Wanted to work on this one for some time now and not sure I’ll get it all done tonight? No I am sure I won’t get it all done tonight.

Hmm are you working, being paid but not buying, planning to buy or already bought your own house?

Paying your wages/salary to someone else who already owns more than one house? So your paying someone who is already way wealthier than you even more money. Making them ever more richer?

Guess what, your a slave. It’s just very well disguised.

It’s not only gone unnoticed it’s got far, far worse as unless you spend a significant amount of money, around 80% of the goods sold (electrical) is faulty and has been used by someone else. How long for in each case is anyone’s guess.

Maybe the original purchaser dropped the item or knocked it and damaged it and then returned it? But they would normally state it was already damaged and faulty and that’s why they are returning it.

In which case you would think it would be tested? Well I hear they are supposed to and someone told me this was by a company that Theo twat owns.

Wow. That trait of the public services employing idiots really is catching?!

So it’s used. For how long we don’t know. What we do know is ..

Hmm .. let’s use some reverse psychology?

Everyone says you should never buy a brand new car. What reason do they give you when you ask why?

‘Because it loses 50% of the value a soon as you drive out the showroom!’ is what you are invariably told.

Funny then that this reselling of used goods had been reported on even in one instance by The Guardian tabloid way back in 2003-5?!

So why in 2017 is still going on?!

Why hasn’t anyone done anything about it after more than 12 years?

Why have the tabloids and TV mainstream news stayed away from this story all this time?

It’s like all the other stories they seem to ignore while shovelling shit and wireless news stories for the most part at us?

You see they all acted like they read in shock on the House of Commons when the recession was announced to be incoming. But .. I couldn’t shake this feeling that the shock was.. manufactured. Or fake, on other words.

“We will never be allowed to get away with halving everyone’s wages. Fuck me they can’t afford houses as it is. I know .. let’s buy everyone’s turned and faulty crap and sell them that at full price. Better still, through mail order catalogues we make even more on the monthly payments and interest. Yeah-yeah .. we will call it an overseas desk and get a holiday in Japan, China or some other country and my naive public will fucking pay for that too! Yeah, let’s fucking do that!”

So you can’t afford to buy your own home, so what’s the fucking point in a career, and tour buying faulty crap?

What was your salary again?

Would you now like to go away and recalculate that salary?

As I said .. slavery. Just very cleverly hidden form of slavery.

I call it the second tier of slavery.



Number three in a row delivery failure…

…remember they were requesting for images of the SEALS which I accused them of only PRETEHNDING to suddenly care about which they SHOULD HAVE DONE back in February when I ORIGINALLY sent them the bloody pictures of the STICKERS stating ‘VOID’ to which I still have the email from NIKON stating that…

‘We do NOT put on the boxes and no Nikon Camera in its box has a seal on anywhere in the buiding!’

But have not managed to ask Argos WHY the are bringing the Nikon brand into disrepute?!

Oh dear and now I have tried to send them it is now impossible to do so, still I am sure someone will come across the pictures gathered together RIGHT HERE, lol.

Now what was it I said to them all when I lost my temper over having 6 months of my life and work andf pain WASTED?! Oh yeah…