SaintAllnightsFollower on GAB

This is where it went fro the super-stalker which was in the realms of creepy before that to bat-shit crazy and obsessed.

So .. once they got the full suspension .. bearing in mind it was their first .. they decided that after getting five or six suspensions from me, which you would need to receive two life-time suspensions, he would gloat.

You see this moron thinks that the number ‘one’ is equal or greater to ‘300’ and I do not quite know how.

This was why I thought initially he was al leftist as they have this truly fucked up reality where if you get 49 things wrong and the something right .. this turns the previous 49 ‘wrongs’ into rights.

They also believe that with their enemies if they get 49 things ‘right’ and then finally a ‘wrong’ this turns all previous 49 ‘rights’ into ‘wrongs’ and ergo .. they win by default.

I honestly kid you not not.

If your a leftist reading this and asking what is wrong with this and cannot see it then I would suggest seeking out a psychiatrist .. at a coffee shop .. wait until he has a mouth full of coffee and put the same thing to him.

Suggest you wear a brown shirt as when the coffee is all over it .. you will have your answer.

I did decided I was done with Twitter ..

As Tim Pool says and in all honesty he has no idea but it is a truly awful, awful … did I mention AWFUL platform run by awful people who are liars and is riddled with scum of the Earth that actually think they are something they are not. They all have feelings if superiority, which is weird because they act and sound like Nazis but oddly accuse everyone else of this.

But this guy .. spent months projecting many things like leftists tend to do .. and one of the things this guy is .. is a humongous egomaniac .. the very thing he told others about me. Never washed though with anyone and that drove hum nuts too.

By now he was boasting of his website while telling me that my blogs were shit .. weird as they are actually designed by Google and the ‘THEY in that statement is also something else that the genius also did not pick up on or found. Despite his claims that he knows everything about me and what I am up to ..

Yup he does not even know about all my social media accounts either, the giant sized prick!

So I retreat to GAB .. as I have 800 followers but have always found it harder to read .. a bit slow .. a bit glitchy and .. whenever people I know created accounts they disappeared again .. and why would that be?

  • Extreme right-wing racists

Now all of these people that came and then went all later described GAB to me as too toxic.

Well it is in places. But not all of it and if they thought about it it would make sense that many of the first on their would have been the most toxic right-wing on Twitter .. forced to go there because of the toxic left-wing on Twitter.

Yeah so .. journalists and Twitter and everyone else failed to spot something ..

  • Those starting accounts on GAB and then never using them were doing this because of the extreme right-wing toxicity towards everyone, which is STUIPID of the extreme right-wing
  • Who happen to be the very ones forced to go to GAB because the extreme-left absolutely INSIST they are extreme right-wing .. who then backed away from the REAL extreme right wing on GAB

Yes, Adam Boulton, all this business about right-wing is a load of old bollocks and did you just find out or have you always known and chose or was told to ignore it?

But anyway .. so this Nathan or now AntiPopulist, or AntiPoppy as I called him, was so obsessed with me and .. do not ask me why as he was an idiot and pretended once again to be someone else, starts an account on GAB and calls himself ..

  • @SaintAllnightsFollower

Can you believe that?

They always referred to my followers as ‘minions’ which was a bit of a stab I think because he tried to steal so many and they blocked him. Well over a thousand and I would not be surprised he has has been blocked tens of thousands of times across all their accounts?

This is obvious even from the last part in this series and will become more so in the next part and even as I am typing this out I have realised there are probably about 8 others tweets I have not sorted into the relevant folders .. and there are .. ooh hang on .. seventeen folders.

Because of my memory it is hard and I have like a brain melt when I try and recall names and orders when in it comes to date thongs were said. Or posting the in the right order.

This is become the main issue of today, you see. My mainstay line when I started blogging was that I had evidence and a lot of it. I linked some on to these posts and then waited for the day when an honest news outlet got in contact.

Now I knew that the UK’s were corrupt .. proved that long before I even started blogging nearly 7 years ago. So I thought it would come from overseas. Now there was a period on time when it looked as if a tabloid I France had been contacted and I thought I was home free ..

.. yeah fast forward to today, look at the Gilets Jaunes in France and the rest if Europe and the word, search it on YouTube and WikiPencil, and we now we that came to nothing too, right?

Eventually I just stopped linking in evidence because it just was not going viral .. Police lying, proving they knew about grooming gangs and did nothing 8 years or so ago .. Police lying on a number of recordings, one over four hours long. Police Reports lying. Radical Muslims and recordings of them too. NOTHING.

Someone stands outside a court though streaming from his phone complaining about what they have done and everyone pays attention?

I just scratch my head .. is the problem the government? Or is it just people and their general perception of things?

I I am right about everything is this lack of focus the reason why the powers that be get away with it?

There are a lot of things that simply do not make sense to me in all honesty.

So anyway I got booted and this prick creates this account to boast .. and .. well he belongs to the powers that be .. or I should say ‘they’ do and are pawns of theirs. They also know exactly where to push too .. because ..

They told me no one gave a shit about me on Twitter, no one had even noticed I was gone. That they all realised I was a liar and a moron among other things.

Now I figured out that this was not quite true. A few was angry and said so publicly that I had been suspended and that I was all only about the debate.

This is because scores of people working in large groups always get angry, start insulting and then start reporting you once you react.

Never used personal attacks of any kind or swearing. This means nothing against the gender, sexual preference, looks, size, facial features or anything like that in any way, shape or form as this is just not me.

Nor did or would I ever do this over skin colour.

As I said I also did not swear and never said the word ‘C*NT’ publicly.

But I have received several suspensions so when Jock Dorsey and that lying .. no .. no .. beyatch Vijaya Gadde are on Joe Rogan with Tim Pool saying ‘But we don’t discriminate’ then yeah .. you fecking do!!

While at the same time ..

People do tell you after having shit done to you for 15 years and your health so bloody bad its indescribable and your memory causes you to forget bloody things anyway ..

  • Oooh your going in the right direction
  • Oooh you have made such a difference
  • Oooh just keep going it will all change soon
    • Yeah like it has in the last 7 and the last 15 years you mean?
    • Oh no wait .. its only gotten worse
  • This persons gonna change it all ..
  • That person is going to change it all ..

And your hammering away at this to try and get enough followers in the hop that you can dig yourself out of a hole and have hundreds of people from Hope Not Hate, Tell MAMA and Resisting Hate you had NEVER heard of before coming at you in ever bigger gangs to kick you off the platform?

For telling the fucking truth?!

“Just keep going” gets a but annoying to hear to be honest. In fact when I was fully suspended from Twitter .. I was relieved that I was not going to hear .. or rather ‘read’ that line again.

If you cannot help .. fine .. but for the love of God .. do not hinder .. things are hard enough as it is!

Now I was fully suspended my super-stalker now thought themselves invincible and he was coming at me on a site .. where no one will agree with him and will NEVER get me suspended .. EVER .. so why?

‘Must be a correlation between the rapid decline in the average amount of Sunspots at the peak of consecutive solar cycles, along with the increase in cosmic particles that are both altering the wind patterns of the Earth and creating more seeding and therefore more rain and snow?’

Sorry .. I have spent weeks back I several areas of science I have individually covered over the years on my blogs.

In fact this recently became their focus .. anything to do with Islam was not mentioned at all for weeks .. until yesterday when he suddenly realised it had not been mentioned. He might well have realised that I had not posted about it elsewhere either.

Bit of a problem as the one that normally does battle with me, allowing this low life Amoeba to sit their reporting his heart away, has not been seen in months. That would be Jammony Cricket James O’Brien,

In fact he has a bit of a problem and that is .. that everyone is staying away from me and he has lost his aides in getting people reported.

Aww this might have something to do with me jumping onto the threads of a few leftists organisations and dropping screen-shots of him tweeting while taking the piss out of leftists?

That is about to get a lot worse .. because if member of Hope Not Hate, Resisting Hate and Tell MAMA, among others, come onto here and realise there are Wolves of a different nature among them .. who might be .. using them?

Yeah I imagine this could cause a few issues, no?

There were a couple of other things to discover from this period too. I was now convinced they were not a leftist troll. I was also sure they were not of the Islam faith either, despite stating Gay Muslim on their profile at some stage. They just never reacted to any insults to either Allah or Mohammad either which was why when it was only them and me .. I put that to the test, but forgot to take the screen-shots. Did not want then to realise I was onto them so I had to leave it awhile before I could try that again. Only he never brought up Islam again for months and neither did I ..

  • Because I stumbled across scientific data that made me realise it was a fool’s errand
  • Though I still posted about stories of their evil ways .. I did not got as savage as I previously did

They called Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell prats and that threw out another theory I was working on .. that they were either social workers from The Wirral in the North West of England of someone in central government acting to defend them.

My daughter had already been threatened by someone with the same name that they used .. via an 8 Ball Pool app on her phone. She had also been warned months ago by two social workers and we have recordings of that she should stay of Twitter.

That did not state stay off ‘social media’ and she had been on Facebook for years .. they said ‘stay off Twitter’ and had only been on it a month.

A couple months later, probably less my daughter’s account disappeared but not before Naz Shah got her suspended for the first or second time.

After going quiet for a couple of nights he has been on me like a randy Porcus and he is trying to slow me down publishing these later parts in the series. This should really have been published last night and so is 24 hours late.

In fact he has been giving me some real corkers that should have people totally shocked, totally convinced of what I have stated for many months or .. totally laughing their heads off at what he comes out with or my playing him like the proverbial fiddle.

So after awhile as I suspected this one was a bit different and was not linked to larger leftist socialist organisations and .. well at least appeared to be acting alone, no way I believed that, I probed some more. Told people I was close to there was something much more sinister about this one and I wanted to prove it.

Unfortunately the same old thing happened with me .. everyone told me to block him and ignore him and I said it wont work and that he would just have other accounts .. or indeed friends.

Many followers started to disappear .. and one told me that he had boasted about reporting her on another account. He admitted that he did and said ‘it was fun’.

  • Twitter is not about your numbers of followers according to this one ..
  • Its just about lying, being amoral, claiming you have the moral high ground and yet not a single thin got back that up and .. suspending people
  • From someone who has attacked the left-wing, right-wing, FBPE (is it on their accounts? No?!) Pro Brexit brigade.
  • As him what he stands for .. you wont get a straight answer and it will be a lie anyway

So .. he then comes out with ‘What happened to your follower Mr Burns?’ who has now been suspended a second time.

Yeah Mr Burns was one of those that thought ignoring him would make him go away .. nopety-nopety-nope!

Got your notepad and pen?

Screen-shots ..



People and groups never ever cease to amaze me ..

Let me state this .. that the more I loo into things that go further and further to the extremes of both left and the right the more stupid people seem to get.

At one end which is the left they are all over the place, totally insane, hypocritical to gargantuan degrees, claiming to support one vulnerable groups and then attacking those of the same group of they do not want to hear or do not want to be true .. even thought it is true. Better to silence this than deal with it.

Yeah sorry .. MORONS!!

And if you had not noticed in the western world right now look at the fucking shite that three decades of this has caused. The more and more that you have silenced the worse and worse it has become.


Then you have the far-right and sure I understand their frustrations but by God .. do not go and call the left stupid and then go and sound as equally as dumb yourselves!

If ANYONE has a right to go around wanting to kill or maim anyone it would be me and this very blog is living, breathing proof of this.

I have lost everything and then some ..

I regret waking up every morning and have done that for 18 months and I have had everything taken away from me, had everyone I care about hurt and live in pain with memory problems and am homeless and no access to anything. Even for the pain and heart issues. Lost my car and lost my business which they halted after agreeing to it and before it even got started.

I have had revenue frozen, they hunt me down on social media and try and kick me off at every opportunity and have succeeded at times.

I have organisations come after me.

I have had many occasions where I have wanted to take my own life and annoyed because despite some self harming, which is what happens when all avenues are shut down and you have deficiencies the NHS misses or lies about for 15 years, I do not have the guts to carry this out.

So yeah when I say that the leftists are nasty bastards as are some of the faith I know what I am talking about. They have attacked me and my repeat victim daughter and had us both suspended despite knowing all that we went through. Both felt suicidal .. and for what? To not offend anyone because we complain that we got treated like crap, abused, left to rot while suffering both physically and mentally?

So some group does not get their feelings hurt? FUCKING REALLY?!

I have had people die .. because of all this and I have had people run away .. while others called my theories crazy though they have almost all panned out now.

So what do I see from the far-right?

Oh .. just that they either seem to be so angry they want to attack everyone that every single conspiracy theorist has EVER pointed the finger at .. or they are idiots being opportunists and think that now the shit has hit the proverbial fan they can attack everyone and win.


  • Very few conspiracy theorists are accurate
    • So be careful what you read and listen to
  • Yeah no war in the history of mankind has been won by taking on multiple enemies at once
    • In fact doing this will only guarantee you LOSE the war
    • Soo a bit stupid, no?
    • Even more so when you consider you have no way of knowing if the conspiracies you put stock into are true

Now maybe it is just me and I did point fingers along the way but not to all those ultimately responsible as it turns out, eh the EU along with Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell?

I have seen absolute morons state things like leave those of Islam alone because the Jews want you to fight them?

I mean .. really?! Oh God .. the stupidity.


Yes because not defending yourselves against this Religion Of Peace is going to make a world of difference, right? They will just stop in their plans of conquering, right? Stop raping and murdering people, right?

Been honest throughout, exposing it all where I can .. I get told, bagged and pleaded with to carry on what I am doing ..

Yet what I wanted was to find help .. get noticed, get offered a way out, get books published and maybe even offered a job being paid to do what I do. But no.

But it seems to me that the more like a liar or a moron you are the more likely you are to get paid somehow .. I even got my super-stalker pursuer to admit that he gets paid to suspend people from Twitter and I found them masquerading under another account who had pretended to be a friend .. and was also pretending to be a woman and a domestic survivor ..
Will do a more detailed posting but this person is either ..

  • Paid by EU or some government or ..
  • Extremist, Radical Muslim


  • Was @NathanInGermany ..
  • Was @MyBritishHelper .. very . briefly, eh Poppy?
  • Is @TheAntiPopulis1 and ..
    • Few variations of that exist too
  • Is also @27sunnyjay
  • Seems to also be
  • Right-Wing and Left-Wing and Pro-EU and Pro-Brexit and .. 
  • Gay but not Gay and Muslim but not Muslim and white but not white and ..
  • Web Developer and Med-School Drop-Out and Lawyer and .. Social Worker ..
  • ANNND live in Germany and lives in Spain annnd .. lives in England and ..
  • British but NOT British
  • Annd linked to porn sites .. probably why he reckons he gets millions of visitors when he lies by telling people how good he is ..
  • Annd .. the one time he tells the truth .. is the dark screen-shot below
  • I suspected for a time .. notice my use of yellow text with my annotations Ive used for months ..
  • Yeah he gets PAID to start arguments end get people suspended OFF Twitter
  • He follows Conservative MP’s too

Trust me when I saw this but there is much, much .. MUCH more in the way of pictures proving any things .. even now how that fake account of me was taken down.

They have forgotten what they aid to me under what account, what lies and whether this is publicly or even privately.

Should have trusted me instincts .. more to follow and much more evidence
Been waiting for ages for him to drop himself in it .. gets PAID to suspend people
Yeah .. I can still see your tweets FOOL!
Clueless is Awesome and he gets PAID .. to do this?!?


Just a few files for the people of Twitter ..

How about the Home Office File on the radical Muslim?

And a fer recordings form his friends and .. some more of the Police at the time? A few of the 60 plus pages .. was visiting cells in Manchester and Birmingham .. so SCANS ..













Recording, sound file, of Muslim Abuser telling me hw they an kill women in their culture ..


When trying to escape the Muslim men switch the phone numbers of the girls they capture over to them! Recording ..


Detective Lying .. think this was when they told me they had visited my daughter and she was OK but turned out they had not visited her ONCE! Recording ..


Me diverting attention away from both my daughter and a particular .. location at the time .. RECORDING ..


Evil Woman tried to have my daughter SECTIONED .. nothing wrong with her .. was doing this for money .. RECORDING ..


Cannot recall most of these recordings, memory issues, but this one is a ROW I had with the Police on a ‘999’ Call .. RECORDING


Recording of the EVIL & CRAZY WOMAN .. that you would think would help and instead hindered ..

Part One ..


Part Two ..



Police, NHS, Local Councils, Ombudsman and many, many others and this is by no means all that I have just on this subject.


OK .. maybe .. I might have made a mistake?

I have always resisted, and for six or eight years, to use .. something. The more I found out about it the more I did not want to use it.

But a week or so ago I .. flicked through it, so to speak, saw something and I broke my silence for the very first time. Well something that was not automated. I did not care for it and I never wanted to use it. If I picked up the odd viewer through my automated posts then great.

I seem to have picked up 181 likes in these last few days and I am still figuring out how to make my posts .. discoverable?! Yeah I never really got to grips with many things and guaranteed that up until yesterday I simply did not know how to .. label posts. Still got all those likes though.

Since I figured this out to a point my likes have been coming in faster. I have also had an increase in things I said being .. redistributed. I have also increased to rate that people are following me.

Just today I have had two reposts.

I have also said a few things that will put the proverbial cat among the pigeons.

Funny then that with this flurry of activity the numbers on these blogs have barely moved?!

OK let me say a bit more ..

In my exchanges some of these people have surprising careers ..

  • Entertainment

  • Politics

  • News

  • Actors

  • GPs

Thus far this spans the Atlantic form the UK to the USA. May likely be others, I am not sure yet and have not checked every single one. Just a few.

Right at this moment my headset is going nuts with notifications and I bet I know EXACTLY where they are coming from?

Yup .. three notifications from one source and I bet there is one or two from another big name source? Oops .. sorry make that four notifications.

I wont name names here. But I can tell you this much .. I have been shocked at some of the people stating the same things that I do?! Really .. really .. shocked!

I have a renewed faith in humanity.

Some of these people are in London and some as far away as the USA, with one fairly famous actor I have commented with.

Oh and one got into a short conversation with me after I defended him from some onslaughts from a particularly naïve group of people and pointed out that they even ignore the facts in front of them. Likes for what was said .. through the roof. Likes for their arguments against literally in the single figures. Now make that seven notifications I need to check!

At the rate that this is moving forwards and with the fact that I am picking up on the annoying labels as well as the fact that the site is infamously difficult anyway for a number of reason .. I cannot help but wonder what it will be like even one month from now?!

Also I am reaching people via others or directly who are crying out for facts to back up their arguments and .. well .. it has been sitting here waiting n the wings for a very, very .. long time.

But then that is what will make it all the more powerful for them if they ever discover what has and has not been going on.

Unfortunately it just took ten years of suffering and hell which we still live in and I am still losing weight. Still anxious. Still concerned and my brain is still mush and of course there is my memory.

I am sure when they realise what little I had, what I had taken away, who I was up against and everything that I have achieved they are going to ask how the hell?!

Some have now been made very aware that what we are sitting on has the potential to bring down many houses made of cards. All the houses that they hate but have not been able to get across to the majority, just as I have had my own difficulties doing that.

As I stated to some idiot socialists .. your willing to destroy and even kill others to chase after this false idea of your prefect utopia that you can never achieve.

You are willing to destroy others to prevent any proof at all that you were wrong getting out. Just to stop someone showing that you were wrong? Promoters of peace and equality my arse!

Alrighty then. So there was a bit of a break where I literally forgot I was working on this! Yeah these memory problems are a real bitch at times. Well .. most of the time.

In this time I have performed a few posts .. and had a lot more like and re-posts going on, got into a conversation with someone that knows an .. outfit that I tried to get I contact with. I do not think he realised the gravity of the situation .. seem to suggest I would know if they wanted to fuck with me. Yeeeaaah not only do I know they are fucking with me but have done it for so many times and over so long you kind of want to .. get hit by a bus.

Failing that you have no choice but to carry on!

Plus .. well I am not the only one all this as affected and not the only one that feels constantly targeted. In fact four others are also being targeted but let us just say they would not notice. They might .. if they ever get taken which is what thy have been trying to do.

Yeah I am talking about kids .. social worker back and it is back to contradictory mode just as I warned my daughter it would.

I have had over ten years of this .. suddenly you get promises .. she gets some relief from the stress of her cancer and other serious health issues and then they go and pull the rug from under her. She us 25, with cancer yes, and have been doing this to her since she was 12 years old.

Yeah you read that right .. started around 12 years old and has continued on until today where she has cancer at 25!

Abused by people repeatedly who were then protected and it call covered up for years to protect either the perpetrators or their own mistakes. Or both?

Two children by the time she was 16. Married a few years later then victim of domestic violence whereby the husband goes to prison. Told us he would get nine years but out in nine months.

  • One Bangladeshi Restaurant owner (in Birkenhead)

  • Some Arabs claiming to be Kurdish (in Birkenhead)

  • Another lot claiming to be the same (in Liverpool with radicals)

  • Another one claiming to be the same (Domestic Violence)

All full of shit, lies, piss and vinegar.

Third one down had some dastardly plans back in 2012 I stumbled across via one of their phones and via video. Put a stop to that one. Well .. they kind of got caught in the act .. on a boat!

Neglected by all the public services, threatened with court action and threats to take the children away from their mother.

There really is a whole bunch of other crap involved but this post would end up way too long with dozens of pages and still would not hold all the details.


While working on this post I caught wind for a second time of someone I am unfamiliar with, Ron Paul, who is an antiwar activist who has had some restrictions or people taken off social media somewhere?

I re-posted this and I stated that it has been a belief of mine for a fair old while that all this trouble is .. intentional. I have spoke about this before ..

  • Provoke violence?
  • Distract from crimes?
  • Distract from a coming catastrophe you know they would never tell us about until the last minute
    • Probably after we have been paid a fortune to build their escape or survival vehicles or living quarters before we then realised all that money was worthless?
    • It is not a matter of if with catastrophes .. it is a matter of when and there is a long list
      • From outer space
      • Global Warming
      • Continental Shift
      • Magnetic Flip
      • Supervolcano
      • Mega Earthquakes
      • Global Panedemic
      • Overpopulation


I do not know how I even started watching this.

Oh yeah, it was the headline that called for Angela Merkel to resign.

Anyway I know nothing about the AfD other than what mainstream news media put out and they lie through their teeth and have done for years. I just had no idea how much they have twisted and lied about.

So I thought I would give this a listen.

Well I must say it’s not quite what I expected and I expected to stop listening after a few minutes. But I didn’t and I listened through to the very end.

He pointed out a hell of a lot of failures in Germany and even Greece was mentioned along with some lies. Something about some energy project that was full of shit.

He went into detail about the failures regarding immigration, the failure of integration, which they have no intention of doing anyway. The immigrants that is.

He also seemed very genuine in his dislike of what has become of Germany and it’s culture.

He also continued to get a lot of applause and even something of a standing ovation at the end.

But what was more telling during this video was the look on Angela Merkel’s face.

Think of a Bulldog chewing a wasp that had just been told that there was a world shortage in sausages?!

She looked fed up, miserable and tired and I half expected her to stand up and say ‘Yes’ at the end when asked to resign?!

That video seemed somewhat telling to. I’m even thinking now that there might be a big change coming in Germany before long?

Once again and like everything else there will be one single solitary group to blame for they and of course your going to have all the excuses .. oh sorry, my bad .. lies to state is everyone else’s fault.

If this video is seen by members of the public of other European nations? Well .. it’s going to become cause for concern for some and reasons for celebrations for others.

Strange times we live in.

If anything changes in Germany .. a more or less paradigm shift, so to speak.

Well I’d predict it would end up akin to watching a set of dominoes falling.

It’s like I said .. and said all along and saying it yet again. You force people into submission by way of fear and all you do is force something to simmer under the surface.

This boils to until one of those kids blows off and upon others seeing this everyone else lets off that steam too.

It becomes a cascade which can obtain ever be attributed to the people that forced those kids into place in the first instance.

Take a wild guess who is to blame for that?

Oh yeah I forgot. Natural progression and evolution is not something they like to admit to. They think they can force it.

They also totally ignored basic human fears and emotions along with history.

What they’ve always wanted had been tried elsewhere and it’s never worked.

The only two places it goes on today, off the top of my head, is China and North Korea. But I’m sure plenty of people from these countries would list plenty of issues with their society?

After all there have been plenty of accusations over the years of the abuse of human rights on these nations.

Of course I cannot see how the EU survives this either of this paradigm shift takes place and many others are predicting this too. Even in America many are watching and talking about something about to go down before too long.

Nigel Farage might be shopping for Krystal Champagne before too long too?!


So let’s get this clear before we carry on shall we?

Countries that have taken in people of different colour or culture ..

  • UK 
  • US

These are the I’m currently recalling.

What do they ask have in common? They are all white nations.

Yet I’ve been hearing for years now eye all racist and that has been thrown about as a distraction while they slowly gain control, power and displace white people. To the point that they are throwing themselves off bridges.

Yes it’s displacement as the houses and the money has to come from somewhere. Simple facts is all it comes down to.

No one else is racist, it’s just white people and we can prove this by telling you that another country is now refusing entry of Muslim migrants. So following on from Austria’s recent actions and Italy’s announcements we can ..

What? What do you mean the country refusing them entry is not white?!

South Korea?! Oh crap!

That there in the last few paragraphs is exactly what these child rapist apologists are now thinking. That they are fucked and their argument is fucked.

Well it was fucked anyway and if prior don’t agree they scream, shout out storm off a TV news studio like that idiot Owen Jones. The one that likes to use pointless buzzwords like patriarchy and Nazis when he clearly is intellectually challenged and uses words like manbabies before storming off on live TV .. like a .. umm .. manbaby?! Lol.

You really couldn’t make this shit up.

So South Koreans in the video below state about how scared they all are. That they don’t want women and children raped.

I guess the South Korean leader is going to be Donald Trump 2.0?!

Of course the first country to have non white white people while also being the first country to refuse entry of Muslim migrants .. sorry twenty something radical jihadis will be totally ignored by these idiots out of sight and sound on the left?!

I can’t wait for those that I listen to, to point that out to these leftists to see them ignore the point being made or come up with extremely lame and/or stupid excuses.

It’s utterly incredible how much those in western society have been taken for fools. The only thing more shocking than this is how long they got away with it for.

Talk trash and easily disproven lies to our people because we want then to think what we want them to. Not make up their own minds in anything because they might think differently to us?!

I’ve found this fecking frustrating for a long, long time and fantasised about paying them back in all kinds of ways. But I had to take the high road except I’ve been on that high road for years.

Now there’s a real danger the high road leads to a drop I will inevitably sink into?!

Any change can’t come soon enough.

As for South Korea? Well bloody done! A country with their eyes open that have seen what has gone on in Europe. No mean feat that considering how much the western news media has lied and done this much of the time by ommission, twisting things and not even seeing that when it is staring them in the fucking face?!

Anyone remember the BBC reporter asking where three twenty something Muslim soldiers were going? One said Germany, one said Spain and one said the UK and all were supposed to be starving and skint ..

  • Except for the fact they all spoke good English .. so lying about Germany and Spain!
  • All had mobile phones
  • Did not look like they were starving and .. lastly ..
  • All wearing expensive football shirts that many Brits cannot afford


.. for some unfathomable reason.

Here is a school that was praised by the government ..

.. remember me stating that you pay their wages and they are not doing their jobs?!

Remember too that after everything that has happened they are supposed to be keeping a sharp eye on anyone or anything suspicious?

Apparently the inspectors to this school claim that these kids are taught to respect other faiths and religions?

Yeah I guess that is why in the video it is claimed that Hindus drink the piss of their God?! My .. you learn something new every day!

They state and eve the speaker admits that he has told people this before!

Yeah the inspectors said that they are taught about other religions ..

“Non-Muslims are the worst of all the creatures!”

Yeah I guess that is true then?!

‘Stay away from people with anything less than a fistful of beard!’ Lol.

There is a room full of people and a whole load of children that will lie to your faces, the children growing up taught to lie to your faces and God only knows what is going to come from all that?!

Apparently everyone else worships ridiculous things? Yeah .. well so do you, mate. As a scientist I firmly believe that.

My word! This school is actually in the north of England?! I think I recall them saying Birmingham in the video?

If you think this is a one of incident then you are seriously deluded.

Or .. or .. or .. you can go and speak to Hindu people about this and I can pretty much tel you what they are going to tell you. Because a few have told me over the years. You cannot trust any of them.

Our way of life is mind control? Hmm .. yeeeaaah OK I will give them that but it is not restricted to them .. in fact quite the opposite in fact, just ask Tommy Robinson! It is the British who are being lied to by their own government and public services.

I have no idea on the publisher .. I was just tagged on this by someone who is married to a Muslim! Yeah you read that right .. someone who was married to one that realised what scummy, lying, arrogant new nazis they are and violent? Oooh so violent they attenpted to throw a child out of a window and ripped up a Christmas Tree. Yeah .. that is how much respect they have for others .. while secretly plotting everywhere now to take over the country down the line.

At the bottom is an American guy whose politics I know nothing of .. but he, along with tens, hundreds of thousands and maybe millions of other Americans are going crazy about what has come to light in the UK.

They have clearly seen that we have become a nation of apologists, seem to think our public services only serve Muslims and lock everyone up like they are the thought Police.

They claim that were run by left-wing idiots and is both shocking and scary at what has happened to the UK.

He also explains, as thousands of others have, how we Brits have had communist and extreme left wing tactics used to drum crap into us so that be become submissive. Basically he states that you repeat a lie enough times until it becomes truth.

He states that our mainstream media uses this tactic .. he calls Legacy Media.



What an absolute load of rubbish.

The absolute shite that Members of Parliament and the biased news groups come out with at times of simply mind boggling.

It’s times like this when I tell myself that surely this time the British people will realise that not only have we been lied to for years but after the ‘transparency’ claim they now clearly lied about that too.

What is it that has got my ‘goat up’?

This Chukka Khan .. or rather Chukka Umanna, maybe it should be ‘Chukka Himout’, states that Brexit harmed integration?! No .. they have done that and they continue to do that and other than the odd crap line about not condoning it .. do nothing about it either. Because really and truly .. they do not want to.

Fuck off you lying half wit.

Well let’s be analytical about this shall we instead of stating factual labels?

So 14 million, or whatever it was, people voted to leave to stop immigration then .. became what I think he thinks is racist?

Or .. or .. he is saying that the actual ‘campaign’ turned 14 million into racists?

What the fuck is the point of this clearly false statement?

What does he think he is trying to achieve?

If another referendum was on the cards I’d state that he is clearly attempting a mass guilt trip.

I only stated to someone today they Members of Parliament have clearly been idiots for some time and that they need to have competency or IQ tests before they can run.

Now this cage about because someone that I know bits into this conspiracy theory that the rich and a group of Tory MP’s are and have been planning for sometime now to basically cut London off from the rest of the UK.

Oddly he made the usual big claims and more or less said my blog was a waste of time and he was right. He had thought of everything I had said and had an answer. Except I never got any. Maybe he did give me some but the fact they never registered meant that what he thought was factual was, in reality, far from factual.

I pointed out that Members of Parliament are from constituencies all over the UK and that 90% of them wouldn’t stand for it.

His argument was that they had been planning this for a long time and did so undetected. I said well if that’s the case they need a competent test brought in.

To be planning this for well over a decade without anyone knowing, raising concerns or raising hell would mean every single MP fit the last ten years would have to be a complete idiot.

I then asked where their taxes would come from. I then asked how they would get all the people out of the area. I asked how they would seal of London. I asked how they would handle the costs of closing down the capital while it was sealed and them ferrying people out.

The funny thing was he said he had thought of all this already .. except I didn’t see any answers. Well none that made sense.

I said that if I had time I would come up with a long list of why this conspiracy theory was impossible.

He answered he could do the same with why it was possible?!

How are you supposed to convince someone with that logic?

“I can think of loads of reasons why it’s possible therefore the reasons of why it’s impossible are nullified”

Jesus H. Christ!

He then said that they would not have to seal off the city because it works elsewhere?

What works elsewhere? When in history, the Vatican doesn’t count, did a city cut itself off from the rest of its own country?

What was annoying about this country argument was it came across as desperation to be proved right. You don’t get to prove yourself right and especially with your own theories. Because theories are just that, theories!

It was doubly annoying because I then recalled a conversation about this from ages ago with him. I also didn’t agree with him then and tried to tell him. The annoying part was that on this earlier conversation they’re was supposed to be a wall being built. I even think it was a steel wall.

Now I’ve just come back from a long stay very far away.

A fucking shed load is happening which had forced me to alter plans which now means there is a shed load to do. A single mother and her kids were attacked, the attacker is in prison .. court date set for the 18th January 2018, I’ve got to protect them. While I’m starting a business while I’m starting a business and going self employed at the same time. Right at the end of that process to go self employed the DWP have reneged on their agreement and have stabbed me in the back and trying to force my business plan to fail. I have to move home too and that was part of the business plan. My car developed a fault. It turned hot and is unbearable for me. I have to deal with my Fibromyalgia all at the same time. I still have tools for the business I haven’t bought and an now scared to because the DWP wilfully led me into a trap .. except the only ones that fell into any kind of trap is them. They have lied to me three times since I signed the form to go self employed. More or less admitted that they lied at the same time, because I pulled them on it with the real facts. I had two children crying about me while I drove 70 miles crying myself.

But I get this question about something I’ve already said I don’t agree with .. “Oh so what’s your thoughts about what’s going on in London?”

I thought I’d missed something when really he just wanted to prove a point with some lame information and flimsy theory.

And the wall has now disappeared.



The remark about my blog being pointless was .. infuriating.

Let’s review shall we?

  • NHS bosses phone my GP to warn I’ve been recording.
  • Michael Meacher MP requests of he can use my data in House Of Commons to attack Iain Duncan Smith
  • Michael Meacher MP asks permission to send my data, stories, blog to the news media
  • Vicar listens to my recordings and I .. answer his prayers and save his family life
  • My stories are constantly mimicked in the news media without acknowledgement
  • help MI5 who call me a genius (REASONS)
  • help Merseyside Police who call me a genius (AGAIN REASONS AND ON TAPE)
  • I’ve reached quarter of a million people and in one to two years will be in the millions, plural
  • I’ve attracted others who have done the same but only within certain public services, not across the board like me, so I’m not alone
  • After arriving in certain area I was spotted by victim support who had to file a report that I read present (the rules and the law!!) and within 24 hours three social workers and two Police officers are around me, yeah I have .. previous and it’s all on here .. giving away big clues to my secret goings on I’ve only hinted at

If I think about it I can probably add up to half a dozen things to that list, but you get my point?

But my blogs are doing nothing.

No people get annoyed because they have no patience .. it’s affecting them and they want it right now.

Also he seems to have forgotten something .. he used to frequent several forums but I remember him complaining he got banned from them all?

Yeeah .. you can’t go around getting angry with people because they don’t buy into a theory that not only sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory but which you have zero evidence of.

Maybe there is some plan to cut of London from the rest of the UK? But believe me when I say this ..

  • It will be an absolute meltdown of the highest order and extreme left wing groups will come from every corner of the globe to wreak havoc!
  • For several reasons it won’t work .. cost, physical removal of people, closing down one of the largest cities in the world for an indeterminate amount of time.
  • Ninety percent of MP’s won’t stand for it.

Oh I forgot .. when I asked how they were going to do this he said “With a referendum”?!

A referendum?

A UK wide referendum?! Yeah .. no and obviously no. Won’t win that one in any reality.

Oh remember they are going to get away with it because they will keep it hidden .. so a secret .. referendum.

A bunch of rich people stating that they are taking the capital as their own because they all voted for it?!

I tried to tell him that his theory of it being kept secret until after the dastardly deed was dead .. buried.

Any announcement that there would be a referendum of this nature or that there just had been a referendum of this nature?

Instant civil war!!

I also said good luck to them removing all the ethics out of London. They can’t even get the Grenfell Tower residents out of Kensington & Chelsea!!

I don’t know why this guy persists to get someone to agree with his theories? What he is trying to achieve I simply do not know.

When someone presses like that there is one thing that crosses my mind and I guarantee that as I mention this disagreement with others they will each state exact what I thought ..

This is some government hack that’s been working on me for some time to try and discredit me by getting me to put some crazy sounding shit on my blog.

I guarantee that at least three people I know will say that!

Would this guy expect me to have a go at them because I know he is right because .. he said so?

But when I think about it I don’t think it’s government related. I mean they would have to think I was completely thick to allow myself to be used like that. On such a mad sounding theory.

But they have already called me a genius and that comes from both the secret services and Police CID.

I didn’t need to be told this and it was not the first or even the second or third time I’ve heard this. Not even close.

So I’m preparing .. everything. To sail of to be pastures to dig out a series of evil villains who look like they have plans of their own? I have to protect people who are close to my heart who have no one else in the world.

And in doing this well and truly alone.

Then I get buzzed and bugged about agreeing with some far flung theory that’s only a few steps closer to sanity than the flat earth theorists.

Then I click on the BBC News app and there is an idiot MP trying to claim that Brexit is why there is unrest and distrust with the Muslim community.

No, you absolute moron ..

It’s because they keep murdering people, openly walk about with banners about how they will overtake the UK and secretly think like the Nazis, the new master race or new Nazis, and thick they are superior to everyone else. Despite coming from countries that have none of their own decent inventions and repeatedly reduced to piles of rubble!

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Brexit campaign ‘harmed integration,’ MPs claim – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-41041946


Some people have me laughing while scratching my head at the exact same time.

I have this video on YouTube of no less than three PC tablets on screen at the same time which were all purchased from PC World. This video has been on there for some time now.

All three tablets ended up producing faults between two and six times each. Yes you had better believe it. It would have been bad enough had all three produces one fault each. But one had two, one had four and one had six. At least that’s what I remember as I kind of lost count.

This was over the course of 14 months to which after that instead of fixing them yet again I was given refunds on all three and they didn’t even ask for them back. That alone tells you something.

But this morning I had this absolute loser watch this video, felt compelled to watch it all the way to the end and then felt compelled to bitch and moan like a .. bitch about said video.

As far as I could tell there was only one reason he had in there for the bitching, moaning and the name calling. He wasted thirty minutes.

Oddly it didn’t end there because he apparently was standing next to me each of the half a dozen times I was in there because he seemed to state that I had treated PC World staff poorly.

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear.

Not only was this complete blithering, cocky, self righteous, know-it-all bafoon completely WRONG but I also happen to know one of the staff in this store.

You know what they say about people who assume? They make an ass out of ‘u’ and ‘me’. No, he or she just made a complete ass out of themselves.

He or she went even further .. not only fucking assuming how I had purchased these three tablets but then lecturing me on how I should have been refunded?!

Umm .. twat? I picked them up for two other people as well as myself!!

Yeah .. they said I should have claimed the money back on a credit card. Fuck me does this blithering fool like to assume?! Yeah well next time I’m in there using my friends credit card to buy stuff for him I’ll remember to borrow it again when I have to get refunds!

Oh wait? He gave me cash to buy them as Christmas presents for his two daughters. Oh wait? He does not and refuses to use credit cards and does not even have a debit card. Oh wait? I don’t use credit cards either. That’s it God given fucking right you brain-dead moron.

It gets better. I replied, ripped him a new one and pointed out that credit cards weren’t used but he replied to my reply, showed he did not read that by repeating the credit card crap and then folded like the pussy they are in the most lame way possible by stating he won’t bother reading my reply. A fucking sad way of not only trying to get the last word in but sealing the deal by trying to stop me bothering to reply to his reply to my reply.

Yeah mate, I’m the one whose supposed to be the idiot or of the two of us?! LMAO! How fucking hilarious.

It gets better still..

He calls me a ‘drama queen’. LMFAO!!

Once again they assumed and they got this wrong in the most hilariously bad way possible.

Drama Queen?!

I just put my forehead in my hands and recalling that one. A fucking drama queen?

Once again had they done their research, everyone’s a fucking computer/social media/internet expert, they would have realised that selling crap, used and faulty goods as new in PC World is ABSOLUTELY NOT required for me to create drama.

Yeah .. I’ve been hinting at being up to several other things recently.

Yeah .. I’ve recently revealed one that’s still ongoing that involves getting my hands on a hell of a lot of nice tools?

Yeah .. I had a much bigger and very serious drama from two years ago they never got concluded?

Yeah that non-concluding and very serious drama involved me being very far away from home but I didn’t go?

Well take a guess exactly where I’ve been fit the last three days? Three days? Hmm let me see? 

It’s Friday .. well Saturday and I’ve been here since .. umm Tuesday?!

I never mentioned this before and only hinted at it because instead of going down a dead end as I did two years back .. I wanted to be sure.

This time I had to actually .. BE THERE! Or here.

Well I am here and .. well .. it’s far worse than I could ever have imagined .. AGAIN. 

This also involves my old friends the New Nazis, the Police Detectives and another public service along with another prison.

A drama queen over a few faulty PC World tablets?

Yeah how does eight to ten years and prison grab you? How about a threat to kill children?!

I left my last comment as a question to this self righteous prick .. 

“You obviously made your mind up before even watching the video so that begs the question .. why did you even bother watching it? Also what was you even hoping to achieve by commenting?!”

If the prick decides to even reply once again I will simply describe in detail what in fact they actually are ..


All those wondering why I’ve been against the new Nazis, multiculturalism and would break the fucking nose of Jeremy Corbyn is he turned up on my doorstep and tells me ‘love conquers all’ like these half wits with banners after scores of people have been murdered?

Yeah well if you thought, like this other prick, that I was a twat with no fucking counter argument and absolutely no background research ..

Your going to find out before long and just like some people physically closer to me are going to feel very, very soon, exactly why. You will then feel and look like a complete fucking twat.

You have been warned! Lol.


I am in confusion at times.

I think that all politicians do not plan to be living in any European country, including Britain, in a few years.

Yeah now that I think about it .. they must all plan to live overseas. Except .. the reason for leaving is because of what they have done. Or are in the process of doing.

Destroying their own countries.

They are still doing it .. fuck the news media reports. What they are showing us is not half way near enough. What they are also not doing is showing us everything.

What we get is their truth.

The truth the suits them.

Bizarrely many of those that they have told you about were stolen from this very blog!

This used to be very often and I would get people point out they had stolen another story!

However though it still occurs it has slowed down a hell of a lot.

Any thoughts as to why this might be?

Umm .. hmm now let me fink?!

Oh-oh-oh! Maybe it’s because I haven’t published anything in the last two years plus?! Lmao!

Well .. that might just change?! *Wink Wink*

I have the odd person both online and off it state to me that the country is about to collapse.

I get shown a few links that has a story of something going down somewhere in the UK and I can understand them. Yeah .. out looks pretty bad as it is and then there is this other crap going on you don’t see in the mainstream media.

They often think it’s imminent.

I do not.

I do, however, think that’s it’s inevitable. Just not .. imminent.

Then I think of the other bad things. That a bunch of people with too much money, power and influence took away the basic human and legal rights from a large majority of the UK. So they can look good to naive fools for saving money when it was all achieved at the cost of many innocent lives.

Not forgetting years of absolute torture, fear and pain.

Funny that, is it not? They can torture you and turn your life to hell but .. no euthanasia though?

Fucking blind, arrogant and ignorant fools who will no doubt consider themselves to possess higher intellects. Yeah .. that’s not how intellect works you bloody fools!

I digress.

I’ve gone around the houses here to make a point.

That point is what fucking fools knowingly destroy their own country that their families and descendents have to live in. I mean they works have to be the biggest, dumb-arse idiots of all time. All those names of all those politicians and civil servants and such like. All of them and an ever growing list of famous fools. All of them with their pictures bound for the pages of future history books .. fools? See here!

Ergo .. everyone must be planning to move their entire families out of the UK to maybe Australia?

Or the most selfish and amoral people have been allowed into jobs and careers of power they should never .. have held?

Simple .. deductive .. logic.

Well? Only two remain. Which of those two remaining possibilities is the right answer?


My answer to the worst crimes of paedophile rings and slavery?

Death .. by any means necessary.

I for one do have a fair few means.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Migrant crisis: Spain could overtake Greece in sea arrivals – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-40895571