Well that was .. weird and to be frank .. fucking .. annoying!

As if I am not getting enough shit from everyone else of late ..

  • DWP

  • Local Councils

  • NHS

  • British Government

  • Other .. clandestines probably responsible for the above and the following

  • Google

  • Google Adsense

  • WordPress

  • YouTube .. sooo Google for the third time

Leaving me with almost nothing except a bike and a camera I was supposed to use to its full extent last year but did not, thanks to the above.

Not using it to its full extent this year and had everything cut off, including pills that kind of keep me alive and keep me moving I now do not have any more .. they cut off everything I had left soo ..

I uploaded the pictures I did have in the long term plan to sell them.

Because I should have started getting pain by Google about 18 months ago but the money was frozen with no reason provided on one site and the goal posts moved on two other sites.

So I was led down the garden path by everyone and worked my arse off and then got fucked over, cheated, had agreements pulled, and lied to.

So a little earlier, or in fact later depending on your point of view, I uploaded some photographs I had. The hope being that if at some point I could actually sell just one or two that it might show others something but give me some confidence that of late has gone. Completely.

It might give me the push and the energy to get out and get a lot more photos? I have trouble doing this with my health at the nest of times and the important things, like drive and energy, I have also been lacking of late.

It is sooo .. annoying!

So I found Alamy first .. then decided I should use more than one, this turned out to be lengthy and I had no idea who these people are and do not take things on face value.

But a lot of companies and organisations are lying cheating twats, make themselves deliberately aloof while afflicted with a God complex attitude to everyone else. Yeah .. except I am no ones fool.

Oddly as well as the money being frozen the numbers have been acting up for quite awhile now and I wondered how I could put this to the test. So a few days ago I did.

I found a group of people spread across both Twatter and UpYourTube and I started opening up a bit and I put a few links about. They got noticed ..

.. but you would never believe this looking at the numbers .. oooh dear! Ebem my daughter’s eyes were opened further.

During this time I was awaiting my photos going through quality control and BOOM! They were all rejected. I sent another lot and the same happened. I sent an email and I had a bit of a moan as I was using very top equipment. Of course the God complex came in and was told that having a top camera does not mean top photos. I said that I was well aware of this but the scrutiny they were putting on 42 mega pixels means that they must reject everyone with 24 mega pixels and below?!

Oddly my next lot got accepted.

Then the next lot got accepted

Then the next lot.

Currently this stands at 58 images in a row that have been accepted?! But wait? Two out of the first six were rejected and that is a success rate of 66.6% out of six images. I then get 100% out of the next 58 images?! How the actual feck?!

It gets worse.

I doscvered that selling photos with buildings in is a little .. tricky, at least here in the UK and I thought, what the hell?! I have one picture of a building, that is going to get rejected on another site?!

Turns out it was the only one out of two dozen accepted?! What the actual fuck?!

Sooo .. test number 2?!

I sent a bunch of pictures up that had been accepted already by Alamy, who like very high resolution pictures. Take a guess at what happened?

They rejected the exact same pictures that Alamy, who I thought were far too brutal with their quality control, had already .. umm .. accepted?!

If you think that is not bad enough I am afriad it gets worse still .. for Adobe Stock who was being unfair bastards ..

Because I accidentally uploaded a set of four pictures twice ..

.. so explain how one whole st was accepted and the other set was rejected for technical issues?!

No your not reading this wrong and your not drunk or have over intoxicated with drugs .. or of you are that is not your problem ..

Yes two sets of four photographs .. the exact same pictures I uploaded twice thanks to my short term memory problems .. one set accepted and the other exact same set .. REJECTED!

Would you believe there is a third site and my photos have been in quality control for like well over a week and closer to ten days?!

That would be Photofolio.

I chose all companies with a base in Britain .. and now thinking they must have been got at too?

Yeah .. no one is getting at me, no? That is why this weird shit keeps happening is it?! Lol.

  • DLA Cancelled unfairly

  • PIP Awarded and then later cancelled unfairly

  • IB Cancelled

  • Talked into working for myself

  • Business Plan Accepted

  • Course attended

  • Business Plan Accepted

  • Sign Off to go Self Employed

  • Week later all agreements pulled by Job Centre/DWP

  • Ad Revenue Frozen on Blog

  • Goal Posts Moved on YouTube

  • UC Credit Cancelled .. not SANCTIONED .. but CANCELLED!

  • Photos curiously rejected

  • Photos on another site rejected, even those accepted by another site

  • Ad Revenue on Google still frozen after more than 18 months?!

So it seems that making millions or billions by getting a shit ton of people to work for years for free seems to be catching on?!
I think that these groups and truthers claiming that the elite and those in power are all evil devil worshippers/satanists as well as running paedophile rings might be onto something?!
A shift towards slave labour on a global scale has come into play and no one seems to be saying anything? Lol.
Do not like paying taxes or wages these people do they?! LMAO!
Like controlling what you do or say though, right?! Nasty evil place the world is and weird that it has taken this long for people to start waking up to it.
And to think I decided to broaden my photography from wildlife to landscape, texture, architecture, abstract, monochrome, modern buildings and anything else I could think up. Fat lot of good that is doing me when they get persnickety over stupid things.

Well I took some screenshots of the photos ..



Jesus .. you just cannot win.

I have to consider that there are various ways I can die .. as I only recently discovered though the feelings I get in my chest and heart have been something of a warning for some time now.

Heart attack, cardiac arrest and Sudden Death Syndrome.

What is that you say? That is only three? Oh yeah ..

The fourth is bloody boredom!

Yeah on the rare occasions I do feel OK I have my old enemy dog me and it feels like it dogs me to the edge of death.

When I am OK I hate having nothing to do .. well .. nothing constructive. Like my photography, for example .. oh my God how I would like to be getting out a lot more often than I have been.

It is such a frustrating waste of time and the tools I spent so much money on.

I mean I have managed to use it but I seem to get things flung at me, intended too on occasions, that prevent me from doing what I want to do.

It is odd as with all my previous non-professional cameras where I could have gotten ten times more pictures that I did with a professional one, I had all the time in the fecking world!

The moment I have something of professional standard I started getting shite in the form of obstacles flung at me every five minutes. Almost all of them the public services.

I used to be a short cycle ride from some many very good place to use my camera.

Now I am several bus rides to most of them!

Buses are of course an issue for me ..

  • Body gets way too hot in warmer months

  • Pain in my feet

  • Pain in back and shoulders

  • Seizures

  • Heart Palpitations, Chest Tightness and Breathlessness (only recent)

  • Possible Sudden Death Syndrome, Heart Attack, Cardiac Arrest to think about

It is just such a humongous and .. scary thing to consider those and no one would be blamed for not being able to do things with any one of the above.

It is also far from everything and just the most major ones. Like the memory loss issue for instance.

Now with a bit of luck and with many a year of waiting this might finally come to an end in a matter of weeks. But the waiting just makes everything worse.

I do have plans to help this along a bit but I cannot do anything until the time comes around and then is down to a little .. pleading. Just to show that things are fare worse then they imagined. I am sure the suggestions mentioned by them themselves will likely come to fruition once they see the bigger picture? Fingers crossed. Well .. it has already been stated of their intentions .. it just remains to be seen if it will benefit from a little encouragement? Or pleading?

It is also typical that after freezing my nether regions off .. yesterday morning for several hours despite putting on full length cargo trousers for the first time in weeks and leading me to but a waistcoat .. I get fried alive today. It started out very cool but OK. Then wet to a nice gentle warmth and by 2 to 3pm I was racing for the shade and wished I was wearing shorts!

I guarantee if I had gone out wearing shorts I would have spent the first hour regretting that decision!

It is also odd as I have been surprised at feeling the cold but the I have probably lost around two stone in weight. So I am proper thin and therefore probably why I have been feeling it on colder days?

Since I acquired my professional camera I have opened my eyes to a far wider range oh photography from landscapes to architecture, skylines and geometry and symmetry of buildings. My usual passing interest of monochrome has gotten a lot deeper too and I am constantly on the look out for photographs that give me other ideas too.

I have thought and even actually looked to see if I could find a photography friend .. this way I would feel a lot better being with someone, knowing that if I fall unconscious my gear will be safe. They would have to be aware of the possibility I could just fall unconscious and not only be OK with it but know what to do .. like ring an ambulance. Not that I have any confidence in the NHS but I would like to at least try to remain alive until my daughter is out of her own fiery pit located somewhere in some hot corner of hell?

Yeeaah I do not have anyone that can actually do that.. No chaperone and the only person that could possibly do it is an overgrown child who has zero patience who throws a tantrum if you talk about things he deems are out of bounds and storms off in a huff over feck all. Yeah .. about as responsible as Guinea Pig. Well give you an idea .. out with his grandmother one day she fell down the stairs of a bus and ended up in hospital. Of course as their behaviour is famous and widely known everyone wondered it it was down to his zero patience.

He walked off while I stood still to the point he got a quarter of a mile or more and was out of sight and when he found me two hours later, because he wanted to get a move on ad was getting annoyed, actually asked in a sarcastic tone “Where did you go?!”

Three people I know reacted with complete shock at this and simply could not believe it and I said ..

Well, yeah. I was [effing] standing still until the point he had walked a quarter of a mile out of sight and he [effing] asks me where I went?! I wanted to say, [effing] nowhere you [effing] dick! I was standing still, it was you that [effing] walked off and left me!!”

Oh and yeah .. he knew about the chest issues and that I had been to hospital but the knowledge of the sudden death, heart attack, cardiac arrest ad other things were not known to me until around a week later, maybe a little sooner? But still .. oh no wait? Yes .. I did know as I distinctly remember saying it at some horse paddocks at the end of one day before returning here.

Yes despite his later lies to someone else that I went on about it for three days .. well it was actually four but never mind, which only makes him like look a selfish twat because you cannot say that I talked about how I can suddenly drop dead for four days when you have just arrived back twenty minutes ahead of me!

Yeah .. that is the effing logic I have to put up with .. while they want sympathy over the spilt milk they have while not only disregarding fatal conditions, claiming something that is not dangerous is worse than something that is most definitely fatal, like cancer, but do not even ask.

Yeah when they are trying to force me to listen to their whines and whinges I start to get angry inside thinking of how months have passed by and my deadly and painful conditions are not asked about nor is that of my daughter.

Even more amazing is their faces when they realise from the look on my face that I am not interested in their painful arm, painful back or mild epilepsy that I have never seen. Lol.

Remember .. these are the worst health conditions in the world according to them and their attitudes and behaviour while cancer and sudden death or not only not even worth asking about once in four months .. it is not even worth hanging around you to make sure your there to call an ambulance of the person collapses.

I would not trust them with my pet hamster in all honesty and I do not even own a pet hamster!

The funny part about it was hearing the “Oh noo ..” or “Whaaaat?!” from three people I know who themselves can be guilty of .. absent mindedness and difficulty believing things you tell them.

I think I have this disbelief well and truly quashed now with one as he did claim as he always does that I was being lied to once again. As I stated previously and probably happens with the readers of my blogs .. just because you think your right and even if something happens that suggest you might be right and have a right to your own opinion .. even combined these things do not make you right.

You have the right to be wrong and being right makes you right, along with the facts.

Something that every idiot in every corrupt, they all are, public services in Britain seems to have forgotten and they all think they are right and often this is down to delusions of grandeur. ‘Oooh I work in the NHS .. that makes me a pro .. that makes me right’. No .. I have proven every Doctor I have ever met wrong .. sorry. Lol.

But yeah .. I think that the recent magazine finally quashed one source of negativity towards a situation and I am well and truly pleased about that. Because prior to this the negativity and attitude still put me off going there, along with my .. ailments of course.

You see there was this .. person. Someone kinda of involved from the start .. who kinda started it all and when I did bite the bullet and mention this person I got the usual ..

“Oh? She tell you that, did she?” ergo she is lying.

Unfortunately for them and very fortunately for me .. the magazine article proved that he and everyone else that stated the same was wrong.

It would be nice if they then realised that maybe everything they ever claimed about me, my daughter and the situation was .. wrong? Chance would be a fine thing. But then I do not need them to realise this because I am afraid it is going to be done for them.

Another very hard price both of us have had to pay for many, many .. years!

But while I await this third publication I have to try and deal with the frustration of not walking around the bases of sets of tall buildings and looking skyward to see if I can see a good shot.

I have to deal with the frustration of not being able to walk around an old cathedral, castle or other ancient building looking for some unique shots I can play around with post-processing.

I cannot look for buildings with crazy and unique designs and/or textures that would make an interesting shot I could mess around with in post-processing.

And I am certainly too far away from anywhere that would produce a great natural landscape and can only dream of what I had planed for last year that did not come to light ..

Scottish west coast and Highlands and the Himalayas! God damn it!

Now with a it of luck and at some point next week I may be able to find out if there is a way of dealing with these damned chest and heart issues? At least tat is the plan .. if I do not drop dead trying to get to the GP that is too far away?! God damn it!


I have no choice presently .. I have to go. I just keep thinking .. it is just two trips, it is just two trips and I am hoping they do not try and blame it on pills I have not taken for three months?!

Yeah .. they have done this sour times previously and have a failure rate of 100% I will very happily point out if they try it.

Oh .. guess what I will take with me so that I am not fucked about? That magazine!

EDIT: Oh-oh-oh and art photography too!

I have always lie art .. paintings and sculptures mainly. At a Hopper exhibit at the Tate years ago, day my dad died unfortunately. Pre-Raphaelites, Rennaisance, the Impressionists and others.


I have discovered that .. my adverts have been missing from my blogs, or at least from one of a dozen blogs.

Now .. the plan was that .. the weeks of attending NEA and business advisors and the large amount of investment from my own inheritance would see me become .. self-sufficient.

That was the plan and that was why I spent £20,000 on a single car and a shed load of photography equipment that is still missing four items.

  • One Sony G 70-400mm f4 Lens (fits with 1.4x Teleconverter) = 560mm f5.6 – BIRDS)

  • A Wireless Flash .. Godox or Nissin

  • T-Mount Adaptor for Reflector Telescope

  • A PC able to edit 42 Mega Pixel Photos and 4K Video

    • AMD Ryzen 8 Core of AMD Threadripper 12 Core

  • A camera drone, Mavic Pro or Typhoon H

  • Had wanted a Celestron Reflector Telescope for Astrophotography too!

    • Planned use with Sony A99II DSLT

  • A used Sony A7 and Zhiyun Crane Electronic Gimbal for longer videos, travel photography

  • Sony 300mm f2.8 (£6,000) and Sony 500mm f4 (£12,000) are merely dream only lenses

What I did get was ..

  • Sony A99II DSLT (£3,000)

  • Sony G 70-200mm f2.8 Lens (£2,400 RRP £2,700)

  • Sony Zeiss 24-70mm f2.8 Lens (£2,000 approx)

  • Sigma 85mm f1.4 Lens (£550 RRP £1,100)

  • Sony 1.4x Teleconverter (£300 RRP £450)

  • Sony Camera Grip with extra batteries (£300)

  • Remote Control (£80)

  • Extra Sony Battery (£70)

  • Two third party batteries for Camera Grip

  • Lowepro Whistler Camera Bag (£250 approx)

  • Lowepro Toploader Camera Bag (£80)

  • Cotton Carrier Camera Holster (£80)

  • Benro Gimbal (Quarter of price of others t £80)

  • Carbon Fibre Tripod (£100 when a Gitzo is £700)

  • Andoer Carbon Monopod (£80)

  • Sets of filters for landscape photography (£100)

  • Sensor Cleaning Equipment (£80)

  • Lens Cleaning Equipment (£50)

  • Security Box (£100)

  • Padlocks for Security Box (£30)

  • Probably several items missing

  • Land Rover Discovery (Wildlife & Landscape Photography, protecting gear, four grandchildren) (£8,200) Rear can be used as photo studio in bad weather!!

  • Insurance as lost no claims thanks to DWP (£2,000)

  • Car for daughter with disability and four grandchildren, two autistic and victims of domestic violence Plus Road Tax (£1,000)

  • Rent since DWP stabbed me in the back (£3,800)

  • Presents for kids (£150)

  • Christmas Presents for family (£150)

  • Food (God Knows?)

  • There will be things I just cannot think of or just plain forgotten ..

  • Oops, Used Samsung Galaxy S6 for daughter that got screen broken by Autistic child

Now the blogs that I had intended to build up over a year .. with trips to Scotland, Wales, Peak District and China part of the grand plan ..


    • Main Corruption Blog ( umm .. ?)


    • Loved since childhood, love Carl Sagan own Cosmos


    • Always leaned towards being artistic, Bokeh, landscapes

    • Oops?! Only just noticed the spelling error! LOL!


    • Been into this since a child, spot things that are different, rare like Orchids


    • Subject my degree is in, yes Degree, hardware, software and games


    • Another area of nature I love .. mostly tropical Orchids


    • Got into because I loved Bonsai .. another blog?


    • Been around since a child .. amphibians being my main thing, highly knowledgeable

  • I even started one on Music ..


  • The names of the pages were never really seriously thought about and why they look crap .. because I never thought they would get as far as they did before I gave up!

I could do blogs on ..

  • Mountain Biking

  • Seismology, Meteorology, Volcanology or combination of the three

  • Archaeology

  • Science Fiction

  • Geology & Fossils?! (Just remembered that one!)

I had thought that by now I would have been to the Peak District for a week, Snowdonia for a week, Scotland for a week and planning my trip to China and collected a few tens of thousands of pictures and a few thousand videos.

Just imagine .. I visit somewhere with camera and I have architecture, archaeology, wildlife, landscapes, geology and fossils all possible targets within a given area. That is what I call productive.

With the right planning an area can be capitalised on in the best possible way.

But all is on hold right now .. with no end in sight.

But it is not just the simple fact that I have a dozen blogs, yeah there are others, and a YouTube channel .. no .. it is the fact that I have worked on them piece by piece for five years.

The plan was to slowly build it up and then when he inheritance suddenly came a long I had my chance to blitz it for a year.

The ultimate point to make for those that whinge, bitch and whine (amoral Tory voters mainly but not all) about people who do not work and claim benefits ..


None of this includes the fact that after spending five years teaching and helping people .. I am now trying my hardest to care for some that are not being cared for by others .. that are tasked to do so.

But they have all been paid while I have not.

So for those that are amoral .. or just pain stupid .. get .. the fuck .. out! You moronic amoral and/or naive tossers!!


You hear people always say daft phrases that cannot possibly be true like .. ‘the possibilities are endless’?

In my case they very much seem like they are and even though they are not actually endless .. but have a great deal of potential .. these can actually increase over time.

That is if my dodgy heart or other ailments to do not cause my downfall before I reach my potential?

It is .. frustrating if I am honest.

That is not when it is not absolutely petrifying, bloody frustrating, anxious as hell and .. completely unknown.

My confidence has .. escaped me and this is an occupational hazard due to my health bought about by .. my many health symptoms all caused by one single solitary condition and sparked into life by the very government and their public service who claim they are helping us, the public.

They are not helping anyone at all in any way shape or form to the claims that they make almost daily in the mainstream news media and more annoyingly .. the mainstream news media are either colluding with them on this or are so effing stupid that they have long since ceased to be fit for purpose.

As far as I am concerned all mainstream media groups belonging under one banner or person, like Rupert Murdoch for example, should be broken up.

But everything I was planning had to be halted not just because of certain public services lying and cheating me .. but lying and cheating those further down in my family tree and three from five having disabilities, all at risk from a Muslim husband who is dangerous and possessive and my daughter does not even believe now that he will be locked up for ten years like they promised.


OK then .. I m typing this while sitting on a sofa in the new home.

Due to the craziness that is life up here as well as my Fibromyalgia, or Fibrofog part of it, I have yet to spend a single night here.

Around 20% of my stuff is here though .. no desktop computer but I do have this laptop I picked up around a week ago, of course it had to go back for several days so I have only had use of it for around three days.

Now my attention is diverted from .. the photographic side of things to renewing a couple of ID’s and this is .. annoying. I have a bag full of ID’s which even contains my birth certificate .. but .. things are not the way that they were a couple of decades ago. OK .. maybe a bit longer ago than that?! Lol.

Well what do you know? After some shit weather .. well bout the shittiest I have known for a very long time the sun is shining through the patio doors?! More of that please!

Hmm .. it is midday and the sun is to my right .. meaning that my patio doors and garden face .. umm .. south .. again .. lol!!

Yeah I have held onto a few orchids .. south is OK for now but I guess I can out them off to one side to avoid too much sun in the warmer months. If I am still here by then. If I am still alive by then.

There are a couple of other things I want to set up .. but more on that over the next couple of weeks .. or maybe sooner?

It has been hard to do any work and even writing because I had three pairs of small hands wanting to grab everything and press every button. I also had two sets of paws to deal with. Plus there was only one door key so on many occasions it was impossible to go out and do things. Plus I have been ill and it has been up and down like the proverbial yoyo!

I have to sort out my Internet connection too .. I am not even sure what the signal is like for my mobile network but I seem to use my phone OK when I was here previously with my new landlord.

Oh yeah .. I forgot I also have two pairs of horns to deal with who have disturbed the status quo when all other hands and paws were not causing problems.

In fact just last night another phone-call from a prison inmate in Liverpool just as it was reported on the news that drones and phones were confiscated. Indeed not only do we get this disturbance from within a prison but this was one pair of horns .. lying about another pair of horns ..

.. and the receiver of the phone-call said sternly “Everyone seems to know just when it is I get in the bath because things kick off”. Oh .. I just remembered .. I think that was the night before? Last night was trouble with friends. I think? Gaahhhh, this damned memory issue. When it allows you to remember things it gets the time wrong. It is like the concept of time has been slung out of the proverbial window!

So I have to register with a General Practitioner on Monday, see an advisor about my current situation with my identification along with what to do about the damned DWP.

It will be interesting to see how they react when I tell them what the DWP have done to me over the last few years but more importantly what they did just prior to relocating here and .. why I am here and what the bloody hell benefit support I should apply for. I was supposed to have my own business if you recall but that got cut just a couple of weeks before I moved.

I had a million things to do to and a bunch of stuff to throw out or place into storage .. stuff that needs to be retrieved before very long. Might be a tincey-wincey little problem with that .. though I am probably going to end up ignoring it completely .. as it is daft .. stupid and morally wrong. I will do my utmost to adhere to it but .. they need to learn that life is just not like that .. especially when the fucking pubic services are involved.

As I explained to my daughter several times since I have been up here .. each pubic service has done less and less and less while placing more and more responsibility onto the public. Probably because they have not been allowed to raise their budgets and salaries as they would like? During this process they have also laid out more and more in the way of fines on top of the unfair amounts of council tax, in the case of the councils that is, they charge everyone.

They all have been doing this and none of them have stopped to realise, or more likely do not fucking care, of the pressure they are putting on the public or indeed that many other public services are doing the exact same things?! You bet your bloody life they don’t.

Here in this place things should be .. easier .. except they are not. Bin men knock and hold their bloody hands out for money, I know I saw this first hand! “Yeah?” says I. “Binman” says the binman. “Ah, so you are!” I reply to that. “I need paying” he says. “What? I am from London and have never heard of bin men being paid!”. I have, however, seen them getting up to all sorts of other things.

The best part about it is that I do remember her paying him previously but now been told that this was to clean the bin out back when the weather was warmer and she does not even want it done now it has turned cold! I kid you not!

The horror stories about children being abused is also off the scale and I have heard a few stories already that rank among the worst I have ever heard. In each case there is zero involvement from the social services though I bet somewhere a child is being taken by social services unnecessarily.

I should offer my services as a private investigator while I am here?

Well .. I wanted to at least sit down today on the sofa of this new flat without any .. interruptions and write my first piece for posting. Kind of an initiation of sorts. It was dragging on getting in here and getting started and still is. I was very eager to do this despite the furore and the dreaded flu like illness I now have. After producing vivid yellow mucous and even yellow water running form my nose it started to develop into a cough and a bit of a sneeze. I have felt nauseous a few times too and even avoided driving while like that. Fortunately I have come across my cough syrups and did not even know I still had them! So that was kinda cool!

Now that I am here though I might get some early tips to things kicking off and going down so that I might get there with a camera?

I also want to concentrate on a whole raft of other photographic things in time and I, no doubt, will have lots of brand new places to choose from?!

Added to this I will have three seasons to go through with each one being more productive than the last.

I keep repeating it in my head that I simply must be productive while I am here and I must capitalise on all the new locations that are available to me.

Fingers crossed!

Hmm .. I wonder if there is much in the way of demand for freelance photography?


I am not in Enfield any longer!

Apologies for the delay but things have been .. hectic!

In fact I am still between homes but I can tell you that I am around 240 miles from the nearest London borough!

I am looking and have contacted organisations in North Wales as well as Cheshire along with a few in the area I am currently in.

I have been here 9 days and had intended to purchase a laptop to continue posting on my blogs but .. I only acquired one yesterday, bought one that was used as new laptops are a total rip-off for what essentially only have two cores, is this the late 90’s?

However despite getting a hold of, surprisingly, a HP Envy laptop and this being the second used electronic device I bought from this area in a little over two months both are faulty.

This laptop seems fine except that when charging it seems to only charge slowly and at a lower rate than it discharges, even with battery savings on, and it WILL shut off, which it did yesterday evening around 7pm.

Leaving the laptop on charge while off all evening and all night I was relieved to see that it did in fact have a full charge by 9am this morning.

I had wondered if the battery was knackered, it is not an easily removable one, or whether I had been given the wrong or faulty charger?

The little light by the power socket on the side of the laptop does indeed light up when plugged in and even when the power is off. I am assuming that it is receiving some power as the light being on and when it was down to one minute remaining it still went for an hour before shutting down.

So I have to return to the cash converter store to see if the power lead is the right one and whether it is faulty or not.

I feel somewhat better knowing now I have contacted several organisations in the hope that they can assist me in what I want to do.

Oh yeah ..

This little detail about moving?

I relocated here, though I have yet to officially relocate, because my daughter and grandchildren not only need help but are also in danger and .. well .. there is not anyone else to help and do not even mention pubic services to me.

The children have many problems due to the negative affect domestic abuse has had and added to that I am now told that one of my grandchildren is autistic.

Another shows signs of this too but as that is the youngest one we are not sure if it is sure fire symptom or whether or not mimicking is going on?

Before I left and on the day I was leaving for the umpteenth time I was asked to stay, told by my landlord that if it did not work out he would happily rent to me again and there is a place if it did not work out within three weeks.

I was also told by two separate people that me leaving was the end of an era! Oddly both also called Steve but did not know each other.

When I explained why .. again I was told I was an honest and honourable man. Has to be just about one of the nicest things anyone ever said about me.

I am currently in the Wirral.

Hmm? I used to know someone in North Wales?! Unfortunately they got the wrong end of a very long stick and stopped talking to me, after accusing me of first trying to start a civil war and then a government shill.

I only hope I get a great deal of photography done over the next six months to a year? Both landscapes and wildlife.