Well I have done the long series to what I now believe to be behind all the madness which is all, for want of sounding like I should don a tinfoil hat, a distraction to stop people discovering the truth so the world’s markets and currencies do not crash and everyone carries on working.

I know there were a few mad things coming out .. I used to see people like Sargon Of Akkad, Tim Pool, Heather Southern and Dave Cullen among others talking about them.

Though I had no idea how mad or just how often they were coming until I went back onto Twitter back in August 2018 and it has just gotten far worse since then.

Many thousands have followed me from the UK and across Europe in the Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Canada and the US and likely other places besides.

I had had says where 35,000 people have read my tweets .. in a day .. after only a few months being back on Twitter. Imagine what I could have reached had a been back on a year or two?!

Except the powers that be did not want that. As it turns out the very thing that was being kept hidden was science based and not only do I have a deep interest in all these subjects I have posted about them and the possibilities.

So when I was suspended . the one behind it did something odd .. he chased me to another website and actually showed me the notification and clearly stated it was over ‘hate speech’?

Now .. maybe .. it was not the hate speech on my blog? Which was only ever the truth and I never talked about violence or killing anyone. Maybe they saw the science things? The actual subject they were hiding? Maybe they spotted the interest from GCHQ, that Detectives called me a genius, that MI5 called me a genius, that the MoD was interested in me and I was offered a PhD? Now at the rate I was building followers maybe they realised that I was likely to stumble across the truth, piece everything together and by that time might be connected to enough people to leak out all the data, all the graphs, all the links, all the news articles, all the scientists as well as placing my own theories and predictions on the whole shebang?

Oddly I had this .. helicopter buzz me back i the summer that had a few hundred people .. watching it wondering what in the world it was doing so low in the park.

I also thought that if I tried to register my location I might actually get .. well .. arrested and is one of around four of five serious issues I would have if my location was known.

Oh yeah they tried to dox me on Twitter a few times too .. take a wild guess why they .. got the right addresses .. but just the .. wrong period of time? There is a post about that with the screen-shots.

I will be honest after awhile I thought this pursuit of me by quite so many was a little bit .. much and I was not the only one to think this either.

So a few odd stories have come up and I have placed these on Facebook now and I shall also now place them on here. Mad stores that just have you scratching your head ..

In time of universal deceit .. you need to find a universal reason – I said that

Donald Trump wants to issue an executive order on free speech at colleges and universities? We also all wait for the same to happen with social media .. do we not?

Still waiting ..

As Tweeted by Paul Joseph Watson ..

According to a Professor, NoDeal may turn out to be the best Brexit deal of all .. unless we are run by vastly overpaid morons .. of .. course … … oh wait?! LMAO! Oh wait .. the EU is run by vastly overpaid un-elected dictators so yeah its cool!

So Lord Nazir Ahmed the first Muslim to be a Lord is charged with Child Sex Offences also killed somebody by Texting and driving. Also other men to be charged too at Sheffield Magistrates Court ..

OK .. the question with this one is whether you will LAUGH at the very thought of this .. or reel in shock at my theory looking to be true? Now WHY would the British Police go to Africa to .. Police?! Clearing out what is left before an ice-age forces the rich, powerful and famous to move near the equator?

First Transgender Hate Crime I take it over Hurty Words and feelings sound like the Tortoise at the start of Kung Fu Panda .. hate crime, no hate crime .. which is the case according to the judge who says there never was one .. Meanwhile disabled people cannot get a decent lawyer for love nor money .. OK maybe only love? LMAO

Man in London arrested for Hate Crime .. Preaching Christianity and coming to a town near you .. Muslims can preach whatever the hell they want though .. Christians up in arms before very long A lot is going to occur in 2019 and 2020 is just going to go insane

Following on regarding John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn who are tyrants and will remove your vote .. they also promote violence towards those that do not agree with their fake socialism.. Centre-Left to far-right it does not matter to them .. So will you be allowed to ever vote in future? Think about it .. if this is their attitude towards anyone who is not a socialist .. what will they do to the General Election?

Late Addition ..

OK don’t know this channel but .. a Sunfish turning up in the northern hemisphere for the first time and a Typhoon forming in the northern hemisphere for the first time too. And a Whale in the Amazon?



Well .. it is official now among many and I am still getting shocked on more or less a daily basis on Twitter.

The levels of dishonesty and selfishness is beyond imagination.

I watched a Sargon of Akkad video and I the still I thought ‘Is that Lord Pearson?’ I had heard him mentioned to me by a few people, that he was backing certain groups working against these grooming gangs. So I listened in on this one.

Sure enough he not only talked about the big issues they have shame most into not talking about and he made a great deal of sense.

They basically stated what I did in a round about way .. about the leftists protecting Islam but at the end of the day they are being used, these idiot leftists, as pawns or foot soldiers. Akin to human shields they use in war and aggression in the middle-east.

He even stated that the grooming gang problem had been covered up for years, yup .. discovered that one for myself..

Had friends and family basically become alienated because my daughter was so far away they did not see it up close and .. as it was ignored by the fake news media, and I do mean every single one of them, they thought it cannot be happening.

So I was a naïve fool and an idiot and my daughter was a liar and you have absolutely no idea how years of that affected us.

Still we are living lives of hell .. still we are both fed up with our lives, still my grandson lives with his paedophile father, but hey? As long as no one of a bonkers faith is offended and you cannot be labelled as racist right? Except it was NEVER racism. Faith and ideology was never a faith and racism includes all differing skin colours, as much as the leftists like to bullshit and twist it to mean what they want it to.

Sargon did another video on the Police and a diversity recruitment drive and in the comments someone pointed out that there were not only no white people among the eight in the poster .. but that they have taught all these races that white people are evil .. and now recruiting the to protect us?!

Looking at the poster it is clear that from the look of them there will no doubt be videos of this lot getting their arses kicked by criminals circulating around Twitter followed by news reports that they did not go to work just to be attacked. Want to get paid though? Then there will be an expectation that the white member of the public should stand in to protect them against these violent criminals .. all for free of course.

Also turns out that there is no hate speech in reality .. not in law at least.

Lord Pearson also had some interesting things to say about Marxists and education along with the Quran and Burkas.

They do not go as far as saying it but it is clear that they are using their laws and our own laws against us while at the same time trying to alter existing British laws to help in their conquering of the UK. I always joked that there are two sets of laws when really there are three .. and the one to protect the native British people is being altered to take away our human rights as well as free speech.

It is a complete betrayal of the British people, it truly is and the fact that this is going on and coming out at the same time we are being betrayed over Brexit and leaving the EU is a betrayal of monumental proportions the likes have which have never been seen before.

One hundred years ago you would have been facing a firing squad of your own people for doing way, way .. way less than what they have done to us in recent years. Hmm does that make it four sets of rules? I cannot keep track!

As I stated in previous posts I had someone on me for months .. a Muslim who originally lied and the continued to do so. Whinged and cried like a bitch that he was moral and honest .. yet got caught out so many times and got so angry about it he got himself suspended permanently .. TWICE! You have to go some way to get suspended once, let alone twice. Especially from Twitter who are seen and admit are socialist. So he was so bad he got suspended twice. Oh but not according to him because he can fall back on his own set of rules and laws when he cannot use the real rules and laws to achieve what he wants, right?

Just came back and when I say he did this hundreds of times I am not even exaggerating and he thought himself so superior, well they do, and so smart he used to lose it when I spotted him again .. sometimes with two tweets. He would also forget what he previously said on a previous account he swore vehemently was not him and state things he did under the accounts he swore was not him. This would be either a fact he could not possibly have known or even a particular name he called me .. like ‘Mr Big Bollocks’ or start ranting about my PhD offer and taking the piss out of it and claiming it did not happen.

The complete fucking nutter used to try and tell other people I was an insane conspiracy theorist?!

Oh boy they simply could not believe how stupid he was or some would get offended that he thought everyone else was an idiot, that was not a Muslim, and easily fooled and lied to.

No .. we are not all leftists you fucking moron.

The craziest part about it all as at the end he claimed to be a Gay Muslim and had a link to a Gay Muslim Community with LGBTQ labels?! What the actual?

So even the gay Muslims lie through their teeth too? That part of the Quran hey stick to on infidels but ignore the parts that claim how they should be treated? Well this one did like to cherry-pick, especially for this blog. Fully intending to be disingenuous at every .. single .. opportunity.

Of course as I was ignored over and the very last thing I got this superior and smarter being to admit .. is that he was trying to get my previous post pinned to my tweet seen by the Police as ‘hate speech’. The true story about my daughter being a victim .. repeatedly raped, given children she had no choice in, beaten, held as prisoner, one child given to paedophile father, first child the wife of the Muslim paedophile tried to buy from my daughter and lets not forget the cervical cancer she got from it? Or the zero support from public authorities? Or threats to take her other children away?

There was a media agent at one point, Focus Features Independent Media, and a guy called Joe that got in contact and he went mad. Promises our hell would be over, this year of 2018, magazines, books, TV and even films and mentioned Panorama (BBC? Yeah, right), This Morning, The Wright Stuff and many others ..

We got two small magazine stories published and then everyone just disappeared?! News media must have found a way to manufacture a Timelord’s Tardis?!

Lots of help offered on Twitter .. other than the post I wrote about my daughter’s situation getting close to 3,000 views in just 10 of 12 weeks .. no other help has materialised .. other than one guy turning up somewhere he was not supposed to and even then in the wrong place, nothing else has really occurred.

Unless it is for my daughter I do not really like asking for help personally .. hell, I do not even like phoning ‘999’ although there has now been two occasions when I should have done.

But I do not have any faith or even trust the NHS any more .. and will be kicked out of a hospital in the middle of the night in an area of a high amount of knife-crime.

I do not have a GP and therefore cannot get access to medication anyway!

The government have been saving a lot of money with me of late .. put me in a position where they do not have to give me a single penny while simultaneously screwing up every single chance to make any money via other means.

If your here reading this moron .. as I keep telling you .. facts remain .. FACTS! You will never … EVER be able to disprove any of this and repeat-repeat-repeat does not make it fact .. EVER! Dumb-arse!

I have now blocked and muted two of his new accounts .. after the heart thing yesterday, not him or anyone else online caused it. It was another lying cheating narcissistic leftist I have the misfortune of being related to who has been given plenty of warning about it.

But like every other leftist I have met on Twitter .. they lie, cheat, scream, make everything about them and claim to be caring to others but prove over and over and over again that they do not. They had this pointed out to them.

My daughter has had two major operations and yet this person cries to everyone about how she cares about everyone except .. she never asked. Two operations have gone by and she never once asked about them.

One brother wont answer the phone because she never asks about hs children either .. talks for an hour or two about herself being the victim. This is the biggest manufacturer of victim cards you could ever meet. Must know it to because unless someone is left wing she labels them as right-wing and they are not allowed here.

People say to me that leftists have a mental disorder and they are bang on the money.

My daughter’s story alone should create a media storm. Mine should create a bit if a whirlwind too and this leftist? Ooh boy .. talk to anyone that knows them and you would be provided with every single argument to destroy any leftist you ever come across.

Because all the leftists, not the Muslims using them, all sound liker her and this one here is the worst possible one.

She has made the lives of every member of her family a fucking misery for over two decades and still insists she is right, sulks for days when she is caught out. Then finds way to either twist it or waits for a period of time when she think everyone has forgotten about it and carries on as before.

On Twitter they have already or indeed create accounts so they can pretend you have not answered all their questions previously.

EDIT: I forgot .. they even mention and rightly praise Sarah Champion MP for her work on the grooming gang subject.

Who are the number one leftists everyone knows lies? Owned Jones and Jeremy Corbyn of course!


Just a few files for the people of Twitter ..

How about the Home Office File on the radical Muslim?

And a fer recordings form his friends and .. some more of the Police at the time? A few of the 60 plus pages .. was visiting cells in Manchester and Birmingham .. so SCANS ..!AnOZtJAkM5l7gZoRztI0LYaNc_55QQ!AnOZtJAkM5l7gZoTjXI4ItCw1ijs1w!AnOZtJAkM5l7gZoU5Rw3uZpt2ugsMA!AnOZtJAkM5l7gZoVeX4c4nvPoR7cbQ!AnOZtJAkM5l7gZoWy4O2iMEF3b7n0w!AnOZtJAkM5l7gZoXzORwy2Ntt5ON8Q!AnOZtJAkM5l7gZoYQUedSxJcAXcKWg!AnOZtJAkM5l7gZoZfsIO9uuRkGTjJw!AnOZtJAkM5l7gZoaWIa6I5B3D15PlQ!AnOZtJAkM5l7gZobeQD42YmCZYHl8g!AnOZtJAkM5l7gZoce99v-qlMOUirDw!AnOZtJAkM5l7gZodX6s1qh3PMNCXRQ

Recording, sound file, of Muslim Abuser telling me hw they an kill women in their culture ..!AnOZtJAkM5l7gZoFXkfPKKTmbUrRFQ

When trying to escape the Muslim men switch the phone numbers of the girls they capture over to them! Recording ..!AnOZtJAkM5l7gZoE_R-GJsVUCoHQ9Q

Detective Lying .. think this was when they told me they had visited my daughter and she was OK but turned out they had not visited her ONCE! Recording ..!AnOZtJAkM5l7gZoChPYBNd0IPvM09w

Me diverting attention away from both my daughter and a particular .. location at the time .. RECORDING ..!AnOZtJAkM5l7gZoDuf-Gyd2XSVST1Q

Evil Woman tried to have my daughter SECTIONED .. nothing wrong with her .. was doing this for money .. RECORDING ..!AnOZtJAkM5l7gZpiLcOqdNKQLBalbQ

Cannot recall most of these recordings, memory issues, but this one is a ROW I had with the Police on a ‘999’ Call .. RECORDING!AnOZtJAkM5l7gZoAGfT4XVfaXYFQ0g

Recording of the EVIL & CRAZY WOMAN .. that you would think would help and instead hindered ..

Part One ..!AnOZtJAkM5l7gZoHNuXn1Kks1ct7tw

Part Two ..!AnOZtJAkM5l7gZoGuOydDZaxx1idPg


Police, NHS, Local Councils, Ombudsman and many, many others and this is by no means all that I have just on this subject.


Well I finally watched a YouTube video by Count Dunkula.

Jesus I need to watch this guy more often!

He pointed out that the Police watched social media and arrested a bunch of people .. swiftly, I might add, who were on the right of centre. Damn my memory issues .. I think it was something to do with a protest? Tommy Robinson maybe?

Anyway what I thought was a real genius move by him as right after hearing that the Police have done this he pointed out how Antifa have never been touched.

That’s just .. beautiful.

Never before have I been quite so impressed on my first watch of someone’s video on YouTube. Yes I’ve been impressed many times but this was .. just .. beautiful. Lol.

To have been battling these public services and knowing that they lie and are corrupted for so long now .. to finally see others pointing out their cagey shit is such a relief. I’ve waited so long to see this.

I just hope I’m around long enough to see the ultimate outcome of all this.

In fact whatever the outcomes are I’ll rub my hands together with glee to see these evil houses torn down.

Know what’s been done to my daughter and myself and you’ll wonder why I’m not the one doing the tearing down. Or even holding the proverbial matches?!

Well I kind of am and have been for the longest time now.

I’ll have to go watch the Count again and finish this tomorrow evening.



I think I know why none of the crimes committed on me and everyone I know have never been solved and no one sent to prison?

They are all playing on iPad Pro tablets!

At least I think they must be as according to this report that was published by Flipboard the UK Police spent £6 Million on them!

That’s just iPads. No other tablets, not everyone likes Apple’s mobile devices, I don’t. Also you have to add in mobile phones on top of that figure and we all know about Police radios.

Also are they not equipped with cameras on their chests now? Something some seen to have forgotten when unfairly treating members of the public, even if the guy if a dickhead.

Didn’t get far enough to find out why the title states that the UK Police spent £13,500 on a single iPad.


Wow, was all I could think and wondered what their annual gadget bill comes to? Don’t forget you have to add vehicles to this, outfits and wages, which are extremely high I have heard, though they do very little.

Who would spend $13.5K on an iPad? The UK’s Met Police


Something bizarre has happened today.

More than this, this took place right in front of two friends who were taken aback a little from after they left.

See if you can work this out?

I enter a friends store for the first time in four days. Around ten minutes later two people walked in and one I recognised as one of those Community Officer types everyone calls the plastic Police. I was considering a joke and asking “You have not come in here for me, have you?”

I decided against this when the one I have never met before says “Are YOU Martin?”

Now I am all confused at this point and simply say “Err … YES.”

Then I asked “Umm HOW did you know I would be in here?”

He replies “I’m a Police Officer that is what I do.”


Except only a handful of people know that I spend time in there, one of those was local and he did several years back. The other moved to the North East of England several years ago.

I only know one person locally and they would not approach them and would not know we were … acquainted anyway.

Now I am thinking what in the world did they search me out for when I then realise that the bald one is in fact a fully fledge Policeman. As opposed to those Community Enforcement Officer type thingamajigs. He then states what he was there for …

It was regarding that fracas in Ordnance Road in involving people getting knocked out cold on a level crossing by a overweight guy looking eastern European or possibly Russian.

Now let us get a few things straight before I mention two classic lines this Policeman came out with to add to the “I’m a Policeman, that is what I do”, when really this is DETECTIVES and not many capable of finding me.

First off this was the first time I was in this store since last Saturday. Yet he had not been in asking about me. Secondly, and as I had to point out to the shop owners, I did not tell them or anyone for that matter where you can find me. This had the owners very confused. In fact the only local man was in and said nothing about the Police looking for me, but they do not know we are acquainted anyway. The point of pointing out the four days was that when I explained the fracas to the owner of the store it was not last Saturday. In fact in was a bloody lot longer ago than that! The store owner said “But you told me about that a couple of weeks ago?!” to which I replied “Yes … and due to my memory problems I kept forgetting to tell you about it and was about a week before I remembered!”

Shocking? My daughter also heard about this that day and she was on the phone to me when it was all happening. She said “God, its taken them that long?”

It gets better.

The Policeman asked me “Did the Police turn up?”

Did … the … Police … turn … UP?!

Is he serious? Not only had I emailed them but like I stated to them in the email I was one of at the very least THREE people that contacted the Police. I spoke to two women both on their mobile phones and asked them if they were on the phone to the Police? They both said “yes”.

He also stated he “..could not make head nor tail of my email”… what the same email I posted on my blog?! LMAO!

Now we are onto he subject of this blog …

Right here is where they likely discovered my hanging around the local pet store. That is to say that they must have gleaned it from here and with the only other possibility being my YouTube videos.


Well think about this then …

That would have taken some rifling through a great many posts to discover this and I have not mentioned the pet shop in recent months, that I recall anyway.

I had to ask myself if there was a list available with some very key details about me? If so then why was it created? Same reason they rifled through the blog in the first place I guess?

As I stated to the owners of the store who were still confused and intrigued as to how he knew I would be in their store … I said “I told you didn’t I? I have pissed off a great many people and organisations due to this blog! It is the only way they found out where I sometimes hang out and somehow timed it perfectly” I was in their about ten minutes before they arrived and left 5 minutes after the Police Officer did.

Is that YOUR mind I hear boggling?

Interesting too that he did not give me a straight answer … or so he thought. To me and on most occasions an evasive answer is a straight answer.

He did not want to admit how he found out, ofr the Police found out, therefore something I did not want to know and the one single solitary reason would be that they knew about my blog and had been rifling through it.

When all else has been ruled out whatever remains has to be the truth, no matter how unlikely or fantastical it may sound.

Maybe … just, maybe they did not react to the incident in question, had some backlash from the public over it, went through the witness details again and saw my name and something flagged up like Homer Simpson trying to buy an RV van? Where his name is placed into a computer and an alarm starts to ring and a red light starts flashing and Homer says “Is that a GOOD sound?” and the salesman says “No, Mr Simpson, that is NOT a good sound!”

upon realising who I am, what I do and am about to do and the fact that I posted on here about what I saw … with the date of course, they panicked?

Possibly a file that states ‘Police Enemy Number 1: Hard to beat, posts everything, knows about corruption in everything and how we treat the general public like a lower form of life, will cane our arses from here to eternity’?!

If this is true, Mr Policeman, you simply have no idea … or at least I do not think you do. That caning is coming real soon!

And now I have to repeat my favourite word of 2015. It is INEVITABLE.

If you check my blog far enough back it would not be the first time that the Police have failed to respond to a violent act taking place. One even claiming to me that they had to drop an old lady home, at midnight?!



I love the media at times.

Here is a report I have not even read because I already am all too aware of the answer to the question that is in the title of the article.

‘Do the Police think they are above the law?’


Like the last post or its amazing how often the answer is obvious though on this occasion I think you could add a large and particular group to that, like the media groups and more specifically… the news media groups!

If you can tell bare faced lies then you think your above the law and if you continue to do this despite the fact you have, one, cameras on your chests and, two, a large majority of the public own smart phones and, three, have looked bloody God damn awful in the eyes of the public your tasked with protecting then you have a very, very really big problem!

The way people conduct themselves can tell you am awful lot about what has not actually been said. Work on this for a long enough length of time and your efforts can be rewarded with some surprising and alarming things. Often after dive a few times a very convincing picture starts to emerge. Throw in someone who had been successful at finding out the must intricate details and you have a constant fueling of your long held suspicions.


Do police believe they are above the law? –


I should really say that I wrote that last post being somewhat angry and still am.

Yesterday my daughter was in a right state and for the umpteenth time talked about ending it all!

You have to understand that she has no family near her, outside of an evil mother she stays away from unless she wants to see her brothers. She had several things thrust upon her encouraged by her evil mother and allowed to take place by the Social Services at Wirral Council. She was let down time and time again by the Police.

In fact they are totally unaware that I know of their recent exploits and I am going to cane them so hard when the court case comes around they will not be able to sit down for a month!

I have them on tape … quite a lot in fact and that is not the only Police Force I have on tape. On the tape they are lying through their teeth.

What they did recently is falsely charge my daughter in an attempt to sentence her to cast doubt upon any testimony that she can and will give at a future point in time. Well as all my enemies know about this blog they know they are in very real dangers due to the lies they told me and I am not talking your normal wooden tops here, Police Constables that is. Not from Seargents through to Detectives and up to Police Commissioners. Yoinks! No it is not good for the Police, not good at all.

But what will happen to them will be nothing compared to Wirral Council. In fact I can assure you that the knock on effects that the Police and the Legal System made, which I have tried so hard to get through to people for so fecking long, were so grand they made the BBC and Sky News.

I have to keep telling my daughter that nothing will happen and that its just a very long drawn out process. I told her that I tried to tell various people for years (ombudsman, governing bodies and government) that this needs to stop but no one gave a shit. As long as they got paid they mostly did not care. As a result things took longer and longer to work through which is difficult to explain to a young woman that has had her entire childhood ripped asunder and then some. I assure you that last sentence was an understatement, again you will have to use the search function.

So my daughter is still being made to suffer at the hands of the Police, Local Council and the Courts and erven her solicitor realises this. In fact the solcitor, the first one I have ever known to actually give a crap, is in disbelief at what has happened to my daughter from the age of 16 months and all the way to the present day and what is still happening.

This blog was intended to provide … a window, if you like. It was supposed to show the British public just how bad and fraudulent things are. It was also supposed to show you that despite all these salaries and industries supposed to protect people that they themselves were having just as bad an effect on the public that the criminals do! Quite literally!

The criminals know this too and this they use to their own desires and quite literally swan around in the open like they cannot be touched. Literally! Oh I so much want to tell you on here what happened recently that I have alluded to several times but I cannot. Even though deep down I doubt that the current and next legal battle would amount to much.

I mayt sound like a cynic but my musings are based in fact, nothing more. Not wild claims or crazy guess work, FACTS.

So the whole while I was to show you a window into my life and show you the hoops I am constantly and rather unfairly asked to jump through with no benefit provided to me whatsoever. Remember the idea is that we have a civilised society so no matter what your opions are make damn sure that you can still claim that out society is civilised based on your opinions on certain.. THINGS. As well as giving you incite as to what goes on behind the lines of these public bodies I also wanted to show you the torture that is put on someone who was flung into adulthood and now being caned from all sides unfairly and that there is no one there to help you unless you have large amounts of cash … or are not born in the UK.

The best way to change things for the better is to expose just how bad things are. (I said that before you look into the pages of a book on quotes!)

Whether things get changed or not rather depends on how many in society are amoral. (I said that too!)

When you took away Legal Aid, because they all get far too much money, you then take away the rights of the innocent allowing the guilty to run amok and do as they wish.



There I said it, they are plebs!

Tonight I was round a friend house who, it turned out, had been led to by the Police, again! He was given a name of a Policeman who was going to ring him with details of what steroids they had taken in apprehending someone and this they were going to take.

He got a call from someone completely different. That was yesterday.

Tonight he got a call from the same person that rang him yesterday while he was at my house, as he passed me heading home with shopping.

Now apparently it works something like this …

THE man they were … err supposedly after failed to turn up for his ball for the second time in a row. The Police’s way of handling this? Oh just give him a third date and hope he turns up for that! Now I was already aware of this attitude when he received a call tonight.

All of a sudden my friend raised his voice and was slightly angry as some Police Officers decided to back each other up and lie. I heard my friend say that he had not shouted at an officer on a previous occasion. I wondered why the feck this was so fecking important to the Police, what they never feel with anyone shouting?! Then I heard him say ‘no I was not shouting, you well know when I am shouting’ and I said ‘no you raised your voice in anger which is not illegal and everyone does it!’ which the officer heard.

Now I assumed that they were in the same room because my friend then said that the officer was ten feet away on the other side of the room. Then he said ‘Well even if it was four feet they would not be able to hear me!’ and I was then confused.

Then I listened to him ask one again, as I listened add he asked several times yesterday, why this man who had committed a crime and broke his ball conditions twice had not been picked up and why they had not even sent a picture to the Police Force where he lived!

I had heard this all before myself and when he fur of the phone he cleared up the confusion I had.

Now he was genuinely confused and angry that he had been told he had been shouting, not that it’s important anyway. Bear that in mind.

The accusation of him shouting came because he complained about a Police Officer putting the phone down on him. This was the second time this had happened to him by the same Police Force, I think it was, and the last time I had not only witnessed them putting the phone down on him but recorded it and posted it on here.

It took a mere moment before it hit me, the officer that had claimed they heard him shouting was referring to a phone call. Hence why the distance was only four feet.

Why had the raised voices come about? Because the Police Officer had accused my friend, by insinuation, of lying because he was complaining he had not been called by the person they claimed would call. She actually asked, after he insisted this was the case, that he could not possibly prove this. Now think about this for a moment while I tell you that he then proved it by stating what he had already told her …

Well if I was not told this how could I have given you both his name and Police number?

As far add I wad concerned he simply gave add good as he got but it’s the same as with sarcasm, anger, shouting and even violence …

It’s not OK unless the Police are doing it!

So after trying to get it through to her, err I think it was a ‘her’, she insinuated and he asked how he could know his full name and number. Her response?

“ARE you trying to say I am stupid?”

No he was not, but I fecking am!

I turned to my friend and said “Well she was!”

Idiots should never lie because they simply do not possess the intellect to get away with it. When she didn’t she put the phone down and her defence was to lie and say he was shouting at her.

Not only do I think he was perfectly within his rights to shout at the Officer had they stated this too me I would have lobbed a barrage of smart remarks in quick succession they would not forget in a hurry and I would certainly have been shouting after those statements.

I then told him that two people who write for newspapers were speaking the day before about the parents of the boy with a tumour. One of them turned round and said something along the lines of ..

“How is it that there are criminals that the Police should be locking up but manage to avoid it but a couple taking their son to southern Spain because they wanted a different type of treatment to that, that the NHS offered, get locked up within hours of them getting there?!”

Make no mistake that they were lobbing criticism at the Police and the hospital.

From the very moment I heard this I suspected something was awry and I immediately went into my suspicious mode knowing the NHS add I do. There is a terrible disease that had affected public services and they are not public services anymore.

I have since heard someone from the hospital insinuate that there was something about the parents that was suspicious but they could not possibly say dye to confidentiality?!

Oh that’s fecking convenient is it not toy prize twat! Funny how the Police failed to mention anything about this desire ask the criticism they have had directly out to them?

Don’t insinuate, that’s even worse than not stating what it is and even worse if it’s a lie. My money is on the latter because I have heard them lying to my face over and over again and Doctor after Doctor.

What I find inexcusable is that there ability to treat had been hampered but they do not care about that add long add they continue taking vast sums of money from the taxpayers coffers desire doing very little for it!

Now if your interested in saving money why have they not sacked, made redundant, scores of Doctors up and down the country and instead left them earning their hundreds of thousands of pounds each every year but having all the toys, medication drugs, treatments, scanners and many other things taken away?

Think about it, up and down the country Doctors, GP’s and Specialists have not been laid off despite all the cutbacks that have gone on? Why? To leave them in the job they would have to be able to perform a service? If not any accountant would tell you it’s idiocy to remove almost everything that would benefit patients but leave all the professionals in there being paid!

The numbers do not add up, even when you realise what I have done.

Well they can provide a service … to the DWP and Local Councils who can have total deniability because they use some other group of morons called Atos.

For me this was not only obvious bit could be proved ridiculously easy … by telling the DWP you had evidence of Atos lying. I did that and provided them with the proof.

If they were completely oblivious to the truth then Atos would be dropped immediately and I would have had what they took away reinstated. It never happened.

However if nothing else I am thorough and to the point that only blithering idiots and immoral people would not realise the truth. I then manipulated several surgeries and hospitals so that they ended up in a corner while helping me rule out the possibilities.

To my surprise and add starred on here this worked rather well and after a few dead ends I discovered Fibromyalgia and very rapidly realised that sections of the NHS were already aware previous to me that I had Fibromyalgia!!

However the first time anyone in the NHS stated to me I had Fibromyalgia was 6 months or more later and at Guy’s Hospital.

There is much more gravy. So professionals think they can get there fifty thousand to hundreds of thousands per year for ill treatment of people, lying and doing add little as possible?!

Still having doubts?

Well try the BBC report below were the Police have turned around and said that victims should solve crimes themselves?! Yes I kid you not!

Sorry Policeman plod, I am way, way, way ahead of you there!! Found a mountain of corruption, fraud, embezzlement and bare faced lying by … OH YEAH IT’S YOU!!

Oh yes and the DWP, Local Councils and the NHS too!

Huh, and while doing all that I discovered three terror cells and reported them to the proper authorities! Oh and what wad it I told two Detectives who were in my house for five hours while recording them who later lied to me on the phone while I was also recording them? Oh yeah I told them not to send WOODEN TOPS around to the property looking for promotion because if you get my daughter killed the same fate would befall them!

Everyone is in dire need is several slices of reality pie!

Solve crimes yourself, victims told


Right now then people.

I have had my Crime Number for the attempted burglary arrived this morning in a letter that also stated the case has been dropped. This would otherwise mean nothing to me if it were not for …

1 The Case was dropped before I even received a Crime Number?! (laughable really)

2 No mention of the name I put forward bing neither here nor there

3 I was told they would ask about the street to see if there were any other attempts but states nothing and no one has returned other than … this … yes they notifoed me that burglars had been in the area would you believe?! …

Police Burglary Note 090614

Then I got this by email …

Dear sir,

Sorry to hear that this was of no use but unfortunately this type of information is not generally available to the public and not from our department.
It might be worth you contacting the ‘Public Access Office’ on either of the following as they might be able to assist.
MPS Public Access Office
PO Box 57192
0207 161 3500
Then this letter …
Police Burglary
Police Burglary 2

So letting me know whether said person was around ort not and then letting me know whether or not their had been any other attempts were not forthcoming …

In fact an old guy I have known for years today said “Facking Police, theyre useless! They wont even send anyone out for that!” To which two of us said that I had been visited three times to which he said “FACK ME!! I don’t believe it!” to which I said neither did we, lol. I said give it time though it will come to a crushing halt.

I have also found out that my friend, who I recorded the Duty Officer being rude and not listening to his side of things, I have now told them in a letter you can read below, just rang me and told me he told the Police what the duty officer did on the phone and he and they flatly denied it. He then stated that he recorded them and they told him he had done nothing of the kind. He laughed and insisted and they then threatened him and stated that he cannot user it he will get into a greta deal of trouble and if they were he they would destroy all copies?!?!

I then said, umm you do not it has been live on my blog for weeks now? You did tell them that? To which he was happy to hear this and was not aware, lol. Just in case they are all wondering at the station whether or not this audio recording of them treating a member of the public like crap, well there will be no doubts now after reading my email.

Also explains to me why the officer’s eyes went wide when I stated I have a blog on corruption! I did state this in a previous post but I was unaware that my friend had mentioned me and the recording to the Police! I told him to get them to tell me the same things they told them and I will let them know in no uncertain terms where to stick it!

Well I think I did below in a polite way, threats of trouble however will have me tellig them to stick their threats where the sun does not shine and inviting them to take me to court!



Dear Crime Management

My word, I do find that odd that as a crime management outfit of the Police that you have no access to this information.
Also I receieved a letter from yourselves stating that the case had been closed before the crime number had even arrived at my door?! What I find particularly odd are the following …
1 There was no mention as the whether the person whose name I gave over was either in the country or not, I did state that if he happens to be in the country and has been just a few days it will be him. It would also be comforting to know that he is not in the country. My landlord who owns his own building firm is also keen to know whether he is in the country or not because he met the madman and is on edge over his house.
2 I was told by two people that they would ask around Mahon Close to see if anyone else had an attempted break in, as if this was just some chancer then the chances are he would have tried someone else too.
3 Failing this being a crime of opportunity I should remind you that from my door you can freely see into my living room and see that I have nothing of value, not even a TV and lastly …
4 Despite my landlord thinking that my blog on corruption upsetting people that puts his house in danger I have not been on the Elctoral Register since Enfield Council gave my address to Waltham Forest Council who then sent round bailiffs that assaulted me and then defrauded me out of £4,500 for what was only a parking ticket.
Taking myself off the electoral register was to protect myself from future physical attacks and being defrauded out of thousands of punds in cash and when Enfield Council threatened to take me to court for non compliance told them to be my guest as what they did was illegal and they simply cannot be trusted and think themselves not only above the law but also that the Police do very little.
Now I did state to several officers that I did a blog on corruption and just like many other public offices and services before you they do not stop to think about the blog subject or its contents. Or the fact that I have attracted 130,000 people who have read, listened to and watched evidence in may forms that measures about 100GB in size. It invollves Merseyside Police too along with Wirral Council, Enfield Council Waltham Forest Council and Epping Council along with the NHS, DWP, Atos and I even stumbled across several household name retailers getting up to no good and caught them red handed.
In the United Kningdom currently the public do not trust anyone nor anything and despite many public services atating this no action is actually taken to put these worries to rest making the job of regaining the public’s trust even harder!
I only alluded to the blog but the backbench MP, Michael Meacher asked in 2013 if he could use data from my blogs in the House of Commons and against Ian Duncan Smith MP.
Much of my endeavours, or innovative ideas would be more accurate, have appeared to have been stolen time after time by the news media and warped and twiested into their own research and reports. Only like so many others they completely underestimate both me and the blog, like date stamps on posts to begin with.
On each and every ocassion that I have a cause to contact the public services for help I document and post the outcomes as I go along. Along with HMRC and all Ombudsman associated with all that I cover the result with all has been abysmal. Forget your surveys of 1,000 people I have yet to have anyone out of 130,000 people disagree with me at all and many thank me and are stunned at what I have acquired and what nightmares I have been through to get what I did.
For arguments sake I have several recorded conversations with Doctors in appointments and then letters which show a complete contradiction, or LIES, to what was originally said. One even admits falsifying an Ultrasound scan on an Inguinal Hernia, which is fatal for men I should add.
But over the years while corrupting the services that people pay taxes to run the government and the Police have been moving the goalposts on the quiet and without anyone noticing … or so they thought. Because a complete read of my blog shows that I spotted this very early on and worked under the radar to amass documentary and audio evidence to publish to all that are interested.
I am sure that after all the things stated to me that they will raise an eyebrow as to how this case got closed before the crime number was issued.
Oddly I had a phonecall from Victim Support who were somewhat perplexed to learn that they had dealt with me previously and likely the same madman was involved and that after being promised by them and Enfield Council to rehouse me for my safety I never heard from them again. I bet I do not this time only a huge audience is now watching and telling others of what transpires.
As to the lack of help I will refer you to just one thing …
I told the Victim Support that I was disabled on our last visit several years ago but that disability was now abolished and I had my DLA cancelled and the NHS were dodging to diagnose me under intruction from higher powers. I told them not to worry as I WILL out think them and force them into a corner and I WILL get a diagnosis in the end. That conversation was 3 or 4 years ago and had gone on for 7 years prior to this. Ergo I was also disabled when I was attacked by bailiffs the incident of which made whatever condition I had a lot worse.
On the 12th May 2014, after disagreeing with several GPs and being quite falsely alleged to be violent, stupid because I not only recorded every meeting and appointment on tape but I have also been approached by others who have had the same thing happen and on one ocassion was backed up by the Police, in Enfield I might add.
Unfortunately for many, inclduing Councils, Police, Bailiffs, the DWP and Courts (I just won two cases without leaving my house) I confirmed at Guy’s Hospital what I had very recently managed to diagnose myself with!
To my horror this has 120 possible symptoms to which I suffer from around 120 and there is also a buggered knee problem, aggraveted by defending msyself against a 30 stone bailiff attack.
If you fail to realise the gravity of what this confirmation entails let me enlighten you …
1 As stated I won two court cases against me which incolved ME being paid
2 The Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman, who I also do not trust, are handling my official complaint and after viewing and hearing what I had on my blog they changed from being patronizing to helpful and one question put to me was ‘How much money do you want?’!
Now at the end of the day I am only interested in those being paid out of the public’s taxes doing their jobs and showing no preference to one faction over another. I witnessed the appalling behaviour of a duty officer in Enfield who failed to let a man explain his complaint against his officers and then hug up the phone on him. Unfortaunetely for that duty officer I was in the room while he was on speakerphone.
The man who was ringing originally laughed when I stated I know how it is all corrupted and I explained it all. I had just been falsely accused of being violent because I knew I was being fobbed off by the NHS and GPs. What they did not know and what many did not know is that as of ffive years ago I was fully prepared for all this and planned things so that I would acquire the evidence and publish it to all and sundry.
One day this man called me up asking for advice as it turned out his daughter was upset by a Doctor and accused of lying about her condition, which was absolute garbage that I can testify to. The GP Surgery failed to correctly inform the patient the organisations that exist you complain to. I sent these in a text message which was then presentd to the surgey staff who immediately called the Police, without the patients knowing, and the Police were intimidating to the patients, sarcastic and backed up the surgery staff who lied.
This was a family who orginally laughed at my telling him what was going on … now they pay very close attention to my blog and I am acting as both adviser and witness to certain aspects of their complaint.
A complaint towards both the NHS and Enfield Police which cannto be defeated and will be upheld, of this I can assure you. They will be in contact over this matter before long and there are going to be quite a lot of red faces.
With each and every public service and this includes government each in turn have faces turn red on realising the gravity of my endeavours. Local MP Nick Debois found this out face to face when he tried to tell another friend of mine that they had gotten rid of Atos as they were up to no good. On correcting him and stating that it was indeed I that had done this and they were only doing as instructed by whoever instructed them Nick Debois’ reaction was to squint his eyes and stare at me intently like he had just stumbled a on the Conservative Party’s biggest enemy.
Now I hope that I have explained this in full as well as the gravity of the situation at hand? I cannot tell you how mad my family are this because they thought me making things up for a very longh time only now the Fibromyalgia discovery turns out to be hereditary and three siblings have had symptoms and three members of my family have died under suspicious circumstances.
I look forward to any correspondence if their is any at all of course.
Yours sincerely
Martin Haswell BSc