Well yes I have to admit that I have been neglecting much of my blogs of late .. most of these are currently beyond my control .. my corruption ones have been because of Twitter and trying to find help for my daughter and I.

As ever we have people come forward and either state help or suggest help is coming and back away or does not.

No word of lie if I so much as show I am tired, weary or giving up on Twitter I am inundated with messages encouraging me to keep going.

Now lately I have managed to do couple of posts, mainly about the Troll Wars .. and now I stumble across something I should have realised was right under my nose days ago. Though to be fair it was probably for the best that I missed it .. as the numbers had a chance to build up. And I just realised I do not have the page up to copy the link?!


Now I have been tweeting, retweeting and talking about a news article that has been popping up to do with the United Nations and this Global Migration Pact subject that is one of many recent new revelations that has Twitter in a mass meltdown.

Just like previous things people were passionate about it .. a petition started up to stop the UK and Theresa May from signing it. It seems to be going from country to country presently and reports popping up of who signed it and who did not.

I forgot .. these petitions come with .. MAPS!!

So when I checked the numbers at the 34,000 odd mark I took a look at the map when suddenly something stood out to me. It then hit me and suddenly I was scanning the next place where the next odd ratio should pop out. Boom. Next. Boom.

A petition to stop migrants coming to the UK and a map that starts of white then turns a light tan when people in an area sign that gradually gets darker when each area reaches a certain number. There are several shades going right down to almost black or possibly black?

So which areas should have the darkest colours? Well all the highly populated areas of course with only the areas without much in the way of densely populated areas remaining light. Right? Wrong!

A glance at the map and as it turns out one densely populated area was several shades lighter than surrounding areas. Moving on to the next obvious choice once I realised immediately what I was looking at and it was the same. And on and on t went.

These areas are ..

  • London

  • Birmingham

  • Manchester

  • Sheffield

  • Leeds

  • Bradford

  • Leicester

  • Cardiff

  • Bristol

  • Bedford

Do you know what every single one of these areas, that should have been nigh on black, have in common? A humongous Muslim community.

I have stated on here for years that the problem you have with democracy in this country is that it is going to get destroyed. More or less has with Brexit.

They are not voting for the best interests of Britain they are voting for the best interests of both themselves and their faith.

They are NOT signing this petition to stop this migration project.

I guarantee they voted against Brexit, which is the only way my area of Enfield could have possibly been reported as remain as none of 36 odd people I know voted remain.

I also guarantee they will very almost all vote for Jeremy Corbyn.

All to help them and their faith so how are the indiginous people of Britain being represented? The simple and short answers is that they are not and this is only going to get far, far worse and quickly at that.

Benefit caps on white families with children when there is not only no benefit caps on Muslims with hoards of children but not even on the number of wives they have either?!

Yeah .. that is a level of stupidity of our politicians that the only other possible existing reason could be to annoy the natives to incite a civil war to get the over-crowding down?

One or the other? You pays your money you makes your choice.

So as you view the screen-shots below and visit the link I have provided remember that the highly densely populated areas should garner the most signatures. Except in ever major city where the Muslim population is high the areas show up lighter than those around them. Only one reason for this.

The other thin to note is that just like where I am currently there is a high population of leftists living here too and guess which was those complete idiots will vote? Take a guess at whether or not they will sign this position? No.

Some years down the road when there are no TV or radio stations left because everything pre 2017 is offensive ad racist and you cannot own or walk your dog any more or get a hold of pork or anything that is no Halal meat any more they will wonder what has happened? You did.

I am related to the most annoying leftist socialist you could ever wish to meet and even SHE has now turned around and stated it has gone too far. She has a loo kin her eyes that shows that her politics now might have screwed it up, and it has, for even her own family.

OOPS! Leftists and in the words of Nigel Farage who was told by Nick Clegg on TV that he needed a tinfoil hat to suggest there was an EU Army being planned .. “What can you do? What CAN you do?”

Sometimes .. it comes too late to realise you were wrong.

But they will probably remain as remainiacs are now who are fighting with leave voters and actually blaming them, and me, for the fact we are not .. actually .. leaving?! Yeah those of us that voted for leave are now being blamed for the current deal and the fact we are not really leaving?

That is the fucking logic of leftists and remainers .. utterly stupid while claiming to all just how intelligent they are. Yeah .. an Amoeba springs to mind.

Was told my a few bullies just yesterday because I had dangerous holes in my knowledge?

Right, wait? Soooo .. there politicians allowed a referendum that is highly dangerous to the UK because very few of our population will be voting without any ‘holes’ in their knowledge and they are having a go at me? And rowing with others that think like me?

Yeah .. no. You remainers created this and you remainers need to go and have a go at your remain MP’s and PM, David Cameron, for allowing a referendum that you .. INSIST .. to others is so dangerous.

Do these people even HEAR themselves?

North and Central Scotland is exactly how I would expect it to be because it simply has very few densely populated areas and vast amounts of gorgeous open space.



People are funny.

I had this disagreement and this .. guy .. he just kept making wrong assumption after wrong assumption and then changing the goalposts because he did not want to be wrong.

At one point he went from saying that infringement was about pissing people off, which is what the disagreement was about with religion, to stating that it was not infringement unless it broke the law?!

What the actual fuck?

This whole conversation went on like this and he actually had people liking his answers and not mine. Claiming things I said were not true when they were and were easily found with a Google search! When I pointed this out .. oooh nooo he did not want to do that .. the onus was upon me to prove to him what the truth is.

Now the fact that I did and do what I do to help my daughter, grandchildren and every other abuse victim out there .. did not matter to him.

Neither did it dawn on any of these wankers that they are not only complicit in this abuse but was complicit in them being successfully covered up because he did not want to be wrong and insisted that the onus was upon others to prove him wrong. So that he could continue being wrong, insisting that he is right and shove his head right back into the sand from whence it came. Though it was more likely to be his arse.

Now because I beat him at every turn and had to repeat what I said four times on occasion because he was just not taking on what I said .. someone defended him and told me, a professional who has spoken to professionals of many fields over 40 years, that I had a superiority complex? For using intellect to win an argument against people that refused to believe, refused to listen and insisted I was wrong. I was asked to provide proof of what I said when not a single slither of evidence was provided to back up a single thing of what they said and nor did I need it.

A little tip arse-wipes ..

When you know your right and the other person is wrong and that is an absolute fact ..

.. we do not ask for fucking proof!

When you arguing and your not absolutely sure of the utter dribble you come out with ..

.. you ask for proof!



Jesus I hope to God there are not too many people in the world like that. Google search or similar on their phone. Google search on their tablet PCs, Google search on their laptops and Google search on their computers and cannot be bothered to do a simple search.

Basically they did not see a problem with any religions ..

Only a tiny fraction of Muslims would sleep with under-age girls when thats simply proven wrong at this point.

A Satanic statue unveiled in Arkansas, oh after they claimed there wasn’t one, with little children standing at his feet was OK. The point I was making was doing things that are incitement to others .. but this is not OK if you anger Muslims but OK if you anger over 100 Million devout American Christians?!

The God damn hypocrisy was staggering. I just could not believe it.

I understood why I was seeing so many people being blocked by others in my stream. Your pointing out facts others are just ignoring because it is what they want, believe or feel.

I have said it over and over and over again until I am blue in the face..

I had a socialist relative argue stupid things which came from her socialist friends and she always used the line ..

I have a RIGHT to an opinion!”

It was a couple of years, maybe several months, before I realised what the problem was and one day when she used it I said ..

You have a right to your opinion and it does not follow that this makes that opinion RIGHT!! You have a right to a wrong opinion and nothing more!”

I have spent over twenty years dealing with this twisted socialist crap and now I am on Twitter to seems to be fucking everywhere?!

When your winning you get called the wrong things and now even that I am .. superior or just think that I am because I whipped someone arse he lied and twisted things because he could not bear the thought of himself being wrong?

Answer to that?

Do not be so sure of what you believe and certainly do not be so forceful of this on others on the Internet where someone that knows your wrong will point it out to you.

This morning I tried to figure out why this is?

Some new age knob that sat around in University with friends repeating crap they know nothing about sitting around in a echo chamber big enough for a group?

Maybe they meet up in some club and exchange anecdotes about how they shot down someone with their beliefs .. kind of like Peer Point scoring with other naïve tools? If so that is dangerous because if only encourages people to be more forceful with others that there little group of wrong’uns believe to be true which in reality are not.

At one point when he refused to go and check facts for himself, exit door to his echo chamber, I answered that when the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of abuse children all come out I will be sure to tell the that I am sorry .. I spent year after year after year of my own time and money, making myself homeless in the bargain, trying to make people aware but am afraid that these .. wankers in their echo chambers refused to do a Google or YouTube search because they did not want to be wrong.

I also know what they are doing .. point scoring on Twitter and this is why I find it hard to give in and in the space of two days I had two of these idiots and they were so far off the reservation I wondered about their real ages as well as their sanity.

Yeah sorry .. but I have known professionals in the legal industry, health industry, science, animals and probably several others and I have come into contact with people that would have noticed something about my personality and no .. no Superiority or God Complex. Sorry to disappoint.

What utter, utter .. TOOLS!

And they wonder why countries are fucked up? Yeah .. too many tools like that!

Generally when I meet other professionals and this even happens with GPs I sometimes cannot get away. They realise what I know and we get into conversations and the next thing I know thirty minutes have gone by. They even know and have to force themselves to stop because it is taking up too much time.

Kinda how I ended up doing work for a solicitors practice in Enfield. That was someone I et over working with Reptiles and Amphibians at the time .. then they chatted longer for longer and longer each time. Next thing I knew I was handling their computer systems. Couple of Power MACS and some G4’s and other devices. Access to bank account containing millions at any one time and could do direct transfers.

You do not get to do that if your of questionable personality or are not squeaky bloody clean!

But I am sure that the residents of all these echo chambers would have some sort of spin on it?!

A bit like the recent protesting in Germany about the lying press? Well yeah .. enough people are aware in the western world that their Press lies to them. But the Press spun it and stated they were far-right Nazis .. except ..

I pointed out to many and Tweeted it that the last time I checked the far-right Nazis were pretty proud of themselves being that and when I checked all of five videos of these protests?

Not a swastika in sight?! I guess tens of thousands of people must have all left theirs at home?

Wow. I guess Fibrofog from Fibromyalgia and Alzheimer’s Disease must be absolutely rife in Germany?!

What is scary right now is that enough people know they are being lied to .. by politicians, news media and many others and nothing anywhere is being done about it?! How the fuck does that work?

So. so much for the laws and courts of the western world? I guess criminality is OK as long as you are either rich or powerful, right? Poor people get sentenced for fuck all while those at the tip are committing the worst crimes imaginable on the grandest of scales and that is OK?!

And they wonder how and why the Muslims are taking over and will take control?!Well fucking DUH!

Sort your shite out before you can sort their shite out.

Either that or there are Muslims holding a hell of a lot of dirt on the powerful in the west? In which case you will need to get rid of those in power before you can deal with the other shite.

A bit of a pickle that one. But things cannot go on the way that they are and only a complete tool will think things will sort themselves out on its own.


I had a bit of an odd one.

Many people have thought me crazy for years, seen lots of predictions comes true but still always managed to doubt the next one in line.

It takes someone who used to work at Cambridge University .. bit bit of a boffin and known as a little left-wing to put something in perspective.

This is a face-to-face friend who used to be a customer of mind and different members of my family who was around when the BBC setup over the Lion took place. Known him for years and he realised back the the BBC were corrupted liars.

This is what he said to me last night on Facebook ..

“What the hell is going on? I really fear for my daughter’s future!”

And no, sorry to disappoint you he was not talking about leaving Europe as he voted to leave just like everyone else I know online and off did. Despite what the news media told you.

He was talking about how much he has realised the news media is lying, controlling and manipulating along with all the crap going on in politics, the social justice crap that now everyone is seeing. Rumours about the Democratic Party in America and several other in your face things.

He did not know I had been causing a stir on Twitter, do not think he uses it?

He thought it was fear of those in power losing that power, here in the UK, and I said that I thought this but now that I see it is everywhere in the western world I think it is something bigger.

Told him about Italy, Sweden, Hungary and all the others. Told him discussions I had had and he thinks Jeremy Corbyn is out to deliberately destroy the UK and its society. No .. not based on what I told him, based on what he had seen and read. Well he is. I cannot say it is deliberate but he is certainly destroying it.

Yesterday I had read about chants about Tommy Robinson at Luton Town football club and then someone told me on Twitter that it had occurred at Middlesborough?! Oh dear.

I did tweet that it would be hilarious that if all the Premier League fans did this as the cameras will be rolling. The looks on the faces of the football pundits would have been hilarious but at the end of the day it seems the only way for the British public to get their message across because ..

the lying scumbags that re the news media and tabloids have ignored it, pissed everyone off by doing so and they are forced to voice their feelings elsewhere.

Response? They get asked no to do it?!Yeah .. one day someone will stop and say

Umm before we decide to say or do this .. we have only ever made it worse up until this point?! Maybe we shouldn’t?!”

They could but something tells me this might already be too late?

My socialist relative drives us nuts. You simply cannot have a conversation with them without them butting in within seconds and telling you what everyone should think, feel and say. Still doing that despite the fact I ave shown them that we are at the biggest divide in history and will not end well.

Told he what my centre-left friends said, who she knew, and that made her stop and think .. FINALLY?!

They all think it is all crap and just talk .. until someone else on a level with me turns around and states that he is in fear for his daughter and the future or Britain and the western world.

That was just last night.


OK this is getting weirder by the minute.

I posted an article about this on another blog on WordPress and the text is .. umm .. not there? Weird as I got a like on it?! Lol. Hang on let me view the page?

Nope .. text is not there!

Sooo .. either something is now playing up with WordPress’ App now, as if Blogger’s is not bad enough, or .. someone deleted the text?!

Of course that, or this as the case may be, was always a back up blog as when I started blogging I knew things that I thought would get me closed down.

Oddly enough it did occur to me that it might come on the form of some kind of monetary offer? Sort of paying for my silence, so to speak?

Anyway ..

So trying to remember what I said yesterday .. I was using Twitter and was getting a lot of followers at a rapid rate. Which was also weird because I would have periods where it died down an then speed up again? I wondered if I had, had one of these shadow bans and checked but nothing seems to pop up. Then I had somewhere around 200 notifications in the space of 24 hours. Little later I was in the park and I was replying and retweeting things with my opinion for a couple hours when I noticed something. I had not had any notifications despite the fact it was daytime and I had just had two dozen over night alone?! Another hour went by and I thought this was weird. So I checked.

BOOM! Ban hammer had come down.

Oh that is good. No warning and no reason sooo ..

  • Was not told I had been banned so could waste days of my time?
    • Nice and should be sued or controlled
  • Was not told what I was banned for
    • Nice .. so I have no idea how to avoid doing this again?
  • If I was trying to get emergency help form someone I could or would have been wasting my time?!
    • Great so costing lives and suffering over words .. well this just keeps getting better does it not?
If I thought about it long enough I could probably create a much longer list?
Like people thinking they are being avoided or that you have done something to upset them?
So a ban, eh?
Let us run through the possibilities then?
  • Threatened to kill anyone?
    • No .. despite having good reason to
  • Suggested anyone should be killed?
    • No but I have seen people say that
  • Threatened violence towards anyone?
    • No
  • Suggested violence towards anyone?
    • No but i have seen that
  • Swearing at anyone?
    • No .. never other than using the word ‘bloody’ lol
    • Been sworn at though
  • Insulting ..
    • Inly when it is factual .. like ‘idiot’ and ‘moron’
  • Name-Calling?
    • Nope am against that anyway
  • Throwing labels around that do not mean what I thin kit means?
    • No but I have had that done to me
Well it is obvious is it not?
Now I ended up explaining this to a relative last night who is a socialist who loves nothing more than bringing her socialism into it, assuming I did something bad and .. likes to change the subject and talk about the past .. insisting it is relevant and getting annoyed when you try to switch the subject back. Your subject that you bring up.
Once I explained that I had not even so much as swore she paid more attention .. I told her about the others and that violence and threats coming from her side were OK and that anything that comes from centrists or right-wing was banned.
She said that was wrong .. TWITTER!!
I also asked if the little red ‘X’ I have been seeing is something to do with these bans and I was told, yes.
So if your a socialist and a Democrat you get a blue .. thing .. or tick or whatever and if your a Conservative or Republican you get a red ‘X’.
Red and blue? Well that is a bit fucking obvious and something everyone seems to have missed?
What do I keep saying about all this division?
In your face. in your face!
Well now I cannot build up any new followers until I do not know when?
Also a bit hypocritical of Twitter is that if you contact them saying you want to advertise which of course means money? They lift the ban.
What have I always stated about these fake-arsed socialists?
They seem to be socialists except they are fecking biased as feck and socialism goes out the wondow when it comes down to money.
Don’t .. make .. me .. laugh!
Twitter if you want to follow?
Look at the title ..
@saintallnights of course!


You know I just don’t get things sometimes.

There are things I’ve never, ever understood.

One of these is the subject of politics which I’ve always hated and yet I got dragged into years ago and have talked about ever since.

I still fecking hate it!

While it wasn’t having an extreme adverse effect on my life or anyone close to me I preferred to stay out of it.

Years ago when I did though people were ashtray stating that people in politics were liars. But this was worryingly accepted. I think because they thought it was just a few at the time. Before long it was joked that it was the entire Conservative Party, though I suspect that others thought this to be true?

After Tony Blair it seems to be accepted it’s now almost everyone, if not all?

My daughter, myself and others that I know have not only been kicked in the teeth bit have had this repeatedly and for years. From all the p services. Bar the rescue services.

In these instances not only are you left to suffer mentally, physically or both your whipped to do things that would aggravate your conditions.

In doing all this what effectively is taking place is a whole bunch of organisations and government who are known to tell the most awful lies latch onto something you did to make you look like a criminal. Creating sight about your character to justify their inhumane treatment of you.

I call the main three ‘the evil trinity’ and I have done on this blog for years.

They have never ceased to amaze me at how far they would go.

While all this was going on and ignored by the mainstream media, not just my family but millions of others too, I have seen some crazy shit.

A mainstream media ignoring mass murder, persecution and prejudice, because that’s what it is, but cover stories about peoples feelings getting hurt over something being said somewhere.

Something being said.

I noticed this years ago and was experiencing it to much condition from people such as Doctors.

Very, very literally lying to you, fobbing you off and not sticking to their Hippocratic oath of OK but a patient pushed too far, getting angry a raising their voice?

Yeah I wasn’t even that loud a yet I was treated as if I was a serial killer. Literally and was kicked off a couple of practices over this.

This on not because I thought I was being lied to and it was not that I imagined I was being lied to but because I knew I was being lied to.

I don’t get any over things I’m not sure about and I certainly don’t imagine things. They tried the latter .. they failed.

But in politics the thing I hate is all this talk about right and left.

So if your on the far right you have to believe and sick with a number of principles and narratives? Why?

I presume of your on the far right you have to stick with a different set of principles and narratives? Again, why?

So do you get kicked out of you explain there are one or two you don’t agree with? Why? Where do those people then go?

In all honesty I know nothing about the far right and what they stand for ..

I had it drummed into my head for years that they were evil and racist.

I got the impression that you would get no out of work benefits, disability benefits and would be left to basically die. I didn’t agree with that so could never have considered myself right wing.

This is because someone in my family is a communist and socialist. But I never agreed with that either.

Always seemed to be that never end world work.

Today, however, I seem to know a hell of a lot more about the left than I ever did about the right.

Only because they have come out with bizarre, crazy and evil things while screaming their voices making them look like they have self-entitlitis.

One minute their defending each other and celebrities are queuing up to speak for them, defend them and agree with them. The next thing they are turning on each other.

Like spoilt children give them too much of what they want and they demand more and more.

I simply don’t get it.

Does it mean nothing to be adult anymore? Do all adults now behave like spoilt children? If so, why?

Is this something to do with they way we changed parenting over the years? Many seem to think so.

They certainly have no idea how wrong they are even in the mainstream media. How do they not see this?!

How does someone like Owen Jones not see that his childish behaviour and storming off Sky News not see that this won’t be seen as anything else other than childish? If there was ever a case of a child being treated too softly and this continuing on into adulthood he is a prime candidate.

Why is it also that only those on the far left behave like this?

Going back into the parenthood aspect .. hour the actual fuck does he think that behaving like this is going to get him anywhere?! He’s not at home with mummy and daddy now. You cant storm off to your room waiting for others to give into you.

And yet Own Jones is interviewed a lot, talks in TV a lot and does speak at protests. Guarantee he was there to protest Trump and Brexit.

Oh don’t get me started on fecking Brexit I still see people on Twitter harping on about it ..

We voted to leave the EU .. not half leave, not leave a little bit but .. LEAVE!

You also can’t ask for another vote and of you got one I guarantee it will go against remainers because the EU looks worse than ever and navy remainers believe in democracy.

Added to that many remainers also wanted the exact same two things leavers wanted.

All other European nations have a population rising in their hatred of the EU and that’s not going to slow down.

Sweden have not had an outright popular party in decades and yet they now have one that are nationalist, don’t like the EU and are at 36% in opinion polls when normally hardly anyone had gotten above 20% and that’s bloody Sweden!

Italy, Austria, Hungary, Poland and others all previously give the same way.

Macron’s popularity in France is dropping even after France win the world cup in football.

I hate to say it but the writing is on the wall.

Yet they are still harping on about leaving the EU?! I don’t get it.

Everyone almost everywhere seems preoccupied with something or other and as I write on important subjects it’s hard to keep up as well as keep track.

There honestly hasn’t been a time like this previously in history.

Some might state world war 2 but at least then the people of each nation treated each other OK .. of the same nationality that is.

It’s not like that today and all I’ve ever received is people or organisations that hear about me or meet me admit that my life is utterly horrific as are my health conditions.

My daughter gets the exact same thing about hers and yet .. nothing is done. No help is offered by anyone. Quite the opposite on occasion.

In fact just yesterday and after being promised help .. along the lines of being offered a magic carpet that was then pulled out from under us at the eleventh hour she said ..

“Dad. No one’s going to help either of us, are they??” I had the question and I had to say .. “No. It certainly doesn’t look like that”

She then said that as I was the only one that ever helped her she wanted to try and at least help me. I said, no!

Yeah .. so I hate politics and I don’t understand people who cry and scream over hurt feelings ..

.. sorry but you have no idea what true hardship and pain really is.

That pain lies within the pages of this blog .. which I have spent nearly six years typing out.

In comparison to what has happened to my daughter, myself and five children .. let me tell you .. you would have to look long and hard to find something that compares to us.

Several ailments with a high potential to kill .. suffering .. mental anguish and pain to a degree most do not understand, shocks a great many and those that do not know us simply do not believe.

That does not even include the fact that one is homeless .. one is threatened with homelessness and .. cancer is also included and we know not what will happen over this.

To think that the worst could happen as far as the cancer is concerned after a period of being treated in such inhumane ways?

Well I can tell you that down the line the history books will talk of it. The treatment, prejudice and lies and tricks we have had towards us.

Personally and after all that has been done to us .. I would like to see the biggest institutions decommissioned.

This will not be that difficult to achieve had 90% of the news media not shied or literally run away from us.

We had a tokenism gesture put to us when only two parts, published separately, were published with the other two dozen were ignored. Despite promises being made to the contrary.


Ooh dear .. this is not going to end well.

Twatter just blocked a guy with a warning .. in the warning it states you get blocked and gives the reasons you get blocked.

So reasonable to assume he broke one of the rules they stated in the message?


He didn’t break any of the rules and it gets better as ..

He told the truth in his opinion and I have nothing that doubts this ..

He responded to someone else, a young black guy, stating that the Police, in America, are responsible for the deaths of many black people.

This other guy stated that black guys between 18 and 30 are responsible for 90% of black people’s deaths.

I don’t know if that’s true .. he says it is and told rid young black guy to do his research.

Ahh so reasonable to assume that the Twatter Twits saw it, it was likely reported by the young moron, thought it was racist and blocked him?!

Yeeeah .. about that? Maybe they should have checked his profile first?

The guy with three statistics was none other than popular YouTuber David Harris Jnr!

Ooh yeah .. he’s black!

Ooh dear. Well he has already done a YouTube video about this and you can find that below.

Now I wonder if the Twatter Twits will do an about face on this? Too late now.

Or is it a case that the left are losing the ability to use their favourite buzzwords? This can be their own like racist, misogynist, patriarchy, Nazis and alt-right fit anything not extreme left. Or ride they like to steal from anyone not far left, like ‘fake news’ and ‘snowflakes’?

They tried to state that white men are evil and should all die as they are privileged .. fuck .. off. Now they are moving onto white women, guess they didn’t see that one coming?

They try to lie about figures ..

Yeah second UK referendum because more prior want to stay .. yeah one or two that regretted it does not equate to one or two million. They also fail to realise that although some of them are rejecting democracy because it didn’t work in their favour .. many remainers respect we have a democratic society and don’t want a totalitarian state. Morons.

I imagine that as they are now realising that #metoo has spawned #walkaway and also #mgtow is a growing thing and many of those they thought they had in the corner are not .. they must be getting more than a little nervous right now?!

Ooh how I hope I watch this one unfold.


That is it British government .. keep on corrupting, colluding and twisting the arms up the backs of ever ore people, companies and organisations!

Please .. no, pretty, pretty please!

Because the more that you do then ..

  • The more that will inevitably come out in due course

  • The more subjects I have to TAG into my posts

  • The wider the audience I will attract

  • The more people I will reach and ..

  • The more I will get with grievance towards these organisations and companies

  • Then the more chance there will be that one of them turns into the proverbial Canary

  • Eventually a big name that people pay attention to will call you out

Yes so keep on doing it.

Oddly enough when I started all this I pretty much knew almost everything was corrupt. I mean there will be exceptions but they most certainly will be few.

The one .. let us say, industry I could not be certain of and had no dealings with, outside of a Mickey Mouse one with no credibility whatsoever, is the British legal system and more specifically .. the courts and its Judges!

I mean I knew the one I was involved with was suspect and I had already been one court and they proved my suspicions and that was HMCTS who then proved my suspicions over and over again. I can say that I had five dealings with them and each time they were biased and very, very obviously so.

What is pleasing to me is that more and more people are realising and instead of pointing fingers at the front line pawns they are now pointing their fingers very high up indeed.

The British government and their corrupt courts are making their umpteenth mistake in all this in that they are continuing on regardless, foolishly believing that they still have the majority of the public behind them and believing their bullshit. Except it does not work like that..

You see eventually and before very long all you will have left and the sandheads, most naïve and amoral people and as for the rest of the population? Yeah .. they went give a flying feck about that.

Well that is .. as long as there is someone around to point out the mathematics and the parts of the mathematics that simply do not count. Because for amoral reasons they were always going to say the obvious and nothing else because it suits the purposes, goals or agendas.

I shall explain ..


That was the biggest clusterfuck in history.

The remoaners thought they would win easily except .. being seriously cut off from the real world for decades they had no idea, and still do not, how everyone thought.

I explain it to people like the following ..

  • Majority voted to leave (obviously)

  • For Just two reasons

    • Stop Immigrants

    • Stop giving Europe money

  • Except

    • Many that voted to remain agreed to wanting the two things the leavers wanted

    • I know because I have seen many videos and comments about it

    • Same comments that had me convinced Trump was going to win when the world media laughed at the idea and literally so

  • This is because it is the British people paying the price

    • This is obvious amongst benefit claimants and ..

    • Obvious to disabled people, or some of them

    • Obvious to many working too

Go to DPAC’s website. Go through the long, long list of members and make a note on the nationalities of the and something will stand out once you get two twenty people or more.

This fact went unnoticed for a long time. I did not point it out for a long time. But then I got speaking to two members and I simply asked them to tell me of anyone who was not white who was a member of DPAC’s site which has thousands, if not tens or even hundreds of thousands for all I know? Immediately they reacted with shock and could not believe that this very obvious fact had slipped right by them and I said ..

“Why? Do you think that people of other races do not get disabilities?” which of course was obvious that they do.

I had noticed many years before .. over a decade before that white people were being cast aside and left for dead in what is claimed to be a leftist and civilised society. Well sorry but neither ‘leftist’, ‘socialist’ or ‘civilised’ can be applied to the UK. Not in any measure because what I always find is people are always caring when the cameras are on or a microphone is on.

Yet day after day, week after week, year after fucking year the government and the public services are constantly being cught out for doing some very immoral and highly illegal things?!

So what gives?

Keep your child off school ad your fined. Child keeps going in late and your fined. Make sure you have every scrap of paperwork for your car or the book is thrown at you. A good one I heard recently and had to look up because I did not believe it is ..

Have to ask your child’s permission to change it’s nappy?!

Are you fucking .. serious?!

I am sorry but someone was paid to come out with that crap?! Really? I cannot earn an income despite spending years at it, cannot be allowed to build up a portfolio to become a photographer despite the cash I laid out in the equipment? And your fucking paying someone to come out with extreme left bats in the belfry and utter CRAP like that?! They should be locked up in a padded fucking cell and wrapped in a snug straight-jacket you bloody moron!

I never understood why my father called the the ‘loony left’ and I wonder what his reaction would be if he was around today?!

In fact I am aghast at 90% of the things that people get paid to say and do in today’s world. Within the UK at any rate as I cannot speak for other nations.

Another one I have been hearing and not actively working on, nor will I ever, is these call centres and the crap they are getting up to which includes tax evasion.

I can guarantee that the tax evasions probably run into several billion ever year but they are going after vulnerable people that have not evaded anything. Yeah .. there might have been the excuse of cheats in the beginning and no doubt they ran with that. But then they proceeded in murdering well over 100,000 disabled people to catch a dozen cheats?! Fucking .. REALLY?!

Why can we not have a right-wing government hat is not extreme as an extreme left-wing government that is also honest and does not shy away from the ‘real’ tough decisions .. not deciding to attack and murder a bunch of vulnerable people that mostly cannot fight back and call that the tough decisions?!

Two words ..

Shameful and utterly embarrassing!

Oh OK that was four words!


Well I will be a monkeys uncle!

Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership battle!

I am pleased about this. Not because I am left wing because I’m not and I hate those terms anyway. It’s bullshit.

No I’m happy about it because not only is he straight talking like Nigel Farage but also Tony Blair and Gordon Brown both piped up and sign their noses in to tell everyone but to vote for him!

Now I’ve complained for a very long time that Tony Blair was a pratt. I wanted him to get in originally and thought things would change for the better. They didn’t.

The NHS lying and ignoring I exposed and the local councils corruption and lies, cheating and failures as in … our own Supreme Court case was going on when that dickhead was in power.

Not Gordon Brown, pratt that he is too, nor David Cameron, with him being a bigger pratt! Nope, it was Tony Blair! Pratt!

What annoyed me and continued to annoy me is that I thought to few people realised this and he is still seen as the messiah by the idiots at the BBC. Maybe others too, I don’t know.

I watched as other countries had their populace turn against the site versions of politics and arsehole politicians but had not seen anything like that here. Well but in that scale though UKIP did get millions of votes, not as much as I’d have liked.

But when Jeremy Corbyn came along I liked the straight talking I was hearing and the evading of the usual stupid questions from journalists spouting the same old shit that was as bad as the politics we have had of the last decade or so. Funny how they have loved to state for years that the politicians were out of date but so is their journalism. Trip then up, quote the controversy in their faces going there trip up or get mad. Utter tripe!

Despite the rumours and predictions I thought the Labour party members would go fur the same out of date and lying Blairites like Andy Burnham or Yvette Cooper?

A Jeremy Corbyn win weighs have been impressive and raised my eyebrow but … this? This was amazing! A quarter of a million votes I think I heard. Three times what Andy Burnham got!

The main reason I liked that he won? Because maybe … just maybe people are realising that the politicians have been out of touch and without compassion or intelligence … err or truth for that matter and this if the beginning of a sea of change?

So yeah I like this win.

I very much like the idea of two men, representing left and right that are both straight talking. Not like any of the idiots of the last decade or two that I would never vote for in a million years and didn’t.

I’ve only voted in the last two elections. General and European elections and voted UKIP both times.

There now exists the outside possibility that I might … just might be tempted to view for Labour. Though I will have to wait and see if Corbyn died not go for ideas that are obviously wrong or will be obvious failures purely because they are the left thing to do. Or in his eyes ‘the right thing to do’? No. Just no.

Don’t make decisions based on the message it gives out how you think it makes you look. Do what is right, what will work and what is fair across the board!


Aghast. Simply aghast and astounded.

How can a bunch of French match in protest about the UK stopping illegal immigrants coming to the UK?!

I simply can’t believe it!

If you cared that much you should priest against your own government to offer these people ask that they think they will get in England.

Then you won’t need a fence!

What they also are completely unaware of, forgetting the liars and radicals wanting to carry out plans, is that the criminal types make yo a high percentage and that after they have amassed £200,000 in payouts from the public purse, something a Brit could not achieve 10% of even if disabled, is that they sell it all, go off back home or somewhere where and vibe back under a different name and so it all again.

I happen to know this to be a fact and have known for a few years.

But worry not … this comes out in a few months so that everybody knows everywhere.

I wonder if those dumb arseholes thought to wonder why they risk their lives? The answer is no.

How many people do you, or they, think are capable of anything, including murder for £1 Million? How about half that much?

What is the figure someone works be capable of killing for?

When they can amass a quarter of a million in a year it two and then repeat this a number if times.

Yes … I agree. A great deal of incompetent British who wrongly thought themselves highly intelligent when they are not at all, caused this by giving then everything.

You don’t solve the issue by continually letting them in and giving then everything, especially at the expense of British born people who have a hatred building yo within them you can not stop, now never will either, by telling them bit to feel that easy or that they shouldn’t feel that way!

Feelings are feelings and we are all slave to these things and they cannot be controlled.

Until you can hand out free drugs to control them these feelings and the build yo of them will continue. No matter what a bunch of mad lefties say not good many times they say it!

Funny thing is in Britain is that we have now had our second straight talking politician. The first was claimed to be extreme right wing, but I never saw that. The latest one contesting the leadership for Labour is supposed to be extreme left wing. Once again I have not seen that!

Yet these two people of different parties seen to have something in common that once again these super sleuths we have as journalists completely miss this very bizarre and worrying connection.

They are both lambasted and called mad terrible makers by other members of parliament and the media?!

Now I am not right wing. Nor am I left wing. In fact I absolutely hate these terms and think they were invented for some bizarre reason to manipulate people?

I believe in being both honest and fair. I won’t hide behind the curtain or sofa because scaremongers are lying in wait with their non politically correct sticky labels attached to Chinese stars!

I’m more likely to explode in their face and accuse them off being scared of these people and that they think if they fight for then they will be left alone. Or that they won’t go after them.

That’s how it always comes across to me … FEAR!

Oddly when it covers to their fellow nationals they test then like shit, sit in their high chairs, so long gangrene sets in, giving you news that your lives been destroyed by them and they do not bat an eyelid. Disabled or with young children, it matters not. I’ve heard all the horror stories one could handle and have lists of names from all over the place. All over the country I mean and people that do not even know one another.

Yet these same heartless evil wankers like to look caring and humans on TV and in the media when it comes to immigrants they could not possibly know nothing about!

If your a Brit … well your going to have to give proof until your arse, ears and eyes are bleeding and with a completely stone cold emotionless look they destroy your life.

Put a immigrant in front of them and they turn into quivering wrecks, years flowing and take everything on trust and face value!

The most incompetent things about these tossers is they never thought they would ever get found out, let alone exposed fit what their true nature actually is?!

The fact of the matter is that I already have. Dozens of times too. I will state that the biggest and best of these is utter to come.

And its going to be goooood!

In the many months that follow there will be no end of conversations regarding these details. From evenings to the early hours or over a table in a cafe over early breakfasts.

A topic that will simply fail to die. Because the nation will be privy to a set of facts, an understatement, that they have never possessed before.

Anything that is uttered from any of the public services involved will not only every be trusted again but instead will be accepted as complete bullshit within seconds of them being uttered.

This will create a downward spiral. Once again the powers won’t notice at first and then ignore. They will wake up one day to discover that the entire nation is in disarray and something, or things, will need to be done!

What things?

Oh only the things they keep promising us every couple of years for the last 6 years or so. Only this time they will know that they can’t just bullshit for a few weeks until we forget about it all like the fickle nation we have become.

Not this time, boy-o!

There will be a deafening din that will last for decades that will become brain-bursting to intolerable levels.

I will be right there to waggle my finger back and forth and say ‘no, no … NO! I told you and I told you and you ignored me, now you pay the price!’

Some pretty big prices too.

I wonder if I will ever get tired of kicking arse once I get started?

Oh what? You thought I started? No, no, no. This had just been the warm up for the main event!


Oh and the two politicians at the opposite ends of the political spectrum? Or so they say. The straight talkers that have been demonized by a bunch of lazy, money grabbing, career progression chasing liars?

Nigel Farage and now Jeremy Corbyn.

Protest against new mile-long Calais migrant fence –