not sure it was Goebbels that said ‘accuse others of that you are guilty’ Well these people do this all the time and many times each and every day.

They are Nazis and are vary, very scary no doubt all planned out by the likes of John McDonnell, despicable human being, Momentum and even the likes of Hope Not Hate.

Do not know who is worse, then or the EU right now?

Then there is the flip-flopping. Corbyn wants out of the EU .. then sounds unsure .. for the longest time .. then he does not.

Fires someone for being anti-Semitic who must be confused as he was recently posted about on various social media for telling Iran TV that “Israel has no right to exist”

Quite how he has followers is beyond me.

But like many say there has been a lot of indoctrination going on. The Puppeteers require their pawns for success and what better to acquire a lot of stupid, naïve and easily led ones?

Even a socialist I know is beginning to realise its all about indoctrination and she was prey to it a long time ago, standing out with the SWP tabloid in the ice and snow. Evil leftists telling her she is right all the time. Clever use of psychology.

You are encouraged into the socialist was by them putting your arm around you and telling you constantly that you are right. They rely on the Dunning-Kruger Effect to do their work for them after that.

The problem with the socialists today is in the difference they have with the Nazis from World War 2.

Because a bunch of middle-class white people blame their own for everything and want them to pay but never themselves. Innocent people, I might add.

They have this attitude that everyone is equal, when they are not and that is down to culture, and then single people out they dislike, which was mostly white men but now anyone white that is not themselves. N ice people. And it gets worse.

They have a funny idea about punishment. Was to let people off for heinous acts performed in recent time but then want to lock people up or ruin them over something they said a decade or more ago.

I have not been happy with the way this country has been run for a long, long time and it has gotten worse. Hated Labour under Blair and do not like the Conservatives because of the lies and obsession with money. They have both screwed over people with disabilities and it infuriates me no end when Corbyn idiots insist that austerity was started by the Conservatives. No it was Tony Blair and I have a conversation about this with a psychiatrist while he was in power.

They had quietly taken away disability to all those suffering with mental health problems and I was told not even the psychiatrists were told

Having a lifetime of horror knowing full well you have been screwed over by both sides is not a nice place to be. Especially when those horrors would prove to be more than unbearable for most. It is a miracle that I am still in the land of the living and am asked often how I have managed to survive. My answer is a simple ..

I do not know”

However, that being said I know my numbers, something that socialist after socialist does not who seem to think you can just make numbers up out of your ass. Or they eye a money-pot they think will still be available to them once you have your socialists system in place. Except you do not

Any manufacturing of anything decent will not make money to pay the taxes required .. mostly because you get to own very little on a socialist system. So thats money lost. So it would be sold overseas. Probably by the government.

Not only do you have sales go down but you also have ‘research & development’ goes down. Eventually you lose out to the competition overseas.

The only hard-left country that now seems to be getting grips on this, and it has taken them a very long time, is China.

China has a human right issue, a Hong Kong issue and many are not happy.

China is also a very big country with a lot of varied landscapes and a lot of people. It is not Britain and remember .. it has taken them a long, long time to get to where they are now.

Just do not see how firms in a socialist system can compete when you have almost all over countries with a capitalist system. You could count on one hand the things available out of Russia and China years ago.

The issue is not us needing to acquire more cash its the sheer waste of it in the UK from not fixing people sick or broken so they can operate to their full potential .. but also the growing number of people that get, despite not deserving, of salaries while sitting on their arse.

Its therefore been no shock to me that I have predicted a collapse for a very long time, before anyone else, and see it finally arrive. Well maybe a little.

Talk of getting rid of the Primary Care Trusts? Did not happen.

Talk of reforming the DWP and making it fairer and more efficient? Did not happen.

Talk if improving the NHS? Did not happen.

Talk lately of getting rid of the House Of Lords? Will not happen.

It is staggering to me that all these vastly overpaid people get paid to rant and whinge and do nothing but complain they are not paid that much .. for doing nothing and cannot work out the maths.

Meanwhile those that do carry out physical work and in this list are farmers and the fishing industry do things that benefit people and struggle.

In a socialist system you end up with an even larger number of people living lives of luxury for doing nothing while the workers slave away to provide this for them.

Jeremy Corbyn has come out with some bonkers ideas that you do not even crunch the numbers to realise will fail.

With no money they are going to increase everything, build loads of houses and shite and make people work less? Does not add up.

At the same time they plan to give criminals £70 per week?

This idiot leader very literally thinks that by appeasing everyone he will just get more votes and he literally thinks, as in ‘1984’, he can prevent people from being individuals and turn them into obedient robot? This has never ended well and normally at the cost of a lot of lives after long periods of suffering.

Corbyn, McDonnell and their naïve followers literally think, once again, you can undo millions of years of evolution in a few years? No .. no you cannot. Funny how they are all big on nature and then totally ignore it when it suits their agenda, no? What they are after is thousands of years away IF it arrives at all.

Then there is the issue of the wrong types of truths being told and what they do to you no matter how high up in their ranks you are. What they did to Sarah Champion MP was just totally disgusting and inhuman.

You can NEVER have any kind os system based on lies. They also need to learn that ‘charity begins at home’.

Even the likes of Tony Robinson, Maureen Lipman and Patrick Stewart have expressed their disillusion publicly, so God knows what they say behind closed doors, eh?

I spent years telling a socialist I am related to, no one she knows agrees with her and most now do not speak to her much, “It is a nice idea if it worked .. but it simply wont work. It does not add up and never has. People are just not built that way”

Even Labour MP, or ex-Labour MP, Margaret Beckett admitted she was a ‘moron’ to vote that all sides in the Labour Party deserve a chance as she regrets Corbyn being leader.

His childish stubborn attitude at refusing to step-down and fending off attempts to get rid of him not only shows the deep psychological issues he has .. but his followers that hate the Tories do not even realise he is so bad he is keeping the Tories in power.

Here was the most previous article concerning Tony Robinson, now only if someone could tell him about the Gilets Jaunes and them protesting right across France, if not most of Europe, against the EU he might shut up over Brexit?

My health has worsened and I have had everything taken away from me. People that know the story are in constant shock and disgust at the system and the way I have been treated and there were saying this to me several years ago before the worst got started. Two African women told me this, a mother and daughter .. “You are treated like a second class citizen by your own country” and they would be shocked if they knew what had gone on since then.

Do not even get me started on the completely bonkers LibDems the leader Jo Swinson sounding crazy, has a husband behind Transparency UK who failed to respond to me years ago and I now realise is linked to the EU.

Here is Reverend Simon Sideways, surprising me, by expressing that he has felt the same way I have been feeling and runs through what has gone wrong, as I have done.

He runs through the Brexit Party problems as well as the Gilets Jaunes in France along with the pensions people get in various European countries to here in the UK.

And here he is talking about how all the politicians are liars at the most crucial time in Britain’s history ..

He is right it IS all a shit show and all because people are naïve or ignorant, suffer from the Dunning-Kruger Effect, all think they have a magic bullet and willing to risk the country they live in. All for not doing their research?

Countries will fall, and ARE falling, all because of the egos or selfish wants of people willing to ignore the facts to get what they want? Certainly seems like it?

Have stated for years that the European Union will fall and recently I have stated that it would be within 3 to 7 years, started that one about 6 months back.

Recently a shocking report came out that the United Nations are nigh on bankrupt and not paying staff?

The trouble with these governments and services that rely on the people and the flow of money and taxes is keeping it going when it all goes wrong. They have been trying to hide this for years but absolutely everyone I know personally sees it.

The Gilets Jaunes have been protesting for more than 56 weeks now, in the UK I know groups that have protested for 6 months. Never in modern history have so many protests gone unanswered or ignored.

The Gilets Jaunes have burned countless EU flags but the News Media is not allowed to report on that via something they call a ‘D Notice’, is something. You might want to consider what else the mainstream news is not telling you?

Google, as I stated since 2016, is in on the censorship and oppressing of information game but you can find videos of Gilets Jaunes burning EU flags on YouTube. Somethign that the far-left seem have totally missed and then totally ignore.

Time and time again the hard-left show not only their stupidity but also their unwillngness to accept very obvious facts and this goes from Identity Politics though evolution, weather reports, weather predictions (both for global warming), sciences from geology, astrophysics, seismology, volcanology and many others besides. It is almost like if they pretend it is not happening then it is really not happening.

Here are the Gilets Jaunes in Brussells ..

Here they are in Montpellier ..

Paris, I believe ..

Toulouse ..

The list goes on and on and on social media I have posted protests from Germany, Belgium, Holland and many others besides.

But the EU is such a wonderful instuition and obviously have run things so very well that they have had the biggest and longest running protests against them in history.

And yet the hard-left and remainers defend them as if they were God himself? It is utter lunacy or as I stated many, many people are just very naïve with a few with vested interests.

In my opinion native British people have been screwed over by their own and now I cannot see it going any other way than a civil war and I have stated this for a few years now. Only back then, was asked a lot about this, I thought it was many years away yet.

I do not think that any more .. but I did used to ask .. would Britain be the first?

So its should be strange, should it not, that France kick off with the largest and longest running protests when it is Britain that has been trying to get out?

So I sit in my house of horrors living a nightmare and I cannot see a way out as I am stopped by a large number of people and organisations at every opportunity.

My condition is even known as the ‘suicide disease’ and I can see why. Oddly I do not believe I have much more than 5 years anyway. My father and Uncle both died in their mid-fifties not knowing they had the same condition. They were scared of Doctors, my father was not even registered with one.

Only I am far worse than they were and likely because I was involved in a bad car accident back when I was just 13 years old. While blacked out rolled over a bonnet, up a windscreen and onto the roof of a Peugeot 504 Estate before ending up on the tarmac. That is what I was told when I came around.

This condition was missed, possibly, then lied about, definitely, and then ignored over 16 years and I kid you not. Five GP Surgeries and five hospitals.

Always stated this is because it is not a household name and if not they can save a great deal of money. It is not something like cancer or diabetes or even multiple sclerosis and most have not heard of it.

On this list of the most painful conditions several times with Fibromyalgia, something that feels like a heart attack, though not lately, frozen shoulder that prevents me from getting about with my own camera equipment, back pain from dodgy discs a chiropractor spotted the NHS also then ignored. Not including my anxiety, memory problems and skin conditions.

Another person I know who is a Labour voter but wont vote for them sent mt this recent article of the most painful conditions in The Sun tabloid.

Now remember by daughter has Fibromyalgia and another condition she has of Trigeminal Neuralgia is also in the list. Her cervical cancer is not.

I need help. I had three ways out of my predicament, as all others had failed.

    • Using social media to get the numbers up to my blogs and get the money moving
    • Or to show to the, by then .. or now, many followers that I was being screwed over by social media companies and have someone ake them to court
    • Or perhaps something else would arise .. but that ship has sailed
    • That ship has now sailed and within weeks of hearing this one ..
    • After the screw ups above now wont win an election or come anywhere near changing politics as they promised

So you can understand if I am not feeling to great about my prospects?

Also of interest when it comes to socialism is this link ..

More of my horror story with Police recordings in this link ..

Along with the above .. a long running series against CO2 being behind climate change they obviously do not want me talking about either along with the last one ..

The last one I did in the series, which went above 26 parts I believe .. is this one ..

Now I have to go out and do something extremely embarrassing to help me hold onto the few marbles I have left.

Not really feeling myself the last 24 hours and I wonder if people will pick up on it on social media?

Oddly I have closing in on, if not now surpassing despite the censorship stick, 12,000 followers and even the two people I talk to regularly, who know where I am at, ask me ..

“I cannot believe you are not making money yet or had any offers of help?”

I can only answer “I know but maybe I am just close? Maybe just another month and something might happen?”

Do not want to be in this building with these three people if my numbers comes up, or worse still, I become immobile!

Unable to do any of the things I enjoy .. watch movies, the ones leftists have not destroyed. Play games and that has been over a year. Listen to music which I did manage to start doing a few months back and normally always have headphones on while out. Did not yesterday and will not today.

Really do not like feeling like this.

Well back from a crap and rough journey back and along with the foreboding I had to hold my walking-stick across my back while under my elbows to stop the pain.