Well this one just keeps on coming, does it not.

An understandably pissed off Uma Thurman, last person I expected to come out in all this, has now made a couple of allegations. I do not know even why I call them ‘allegations’ because we all know at this point what the truth is in one and she has video evidence of the other.

She claims that she was attacked by Harvey Weinstein and that Quentin Tarantino made her drive a faulty car she crashed in which resulted in various injuries?

Now I have stated it previously that there is most definitely something dead immoral and rotten going on in Hollywood and has, obviously now, been going on a long time. But even I am shocked at some of the revelations, proven or otherwise.

In the past few years I have asked people how it can be that Hollywood can make so many shit movies and I guess I have my answer now? So many miscasts too and I wonder if any crediting of casting actually means anything? Well I suppose there must be plenty of other actors and actresses that the direct/producer whatever does not want to sleep with?!

I also never expected the answer to my question as to why they make so many crap movies to be so dark and sinister.

God only knows what else has gone in in Hollywood and I would wager that a great many household names have gotten away with murder?! Well that might be literally for all we know?

Makes a change for me to venture outside of the United Kingdom, something I have not done of late to be honest. This was a semi-regular thing for me but so much was going on. There is still a lot going on .. some are the wrong things, some are the right things and finally so but just need a few more weeks. A couple of things are not happening at all because, first off, the weather and secondly my PC being in storage. Well .. that is .. it was in storage. It is now here but needs its hard drive put back in and a mouse, keyboard and .. pair of speakers. But I do not need speakers to process photographs I take.

Anyway .. that is my other things I like doing and this is something .. I do not enjoy doing but feel like I have to. Because no one else does. Well .. not in the way that I do it, where I try to cover all public services and areas of corruption. This is mainly because at least here in the UK I believe it all to stem from the same source. I realised early on that there must be some kind of link and a reason for said link. The reason was, and should have been way earlier, obvious. Money. The links then stood out as also being about money..

Corrupt the NHS and its Doctors and specialists and this not only saves money for the NHS, despite everyone linked to it still being paid to do far less than they did previously, but also made it easier for the Department of Work and Pensions to save money and every local council too. There are at least 104 local councils, well that was the umber listed as stashing away money in Iceland we do not hear about any more, and probably a lot more. So could be 150 to 300 local councils who are all saving money along with the DWP and because they corrupted the NHS who are saving money too.

If you wanted to save money for the whole system then this is the most sensible way to do this and .. if you think that they are doing shady things to save money then you have to have this scenario at the top of your list as a possibility.

It is not a possibility for me .. for me it is happening and I have had decisions reversed by more or less stating that I know what they are up to.

Only they have gotten brave now as they have realised that with Legal Aid gone no one can fight them on any of their actions.

What this invariably means is the removal of human rights. Oh yeah .. there is paperwork and legal books that state that there are laws that exist to protect you but these laws cost money to enforce.

Whether little rings like this exist in somewhere like America remains to be seen. But a great many people think that the UK is run and that there are attempts to turn the UK into a mini America and likely this plan was sourced from across the pond? It certainly would not surprise me in the least.

I hate using the word ‘misogyny’ as it is overused by a portion that are crazy and demanding crazy things. But this is an instance where it should be used and therefore not ‘abused’!

Take a look at the New York Times interview with Uma Thurman below ..


Even in Israel they re talking bout this ..