OK here is a short one I did the other day when I was low and it is a bit of an eye opener ..

.. it would appear that I was NOT given the whole story as three results below came out exactly as I knew them to be ..

GAD                             100

BIPOLAR                     0 (I once thought I had then realised I did not)


Except .. there were some .. others ..

Psychology Today online assessment

‘Not to be taken as a diagnosis’ ..

Don’t you just hate that crap?! Sick of hearing this kind of shit like then they use the words ‘quack’ too?! 

So .. OK then you are supposed to take more notice of people that are not Doctors in a ‘111’ call?! 

Also nurses with no access to your medical records in an Urgent Care Centre?! 

Or even GP s that are easily convinced to lie about you or easily convinced to encourage disabled people to go back to work?! As it is a kind of cure to your condition?! 

FUCK .. OFF! Odd as this test was bang on for a previous diagnosis of General Anxiety Disorder.

Major Depressive Disorder (score 93)

This is new and unexpected, maybe why the psychiatrist I saw left the clinic for pastures new? She, Dr Cody, diagnosed GAD (below) but failed to mention any others on this list

Manic Episodes (score 37)

Unexpected result

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (score 100)

Was diagnosed with this previously but knew there was more to it .. then discovered Fibromyalgia around two years or more later

Panic Disorder (score 78)

This is a new one, not familiar with this one

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (score 67)

This was something of a surprise, quite unexpected especially as I have short term memory loss

Substance Use Disorder (score 0)

Expected .. though I would be lying if I said I had not thought about it

Bipolar Disorder (score 0)

Knew I did not have this previously