I have stated on here that my daughter has been persecuted and this has happened again recently .. fro the social services and the Police .. this is after two operations .. one from the rape ordeal that they are harassing her about. Because they did nothing.

Many people did not believe that the public authorities would behave like this .. probably visitors here did not believe it either but I am afraid it is true.

For years our lives have been destroyed because not only did we get persecution instead of help but friends and family failed to believe us.

You cannot put into words the level of cruelty that this is, or how painful it is and has been for a decade. Lives consistently destroyed beyond the point that it has the inevitable damage.

I was rooting around on social media when a story of a victim pops up whereby she states that the Police arrested her multiple times instead of any of her rapists?!

Despite having recordings too, found on the post ‘Country of the Damned’ we have never got justice, never received help by way of financially or moral support and not had a single media outlet interested in even HEARING the recordings I have made.

This went on while she knew she had cervical cancer from her abusers .. had a strangulated hernia .. the persecution ramped up recently and she had to move out of the country to get away from the social services and the Police .. and then got taken into hospital with Sepsis!

Here is an article that states the Police kept arresting a rape victim instead of the rapists .. in Halifax West Yorkshire ..




Nathan Thomas to My British Helper

Well if you hate trolls and people that suspend you on social media and you like a damn good story with plenty of intrigue, bizarre and shocking claims, twists and turns with just about every other element thrown in .. BUCKLE UP!

This will be one very long and kick arse ride!

If this person is following you trust me on this .. it does not matter what your beliefs are .. and we will get to this and why, he will be reporting you with the intention of suspending you.

If you have lost accounts there is a good chance it is him .. as I believe he is behind thousands if not tens of thousands of suspensions. By the end you will have no doubts about this yourself.

Now this is just going to have to be split as this whole process has taken 6 months .. I will not be including it all and only about 25% of what I have and I missed a large number of opportunities but ..

There are still over 190 files I have chosen from what must be in excess of 400 and they will need to be split over several parts .. five is my guess right now.

By the end you will be sure of it coming down to one of two things ..

  • Social Media giants have either been used like morons and therefore not fit for purpose
  • Social Media know and turn a blind eye or actively involved in this

My focus will be, in this instance, on Twitter.

Also thre are some .. rules you need to keep in mind because somwhere in the region of 99% of what you see stated by these .. people .. will be lies .. so ..

  • Some will be immediately obvious like how could they possibly know
  • Some will become obvious after some thought
  • Some will become immediately obvious in a later screen-shot in the post or ..
  • Sometimes a screen-shot in a later post
  • Yeeaah maybe at this point you might want to grab yourself a notepad to keep track of facts .. then go back and cross-reference things that come up later on

Now as things go on it might start to look like there are different people involved and if you stay focused you may pick up that I have asked myself this for some time too .. but ..

  • This IS the same person or ..
  • This IS the same GROUP

Now this has taken me 6 months to work through and cost me a few suspensions to get to the truth .. yup liars go free while someone seeking the truth gets suspended. Well .. they got suspended too but I cottoned on early on something was very wrong here and I reported this but not only did nothing ever happen but it also became impossible to suspend them.

While at the same time people I know were being suspended for using the words ‘idiot’ and ‘moron’ despite the fact the terms were factual due to clearly idiotic or moronic statements.

Now to start with this post will feature the one names at the top of the following list but other parts will feature one or more of their alter-egos or .. COMRADES. For some bizarre reason I was always coming up with the number 3 .. based on things said along with different words and phrases used.

  • Nathan in Germany, Nathan Thomas, Nathan For Europe
    • @NathanInGermany
  • My British Helper
    • @MyBritishHelper
    • Yup condescending morons
  • Anti-Populist (PART TWO)
    • @TheAntiPopulis1
  • LairdMidelton (PART TWO)
    • @Brave_Shart
  • SaintAllnights Follower (GAB) (PART THREE)
    • @SaintAllnightsFollower
  • Emporor Arturius (Cannot spell but you he will pick you up every time) (PART THREE)
    • @EArturius
  • Lindy James (PART FOUR)
    • @27sunnjay
  • Sunny Jay (PART FOUR)
    • @lookinthemirro
  • Other accounts and suspicious ones in (PART FIVE)
    • VeryBritishRevolt
    • @populist_anti
    • @Antipopulist1 
    • @F15_TRex
    • @KarmenNaquib
    • @ProudUKMuslim

Despite my followers blocking him in the hundreds and begging me not to engage with him .. or them I did state to them very early on that this would do no good .. that this kind of person has a sick and twisted obsession and will just come at me on other accounts.

The thought he was just a straight forward leftist troll but I did not believe that either and I had to put up with his shite for a very long time.

It was also very clear he was very jealous of my knowledge, achievements and my popularity as will become clear as this goes on.

So it was very easy to push his buttons, so to speak, and being extremely cocky and big headed and especially so after catching him out, would send him into meltdowns and hopefully a few things would be revealed. Either in whole or just provide me with something to think about .. or look into elsewhere.

Now out of 100’s of attempts he never lost an argument and the only wins he had was because Twitter is way to damn left leaning .. or I was far too trusting.

Except he claimed a lot of wins and was very cocky but had nothing at all .. and you may well see things he big himself up about only to discover that by the end of all this he was full of shit .. not just the obvious times he was full of shit.

Also .. lol .. your going to think early on and even half way through that you have a number of things nailed down .. like ..

  • Brexit
  • Trump
  • Social Workers
  • The NHS
  • Legal Stuff
  • Right-Wing
  • Left-Wing
  • Centrists
  • Islam
  • Gender Issues
  • Work
  • Locations
  • IT Skills
  • Money
  • Beliefs

I was convinced for a long time he was a left-wing socialist but .. then things were being discovered that showed this was not the case.

They will say some petty awful things too and even uses the word ‘autism’ as a weapon, drunk and mental health too, which is a common thing for Muslims that attack you to use becaue they see us all as drunk and stupid. I know and even my daughter has heard them say things like this and she was a repeat victim too. So she .. KNOWS.

She also got fully suspended off Twitter too not long after she herself tore into him for accusing me of being the one to sexually abuse my daughter while she was under age.

The later when he realises I could not have possibly done this because I was not around you will see this switch to some awful insults about me being a failure as a father.

Hoo if your already shocked believe me that is only the tip of the ice-berg with this one.

So when I came across him he was arguing with Conservative Brexiteers ..so was Pro-EU as is evident by his avatar on his profile. This also later changed.

His original reason for doing all this ‘because it is fun’ but no one is this dedicated without one of two reasons ..

  • Defender of a faith
  • Money

There were other possibilities but I ruled them out in a process of deduction that is alien to them because unless you immediately know you should give up while they take the piss out of you.

Yeah except reality does not work like that and I knew all along this would take some chipping away along with a lot of time.

By September 2018 his pursuit of me and his losses to me become widely known and he was being labelled as a super-stalker.

Now what happened then was he could not handle losing .. and so he lost it and had a meltdown and used the ‘c’ swear word which I would ever do. Suspended.

He came back fuelled with rage .. told everyone I had suspended him for hate speech and so started his rather bizarre campaign to call me a ‘closet leftist’. This made me think that not only was he not British but now not even a westerner at all. Because he seems to think that as most of my followers were Conservatives, because we agreed on a number of subjects, that everyone would turn against me because I was .. left-wing? Bizarre and especially so because everyone thought he was a left-wing pro-EU troll.

Now what I am about to explain only lasted two days and I have just realised I have NOT sorted the screen-shots for this so will have to do that before I post this ..

He kep on getting angrier insisting to others that I reported him for hate speech .. not realising what my followers already knew, many who were now watching unknown to me .. I do not fecking care!

So I stayed cool as a cucumber and watched him get more and more insistant and more and more wound up .. then just as he was going to explode I said “Nope .. I suspended you for using the ‘c’word!” and he replied ..

“What c*nt?!?!” and so .. SUSPENDED!!

He ended up with a full suspension and everyone cheered over that .. many of which had already blocked him.

Then a new person popped up defending him .. boom! Knew who it was .. he lied about it and then dropped a clanger by using an odd phrase and the threw something out there someone knew could not possibly know.

Once again he went into a rage .. insisted that I suspended him for hate speech and was a closet leftist .. watched him wind himself up before once again saying calmly “Nooooo I told you you were suspended for the ‘C’ word!”

He replies and insists that “You CANNOT be suspended for using the word ‘C*NT!” .. oops .. SUSPENDED!

By now our battles had not only attracted a large audience but those that had previously blocked him were still watching and screen-shots of his meltdowns and his arse on a pate were going back and forth between people via Direct Messaging. A fact I was not made aware of until much later, much to my surprise. But a few were watching that I did know about and one chap called ‘BigR’ who even months later, and the screen-shot I need to find ..

Oh God that was damn funny .. [second account gone within 48 hours] one King, one fast boil kettle .. one idiot and one ban!”

So yeah some time later .. he comes back .. and he still insists that you cannot be suspended for it and so to prove his point, yeah real genius here, he then repeats the word he has been suspended for three or four times already over a dozen times in the same tweet ..

OOPS! A second account goes bye-bye!

Like someone grabbing the proverbial popcorn BigR went off to make a ‘cuppa’ to sit back, relax and watch the fireworks. When he got back he asked me where Nathan had gone and I said “Suspended mate!” He burst out laughing spitting out his tea and said ..

What ALREADY?! I only went off to make a tea!!”

The Screen-shots ..

Write down notes .. things he claimed .. location Germany and Law Graduate, hates Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins for a start .. write it all down as it will twist and turn a fair old bit ..


Well I have done the long series to what I now believe to be behind all the madness which is all, for want of sounding like I should don a tinfoil hat, a distraction to stop people discovering the truth so the world’s markets and currencies do not crash and everyone carries on working.

I know there were a few mad things coming out .. I used to see people like Sargon Of Akkad, Tim Pool, Heather Southern and Dave Cullen among others talking about them.

Though I had no idea how mad or just how often they were coming until I went back onto Twitter back in August 2018 and it has just gotten far worse since then.

Many thousands have followed me from the UK and across Europe in the Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Canada and the US and likely other places besides.

I had had says where 35,000 people have read my tweets .. in a day .. after only a few months being back on Twitter. Imagine what I could have reached had a been back on a year or two?!

Except the powers that be did not want that. As it turns out the very thing that was being kept hidden was science based and not only do I have a deep interest in all these subjects I have posted about them and the possibilities.

So when I was suspended . the one behind it did something odd .. he chased me to another website and actually showed me the notification and clearly stated it was over ‘hate speech’?

Now .. maybe .. it was not the hate speech on my blog? Which was only ever the truth and I never talked about violence or killing anyone. Maybe they saw the science things? The actual subject they were hiding? Maybe they spotted the interest from GCHQ, that Detectives called me a genius, that MI5 called me a genius, that the MoD was interested in me and I was offered a PhD? Now at the rate I was building followers maybe they realised that I was likely to stumble across the truth, piece everything together and by that time might be connected to enough people to leak out all the data, all the graphs, all the links, all the news articles, all the scientists as well as placing my own theories and predictions on the whole shebang?

Oddly I had this .. helicopter buzz me back i the summer that had a few hundred people .. watching it wondering what in the world it was doing so low in the park.

I also thought that if I tried to register my location I might actually get .. well .. arrested and is one of around four of five serious issues I would have if my location was known.

Oh yeah they tried to dox me on Twitter a few times too .. take a wild guess why they .. got the right addresses .. but just the .. wrong period of time? There is a post about that with the screen-shots.

I will be honest after awhile I thought this pursuit of me by quite so many was a little bit .. much and I was not the only one to think this either.

So a few odd stories have come up and I have placed these on Facebook now and I shall also now place them on here. Mad stores that just have you scratching your head ..

In time of universal deceit .. you need to find a universal reason – I said that

Donald Trump wants to issue an executive order on free speech at colleges and universities? We also all wait for the same to happen with social media .. do we not?

Still waiting ..

As Tweeted by Paul Joseph Watson ..

According to a Professor, NoDeal may turn out to be the best Brexit deal of all .. unless we are run by vastly overpaid morons .. of .. course … … oh wait?! LMAO! Oh wait .. the EU is run by vastly overpaid un-elected dictators so yeah its cool! https://www.express.co.uk/comment/expresscomment/1095023/brexit-news-no-deal-vote-theresa-may-EU

So Lord Nazir Ahmed the first Muslim to be a Lord is charged with Child Sex Offences also killed somebody by Texting and driving. Also other men to be charged too at Sheffield Magistrates Court .. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-47413418

OK .. the question with this one is whether you will LAUGH at the very thought of this .. or reel in shock at my theory looking to be true? Now WHY would the British Police go to Africa to .. Police?! Clearing out what is left before an ice-age forces the rich, powerful and famous to move near the equator?


First Transgender Hate Crime I take it over Hurty Words and feelings sound like the Tortoise at the start of Kung Fu Panda .. hate crime, no hate crime .. which is the case according to the judge who says there never was one .. Meanwhile disabled people cannot get a decent lawyer for love nor money .. OK maybe only love? LMAO


Man in London arrested for Hate Crime .. Preaching Christianity and coming to a town near you .. Muslims can preach whatever the hell they want though .. Christians up in arms before very long A lot is going to occur in 2019 and 2020 is just going to go insane

Following on regarding John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn who are tyrants and will remove your vote .. they also promote violence towards those that do not agree with their fake socialism.. Centre-Left to far-right it does not matter to them .. So will you be allowed to ever vote in future? Think about it .. if this is their attitude towards anyone who is not a socialist .. what will they do to the General Election?


Late Addition ..

OK don’t know this channel but .. a Sunfish turning up in the northern hemisphere for the first time and a Typhoon forming in the northern hemisphere for the first time too. And a Whale in the Amazon?


I became estranged from friends and family for years .. still am to a degree and still have some that do not believe my claims of 15 years that the news media is lying.

Trust me when I say this that anyone I know or am related to will tell you that I have stated that the news media are lying pieces of shite and have done for well over 15 years. My father ended up dying as a result of this fake news. My daughter repeatedly abuse thanks to these evil fake news evil leftist journalists.

I have also had arguments where I have been accused of being far-right .. and socialists claim that the BBC is far-right. I have laughed at both!

Always disagreed with socialism and I used to think of myself as centre-left. After a decade of hell and realising that leftists and socialists were as much to blame as those only obsessed with money, the Tories, I considered myself centre-right.

I am still living in a hell today and I took my fight to Twitter were withing a mere few weeks I had leftists and socialists attack me, throw names, swear their heads off, try character assassinations and dox me but the absolute worst thing was the threatening children, of Shazia Hobbs, and tell everyone it was not Muslims that abused my daughter repeatedly but me.

These are supposed to be caring leftist socialists?! Like fuck!

Over time I realised they belonged to three groups .. Hope Not Hate, Resisting Hate and Tell MAMA and there were probably others?

I was impressed that single man was making a noise about grooming gangs and child abuse and his name was Tommy Robinson but lo and behold the only man publicly talking about it and getting attention was the absolute focus of attacks from the leftists groups and the mainstream media.

Stood to reason there was a link and it turned out to be between the BBC, who I absolute detest, and Hope Not Hate.

They were doing a hit piece on Tommy Robinson, who had gone quiet for a bit before we found out why, and then we were hit with the fact they were doing this but that Tommy Robinson had turned the tables on them.

They tried to run a false story on him in a national tabloid, still do not know which one, and offered to pay Lucy Brown £5,000 to make up false sex allegations against him?!

Hilariously Tommy Robinson made his own hit piece documentary, set up a large screen outside the BBC headquarters in Manchester and screened the whole thing ..

Just part of our true story they kicked off Twitter is here ..



In the middle of writing another piece to do with the ongoing situation regarding the Earth’s Magnetic Pole Reversal when something pops up on my radar on social media.

Even when I saw the headline I simply could not believe what I was reading and I cannot express just how serious this is, what a massive betrayal has been performed on the British Government for decades there has been and what I have stated for a long, long .. time.

I have maintained that it is absolutely ludicrous. Not just from a displacement issue but a voting issue to from a Conservative Party point of view. Possible voters with conservative values being put on the street only to be replaced by Muslims that are in effect right-wing but will vote in the fucking nut-jobs of Jeremy Corbyn and friends who will help them take over Britain.

Only now living on the street, starving to death, freezing to death and with no access to benefits or health services and angry with the government along come those evil #Devil’s minions they call #Muslims to convince them to convert to #Islam and fight for #Jihad?!

The level of fucking stupidity and the absolute anger I have towards the three main parties, those fucking scum Antifa and prats like John McDonnell and toss-pot and yet another traitor like Jeremy Corbyn is off the chain.

I best not say too much about what I would like to do if I had the tools to do it.



My God no sooner do and and another state that leftists, FBPE and traitors top to bottom and from left to .. well just .. far left have it coming .. regardless of your career a story breaks about Marx getting hammered .. no REALLY!

I had literally just talked about this comeuppance with someone else and BOOM! A Daily Mail article that the Karl Marx statue had been battered and wont ever loo kthe same again. Recall me stating recently that when the dust has settled socialists wont be trusted or listened to for about 200 years?

Told you and I told you and I told you .. you have suppressed the truth along with thoughts and feelings and this will never a Utopia make. Told you and I told you and I effing blogged .. force this to be bottled up and the outcome will be anger which turns to rage which will come out as poison and venom.

  And your attitude will be to say its the fault of others because they would not allow themselves to be controlled while nit suppressing millions of years of biology. Which you cannot even do because you yourselves express anger and rage and you do it more so than anyone else. So some people took a hammer to #KarlMarx‘s statue not far fro me in Highgate Cemetary?!


Well no sooner had that story come up then one appeared about how now it is predicted by the EU that the UK will grow faster than Germany?

Oh dear .. first Karl Marx takes a hammering .. from a hammer or three and now .. the EU predicts that the UK will grow faster than Germany?! Be even better if we start taking out the trash, right? Boy those leftists are really getting hammered lol and I almost feel sorry .. oh no .. no, no I don’t!


If that was not bad enough earlier in the day the odd couple started to show its first signs of cracks .. we all knew that the Muslims were using the left as their pawns in the help of taking over but their anger over certain subjects is getting the better of them.

Oh dear it is starting as Muslims protest outside school in Birmingham over Homosexuality .. yeah we effing told you #leftists but you would not have it They have been staying silent while you have bullied your own people into silence but I guess homosexuality is just one of the list of things they will go into a rage over .. Do they also get special measures you again and not subjected to being fined for anything as you do to indigenous people out of their arses and back again?



So terrorism now afflicts the gorgeous island of the Philippines?  #Islam and its Devil’s minions it calls Muslims of course. Christians murdered. Executed.

Seriously damaged in the brain these people, they truly are. If there is a God ad a Devil these are is minions.

It is almost as like it was meant to be all along. As if the Devil’s greatest trick was to hide in plain site .. many the original Mo? Just look at their actions. If they believe they truly are the followers of God then what in the hell do they think the real Devil and his followers would do, for Christ’s sake?

The ones the do accuse of being against them are only called infidels because we do not believe what they do. I am sure I have heard them refer to us as being associated with the Devil but think i was a very long time ago.

It is weird that of late it is spreading like a disease. But as well as religion its politics, money, all escapism and even education. It is as if something major was changing to alter the way people think? Act? Fell?

If I was religious I would think that this is now a precursor to the End Of Days and I am sure that there are and will be more than a few videos about this?

My country is already unrecognisable in so many ways and have watched it change. What started out as a slow motion car crash has started to speed up. Enough for me to know as a fact in my own head, and I am very rarely wrong, that as much as it is unrecognisable now it is going to get a whole lot worse over 2019, 2020 and 2021.

I also feel that despite how many feel betrayed a hell of a lot more are going to feel this way over the next year or two.

God it his causing pain in my fingers and my right thumb to do this. One of many bloody annoying things from feet, legs and muscles to my heart and my memory.

Voluntary euthanasia really does seem quite appealing more often than not .. especially of late.


Germany and its Socialists now guilty of aiding and abetting murder, that IS the law, no? You let the Muslim migrants in and in a train station in Nurnberg in Germany three 16 year old German boys were pushed in front of an oncoming train ..

And the news media? Absolute barefaced evil and awful lies who themselves across the western world have reduced themselves to nothing above that of the servants of deception and evil.



Well .. it is official now among many and I am still getting shocked on more or less a daily basis on Twitter.

The levels of dishonesty and selfishness is beyond imagination.

I watched a Sargon of Akkad video and I the still I thought ‘Is that Lord Pearson?’ I had heard him mentioned to me by a few people, that he was backing certain groups working against these grooming gangs. So I listened in on this one.

Sure enough he not only talked about the big issues they have shame most into not talking about and he made a great deal of sense.

They basically stated what I did in a round about way .. about the leftists protecting Islam but at the end of the day they are being used, these idiot leftists, as pawns or foot soldiers. Akin to human shields they use in war and aggression in the middle-east.

He even stated that the grooming gang problem had been covered up for years, yup .. discovered that one for myself..

Had friends and family basically become alienated because my daughter was so far away they did not see it up close and .. as it was ignored by the fake news media, and I do mean every single one of them, they thought it cannot be happening.

So I was a naïve fool and an idiot and my daughter was a liar and you have absolutely no idea how years of that affected us.

Still we are living lives of hell .. still we are both fed up with our lives, still my grandson lives with his paedophile father, but hey? As long as no one of a bonkers faith is offended and you cannot be labelled as racist right? Except it was NEVER racism. Faith and ideology was never a faith and racism includes all differing skin colours, as much as the leftists like to bullshit and twist it to mean what they want it to.

Sargon did another video on the Police and a diversity recruitment drive and in the comments someone pointed out that there were not only no white people among the eight in the poster .. but that they have taught all these races that white people are evil .. and now recruiting the to protect us?!

Looking at the poster it is clear that from the look of them there will no doubt be videos of this lot getting their arses kicked by criminals circulating around Twitter followed by news reports that they did not go to work just to be attacked. Want to get paid though? Then there will be an expectation that the white member of the public should stand in to protect them against these violent criminals .. all for free of course.

Also turns out that there is no hate speech in reality .. not in law at least.

Lord Pearson also had some interesting things to say about Marxists and education along with the Quran and Burkas.

They do not go as far as saying it but it is clear that they are using their laws and our own laws against us while at the same time trying to alter existing British laws to help in their conquering of the UK. I always joked that there are two sets of laws when really there are three .. and the one to protect the native British people is being altered to take away our human rights as well as free speech.

It is a complete betrayal of the British people, it truly is and the fact that this is going on and coming out at the same time we are being betrayed over Brexit and leaving the EU is a betrayal of monumental proportions the likes have which have never been seen before.

One hundred years ago you would have been facing a firing squad of your own people for doing way, way .. way less than what they have done to us in recent years. Hmm does that make it four sets of rules? I cannot keep track!

As I stated in previous posts I had someone on me for months .. a Muslim who originally lied and the continued to do so. Whinged and cried like a bitch that he was moral and honest .. yet got caught out so many times and got so angry about it he got himself suspended permanently .. TWICE! You have to go some way to get suspended once, let alone twice. Especially from Twitter who are seen and admit are socialist. So he was so bad he got suspended twice. Oh but not according to him because he can fall back on his own set of rules and laws when he cannot use the real rules and laws to achieve what he wants, right?

Just came back and when I say he did this hundreds of times I am not even exaggerating and he thought himself so superior, well they do, and so smart he used to lose it when I spotted him again .. sometimes with two tweets. He would also forget what he previously said on a previous account he swore vehemently was not him and state things he did under the accounts he swore was not him. This would be either a fact he could not possibly have known or even a particular name he called me .. like ‘Mr Big Bollocks’ or start ranting about my PhD offer and taking the piss out of it and claiming it did not happen.

The complete fucking nutter used to try and tell other people I was an insane conspiracy theorist?!

Oh boy they simply could not believe how stupid he was or some would get offended that he thought everyone else was an idiot, that was not a Muslim, and easily fooled and lied to.

No .. we are not all leftists you fucking moron.

The craziest part about it all as at the end he claimed to be a Gay Muslim and had a link to a Gay Muslim Community with LGBTQ labels?! What the actual?

So even the gay Muslims lie through their teeth too? That part of the Quran hey stick to on infidels but ignore the parts that claim how they should be treated? Well this one did like to cherry-pick, especially for this blog. Fully intending to be disingenuous at every .. single .. opportunity.

Of course as I was ignored over and the very last thing I got this superior and smarter being to admit .. is that he was trying to get my previous post pinned to my tweet seen by the Police as ‘hate speech’. The true story about my daughter being a victim .. repeatedly raped, given children she had no choice in, beaten, held as prisoner, one child given to paedophile father, first child the wife of the Muslim paedophile tried to buy from my daughter and lets not forget the cervical cancer she got from it? Or the zero support from public authorities? Or threats to take her other children away?

There was a media agent at one point, Focus Features Independent Media, and a guy called Joe that got in contact and he went mad. Promises our hell would be over, this year of 2018, magazines, books, TV and even films and mentioned Panorama (BBC? Yeah, right), This Morning, The Wright Stuff and many others ..

We got two small magazine stories published and then everyone just disappeared?! News media must have found a way to manufacture a Timelord’s Tardis?!

Lots of help offered on Twitter .. other than the post I wrote about my daughter’s situation getting close to 3,000 views in just 10 of 12 weeks .. no other help has materialised .. other than one guy turning up somewhere he was not supposed to and even then in the wrong place, nothing else has really occurred.

Unless it is for my daughter I do not really like asking for help personally .. hell, I do not even like phoning ‘999’ although there has now been two occasions when I should have done.

But I do not have any faith or even trust the NHS any more .. and will be kicked out of a hospital in the middle of the night in an area of a high amount of knife-crime.

I do not have a GP and therefore cannot get access to medication anyway!

The government have been saving a lot of money with me of late .. put me in a position where they do not have to give me a single penny while simultaneously screwing up every single chance to make any money via other means.

If your here reading this moron .. as I keep telling you .. facts remain .. FACTS! You will never … EVER be able to disprove any of this and repeat-repeat-repeat does not make it fact .. EVER! Dumb-arse!

I have now blocked and muted two of his new accounts .. after the heart thing yesterday, not him or anyone else online caused it. It was another lying cheating narcissistic leftist I have the misfortune of being related to who has been given plenty of warning about it.

But like every other leftist I have met on Twitter .. they lie, cheat, scream, make everything about them and claim to be caring to others but prove over and over and over again that they do not. They had this pointed out to them.

My daughter has had two major operations and yet this person cries to everyone about how she cares about everyone except .. she never asked. Two operations have gone by and she never once asked about them.

One brother wont answer the phone because she never asks about hs children either .. talks for an hour or two about herself being the victim. This is the biggest manufacturer of victim cards you could ever meet. Must know it to because unless someone is left wing she labels them as right-wing and they are not allowed here.

People say to me that leftists have a mental disorder and they are bang on the money.

My daughter’s story alone should create a media storm. Mine should create a bit if a whirlwind too and this leftist? Ooh boy .. talk to anyone that knows them and you would be provided with every single argument to destroy any leftist you ever come across.

Because all the leftists, not the Muslims using them, all sound liker her and this one here is the worst possible one.

She has made the lives of every member of her family a fucking misery for over two decades and still insists she is right, sulks for days when she is caught out. Then finds way to either twist it or waits for a period of time when she think everyone has forgotten about it and carries on as before.

On Twitter they have already or indeed create accounts so they can pretend you have not answered all their questions previously.

EDIT: I forgot .. they even mention and rightly praise Sarah Champion MP for her work on the grooming gang subject.

Who are the number one leftists everyone knows lies? Owned Jones and Jeremy Corbyn of course!


Yeah so as you know .. still getting offers of help that do not go anywhere at all .. while watching everyone in the media and on social media stating they are doing stuff about it ..

.. no .. you are not!

Oddly despite the fact that the post that should have gone around like wildfire has been picked up by those that want to bury it.

I have had a barrage of attacks on Twitter and I have not even reported on all of them. Had I done a post on my blogs for each attack it would certainly be in excess of 100 and very possibly 200 posts?

There were several times when people would ask me why there were so many attacks and I said because they are frightened of this blog .. and the truth .. and the evidence.

Here are a couple of groups of daft things said to me

  • Paid by Trump
  • Paid by some right wing group
  • Russian Bot
  • Tommy Robinson’s right hand man, more or less
  • Nazi, Bigot, Racist Xenophobe
None of which are true, and ..
  • Just block the Trolls
    • Yeah they have multiple accounts and set up new ones all the time
  • Do not go on on other social media sites .. but-but-but I cannot afford not to ..
    • It is about getting help and if not that getting the ball rolling on my blogs to we can get out of this mess
Unfortunately I have had offers of help which have not materialised and been bullied, harassed and insulted by the enemies .. to the level of super-stalkers and why you get is ..
  • Just keep going as your going in the right direction
  • Will not be long now, it will get better
Explaining that I was being attacked over the pinned tweet, post on GAB, on my Twitter stream I was basically met with the reaction .. ‘Well what is important about you?’
Did you even read the fucking post? The enemy did and just as I stated 1 weeks ago now at the end of August 2018 .. it is because of my God damn blog!
Nope .. as you can see with this Muslim guy who told everyone he was white British and a lawyer .. then a social worker .. and then a web developer before stating he was a medical school drop out ..
.. after hounding me for 14 weeks under 5 to 7 different accounts ..
It has absolutely nothing to do with my blog or that blog post of my evidence .. what is so special about me?!
On Twitter I am @saintallnights
On GAB I am .. @allnights


Well yes I have to admit that I have been neglecting much of my blogs of late .. most of these are currently beyond my control .. my corruption ones have been because of Twitter and trying to find help for my daughter and I.

As ever we have people come forward and either state help or suggest help is coming and back away or does not.

No word of lie if I so much as show I am tired, weary or giving up on Twitter I am inundated with messages encouraging me to keep going.

Now lately I have managed to do couple of posts, mainly about the Troll Wars .. and now I stumble across something I should have realised was right under my nose days ago. Though to be fair it was probably for the best that I missed it .. as the numbers had a chance to build up. And I just realised I do not have the page up to copy the link?!


Now I have been tweeting, retweeting and talking about a news article that has been popping up to do with the United Nations and this Global Migration Pact subject that is one of many recent new revelations that has Twitter in a mass meltdown.

Just like previous things people were passionate about it .. a petition started up to stop the UK and Theresa May from signing it. It seems to be going from country to country presently and reports popping up of who signed it and who did not.

I forgot .. these petitions come with .. MAPS!!

So when I checked the numbers at the 34,000 odd mark I took a look at the map when suddenly something stood out to me. It then hit me and suddenly I was scanning the next place where the next odd ratio should pop out. Boom. Next. Boom.

A petition to stop migrants coming to the UK and a map that starts of white then turns a light tan when people in an area sign that gradually gets darker when each area reaches a certain number. There are several shades going right down to almost black or possibly black?

So which areas should have the darkest colours? Well all the highly populated areas of course with only the areas without much in the way of densely populated areas remaining light. Right? Wrong!

A glance at the map and as it turns out one densely populated area was several shades lighter than surrounding areas. Moving on to the next obvious choice once I realised immediately what I was looking at and it was the same. And on and on t went.

These areas are ..

  • London

  • Birmingham

  • Manchester

  • Sheffield

  • Leeds

  • Bradford

  • Leicester

  • Cardiff

  • Bristol

  • Bedford

Do you know what every single one of these areas, that should have been nigh on black, have in common? A humongous Muslim community.

I have stated on here for years that the problem you have with democracy in this country is that it is going to get destroyed. More or less has with Brexit.

They are not voting for the best interests of Britain they are voting for the best interests of both themselves and their faith.

They are NOT signing this petition to stop this migration project.

I guarantee they voted against Brexit, which is the only way my area of Enfield could have possibly been reported as remain as none of 36 odd people I know voted remain.

I also guarantee they will very almost all vote for Jeremy Corbyn.

All to help them and their faith so how are the indiginous people of Britain being represented? The simple and short answers is that they are not and this is only going to get far, far worse and quickly at that.

Benefit caps on white families with children when there is not only no benefit caps on Muslims with hoards of children but not even on the number of wives they have either?!

Yeah .. that is a level of stupidity of our politicians that the only other possible existing reason could be to annoy the natives to incite a civil war to get the over-crowding down?

One or the other? You pays your money you makes your choice.

So as you view the screen-shots below and visit the link I have provided remember that the highly densely populated areas should garner the most signatures. Except in ever major city where the Muslim population is high the areas show up lighter than those around them. Only one reason for this.

The other thin to note is that just like where I am currently there is a high population of leftists living here too and guess which was those complete idiots will vote? Take a guess at whether or not they will sign this position? No.

Some years down the road when there are no TV or radio stations left because everything pre 2017 is offensive ad racist and you cannot own or walk your dog any more or get a hold of pork or anything that is no Halal meat any more they will wonder what has happened? You did.

I am related to the most annoying leftist socialist you could ever wish to meet and even SHE has now turned around and stated it has gone too far. She has a loo kin her eyes that shows that her politics now might have screwed it up, and it has, for even her own family.

OOPS! Leftists and in the words of Nigel Farage who was told by Nick Clegg on TV that he needed a tinfoil hat to suggest there was an EU Army being planned .. “What can you do? What CAN you do?”

Sometimes .. it comes too late to realise you were wrong.

But they will probably remain as remainiacs are now who are fighting with leave voters and actually blaming them, and me, for the fact we are not .. actually .. leaving?! Yeah those of us that voted for leave are now being blamed for the current deal and the fact we are not really leaving?

That is the fucking logic of leftists and remainers .. utterly stupid while claiming to all just how intelligent they are. Yeah .. an Amoeba springs to mind.

Was told my a few bullies just yesterday because I had dangerous holes in my knowledge?

Right, wait? Soooo .. there politicians allowed a referendum that is highly dangerous to the UK because very few of our population will be voting without any ‘holes’ in their knowledge and they are having a go at me? And rowing with others that think like me?

Yeah .. no. You remainers created this and you remainers need to go and have a go at your remain MP’s and PM, David Cameron, for allowing a referendum that you .. INSIST .. to others is so dangerous.

Do these people even HEAR themselves?



North and Central Scotland is exactly how I would expect it to be because it simply has very few densely populated areas and vast amounts of gorgeous open space.