I know someone who is not going to like this story.

Something got posted on DPAC’s Facebook page hat had my angry, despite the very thing I was expecting.

There is a row going on regarding a coroner, the DWP and their ESA and the family and friend’s of a man that died of a heart attack. A heart attack he had mere moments after he told someone that the DWP were going to stop his benefits. Mere moments.

He had diabetes.

He had also previously been homeless.

Of course they are trying to avoid any blame but some are not having it. I commend those that are standing up to this and it must take some enormous amount of both strength and courage to do that?

The man’s name is Alan McArdle and I wass shocked to find he died last August, 2015 and was reported in November 2015.

He apparently read the letter to a carer before he collapsed.

McArdle had attended the first couple of Work Programme appointments in the Maximus offices with the support of a local charity, but his health and mobility had continued to deteriorate. “As long as a proper metric for deaths due to policy cannot be determined then policy can continue to be harmful; there just is no proper feedback system to connect actions to consequences.” – Disability News Service (see below)

Is it not worrying that this death occurred well over a year ago and therefore so did the allegations and yet their determination to kick or move people of benefits continued unabated?

Is it not shocking that Theresa May, despite this evidence, only recently stated that she was going to do the exact same thing to each and every person in receipt of ESA and PIP only very recently? Well in a roundabout way, she did not mention the services by name but every single disabled person know knows exactly what she meant. Mainly because I myself reported this both on this blog as well as on DPAC’s Facebook site and some other Ostriches I tried to help.

Disabled activist Rick Burgess said the case highlighted the difficulty of holding DWP to account over such deaths. – Disability News Service (see below)

It is truly shocking … that a system exists that forgoes accountability when it results in causing the deaths of innocent victims.

But this was exactly where I knew this was all heading and they have shown in their decisions that they simply do not care. After all, all the more money saved if people die, right?

But there will come a time when this affects someone close to the person dying that can and will bring a whole load of hurt to the British government and I cannot wait for that day. It is just a crying shame that it will take at least one more innocent life and more likely a whole long list of them before that day comes.

You can read about this sad but always inevitable story here ..