Read this ..

“All indications are that the upcoming solar minimum which is expected to begin later this year may be even quieter than the last one which was the deepest in nearly a century” – PerspectaWeather (Link Below)

This was 2008 .. and that year the Sun went without spots 71% of the time. This was long and alarmed scientists. 

“Solar cycle 24 has been the weakest sunspot cycle with the fewest sunspots since cycle 14 peaked in February 1906” – PerspectaWeather (Link Below)

Solar Cycle 25, if it gets going at all, is predicted to be lowers still. Bearing in mind 1960 was over 250 Sunspots and 1980 had over 200. Suddenly 88 seems pretty low, right? Ergo the winters continued to get colder. We are below 10 and dropping. Next peak wont be reached until 2024 at the earliest. 

Then realise winters started to get cold again around 2012 with plenty of snow in many places.

This was followed by a low peak of 88 Sunspots in 2014. Then we had three consecutive years or record breaking winters of 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Now consider we are in another deep minimum and at the point of June the 16th the Sun has been spotless for 61% of the time .. without spots currently for 28 consecutive days with no signs of any spots building up at present. 

It is commonly believed and all signs show that the Sun is still heading down and that the remaining 6.5 months of 2019 will be considerably higher than 61% without Sunspots. It is predicted by some to be higher than the 71% of 2008.

Now consider the three winters we have just had. Then recall that it takes around three years to take effect on what the Sun is doing? So if we head into 2020 without many Sunspots what will the winters of 2021 to 2023 be like?

Now consider that due to the way that the plants align we will be pulled, it is reported, further away from the Sun by 13%. This will have an effect on the cooling and will be noticeable. How much is unknown.

We will not have reached a solar cycle peak by then which will take 3 years to take effect anyway.

Now consider that every volcano erupting between now and then also has a cooling effect.

Summers further north will get shorter and colder.

We already have had snow quite far south, like Las Vegas in America for instance. This is likely to get heavier and for longer.

Meanwhile snow will start t appear further south. Mexico? Panama?

In Europe we have had rare snow in Corsica. You think that might become more common and start to appear further south? Perhaps North Africa?

They had flurries in Australia recently .. will that become more common and appear further north?

Now quite how people do not see this and government still go on about climate emergencies is beyond me.

I argued for years that you have no way of knowing what will happen and that sudden warming period could be a precursor to a drop. It might always have done this over millions of years? Just never thought I would still be alive to see myself proved to be correct all along.

The increase in clouds comes from not just the water vapor but seeding .. which they now realise can come from cosmic rays which as I have stated many times are now building up ..

Now this gets a bit tricky because the Sun activity is dropping .. and its Heliosphere is as is our magnetosphere .. but the issue comes from sources for cosmic rays other than our Sun. Or other Suns at whatever stage, including supernovas, they are at.

Also to consider is that as our Sun weakens and our magnetosphere weakens there will be a point where the Sun might .. no WILL have sudden bursts of life and therefore cosmic rays. At which point with a weakened magnetic field more of these will get through. To see clouds and to life forms on Earth.

Also as I have stated its not just the peaks or maximums in the solar cycles but the minimums too. We have several cycles in the warming period where Sunspots were well above zero and even ten.

After all it is easier to get the atmosphere warmer when that which flings heat at it never quite switch off, right?


EDIT: Of interest is the trees they keep finding as glaciers melt and the fact that grazing took place with Vikings on Greenland in 980AD. What is interesting is that the planet did not even get to that point before we are looking at another cooling.

But then we are talking about our closest star which is billions of years old .. there are no rules.


Unless I am riding them I do not like cycles.

This is mainly because humans tend to put fixed times on them in a universe where there are very few rules.

Very often and for the longest time I have heard that the Sun works on cycles that last for 11 years and along with everything else they state about the Sun, and other things for that matter. You cannot apply constants to many things.

Well as it turns out and now that I am looking into it the cycles that the Sun goes through are not strictly 11 years .. fancy that?

So now I have discovered the actual RANGE of the cycles going from the shortest to longest durations I can think once again about this and make more confident statements instead of pie in the sky estimates.

So going aover a new chart I found that runs from 1604 to 1810 the range seems to run from 9 years to 12.8 years and even is you add in the 200 missing years I very much doubt it would change a great deal fro this range?

Doubt it would be as short as 8.5 years or more than 13.

There was one other thing I need to figure out too .. because I know what people are going to say and think .. as soon as there hear news of an increase in Sunspot activity, if there ever is one, they will state that everything is back to normal. Again no prior knowledge in any of this.

Except everyone seems to know that a kettle boils in minutes because of the amount of power and a tropical aquarium that is setup takes a long time to reach the thermostatically controlled temperature and that if the wattage is too low .. the water temperature will rise to a point but never actually reach that temperature.

The point is that it takes time.

The fact is that the climate has become warmer during periods because of a successive number of Sunspots over a given amount.

Alternatively below a given amount of a number of cycles it cools.

With each cycle the thermostat is switched on but set at different levels .. and then switched off for a given period of time.

Not at the start of cycle 23 around 1997 this switching off was not even off completely and lasted only about 6 months going by the charts available.

Now the peak of Cycle 23 ended up lower than they expected it to be t a average lower than 150 whereas the peak of Cycle 22 was closer to 200 and Cycle 21 higher than that. Three peaks over an average period of 33 years .. continuously dropping. Because Cycle 24 ended up at well under 100 Sunspots average.

The last time you have three consecutive drops in the peak average Sunspots was at the start of a very cool period called the Dalton Minimum. This was a little after the industrial revolution started and around 100 years after another even colder period that lasted over 100 years they called the Little Ice Age, or Maunder Minimum.

Now also judging from charts and what people are saying is this ..that the trough or low point at the start of Cycle 24 .. lingered .. like 6 months or more. In the Maunder Minimum that was the Little Ice Age it never came out of that for trough for at least three decades .. or rather the peaks had less than 50 Sunspots on average.

I finally had someone talk about the time span using the thermostatic theory I mentioned too which was what I was waiting to hear. That is the estimate people have for the effects upon the temperature in relation to when the Sun is over acting or not at all. Think heater in a fish tank as I mentioned earlier. When I also said thet hearing that there are Sunspots does NOT equate to danger averted. It is time and quantity dependent. Not ‘might be’ dependent or ‘possibly’ dependent .. as in this instance ‘dependent’ means what it says and I am not a pro climate change socialist.

Now the very .. very .. very shortest time span I have heard from those studying this is two years .. while a someone they know sates they think its three years and others say a decade or more.

David Dubyne talks about this with someone here ..

Now lets take a mid range of that 2 to 10 years and say 5. There are likely theories that say more but you want to pray that is not the case due to how the maths works out.

Now as of right now and as far as they are talking in conversations the Sun has had bugger all Sunspots for most of 2018 .. so far this year we have also had very few and that upward trend has not started. I will repeat that .. this upward trend as NOT .. started.

So that means that the temps will continue to fall .. based on it taking 5 years, remember? How fast it falls depends on activity in Sunspots rising. Not warming up .. how fast it will COOL DOWN!

Cycle 24 was very small. That is it. That is what everyone is saying looking into this and it was already bad news. Now were in an inactive period that is lasting longer than anything for a long time and it matters not if the Sunspot activity increases BECAUSE ..

  • We are already in a very long inactive period, 6 months is longest on recent times
  • It needs to raise sooner rather than later ..
  • It needs to get back up to over 200 Sunspots and
  • Has not been above 200 since 1950
  • Around 200 between 1980 and 1990
  • Yeah it will take 5 years for that heating effect to take place
  • It is now half expected that Cycle 25 Peak will be between 40 and 60 Sunspots
  • This PEAK (not RISE) should be reached in 2025
    • It should have been reached in 2022
    • Last trough to peak took 6 years
    • One before took 4 years
  • If Sunspots remain non existent for next 9 months ..
    • Wont be until around 2026 and will be pushed back a year for every year we have no Sunspots
  • So we have to wait until, in theory, 2030 before the planet stops cooling down and starts warming up again ..
  • Only provided that the Sunspot activity hits well over 120 average Sunspots at its next peak and might need to be above 200?
  • Around 1960 Sunspots averaged around 300 for comparison
  • Last time much of this happened prior to Maunder Minimum of the ..
  • Little Ice Age along with ..
    • Increased seismic and volcanic activity thought this time ..
    • The numbers are higher for last few years than they was at the onset of the Maunder Minimum
    • Meaning that there is a lot more particulates in the atmosphere and that ..
    • This is increasing several volcanoes are erupting according to ..
    • The Watchers
    • The Smithsonian Institute
  • Now here is what did not happen at the onset of the Maunder Minimum
    • Pole Reversal!
  • What I have not figured out did not occur ..
    • Magnetosphere Weakening
  • Other things might or are impossible to know
    • 24 Volcanic eruptions around 1650 could be higher
    • 2018 had 36 Volcanic Eruptions
    • Volcanic Outpouring has to be a factor in cooling air temperature
    • Volcanic eruptions under water may be significant in snow production too?
    • Higher then sea temperature the more evaporation .. right?

Ohh boiling and heating up of seawater via submerged volcanoes we know so very little about and cannot monitor. Well you would need proof of this? And that it occurred in the time frames set out that this has been going on now for a few decades. Oh but that would then have to be .. say .. the last decade at least? Since the unusually low peak of Cycle 23. Which was followed by an even lower peak?

Does it matter if its from a fake news site and that they spotted a giant sized piece of rock floating in the ocean?

I am afraid that the NBC webpage is going to point out something that should be obviously mathematically. Given how much water covers this planet .. is it not reasonable to assume that most of the volcanoes erupting are underwater? So if those 36 erupting volcanoes reported for 2018 are all on land .. does this therefore mean that another 72 or more were erupting underwater?

A Few Points ..

  • This is hard to know even today
  • Impossible to know how many back at the start of the Maunder Minimum
  • Using the same maths .. could it have been 48 around the year 1650?
  • Sun decreasing cools the are temperature
  • Volcanoes erupting increases the water temperature
  • Much warmer water and .. much colder air ..
  • Hmm I wonder what that could mean, eh?

Now to me .. its all so bloody damned obvious the mechanics and the processes involved and it has only become obvious because of a number of datasets of number in various sciences that normally remain within given sets of parameters which are now straying beyond them for unusual amounts of time.

I have stated it and I have stated t and I have stated it .. but the next 12 months are so very key .. and not just because this trough in Cycle 25 may persist longer than the last three .. but that this could very well continue the volcanic activity.

This could be half of that of 2018, which result in 18 eruptions and way, way, way above the norm.

Or this could be half as much again to double that of 2018 .. so 54.

The remained at less than 5 for several years until 2017 when it leapt to 8. Then it leapt to 36 for 2018 and a continued rise at that rate would mean over 150 eruptions. Now that .. I just cannot see happening. This would also be globally catastrophic and would leave to many Extinction Level Events.

That which has already been put into the atmosphere is already having affects .. in the form or crazy orange skies, seen in Britain and America in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Added to this is this strange phenomena they call Sun Dogs.

Looking towards the Sun people are seeing a ring .. with what appears to be the appearance of two smaller suns on either side.

Think a mirage in a desert or gravitational lensing in astrophysics to get an idea of what this might look like though they are in a video I will proved below. Just ignored the cosmic-human links to what is going on and just look at the weather disasters and phenomena alone.

As mentioned earlier with the Sun Dog phenomena .. here is a video by Sign Of The Times .. or SOTT . Seen their videos before and have been interesting. Do not know much about them and I certainly don’t buy some human-cosmic connection .. human magnetosphere connection .. then yes. I have theorised about this myself. Cosmic? No.

So ignore that, which is only at the end anyway. This is twenty minutes of weird events from snowfall, record cold temperatures, animal behaviour going nuts, Metre of snow in Italian Dolomites. Oh crap .. missed this one .. Atacama Desert effing flooding?! That is now Death Valley and the Atacama the two driest places on Earth?!

Monster storm floods in California .. cows die from heat in Argentina, Dam breaks in Brazil, Lake Tahoe frozen. Heavy snow and blackout in Czech Republic. Winds in Pyrenees in France. Landslide in kills 11 Bolivia. 9 feet of snow in California. Unexplained sounds in Austin, Texas. Heavy rain and melting snow in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Weird sounds also heard in the Netherlands. Odd increase in fireballs in Mediterranean Sea and USA. Flash floods Saudi Arabia. Rising flood waters in Queensland, Australia. Powerful storm kills 5 in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. Heavy snow in Kashmir in India.

Pakistan gets record snowfall and heaviest in 48 years. Volcano in Indonesia erupts at Siau Island. Tornado in India. Record negative 24,4C in Hokkaido, Japan. Rare snow in Seattle. Deadly mudslide in Peru. Fireball in Venezuela in weird increase in these, magnetosphere? Sinkhole in Indonesia. Flash floods Peru. Wildfires in Chile. New Zealand worst forest fires in sixty years. Snow in Hawaii for first time ever. Record snowfall in Moscow, Russia. Blanket of snow across Greece. Thousands cows die in Queensland, Australia from massive floods. Dozens fishing boats stranded in Northern China .. in ice. Fireball Florida and another in Texas which makes three countries or more just in this one video. Unusually long winter in Pakistan (America too). The Three Suns or Sun Dogs phenomena in Russia. Mud slide San Francisco. Thousands Cuttlefish wash up on beach in Chile. Australian river swells until it is 37 miles wide. Black Snow in Siberia.

Ooh breather .. before umm ..

Dustnado in Guatemala. Landslides in India. Large sinkholes appearing in Turkey. Or 18 trillion gallons of rain in California. Odd one with Measles outbreak in Madagascar killing nearly 1,000 children. NASA image satellite images on two winters comparing vat difference in snowfall. Locust swarms of Red Sea sparks UN warning. The beach recedes by 100 metres in Yucatan, Mexico. Snowstorm halts town in Russia. Mount Etna in Italy erupts yet again. Eruption at Reunion Island in Indian Ocean. Two inches of snow in Las Vegas. Massive hailstorm in India. Dead Whale washed up in North Carolina (was one in Amazon too). Record snow in Quebec, Canada. Winter storm in Kansas City. A 100ft sinkhole appears in Montenegro. Thundersnow in Dublin Ohio and not Ireland.

Then you have had a Dustnado and now a Snownado in New Mexico, USA. Three feet, yes 36 inches, of snow in Flagstaff, Arizona. Pakistan flash flood leave 36 dead. A 5.5 magnitude earthquake triggers huge landslides in Hakkaido, Japan. A 7.7 magnitude earthquake hits Peru and El Salvador border. Heavy snow leads to roofs needing to be cleared in Colorado. Very bizarre Pink Fog in Devon in the UK. Three sinkholes in Anatolia. Malta Marathon cancelled due to cold weather in 2019. Humpback Whale found in the mouth of Amazon river. Snow and gale force winds across Greece. Bomb cyclone in US. Saskatchewan in the US coldest February in 80 years. Record breaking winds batter coast of Croatia. Record rainfall in Crete. Ice Tsunami in Great Lakes. Over 20 inches of rain in 48 hours in Northern California. Powerful winds in Maine bend a radio tower in half. Snowfall record for Squaw Valley California as it gets over 500 inches .. yup that is what it states. That is over 40 feet of snow in a month .. or close to 15 metres. Flooding in Ammam, Jordan.

Do not believe all of that? You know if I could list a dozen things that I know about not listed about, right?

Many volcanoes of significance missing. Russia, South America, Japan, Kilauea and Antarctica. Hoodwinker Sunfish off course washed up on a beach in California. Those orange skies. Rift opening up in Africa.

Then there are other things like technology failing of which my own I have seen nothing quite like it, transformers exploding and planes either crashing or entire fleets being grounded by President Trump.

Oh yeah watch a video if you did not believe al of the former listed .. the LATTER I have already covered ..

I stated many times it is hard to imagine things going on for much more than 12 to 24 months without the proverbial cat getting well and truly out of the bag.

Then I see videos like this and it is hard to imagine it going for much more than 6 months if the data is anything to go by?

A series or bigger than average volcano eruptions or one very big one can literally shorten all of this and bring dates rapidly forwards. Like flowers frozen in the belly of Mammoths type speed.

It is not question of ‘IF’ .. for me .. it is a question of ‘HOW LONG?’

At first I thought this was hundreds of years. Seeing the first data I thought this was maybe over a decade .. then looking at the rate of movements I realised it was going to be way sooner than even these people were stating. They changed their estimates to around 2028 to 2030 while I started to think more like 2024 at the latest and with a significant or indeed many volcanic eruptions .. way sooner.

If the magnetic pole numbers continue on for the next year as they have for the past four or five then .. hoo boy! The following year of 2021 will be bad and I cannot see how you can go beyond 2021 with a very big volcanic eruption along with a large San Andreas fault earthquake, possibly mega-earthquake?

You will here people advise you to go to higher ground .. or even underground? Yeah .. do not do that ..

Half the picture means you still have half the puzzle pieces.

Yeah as they are worried about mega-quakes .. and they do not even have to be quite mega-quakes for this little thing to become a serious problem and this is not a way I would want to go ..

Liquefaction ..

Is the process whereby the ground shakes so much that the earth, soil and sand becomes like water and anything on the surface would effectively become like a lead weight. You would sink like a stone.

So yeah .. make sure you on VERY solid ground.

Now .. the maximum number of previous consecutive drops in peak solar Sunspot activity numbers in the records available to all publicly?

Now that number would be 3 .. so three consecutive drops and this has happened only twice in 400 years .. 400 years and only happened twice .. think about that ..

  • 1800’s known as the Dalton Minimum and ..
    • 260 to 80 odd Sunspots resulted in cold period
  • 1850 only the peaks were way higher starting at around 220 and dropping to around 180
    • So this does not count
  • Now present day ..
      • Are we THERE yet?!
      • Going from 220 average to 80
      • Few years for the temps to be affected do not forget ..
    • If the next peak is LOWER than 80 Sunspots that would be FIVE CONSECUTIVE DROPS!

Now you have read all that .. what about the things that will make it an absolute certainty?

  • 10 YEARS ..
    • The Sunspot activity does increase and it peaks at lower than 60
    • Slow Speed Descent into Ice-Age that might see it officially arrive in 2030
  • 5 YARS ..
    • 2021 comes round and there is no rise in the Sunspot numbers and it will already be bloody cold by then ..
    • Medium Speed Descent into Ice-Age if there is such a thing? Arrival around 2025
  • 2 Years or less
    • Series or large volcanoes go off ..
    • Could be months to a year or two
    • Super-volcano erupts ..
    • Could be days or even hours
  • Even stating all of the above ..
  • If Sunspot Activity does reach levels of over 200 between 2022 to 2026 ..
  • It will take anywhere between 2 and 10 years for that to take effect ..
  • Thermostat in a fish tank, remember?!

Now here is my own graph from my own spreadsheet though I will state the following ..

Many of the graphs are factual but they are dreadful in both their design and they way they plot things .. leaves a lot to be desired. There the ranges are more or less accurate there does, at times, appear to be slight discrepancies from one chart or graph to the next.

What also made this frustratingly difficult is that once I learnt how to read a chart or graph I then realised it was not complete. I did not find a single chart that was easy to read, gave enough details and ran from way prior to the Maunder Minimum around 1640 to present day.

One example of issues is that I could not discover just how many consecutive drops in Sunspot peaks prior to the Little Ice-Age. Could not tell you if it was just two or ten.

Other charts only seem to run up to around the year 2000, which seemed somewhat odd to me to even include in your lists. Though I may have done this too? So have a laugh if I did.

So based on all of these annoying little pains I jotted some numbers into a spreadsheet and made a bar graph.

Just did this today despite the fact I have typed this out, answered the phone three times and my fingers and hands are in a lot of pain. It gave me a simply bar graph though that represents the points I have made.

It does, however, requires more work and will probably be added to and altered over the coming months as the data emerges.

  • Number 33 is the estimate for the peak of Solar Cycle 25 not due to arrive until 2023 to 2025
    • It is seriously looking to be late, should be by 2024
    • Once it starts to rise takes 5.5 years approx ..
    • Close to mid 2019 .. puts that peak at 2025, one year late
  • Number 32 is the one we had in late 2013
  • Solar Cycle 24
    • Now into 5th year .. the Sunspots should be rising by now
    • 11 Year Cycle .. 5.5 years dropping .. 5.5 years rising
    • Another year with no rise means over 6.5 years drop , two years flat-lining
      • Both unprecedented
      • 13 plus year long cycle also unprecedented
      • Just three more things among others that are unprecedented
  • Remember .. 33 Cycles .. above .. averaging 11 years each
  • That is 360 years of records

Been thinking of these acts by the Sun of it moving all that junk? I mean its fusion, right? Turning one elements into another, right? God only knows how that works in that massive furnace? Possibly when quantities reach a point there is an exchange that goes on between the layers?

Also please be advised that there have been people talking about this for between 5 and 10 years and that everything that a great many things that they predicted has come to light and shows no signs of changing.

Some have been predicting these things for 5 years while others have done this for closer to 10 years which is wildly impressive considering their lack of resources and budgets.

Unfortunately this also brings absolute shame onto those with big budgets and major resources and especially those that have peddled the official climate change crap with carbon and man being to blame.


So then a couple of things popped up .. a video on pole reversal from someone I have watched videos of on YouTube a few years now, Joe Scott, Canker Boy I think he calls himself .. or his product. If he is talking about it .. it is a thing. Missing a couple of key points though.

But before that .. another video from Adapt 2030 and after being buried in snow across many states in what is normally the growing season, in the southern US states, a weather prediction of yet another blizzard in over 40 states and breaking records yet again. Going on right up until 12th March?!

They really are going to have difficulty avoiding talking about this before very long and I told a sandhead friend of mine, who has not watched any videos or read anything but decided this is not happening, that it wont go far beyond the end of 2019 before everyone is talking about it.

Well now Joe Scott has mentioned it and another record breaking and lengthy snow storm is going to hit .. yeah .. it will get talked about.

Because of farming. The US has already taken a massive hit in crop production already with a record breaking snow storm of record breaking levels right across Canada and North America. It is about to get its SECOND?!

Gets any further south and it will be snowing in Mexico!

Here is a link to a map for the growing periods in Arizona .. Americans reading this will probably already know all this but British and Europeans might see the chart and realise how bad this can turn out to be.

Now imagine for a moment that next year .. the storms are worse and far more widespread than there ones?

I recall my daughter a few times tell me that temperatures at the North Pole was in like double figures and I laughed. I I said I could not see that as the ice would me melting at such a rapid rate it would be unreal.

I wonder if she has seen the temperatures that have come down into Canada and North America and question the validity of the temperatures she was seeing?

Sooo then this happened ..

Joe Scott a very funny and nice to watch, level headed guy who likes doing videos about science subjects did a video on pole reversal .. which to be honest .. surprised me when I see it come up.

Now I am afraid he does go into how bad it could me and echoes what I have said and a bit more but he also states ‘they don’t know’ and then states it can take thousands of years. Yeeeeaaah no to the second one. And yeah we do not know. They do not know so cannot say and unlikely to take thousands of years anyway.

They do know .. but to claim what they think is about to happen is a pretty big claim that will change the world overnight.

He also shows a NOAA map of the magnetic field but does not talk about the two separate poles that are seen, one way weaker than the other.

He also does not mention the fact that it was reported at least as far back as January 2014 that the Sun activity has dropped off. Joe? Magnetosphere Joe. Heliosphere Joe. Not carbon after all Joe.

Check MaverickStar Reloaded on YouTube Joe who predicted this and the Arctic blast.

So no pole splitting .. no decrease in the Sun Activity, no mention of the Arctic Blasts and nothing about any Ice-Age, mini or otherwise? No Continental Drift either, though this is not even on the table at this point. That all rather depends and I would probably state at this point, now that I have been thinking about it, would depend on the speed of the movement of the magnetic north pole reaching a certain point and/or the speed of the magma movement which may be down to the speed the whole event occurs?

A slower rate might me the crust does not go nuts .. a quicker rate may mean it will move to some degree? It is reported that pole reversals vary and even the splits vary. I saw one video that stated that in the past there has been four or more magnetic north poles.

At this point we simply do not know.

But he did state about losing satellites, GPS, and possibly electricity altogether? Pretty scary on its own, no?