Well I’ve covered the socialist agenda that’s been going on a few times. But there’s one area I’ve not really covered before. Until now.

Now it’s kinda funny really as I don’t know if I just missed this when it started. This stated after watching the return of Star Wars with The Force Awakens. I think .. I had a little bit of a sign of it previous to this when Daniel Craig ten down the James Bond character he was playing?

When he did what he did I thought he strange this was on a number of levels. From a business sense it was just plain stupid. I thought the film industry was info making money but starting to think they must be getting far too much of it? I am starting to think this is showing in the actors and actresses too?

I was confused by the Star Wars film and left the theatre with a big Star Wars fan who was watching it for the second time. He told me “Well .. it’s .. good. But not great and bit a patch on the first one!”

Of course when I came out I ranted at how it was a scene by scene rip-off to the first one and the story made no sense at all. I stated that a fucking bigger death star that’s a planet that doesn’t move?!

Yeah .. that was a worthwhile endeavour?! Kylo wasn’t that good and Rey was far too good for too quickly.

Bearing in mind I have never owned the original trilogy and not seen them in thirty years plus.

But I remembered key points of the story and enough to know there were some major problems with this film.

I was confused. How in the world did this get made?! How in the world did that writing get a pass?!

It was like they were deliberately trying to piss off fans because it was so just so bloody obvious.

Of course I wanted to see what they said on YouTube and I was surprised when actually some fans actually kind it. Maybe a third?

But one video I want forget was a young lad around eleven or twelve holding up a piece of card looking bitterly disappointed, that said .. “Star Wars The Force Awakens Sucks!!”

There was more and more like this and I even said if the next instalment is called “The New Order Strikes Back” I’m out!

This was how I discovered Social Justice Warriors, what they do and how they was a thing. Hell even a scientist named Thunderf00t was doing videos on them.

Before long I discovered others like Sargon and watched in bewilderment as I heard about these agendas.

It explains .. a lot.

I had seen and been a victim of things and I didn’t even know what they were, thigh I suspected a few things.

I listened to what’s behind these agendas and could not believe it. Then started seeing the rants of these raving nut-jobs, screaming their herds of like demented cattle.

Of course I was discovering it had effected politics like a viral disease.

What has shocked me is the actual speed this occurred and the rate it was coming up.

I have interested in many other fields and I wondered where it was going to pop up next but I had a pretty good guess ..


However as gamers know, mostly, it takes years to create a game so we would be a few years away. But, as it turns out, umm .. no!

I watched E3 with utter shock when have after game had different levels of shoveled in politics. Ooh dear.

One game that had a guy as the protagonist over around five titles now had been replaced with not one but two daughters!

Choice to be a guy? No. I won’t be screaming at it but I’m now seeing that anything that doesn’t have a female choice gets screamed about and ripped apart.

Another game I’ve been waiting to hear about had the choice of both. Cool!

I loved Tomb Raider. I loved Alien and Aliens. I also loved a little known film called The Long Kiss Goodnight. Sigourney Weaver and Geena Davis. Bad memory but I could probably think of a lot more .. ooh Haywire! Wonder Woman. See?! Lol.

But this? What they are doing?! It’s unnatural and you would have to be a bloody moron to not see your going to piss people off. So if your a moron how the hell are you in charge of hundreds of millions of dollars to make a bloody film?!

What worse is it’s almost like it’s become a fashionable trend to diss innocent people?!

“Privileged”?! Are .. you .. fucking .. kidding .. me?!

Oh God, just remembered Hugh Mungus! Look it up on Facebook but for the love of God don’t drink milk while watching it! Lol.

Then I watched the video below by a dead straight, down to Earth but capable of anger game and tech news guy called It’sAGundam.

Ooh boy.

It seems that in World War 2 and in the historically accurate was game Battlefield V you get to play as one of the women infantry that had amputated arms and other limbs but still fought in the war and used a .. rifle?!


Your .. joking, right?

Nope and there was a backlash online and some derp hit back by saying that he didn’t know how to explain it to his daughter when she asked “Why is everyone mad that a girl is in the game?”

Ooh there’s girls now?!

No it was bullshit.

And egg if she had .. what you are unable to say that the game was promoted as being historically accurate .. and that amputees also were not allowed to fight?? Christ you have to be, or did once, over a certain height just to become a Police Officer!

Well judging by the comments they might be trying to rewrite history too?!

Ooh come onnnnn?!

Rewriting history? Ooh this I have to look into?!

How the hell can you do that, how body stupid is that?! Unless he did he wants to get into teaching history because they’re going to turn into idiots being taught be video game coder social justice warriors?!

Ooh dear.

The video game industry had been affected by moronic greed and moronic social justice.

Well maybe the Americans and the west have had it too good for too long with cinema and games.

Now if I was a coder in say Japan, China or Australia I would capitalise on this. They’re going to lose sales and money.

So it seems there is a push for a forced division in North America too? Must be happening elsewhere in Europe I would imagine then?

The hardest and roughest times in recent history and the escapism many of us rely on, or yearn for with some, have been affected also? Oh goody .. that wont have a negative effect all, will it now? I wonder who will everyone blame after the escapism has been totally destroyed? I wonder how everyone will react after it has all been totally destroyed?

It’sAGundam video on E3 ..