In a roundabout way it comes down to this and this is something that my daughter can clarify very, very clearly.

A long, long time ago the authorities and courts to save a few hundred quid decided to base everything on assumptions. While they got paid tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands each year.

They denied an investigation and I gave a warning.

I knew this was a slippery slope at the time. I told the judges, barrister and solicitor this along with Wirral Council.

I went all the way to the .. umm big court in Liverpool. Cannot recall what it was called. High Court?

Anyway ever since then I was proved correct time after time after time. I am still being proved correct today and it is my firm belief that in all these past fifteen years or so all involved do not want me to show that I was right and that they was wrong and have been scurrying around to bury it ever since.

There are many other factors and things involved along the way that many would be very interested in revealing to the world.

But the reason is that.

If I can prove to the world I was correct it undermines every local council and every single court that made the same decisions made upon the same assumptions for the past twenty to thirty years.

That in itself is a scandal of gargantuan proportions and all because they wanted to save a few hundred quid at the time and because of on overly strict rule they had in place.

For the next twenty five years dozens of other shocking things have taken place and there may be a lot more than even I know about?!

Many of these they have been ignoring like the proverbial plague too because over half the country want to talk about it and the other half want to hide it or pretend these things are not happening.

In it’s entirety it does not merely have the potential do damage much of the public organisations it WILL damage almost all of these organisations.

They got away with this via removal of legal aid and I suspected as much but never thought for a moment that I would pay so dearly for it nor would my daughter pay for it.

Live and learn.



I await .. nervously.

I often wonder how much the living body and mind can take when under consistent pressure?

How intense does it have to be?

How long does it have to go on for?

Obviously the answers are different from person to person.

The effects will vary wildly too.

I watch people drunk as skunks talking to themselves, butterflies or yelling at others.

I see and smell weed from others.

Some might hurt others.

Some might get destructive.

Some might self-harm.

Some may take their own lives.

But at the end of the day the source of all this is the same. Some source of pain. An inability to cope with something.

Others are just unhappy .. rowing with others online in places like Twitter. Over Donald Trump. Over Theresa May. Over Jeremy Corbyn. Over right and left, Socialism and conservatism and good versus evil and even Tommy Robinson and paedophilia in Hollywood. Often I see these get preoccupied with this to see sine real horrors going on. Others I wonder if they concentrate on what tending to get more clicks?

I’ve watched the news suppress information and other times twist it around.

Tin-foil hat conspiracy theories seem to leak out of every crevice these days. The last one I heard about was a fire in America in a place in California called Carr. Pictures of a what looked like a laser beam coming from space and a house that looked like it was clean cut in half.

Pressures seem to have been continually piled upon people for years. Bills getting higher and homes becoming impossible to afford. Weird and troubling claims regarding those that are rich or famous defended only by those afflicted with blind fanboyism and showing no morals at the time.

I think people are both confused and scared?

They don’t understand what’s happening and looking for answers .. anywhere.

Because the mainstream news media are not providing them with any and are not trusted anymore.

There are two single things that, each of which, the public should feel they can trust. Once the trust dissipates from these two things you have a growing and unavoidable problem. You might ignore it for awhile but it is a coming.

Doctors and the news media.

The two things that are supposed to be everybody’s safety nets. Are today anything but and certainly true in the UK.

They have both consistently failed me in the UK for well over ten years. Along with all the public services.

Public services. Services to the public and they take our taxes. Except they are not services in anyway to the British public and haven’t been for years.

My family is a dysfunctional mess because of it and most of them have horrific stories to tell. Whether they are working their arses off or not no one is happy and everyone has issues. They are still in denial about certain things going on and you can hear it in their voice and it’s frustrating when they all have iPhones and laptops and can search for themselves.


Because the news media avoid stories and have been doing so for a very long time. Celebrity gossip is where they think it is at.

For me this was always a time bomb and I have maintained for years that the longer everybody ignores it the worst it will be. I also predicted that when enough realise it will really kick off.

But everyone else knew better.

Tommy Robinson and others like him probably did what they did scared that what had happened to other children will happen to theirs?

Brian Harvey may very well have done the same?

Except this happened to my child and repeatedly do for years. She had two children through it before she even turned 16.

I tried to get custody of her a long time ago and I tried to tell them that she will have a childhood from hell of they ignore me.

No investigation.

It was worse than even I imagined.

Over time I knew there was going to be a tipping point in British society.

I tried to tell people but no one listened.

I tried to tell the authorities but very little listened and even when they did .. they did nothing and lied about it.

I tried to tell the mainstream media and they ignored me. Every .. single .. one.

Funny then that they portray themselves all today as being the wise ones, know better than everyone else and tell if still that all will be OK?!

Yeah didn’t see ask this coming though, did you?! Even though I warned you.

I talk with my daughter about all this and how scary it is. She believed them and that’s how she got into her predicament in the first instance. With some encouragement from some very evil people.

No one involved was ever charged outside the original perpetrator who went to prison.

There were four of the same crime, one went to prison and rightly so while the other three got away with it, despite going to court.

There’s a marked difference between the one that went to prison and the three that got away with it. It’s obvious what that difference is. But this is for the same crime.

I’m not naive enough to believe that’s the only story out there like that. And that’s what’s scaring the hell out of people.

But I do believe that combined we have the craziest sounding set of stories out there.

Which is why I knew for sure back in 2011 and 2012 we was being ignored.

I thought we might get ignored and sure enough we did.

Only we had to wait six years before the deceitful acts of the mainstream media to get out. Even though it now if we await to see if our lives can be saved?!

I was pleased to discover YouTuber after YouTuber talking about all this.

From the tapes of children to the lying mainstream media and the tricks and lies of government.

Sometimes it all actually feels quite close to the end and other times were not so sure.

Too many times we think we have spied the light at the end of a very long tunnel. Interesting for our hopes to be dashed once more.

I’m hoping that either today or one day soon we don’t post the ultimate price for everyone else’s ignorance?!

I’d also like to have the anxiety lifted from the two of us but even if we did I may still lose my daughter to her cancer or other health condition?!

I sit stunned at the thought of where we are.

I think of when I was a child around here and think of what I’d have thought had someone told me of my future. I would have thought them mad.

But here I am patiently waiting when bit wondering.

What to do and how long either of us will survive this constant flow of living hells?

And to think I’ve long thought our stories were the ones to bring the whole house of cards crashing down.

Everything everywhere all at once.

Workers within these organisations suddenly realising they were being used a pawns then thrown under the proverbial bus when caught.

That each of the actions everywhere .. combined were knowing used to commit the greatest of crimes ..

.. to the British people.

We still have to wait, survive and find a way to fight on.

My last post is somewhat telling as to why I feel the way that I do and why my daughter feels the way that she does.

I fear what the remainder of this day will bring?

When all this is done and the truth is out how many, I wonder, will prove to be complicit in all this?


Oh my God-oh my God-oh my God!

Typed this out in a hurry on my phone before sticking it on charge to make sure I have enough battery for the next and very vital phone-call.

Ooh boy!

As if this morning wasn’t bad enough?!

I’d been having a hard morning, it’s also raining, and having a debate with myself about whether to go to hospital and have a row or ring ‘111’ as I’m having anxiety and chest issues galore.

I then get a phonecall from my daughter which took my mind off it for awhile. Then she gets a call to say that my youngest granddaughter has had a fit in school and had to go. Worrying.

I remember being told she had, had fits when I lived there but nothing happened while I was there. In fact I thought maybe it was a one off thing and had since forgotten about it.

Bearing in mind at this point that my daughter had cervical cancer, older granddaughter is severely autistic .. except now they say she is not, despite being a massive problem to absolutely everybody. My daughter was also told she was being referred off over her own Fibromyalgia .. back in November 2017 and it’s now April 2018 and nothing has come. Victim of domestic violence too and had to move house to which the council used the excuse to reduce her rent payments by 60%. Has a blood clot that was buggered up by not treating her correctly over her cervical cancer biopsy too and had a Doctor, only effing yesterday, forced to come out and say ..

“Couldn’t you come down to the surgery for this?!”

Blood clot type red and yellow patches on her leg and back .. couldn’t walk. Also had been in hospital over that the previous Saturday, Sunday and Monday and then asked to go to A&E to test for what they should have done on the Saturday.

I’ve had my daughter at her wits end and wanting to die over the stress this has caused.

I’m no longer there thanks to all these amoral, patronising, condescending tossers that work for what is now a ‘Nanny State’ of the worst kind because it has zero compassion.

So I lay here hoping everything is going to be OK and expecting a phone-call from my daughter from her home with the little one running around yabbering. That’s not what I got ..

What I got was a video call with a half conscious little girl lying on a hospital bed with a tube down her throat and falling asleep. Me talking to her to keep her awake and her fighting and struggling to look at me on the phone screen. She couldn’t manage it.

I thought she had been given drugs.

She had not been given drugs and my daughter has no idea why she is like that.

I’m currently terrified ..

I think I am goig to have a heart attack?!

Fuck .. the things I now want to type about this country, the NHS, the Local Council and the DWP who are now playing Russian Roulette with my grandchildren, daughter and .. quite obviously millions of people’s lives.

Then there is this Alfie Evans crap going on.

Shit .. I should have told my daughter to remain calm because and I’ve told her before, of you lose it .. your automatically seen as being in the wrong. Because no one in the working class or lower is allowed to have any emotions. Also it helps draw attention away from themselves!

No I could say things far more derogatory and I could open up the offensive words dictionary but .. must .. hold .. back.

Fuck! This is going to be .. bloody tough!


Sorry .. I heard something else about Alfie before I posted this .. did another post because I was angry at the sheer patronising attitude of the court judge and forgot I had not posted this one..

As a forenote to mention something else I have since heard .. I rattled off a salvo about Judge Hayden making comments about summonses being issued for murder against three Doctors. Sorry but .. as I said in my other post .. a Judge CANNOT make decisions or even draw opinions because of another case. Not until it has been fully heard and a sentence given if any are due.

But he did this before even any preliminary hearing and that in itself is astounding. His argument is that filing legal proceedings against the NHS is seen in his eyes as hostility .. biased much?

Well .. I have now been told that the Italians are talking about doing the same?!

Hey, Judge Hayden? Please go and be condescending and patronosing to the Italian govenment and the Vatican?! Please? Pretty Please?! 

That I would dearly love to bloody read about!

Now onto this post, and the title. I ws orginally going to give the title just one word. Starting with the letter ‘W’ and ending in anker. But I have to keep it clean .. apart from the odd ‘f-bomb’ when I want to stress how angry I am about something.

That’s Judge Hayden to you. In the title.

“All we want to do is what’s best for Alfie’s family” is what he said.

He did that while taking away their rights. Taking away Alfie’s rights. Spoke on a condescending and patronising way about Alfie’s patents attitude.

Like I said .. wanker!

‘Taking Alfie to Italy (and somewhere else) is out of the question’ he also stated or something to that effect.

An Italian citizen not allowed to go home?! Hmm now that I think about it did this not happen once before? With a real Italian citizen?!

Short answer, yes.

It was an Italian woman who have birth while in the UK that the authorities decided was not sane, was planning to take her new born baby off her and prevent the child and mother from returning to Italy.

Because in recent times the British government seems to know better than any other countries authorities and wants to take things out of everyone else’s hands?!

Fuck me .. we really have become the World Police?!

Except .. it’s all done with a hypocritical attitude no one notices and is kept quiet. In fact even this act of evil is probably done to hide the truth.

That the British government or the secret ring or group that controls them is treating it’s own people like crap. Knowingly letting adults and children both fit, would be bad enough, and sick along with vulnerable .. die. This could be suicide, freezing to death or .. starving to death.

That very last point is an interesting one because after hearing that they turned off life support which didn’t result in Alfie dying, making them look like the fools that they are. Yup, after hearing that I heard that .. I was told that they had not fed Alfie for some 20 hours prior to turning off life support?!

Wait, what?!

So let’s get this straight?

It’s wrong to take the poor child abroad in a bid to save his life but it’s OK for them to starve him to death?!

These people have no one’s best interests in mind and are nothing more than fucking evil monsters of this is true.

Heard of people that like to play God?

This one goes one better as they are playing both God and the DEVIL!

Who the fuck drags this out over six months or more, starves the child, refuses the child a chance, says no to another country, turns off the machines before this out country can stop them in court, the boy still survives making them look like the fucking incompetent idiots that they are and then still block any attempts to save him by preventing the parents from taking their son overseas?!

Am I actually getting that right?!

What the fuck is this?! Some fashionable attempt to look left wing going a little too far?!

I’m done with the UK have condescending twats in courts that think they are God and acting like they are of some higher order.

Jesus H. Christ over the next few years David Icke is going to have a fucking field day in his talks over this.

I’m wondering if a normally reserved woman I know on Facebook had a sudden outburst recently about the UK?

I also cannot help but wonder if this is deliberate?! Are the powers that be deliberately trying to incite something?

It’s weird .. unbelievably obvious they’re all fucking mental.

I don’t think I’m going to bother putting myself through pain, rush of death (huh maybe that’s their intention) to go to a fucking HMCTS court I know is corrupt anyway. If you can’t trust the Supreme Court then the rest can fuck off!!

Disgusting .. truly I’m ashamed.

Honestly .. who would want to go through a fucking lengthy legal process like this in future only for hat outcome. No one I know wants to even bother looking for legal advice over the NHS. I know .. they tell me. The trouble is the medical records are then wrong, incomplete and that was the intention .. to get things left off medical records you you cannot prove anything when your being attacked, hounded and taken to court by these bastards.

They even get Police protection.

But then I have covered this before .. I know one person who had a disagreement with a GP who had lied. They pointed out he lied .. but he then said horrid things reducing a woman to tears .. her father came down, not me by the way, and the next thing the Police were demanding they leave.

These are the public services that take your taxes to award themselves handsomely .. do nothing and then asking for your sympathy when they have not got the pay rise they wanted or expected. Than go back to doing nothing.

In one of my recent posts I posted a recording of my daughter .. lied to by the NHS, Local Council and DWP. Has cervical cancer .. a blood clot they fucked up about over 2.5 days .. just happened and I will get to that momentarily. A child with severe autism they have now lied about. Will be made homeless before the year is out. Big patch on her leg now, might be two, very large with red and yellow and according to what we have read .. BLOOD CLOT!

It does not matter which public service it is .. they are all, or the major ones are, corrupt!

Judge rejects plea to fly sick Alfie Evans to Italy but asks doctors to consider letting tot go home


Every now and then things can get .. overwhelming.

Sometimes .. different symptoms can coincide to become either simultaneous or arrive in quick succession. This is what happened in the last 36 hours.

A few days after my cancelled court hearing I had a night where I could not sleep .. until after 4am and had that had happened on the day of the court hearing this would have gone against me and I have a serious issues with this with both my solicitor and HMCTS themselves.

Now I am going to describe what kind of happened next ..

It was my first day of sunshine for a fair old while, a couple of weeks, and I desperately wanted to get some photography done. I had planned to go to Forty Hall, close to where I used to live. Only due to not getting to sleep until well after 4am I awoke at 11.08am and I felt like crap.

Still .. I managed to drag myself out with the camera equipment.

Except I started to feel some .. trepidation ad I do not know why. I started to panic about something happening to the equipment and I started to panic about the pain I would get and if I could do this.

I had two buses to catch and in the end I decided to get off the first bus early and I wound up in Finsbury Park instead. My daughter rang me just as I entered the park.

I then discover that my daughter was getting a series of phone-calls and messages from someone that was then cancelling the messages and deleting the number before she eve read the messages .. only ever seeing a single question mark in one message.

I told her that I had re-linked in a recording of the visit from two detectives from 2011 and that due to someone that was speaking to me I had decided to do this to see if I could flush anyone out. I told my daughter that I had even put the line ‘Let’s go fishing’ in the post ‘The Tao Of Reason’ and the contact mentioned in ‘The Mystery’ and that this was only the day before and that I had wondered if something odd would happen. Her mystery stalker was most definitely odd. She, however, thought that it was someone that she knew who was most definitely .. well .. odd. Oddly enough the person who was supposed to win his PIP back for his Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Something we both think now could well have been a lie. He has been showing some very bizarre behaviour even towards me when I met him .. just twice. He seems obsessed with my daughter and also seemed somewhat strangely obsessed, now beyond dangerously obsessed, with other .. girls. After weirdly stating that he was going to receive his £6,500 in PIP back-payments in two payments .. which I have never heard done before, he then explains he gave the first lot to a female friend he then ran off with the money. The same girl had told other people that this man had fled Chester, where he is from, because he abused or raped a young girl. We then get told that the second lot of money was given to a family member to look after?!

I asked if he had produced a single item to show that he had received anything at all in the way of money and I was told that he had not. I stated that I now thought that it was possible that he manufactured the court win hoping that my daughter would show interest in him.

He appeared to me months ago as someone that was so obsessed in getting a girlfriend that he was obsessed with several women at the exact same time. Provided that the others were not ‘manufactured’ to illicit a jealous response from my daughter, of course?

Then I was told that she was still getting messages and the phone number was still disappearing but eventually she sent a message and asked who it was. An answer came back with ‘Kevin’. Neother of us knew a ‘Kevin’. When told this and asked again who and where he was from he said ‘Salisbury’?!

Salisbury is well known for three things currently .. that Russian ex-spy being poisoned, Stonehenge and .. the person I speak about in the post I referred to earlier called ‘The Mystery’.

Yeah .. someone that is speaking to me, or at least was, that has a connection to both MI5 and GCHQ who lives in the vicinity of Salisbury and now my daughter who is 250 miles away from here in a North West direction has someone claiming to be from the exact same area?! Coincidence, much?!

I came home .. too many people and for some strange reason too many kids in the park and I did not take a single photograph.

As I got home I got a phone-call telling me to be on my guard because the narcissist I live with has been at it again and destroyed a day being enjoyed by two other people .. because they have to be the absolute centre of the universe all of the time.

I was then struck down by a stomach .. problems .. well .. bowel problems while at the exact same time experiencing the feelings of both panic and anxiety.

After two lavatory sessions I was also feeling sleepy and likely due to the pain, walk, lack of sleep and the concerns over the .. stalkers.

I then got a phone-call from my daughter and she found out who this weirdo stalker actually is .. this weirdo called Mike I previously spoke about. She managed to ring the phone from a different number they did not know and he answered. On demanding to know why he did it he merely said that ‘just a bit of a laugh’?!

My daughter, with cervical cancer, Fibromyalgia and two children with Autism, said that if she had done that to him, which was not in anyway funny at all, he would have gone crazy at her because he has been accused of rape .. back in Chester. But I guess it is only funny if you do this to someone else?!

As for me .. my panic and anxiety just kept increasing along with my heart palpitations and I became more and more sleepy with it and I kept tossing and turning about my situation, the cancelled court hearing, the lack of actual help from my solicitor and the contradictory statements I am getting from court and solicitor and when in the world this fucking torture is going to end so that I can actually get the fuck outta here?!

One court to do something .. correct a bloody mistake. One media agent to do as he stated he would and when he would, now too late but would be fucking nice! One solicitor to actually do something other than send and receive letters and reports. Reading them would be nice! Reading my emails in full would be nice, as my social worker friend spent a year complaining about with them. The DWP actually paying my granddaughter and daughter for the cervical cancer, Fibromyalgia and Autism would be fucking nice! One fucking NHS to actually do a single fucking thing right and actually back a single person up in my family and actually prescribe the correct treatment and medication!!

But yeah .. the public services, all of them, think we are al just sitting around on our arses and have all the tie in the world with no issues or anything holding us up until they can manage to pull their thumbs out of their arses?!

Yeeah .. riggght!

I would suggest informing the Police but .. well we all know how good they have been in the last decade or two?! Even Manchester City’s manager, Pep Guardiola, was shocked recently because the Police, ahem same force actually, just allowed an attack on their team’s coach take place.

Public services are bunches of know it all people that each think they are the most intelligent people in the room when the truth is quite the opposite but get furious when you tell them so. Then lie and make false allegations towards those smarter then they are .. which invariably also do not work.

One country .. one bloody great mess.

EDIT: Pain in my shoulders that is driving me insane. Four lenses there may have been but I decided to not attack the tripod to the backpack. Bearing in mind it has attachments to hold a snowboard or skis?! God knows what it would be like fully loaded?!

There are three things I need .. I think, to be able to get about with less pain. A lens pouch to hold my heaviest lens which itself attaches to a Lowepro holster that is the same one, but smaller, I have. Also a Vanguard slingback that can house my camera with said lens. I have two sling packs but you cannot get my camera and zoom lens in it! END EDIT


Would you believe it?

After many months, July 2017 it started, and finally someone else gets involved .. well other than that Independent Review Officer who kept raising the complaint level time after time.

Now I had previous stated that I was concerned that the Independent Review, or Reviewing, Office was only placed there to make it appear they were all doing something to only serve as even more delay tactics?

I am also asking myself the exact same thing now we were surprised to find out that someone from Ofsted was going to sit in and would my daughter be OK with it?

Now I suppose it is possible that the IRO had something to do with Ofsted being there? Maybe it was just routine and they do this for so many cases? Maybe it had something to do with this blog? Who knows?

But at the end of the day and as was stated when asked .. this has been going on since July 2017 and it is now a hair’s breadth away from being March 2018.

Remarks were made by Ofsted about why things have not been done and why other things have taken so long?! The threat to danger towards the children was made very clear provided in a detailed account of how the Autistic child would not sit down on a train journey recently, kept moving seats, would not sit still, had a few meltdowns and tried to get from one train carriage to the next. Who do you keep your eyes on, this one child or the other three?

Some mention was made about providing a safety chair and I got great pleasure in explaining to my social worker friend that the social worker department were reprimanded for refusing to fill in a section of a DLA form for the child. Let us not forget that the mother should be getting PIP too and one other child is said to be Autistic, though this one thankfully does not look to be anywhere near as bad just yet. Except it is supposed to get worse as they get older.

We should also not forget that a paediatrician was supposed to see the child in January 2018 and despite it being March tomorrow still has not seen the child at the school. You do not need to see the child at a fucking school to see what is clearly in front of you.

I should not be surprised by anything within the public services any longer. I mean you have this big issues slowly leaking out about sexual harassment in politics and within the Labour Party of all parties?! Only heard by me this morning I shook my head in disbelief at some of the things I was hearing had happened. That is some of the descriptions read out of the victim’s accounts.

How in the world is all this sexual harassment going on everywhere?! They have been leading us to believe that for years everyone in almost every industry are left-wing people?! Is that all a charade to hide behind and divert attention way from them while they get up to despicable crimes?

I have long stated that I suspect everyone because so many I have caught getting up to no good and in the beginning, five years ago or more, I am sure many thought I was mad. Many people I know thought I was mad and mistaken so I started recording everything.

Fast forward to today and I am sure everyone can agree that it appears at present that there is not an industry that has not been exposed in the news for getting up to no good? I can assure you they are not reporting on everything and nor are the reporting on their worst stories, cases and examples. In fact it reinforces my questioning of how amoral the UK has become as a nation because every industry seems to have bad people running through the centre of it like the proverbial diseases?! I would then refer back to the years of having politically correct stuff thrown in our faces, either telling us how we should be or celebrities and TV and movie stars telling us this is how they are, once again seemingly a force of control ..

So how in the hell have we got to this stage? How in the hell is it that seemingly every five minutes something or someone gets exposed as doing some very questionable to evil things?

Hearing someone describing how someone within the Labour Party tried to force themselves onto someone else sexually I shake my head and ask myself all this over and over again.

I also have to wonder what has gone on in other parties and if this is going in within Labour then God only knows what is going in with the Conservative Party?!

The Guardian is reporting that a dossier on the sexual harassment has been sent to Jeremy Corbyn and it will be interesting to what what comes out of all that. Huh, I used to call this blog ‘The Dossier of UK Corruption’ but changed it as I thought it sounded boring.

So Ofsted have now entered the fray?

Well .. let us see if things get done or it just drags on week after week after week?

Everything is always dragging on for months and months and I simply cannot believe at times the predicament I currently find myself in as well as that of my daughter and grandchildren.

At the exact same time some really evil individuals are allowed to run around getting up to the same old evil lies and tricks because in twenty years they never got found out, exposed or punished.

What the fuck did you think was going to happen when you provide someone with something to hide behind?! Of course they were always going to get up to more things that would get increasingly worse.

I call this the Jimmy Savile Effect and it has been used by a great many people and organisations to hide some ever more evil and heinous crimes.

Maybe they will create a few more names they say will be tasked to do things when all others fail just to keep us happy and allow ourselves to become preoccupied and take our eyes off the ball? Or maybe it is our deep down excuse to continue being amoral?!

Or maybe it will turn out in the next couple of months that Ofsted are just as bad as everyone else?


Failing to disclose evidence on a daily or weekly basis is a claim made by criminal lawyers.

What this means is that there is something to hide for starters. Secondly there are court cases that should never have give to court, costing the taxpayer so much money is ridiculous. Lastly some miscarriages of justice have likely gone on?

My word can the public services get any worse than they current are right now?

Some legacy the Tories and New Labour are leaving behind?!

Lied about weapons of mass destruction.

Corrupted the NHS to lie to and about patients to save money and help the DWP and Local Councils save money too.

DWP lied to and ripped off, basically mugged, disabled people and the unemployed after claiming to reform the welfare state.

Local Councils putting Council Tax up constantly, making is sort out there rubbish so they can sell it, not housing homeless because stopped building social housing. Closing down libraries. Unreasonable parking and car fines.

Police lying to public, not doing their jobs, not checking out even asking for evidence. Not collecting evidence even in murder case. Now not disclosing evidence. Taking cases to court that should never be, miscarriages of justice and costing the taxpayer millions?!

In a recent case I was involved in they failed to find illegal goods in Walton Prison. Claimed in the news media they had stopped smuggling of goods into prison which was a lie. Failed to find a phone in a prison cell despite hearing the inmate use the fucking thing. Told us he works get ten years then be deported .. he got 21 months.

With all that what mistakes or lack of action do you think all the Ombudsman get up to four your tax dollars?!

Also what was the Criminal Prosecutions Service role in all this? Were they part and parcel to the failures?!

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Evidence not being disclosed on a daily basis, lawyers say in survey –


I am .. annoyed with myself.

I have been drawn into an argument that became loud and heated by someone that thinks everything bad in their life, and their past, trumps everyone else. Even those with cancer, to which they have now done this twice to two separate people. One dead and one not.

For thirty years we have heard that they have health conditions and could die any day. In recent years I have lost a number of people to death and so have they but it still makes no difference.

Despite being told by a friend that he thinks I have been amazing to go four weeks without them starting an argument or me being drawn into one, I am still annoyed with myself.

Fortunately there is someone missing from this equation today .. as of this morning away for two days but .. if they hear what has happened .. I am going to get it in the neck, despite notbeing the perpetrator.

But then the perpetrator loves to twist the truth .. they are someone that not only like to play the victim card but likes to sit there cutting out all the victim cards ready for them to use upon getting the slightest excuse. Well .. excuses are not really needed nor have been used for many years.

You see if you try to talk about any subject and within ten minutes the subject gets changed. If you try to state there is no relevance to the subject matter they claim that there is and need to talk, because it is ‘important’ when it is not, for the next two hours. There never will be nor never is anything of relevance. It switches to politics and leftist attitudes are brought in and then about their .. health condition. Then it moves onto how their kids do not give a crap about them .. despite the fact we all suffer from anxiety and that they are the most stressful person in the world to be around. My friends fear being around them for more than a few minutes. Hence why I was told I have been amazing to last this long.

At the end when they are losing or lost the argument facts then get tossed out the window and divide and conquer techniques that should stay in the school playground, come into it. “You DON’T KNOW what the others say about you!” is one common line. Yeah .. that is fucking relevant! The other is and I had today “you have done nothing but talk about your health conditions since you got here!” I knew that one would come so I said “Oh, do I?! So how many chest episodes and blackouts have I had since I got here?!” They then walked out the room and upstairs.

After hearing about how none of us give a shit about them because they cannot go on about their epilepsy, which is mild and I have never witnessed an episode and no grand mal, for a few hours I said “My daughter has fucking cancer that will kill her and I have to listen about this?!”

A friend of mine recently stated, upon hearing of a few things she said and a few other things I have heard her say, that they need to speak to a professional. I said “I have been telling you that for fucking years!”

To be fair .. I knew that the situation could get like this when I came here .. but not this bad and not every single fucking day. After a whiff of this heading in that direction I had no choice but to cut the conversation short and retreat to a room 6ft by 9ft. Does not leave a lot of space with some essentials in there, let me tell you. Hence I was praised for going this long by one .. while two siblings out of four will blame me when they find out this has occurred.

The hilarious thing is that the very first thing that I stated in that hour or two conversation is that I need to go and see a Doctor. This person never got to hear why it is that I need to see one .. that is how much it is me that does all the talking. But I listened to stories and whinging that I have heard a dozen times since I got here. Hence why I have had to walk out of the room several times while they was in mid sentence. There were plenty of other times I simply left the room before it even had a chance to head in its unavoidable direction. That was purely being tactical. As my siblings all say that spending too much time, normally anywhere between five and ten minutes, will result in it ending this way and that is without fail.

But I have had to stay here and for longer than I had planned too. Oddly enough this amount of time is down to one of the two that will complain to me. In fact of they do I will point out that had they not taken so long to advertise my car, around three weeks, I would have sold it and already be gone and therefore this argument would not have occurred at all.

It simply is not normal anyway and like someone said to me in a strange tone as to get across how much worse things are than even they realised “Oooh nooo, Martin. They really need to speak to a professional!” by which he meant a psychiatrist. I said that I had been saying this for years .. but as I also stated .. they would be convenient with the truth, make themselves look like the victim and do that to get attention, ammunition to use against us in the hope that they would change us. SO we all sit around as a family while they harp on about the past for four hours solid. Not a single one of us can handle this but then as I have found out through others .. they would not put up with it for a single moment and none understand how we have done it for all these years.

It is an absolutely crazy situation that I have liked to blame on the NHS for the last fifteen years or so but .. like I said I do not know, at the end of the day, if the blame is warranted or can be attributed because .. I tend to feel like they LOVE being like this and doing this. Even one sibling mentioned the “victim card” which is a phrase I am familiar with but never thought I would hear anyone in my family use to describe this person?!

Oh and why do I need to go to see a Doctor? Because I have these really bad leg pains as a result of a vitamin deficiency that for the lest few years have been controlled by vitamin pills. Well for the last three days they appear to be refusing to work and I have leg pains that have become worse over those three days.

I had already started to rub my legs in the evenings the last couple days .. this morning I was rubbing my legs like crazy .. rubbing them while making a cup of tea, prior to said incident, and have been while typing this out.

After this I need to Google this to see what is going on, as it is Saturday and I am worried this will now get worse. Though I have just remembered though I already took one vitamin pill this was singly and I need to take my usual pills that has another and different vitamin pill in. In other words I would have taken two, vitamin overdoses not withstanding, to see if that stops the pain?

But I came back here nevertheless.

This would go some way to explaining how bad things got where I was?

I had previously told people I would rather die than ever have to live here again and I never foresee it ever happening .. up until about five weeks ago, that is.

So it is down to the sale of my car .. which was forced out of my hands by the one that started to argument. Left to someone else that took three weeks to advertise it, already had the pics before coming back here, who will blame me for this. Remembering I am the only one in my family with a registered disability?! Homeless temporarily for the sixth time.

Then there is the PIP fiasco and the DWP and Job Centre lying and taking money away, from my disability to that of starting my own business. Would never have been forced to come back here at all of it were not for that.

Solicitor trying to get my PIP back? Taken well over a year and I would not have come back here at all had this been sorted out much earlier!

What else? Oh of course the public services refusing point blank to do anything at all for a single mother of four children, two testes as Autistic, who herself has cancer?!

This is not forgetting the absolute balls-ups the Police have created while all this was going on .. plus previous balls-ups.

As I walk into my room I see a message from my daughter, ooh have I not mentioned her? It is a photo of a bill that HMRC sent her as they have done thousands upon thousand, if not tens of thousands upon tens of thousands, of others.

The letter states that despite receiving the exact same money for many many years, as it has done with all the other single mothers that received this fuck-up of a letter, that one year was an overpayment and they want the money back?! That is over £5,000 and do you recall about me stating that the ‘bean-counters’ cannot count?

Four children, being paid £25 of their £100 per week rent. Capped for various reasons, no council tax benefit and no fucking help moving house and now has to pay £5,300?!

If anyone cannot work out that there is much more going out than coming in without the need for a calculator then they are a fucking idiot!

My daughter said to me “How can the Tories be doing stuff like trying to use a court to take away the human rights of disabled people and the British public still sit on their arses?” I told her I do not know but that I have the same problem with my blog. Everyone is either very naïve, highly amoral or that this country is largely made up of a mixture of those two. “But they would not get away with it in France?” is often a response I get to explaining that to anyone.

So I am manded if I do and damned if I don’t in my current situation ..

If I say anything at all and get to finish it is all too much for someone, stress wise despite the anxiety thing being an issue for the four they complain about.

If I try to say anything I am often cut-off to a tirade of whining about very old stuff reminisced about because no one else’s problems are as big or as serious as theirs.

If I say nothing, or indeed if we say nothing, we are all bastards because we do not tell them anything! Despite me telling her for fucking years that she does not give us the chance 99% of the time so we gave up trying a long time ago. Not one of us but FIVE of us and the penny still does not drop! Or they do not care because it is just something else to complain about?

Now with the homelessness, the cancer, the chest episodes, the other threat of homelessness that involves four children and the one with cancer, the pain being experienced by me, the blackouts, the pain of my daughter and many other things besides you would think that .. well they might put aside whinging about us or me for a few months?!

Not a fucking cat’s chance in hell.

Yeah .. they need to speak to someone professional!

But then again.

Funny speaking about naivety as how many people thought Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Starbucks and Apple, among others, were wonderful companies? How many thought they had left leaning ideas and politics only for it to come out that there is no truth in this?

Maybe it requires another year?