I have this friend in the north.

He is a bit of a conspiracy theorist, not the tin hat kind, and spots some interesting things from time to time. He has been telling me about something very .. odd. In fact it makes no sense for a whole range of reasons.

Now he has his own theories as to what is going on and what the government are planning and I have my own. I am not going to into into either of these theories. I am simply going to show some links to back up what I am going to reveal and point out some glaring errors. Errors absolutely everywhere.

So here goes ..

  • There is a great deal of building and planning going on in the north
  • 13,364 to be built every year
  • Carry on building until 2035
  • 227,200 homes will be built by then
  • These numbers are just the Manchester area
  • The same is planned for Liverpool
  • The same is planned for Leeds
  • I know there are plans for Birkenhead
  • More houses are being built then there is needed
Yeah .. bit of a problem cropped up there straight away and I am going to ignore the fact that the expect the homeless to buy them.
More houses than needed? Yeah .. unless they plan on in influx of people from somewhere else, like London or overseas there is an inevitable effect when this occurs ..
  • All house prices within a very big radius .. plummet .. a lot!
You do not even need to have more house than is needed to effect the housing market prices, even if it just locally it is still a very big area and will effect a hell of a lot of people. Millions I would imagine? Yeah .. no one is going to stand for that!
Except there is one other thing ..
  • In none of the news articles did a single journalist ask what effect there will be on the housing market?!
  • In none of the news articles did they ask where all these people were coming from to buy these places?!
Umm .. say what now?!
Has anyone heard the words ‘investigative’ and ‘research’?!
Journalism is either at an all time low, well I know it is corrupt, or they definitely do not want anyone asking the right questions or the correct figures in certain areas getting out?
Now I also saw a news article where people or locals were protesting over building homes on the green belt? First off ..
Really? No .. I mean, really?! Jesus Christ people!!
There is an expanding British population that is expanding fast and along with that there is the constant influx of people from overseas. Yeah .. it was inevitable this was going to happen! What did you expect and what else do you propose?!
Also .. yeah while your protesting about all this your house prices are dropping with all the other new buildings they are planning right across the north west .. from Leeds, Manchester, Oldham and Bury across to Liverpool and Birkenhead. I am not sure if Stockport, Wigan, Sheffield and the like are involved? If the conspiracy theorist is right and it is to ferry people from London up there then I imagine the others are involved? Maybe even Preston and Blackpool?! It is a possibility. The other is an influx from overseas but ..
  • BREXIT?!
If this is a long term plan they maybe they are expecting something? Maybe they think something will happen?
Maybe some experts on population dynamics have predicted an uprising at some point in the future if the population reaches a certain point or number?!
The fact of the matter is you cannot build more homes than is needed without serious effects for miles around and a set of repercussions because of this.
As stated you do not even need half that amount of properties.
I am sure I remember reading that there are a quarter of a million homeless throughout the whole of the UK? Yeah .. soo .. 227,000 plus homes in Manchester alone?
I will say it again ..
Say what now?!
You want a conspiracy and an example of some very odd going on in the news media .. being generally bad or just incompetent or .. deliberately hiding things? Here you go.
I think it is nicknamed the great northern powerhouse or something? Not really sure and if I am recalling that correctly this could be an official name or .. something cooked up by a conspiracy theorist somewhere?
Read them and weep .. that is if your a home owner in the north west or homeless of struggling tp pay rent in the south east!

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