Well how about that?

I knew that fucking attending Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service was a fucking waste of time and considering how much pain it caused .. a painful fucking waste of time too.

I’m now expecting .. difficulties in around a months time but ..

Please note how it states that they accept I have physical problems and mental problems from my medical records, which are incomplete and fucked but ..

I score ZERO and umm ZERO?! Lol!

How can you admit to someone having physical problems and mental health problems and then score them zero on both counts? LMAO!

Bizarre then that the solicitor stated that I should get higher rates on both counts.

Also it proves that someone my daughter knows is either lying or that Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service is inconsistent and probably more corrupt than I thought.

I also thought that my attending would not make a blind bit of difference anyway and the score they provide only proves this..

What possible difference could my attending have made to these scores of zero and zero despite admitting I have mental health issues and physical problems based on a set of medical records that not only ignored my condition for fifteen years but continued to get it wrong, as I have discovered in the last week!

Funny as I was losing weight from not eating anyway so .. at least I have a head start?!



Do you know the trouble I find with all advice centres and solicitors even?

Oh and you can add in ombudsman in all this, governing bodies and the political opposition parties that include Jeremy Corbyn ..

They do not read all your letters and all your emails reports.

Do you know what else they do not do?

Do any fucking research and after years and years of people being murdered they come up with just a few cases.

YouTube is a good place to research so I will do so once again what so many have not done for years before me to date.

Here is a long list of YouTube videos regarding the DWP, Atos and even one Atos staff member admitting that I tried to tell people over and over again that Atos only do what the DWP tell them to!

All I kept hearing was that if the DWP knew what Atos was doing they would get rid of them and it would be all over .. I said, “Like feck it would!”

Of the videos I have linked below I have seen .. ONE. I have not seen the others .. speakers do not work and .. well I do not need to listen to them. I know pretty much what they are going to say and it is damning.

Worst of all look at some of the dates .. note that I think most of these were about Atos, formerly Atos Healthcare and a French company based in Paris that was masquerading as a British company.

Now consider there are three others added to this list which was previously just one?! One that got caught out and the Tories said they was going to get rid of .. even Nick DeBois lied toi my face and told me they had discovered what they was doing and were getting rid of them .. ooh did I mentioned I have that on tape, figuratively speaking? Oh dear. But they went nowhere and another three organisations just like them added to them?!

Now you see the news media reports about children and people starving!

Yeah well sorry mainstream media like the BBC and ITV News but you are partly responsible and you have been paid millions upon millions while I have been trying to raise awareness of this for free and I have had no thanks at all.

I even tried to tell about this 6 years ago and you did not even flinch .. not so much as an acknowledgement. Now you look like the proverbial white knights .. now that it has all gone wrong like I predicted it would over 6 year beforehand. I started blogging in 2012 and I contacted all tabloids .. ALL tabloids and TV News Media groups back in 2011. Maybe even earlier actually? Yeah I still have the sent emails, LMAO!

Grand scale crimes against a large portion of the British public while stealing money of the rest of them to commit these crimes while the proverbial books are thrown at people breaking the law just to survive or feed their children.

Where does it stop and when does the British law stop being warped into something far more sinister and beyond recognisable as a joke any more?

Consider this is just a small percentage of videos. Consider that those that record their assessments, umm .. like I did, would only be a tiny percentage. I can assure you that if you look my number of just over a dozen could very well have a third figure to it. Consider too that those that had a similar experience but did not record their assessments could have yet another figure or two added to that.

So what are dozens could very well be hundreds of videos that could be thousands or tens of thousands of similar assessments.

Yet HMCTS were ot interested in this widely known fact .. now was they interested in the fact that theu tried to send me 40 miles away or further when they had a building a mile from my house tat had been there several years.

Yup Judge Miss Mark and the HMCTS are just as corrupt and selfish as the Tories, DWP & Atos and sit their like lords while they steal far more of your taxes than the accuse disabled people of doing.

Oh the irony!

So .. here are one or two of them … LMAO ..



What you are about to read I typed out a few days ago. I then decided to hold off for a few days so that my … predictions would be more accurate.

During this time something has come up. Well … to be accurate TWO things have come up both of which were quite unexpected. Very unexpected. Then there is kind of third thing indirectly linked to these two which was … expected yes … but not when I thought it would and around 6 weeks sooner than predicted. Though it was exactly as I predicted. Indeed it was what I wanted and this may sound strange when the time comes to reveal the details of all this.

These are going to make the next week or two very interesting. Very interesting indeed.

There is also something going to take place during this following week and as usual I know what this will be result in as well. Misdirection. Though it may sound bizarre to be told that the person … delivering said misdirection is not behind the misdirection.

These things are … baffling. Not in their nature but in their timing as quite honestly the timing coincides with imminent events that make it look … somewhat … bizarre. Some readers might even think miraculous? Well when it all comes out that is. Provided the inevitable event proceeds as planned, stated and expected then it will all look like it was planned meticulously down to the last detail.

Except … despite my abilities to get thins to coincide this was … not planned. Not really. In fact it goes completely against my scientific nature to state that it might seem like some divine intervention was involved?

I think I just got lucky. Very lucky.

These two things do have something to do with the Revelations’ series. Very much so.

Now onto what I typed out a few days back..

The title sound ominous?

I am into what will be the last month for many things.

The things that I do, the things I have done along with the way that I do them and the things that I use.

Over this next month there will e an ever-expanding list of things that I will do for the last time in the way that I have been doing them.

This will not seem immediately obvious to the viewers. At last not at the beginning nor in the middle period but it will be apparent at the end. Most likely.

Despite some people insistence on when this will happen we just do not know. I am in the process of trying to find out … when it will happen along with just how big an affect it will have.

As I may have stated previously there is a given date of June the 2nd but this is a contact deadline for anyone needing to contact them with a particular interest in the proceedings. One person I know is insistent that this is the date given that means nothing will happen until we are either on that date or at some point past it.

Yeah … I have people who have been wrong about various and many things but the next theory they come up with is put forward with the same … insistence that the previous one was. All because one particular theory they have had has not been disproved. Though it does not cross their minds that it has not been proven either. So I end up just ignoring it because I simply do not know nor can provide any evidence that they are wrong.

The funny thing is that who is right does not matter. What mattered was my plans coming together n a short space of time and at the right time and this has changed. I initially thought I would have to extend the time period of another plan I am working on but it changed all on its own. Partly down to the Easter weekend, partly down to an accident I had and partly down to those involved in the plan also making a postponement. You can also throw in a car accident I was involved with and some interference by the DWP.

Hmmm … the DWP?

Yes … very, very recently I received a letter from Personal Independent Payments saying they wanted me to have one of their scam medical assessments. You know? One of those infamous assessments that are always between around 6 and 40 miles away? The ones that I was instantly decided I was wrong for not attending by a mickey mouse court with a brain-dead judge that stated much in the defence of the DWP but was completely unable to prove any of it, it was NOT placed upon the court’s decision documents, but ruled against me any way?

Yeah … one of those medical assessments.

Did I change my attitude and what I do?


The assessment was arranged for Chelmsford which is 40 miles away from where I live in Enfield.

I did NOT attend and I sent three emails before the assessment date stating clearly I would not be attending. Despite what that idiot woman judge ruled in that mickey mouse court.

Would you like a confusing surprise?

I did not go to Chelmsford … oooh wait I said that! OK next line then? I have been ASSESSED!

Did not mean anything to you? Well it does to anyone that has been following my battles against and proving corruption for a very long time on here.

They have been trying to assess  me for many years and without success but what they did not realise, though I did hint at it when we raged at each other, is that I VERY MUCH wanted to get to an assessment. This is something that the incompetent judge very much missed. It is the one thing that would end up causing their undoing.

I have … people that doubt … no ‘doubt’ is the wrong word. One of the ‘insistent’ absolutely refuses to accept that I have a … reputation. But I said something to him and his wife that made his wife smile and then start quizzing me as to what I thought it was all about. Confused? Well take note …

I am standing in a queue behind four or five other people in a room where there are around ten or twelve people already seated. It is 8.55am and the appointment letter stated 9am and I know I will e kept waiting. I was kept waiting along with everyone else and I was called in around 9.15 to 9.20am. Except …

While I am standing in a queue and 5 minutes early the woman at the desk who was dealing with whoever was at the front of the queue leant her head to one side, so she could look down the queue at everyone’s faces and said …

“Is Martin Haswell here?”

THAT was the bit that had my friend’s wife suddenly express a wide smile before looking at me and laughing and saying “Why do you think they called out your name like that? Probably because you have caused them so much trouble over the years?!” and we both laughed. Nodding I said “Probably!”

What they did not know and what visitors to my blogs likely wont realise, except for really … inquisitive puzzle solvers, is that the entire assessment was academic. But I went anyway. And no unlike the cancellations the DWP made last year and the court appearance I was not … affected in any way by this assessment.

But I went anyway. Did I say that twice? Because I meant to and I will say it again … I went anyway.

I did not need to go … but I went.

I simply had been trying to get them to pay my PIP, disability money, up until my business start-up process finished. A little misdirection intended there. Lol. I am extremely good at misdirection.

But, I hear you ask, your disability money is not affected by anything and it is not means tested and surely that especially as I a going to try to start a business and be self-employed this PIP money could make a huge difference a year down the road? Well, yes.

But nothing I could do would stop them from doing exactly what they fully intend to do. Cancel it … for thee second time in … hmm, let me fink … 8 years.

I know kung fu. Oddly I ended up telling the assessor that! Lol.

So why did I go?

Two reasons …

To fulfil a promise I made a long time ago. That is reason numero uno.

To set a trap.

Of course the bonus was that I could listen, watch and experience the means and the process by which they assess people. I … did drop some boulder sized hints.

For instance I may have mentioned that I knew about some areas of medicine more than my last six general practitioners … knowing there is a 90% chance he was not nor never was a GP. I may have also mentioned the eight areas of science I am knowledgeable in? I may have also mentioned that I had a degree. Oh and I may have mentioned I was a personal assistant among many other things, to a solicitor … I pointed in a north-west direction and I said “About 1.5 miles that a-way”.

Now you would be forgiven for thinking that I was trying to make them look stupid. You would be … almost right …

I said that so that when the time comes I could prove without a shadow of a doubt that they are indeed and as a matter of fact, stupid.

When that time comes and if you work and pay taxes … you will see that these organisations are having tens of millions if not hundreds of millions thrown at them and with SPECIFIC instructions.

Yeeeeeaaaaaah … I did say it was a trap?! Lol.

I also found out a few things while there … that they had been camped out in this building for 18 months and this will prove vital at a later date. I have also since been told by someone who has been in there that this is a lie. Now that has been stated I will set about proving, using records, how long they have been there.

I was also told at the end “You will get a letter in eight weeks” and I thought, oooh cool! That goes beyond that damnable deadline by about four weeks. I will then get a letter telling me that I a no longer eligible for disability money and that payments will stop in another six weeks.

I kind of cannot lose this one!

That is how I have set the whole damn thing up and if they were standing around scratching their heads as to how they managed to finally get me into an assessment room … lol … they may well do so! But how, I hear some asking, have you set the whole thing up so that I cannot lose?

Well …

It is my fullest intention that when I start this business o’ mine that I will get off all benefits bar one and never go back on them ever again. I absolutely hate the DWP and the government and the way it treats the public that vote for them. Because I can see through their thin veil of lies I know we are treated like shit, scum and are lied to and manipulated. It is not the way to do things and I am offended that people who are clearly incompetent idiots think themselves above me and the general public. I fully intend to change that, despite them throwing all of the furniture at me just prior to the kitchen sink!

Yeah … but … if my plans do not go as intended, unlikely, or take longer than I thought, fairly possible, then I might have to go back on at least one benefit and maybe even two? IF I am not receiving my disability any longer.

Do you see that? See what I am getting at? Because they cancel one that by law and going by morals, they should not cancel I might have to go back and claim for two or maybe even three others? It is a fine example of showing this up as yet another in a long list of flaws with their methodologies and another fine example of a false economy. Which, do not forget, they are paying tens or even hundreds of millions a year to achieve. See? Incompetent. LMAO.

Oh crap … are you worried that I just let the cat out of the bag about the trap? Yeah … no, that is not the trap! Lol.

Do you think I was stupid? Hmm it must rub off then as I was with lots of stupids earlier?! Lol.

I must admit hat if I stop to think about it for a moment … it does all seem a bit odd, I have to admit to that. It is weirdly all lining up and coming together at just the right time. Or so it would appear right at this present time and there are only around 4 to 5 weeks left.

Things are lining up to happen in the first two weeks in June. Unless, of course, I get notified that something has changed?

I also and rather strangely, have not heard from my business dude. I was going to email him until the dreaded bloody Atos sent me that letter and then called me twice. Oooh I forgot about that … yes they also phoned me twice. Yeah I said twice! Lucky they did because I had it in my head that the appointment was two days later than it actually was, so might have missed it?! Phew!

Oooh yeaaaah … remember the mickey mouse court? The one and only thing that went against me was that I never attended any previous assessment appointments. Yeah … that little … detail. Well actually they kind of ignored the fact that they failed to attend three or four. Yes I said ‘they’.

Apparently as it turns out, people working within government-run public services are of a higher calling than everyone else. As someone with an incurable disability you are not allowed to fail to turn up for appointments made that you do not want that are 6 to 40 miles away. When you do not own a car, remember. But … if you work for one of these public services and are fully fit as well as having the privilege of owning a car or having a car paid for by the taxpayer … it is fully OK to not turn up without warning as well as being able to lie and cheat.

At my court hearing I genuinely, despite my suspicions, thought that when I brought up the fact that the DWP and Atos along with all other hired thugs lie that she would say something like ..

“Oooh I know, it is terrible … I could tell you some stories … if I were not a court judge of course!”

But she had no concern for the fact that I could and did prove that I was lied to and simply went on a witch hunt to make me look bad. Had I not been having a breakdown at that time, I am still in the dark as to why that happened, I would have said something. Like pointing out that she was on a witch-hunt and that she was clearly biased as it is OK for the government to break not only laws but be immoral with it, but it is not OK for the general public to do this. I would have told her quite sternly that this was the worst case of double-standards I had EVER had his misfortune of witnessing first hand.

Yeah I deflected the attempts to make me appear a liar but in all honesty that was easy because it is when you do not lie or exaggerate. I had absolutely zero fight in me that day, felt terrible, had been self harming for the first and only time in my life and I wanted to leave that … mickey mouse court, go curl up in a corner somewhere and die.

But I did not die. What is that old saying that is almost always getting quoted? ‘What does not kill you only makes you stronger’?

Yeah what does not kill you only makes you angrier, even more hungry for revenge and even more determined than you ever was before.

I remember that hallway in the Mind Centre in Edmonton where a lady counsellor I had just seen for fifteen sessions had just admitted that she had neither heard anything like me nor met anyone like me.

I got the feeling she was genuinely going to feel like she was missing out on what will happen next and that she knew it?

Yeah … buy you have my blog address, do you not? Hmm … you should have moved by now and set up your own business? I forget … I kind of … miss time passing me by. I cannot recall how long ago our last session was? I remember you said about a months time?

Damn it.

I feel like a coach driver from the 17th century with the most number of horses attached to one coach that has ever been seen before. I feel like I am holding so many reigns to so many horses and trying to … keep control of them all. With a condition that causes the short-term memory loss.

I forgot to take my letter to the assessment centre … but then … that was something that I did want to slip my mind. “Sorry, I forgot it!” is what I said when asked for it. I had ID I was asked to bring in, why would they want the letter? I know bloody why and that is why I simply cast it out of my mind.

Because there is not a letter. There are, as a matter of fact, letters! Why have one you can use when you can have two at half the price?

There has been an air of confidence that has been slowly growing and has gotten out of proportion in the last few months. No, not me! Them. I have been ducking and diving to get myself into a position around the time that this confidence would have grown so large that it would appear like that of a vastly over-inflated balloon. It is nearing that now, will take about eight weeks. Lol. What they have no clue about is that I have been allowing that confidence to grow while I have been sharpening my pin! Yeah … if your the court staff looking in … did you read the part where I was surprised I was having a damned breakdown? Did you think it was over you biased decision?

Yeeeeah about that. No, it was not. You see I had been to two court appearances in that exact same room and I knew damn well how it was going to go. I just did not expect either the attitude, just how obvious the bias would be and the appalling and extremely bad witch-hunt.

I … am … afraid that you just don’t do your research and I have been relying on this most heavily and for many years now. You really should have gone right back to the beginning and concentrated on what I said, who I said it about and what I claimed is the case and lastly about what I said regarding what I would do about it.


Are you familiar with the word ‘ruse’?


Some things just inevitably take a long time and sometimes a very long time.

It is not only about planning, scheming and carrying out said plans … but is is normally almost always about the numbers as well. In fact ‘numbers’ can be attached to several things within the same plan.


See you in eight weeks! Well … when I say ‘you’ I mean central government and the DWP … or … this is you if of course you work for central government or the DWP. Unless of course your someone who works for them but not instructed to look into what I am doing to report back to them but actually agree with me? You wont be the only one.

I think I will shut up now?!



I have had a busy few days.

I had my first session with Mind just a few days ago and that was the second member of staff to be stunned. They only heard about one particular aspect and the was one thing going on for several years that was meant to lead to something for 2016.

Except as most know that come on here and were coming on here throughout 2015 that … did not pan out as well as planned. Well if truth be told … it did not pan out at all!

I think two or maybe three times the lady said “oh, Martin!” throughout our session.

Ooh boy, does she have some shocks coming her way.

The very day before this is, as I stated, when I was told quite categorically by my present General Practitioner that it is not a General Practitioner’s place any longer to state if you are fit for any work at all because it is no longer the job of a General Practitioner.

The question was then that could I make it three days in a row of stunning revelations? Well let us see, shall we?

I have been informed by the horse’s mouth that by 2020 both ESA, Employment Support Allowance, and PIP, Personal Independent Payments, will be gone and only one benefit will remain and that of Universal Credit and everyone will be on it! Added to this someone that they knew that worked with or around Iain Duncan-Smith said that he was a right ~#@!*#~!! He also stated that he hate and looked down upon working class people and looked upon them as no more than slaves?! I stated that this was odd to hear as when he quit being the Secretary of the Welfare State, or whatever they call the position, many of his friends chimed in about what a really nice guy he is when you get to know him. He smiled and shook his head to say quietly ‘noooo!’

Oh Jesus!

I just got held up there for ages as I posted the news on two groups on Facebook …

One was DPAC and the other was a group for the health condition I have, Fibromyalgia.

As I have been discovering the Fibromyalgia one is run by naïve idiots. I was told off for posting the news and stressing people out and told to remove it. That was the third time in a week I had been ticked off by something I posted.

I said to the admin … “Ever heard of three strikes and your out?” she said “Yeah, why? And I closed my my membership of the group. Someone from DPAC, Disabled People Against Cuts, called them idiots for doing that.

It turns out they would rather have found out when it is sprung on them in 2020 when they then cannot do anything about it!

Oh and now someone on DPAC is not happy and unfollowed the post I did.

This is because of a little data that strongly suggests that the ESA and PIP will be merged into one?! Not losing it altogether but merging into one! How would they react, I wonder, if the welfare system disappeared altogether?

Well take a look at this following interview on Russia Today with a Tory MP stating that the certain things, I am NOT SAYING IT, will collapse on it is only a matter of time! Stated back in 2013 …

It seems Thunderf00t (on YouTube) was right, there are a lot of naïve people in the world!

Ahh … another private message. Someone telling me the Mods can be dicks.

Ahh we have someone here like me. Another fighting for the cause and trying to highlight just how corrupt the public services are!

Well I told them I would mention them on my blogs and sure enough and again like me they have a WordPress blog…

I also see that they are not restricted to one single area, like so many naïve people who are simply unable to multi-task are?! Very cool.

Also … I have had a letter from HMCTS and it seems that I just MIGHT be getting a letter for a court date?

Have you been paying attention?

I HAD a court date. I was railroaded and it was nothing more than a big setup, despite the mutterings of words like ‘independent and ‘my arse’ … oh no sorry that second one was just me!

Well they sent me two lots of letters stating different things and it sounded like they were setting up not one but two separate tribunals for the exact same case?

Well I wrote to them and told them … TWICE! I had five letters saying two different things and even when I appeared in court I told them yet again!

So I told them three times, twice by post and once face to face.

Umm … except it looks like I just might be getting … a letter with another tribunal date?! Oh well … I have tried to tell them three times now.

Now I have decided that if another date comes through my door I am GOING to ATTEND IT!

I wonder if the next judge might utter the word, Fibromyalgia?

I wonder if the next judge will actually ask me about it?

I wonder if the next judge might already have made up their mind before I walked in the door?

I wonder if I will lose?

But … umm what if I won?!

I told two friends today who could not believe what I was saying and in fact I am sure they think I am mistaken. But I told them that the letter came in the door this morning and the date on it states the 18th October which was two days ago. They have also written to the DWP!

It really does beg belief!

And to think they were talking down to me like I was both an idiot and a liar and they cannot even sort out their own shit even when someone points it out no less than THREE TIMES?!

Anyway I am done with the patronizing moderator on that Facebook Fibromyalgia group who do not seem to think that alterations of the benefits system and the closure of both the ESA and PIP is anything to do with them. Weird as the Fibromyalgia Association UK stated that TWICE the DWP had admitted that it was a disability and would not bother anyone on benefits with it. Maybe this Fibromyalgia Facebook group do not know that it is a disability? I had not considered that.

Do you know what annoys me?

If the DWP and the Courts had this grand plan to switch everyone over to a tiered Universal Credit it would have not been anywhere close to as painful as they way that they did it!

If they had just said ‘Oh we are not going to put you on ESA as it will be gone in three years and we have this plan for a tiered Universal Credit’ I would have said, OK then.

But no. We have to go through this fiasco of them asking me to do something I cannot, kicking me off unfairly, forcing a tribunal at the taxpayers expense (or two) and accusing me of things I had not done, calling me things that I am not and patronizing me in a way that I would not do to a dog. Nice UK Government, nice.

But no I suspect foul play and as it turns out so do many that I have told this to. Of course what makes it worse is that they have been secretive about it and I was surprised of just how many had not heard of this plan before! So when you are keeping everything hidden … it could only mean one thing. They are up to no good. Oh well there’s a surprise!

So then this court … thingey?

Well I seem to be heading for a second court hearing for the exact same thing only with a different judge!

I have now scanned the letters I have received today, there are two pages, and it states that the appeal my proceed.


OH … MY .. GOD!! I just realised something bloody major!

I complained that the last judge showed no emotions nor said anything about the fact that I had proved that the DWP had lied on several occasions? Well I just realised …

…if they have been handling this as two separate cases with two separate judges and clerks … then the last one may not have had the evidence I sent them?!


Wouldn’t that be a turn up for the books?! LMAO!

court-two-1 court-two-2


Well I resisted phoning a crisis team. I did think that I would end up doing that but I resisted.

Upon waking this morning something else popped into my head about that dreaded court appeal hearing. This is what it is like for me almost all the time. I am not on the ball and things often come to me later … especially when you have taken pills and added a diazepam on top of it all. Plus of course losing interest in explaining anything due to the attitude of the person you think you are there to have a conversation with.

The assessment claims?

When I sent my paperwork to the appeal court one of the things I did was send them five letters, which are on here an have been for years, of three home visits arranged by them, the DWP or their hied goons, that they did not turn up to. Each time they lied.

I also pointed out that in a recent letter they stated I had not turned up for five assessments and was worded so that they insinuated that this was recently.

So once again by the judge’s own attitude and logic this is perfectly reasonable behaviour.

Except that she basically twisted my definition of what a blackout is, when I am not a fecking Doctor, and made it sound like this was lying and that I was some terrible person because of it. Remember neither the Neurologist nor the Neurophysiologist corrected me when I described my blackouts and what occurred with them.

If there was ever a better example of ‘Us & Them’ I would certainly like to know about it.

I could have easily lied.

I could have very easily put on a fake and very bad limp and leaned heavily on my walking stick for an hour.

I could have said that I was dropped at their door by a friend in his car and that I went to Royal Free Hospital by car with a friend, as was originally planned. The same friend that was a social worker for fifteen years and went absolutely mad as I explained several things that happened, just as everyone else did.

Except I forgot to remind them about the lies about failing to turn up here three times and stating that I had failed to turn up to five assessments and that this was not mentioned at all by the judge, despite me sending them the Home Visit letters.

Ahh was just something I remembered this morning.

Now I go back to dreading the anxiety getting stronger again as it seems to be coming and going in waves.

The ‘establishment’ obviously do not see the Internet as a problem or threat.

I reckon that prior to coming after me they must have corrupted the court at some point and had people work out just how much of a threat I am on-line or the Internet is? Maybe they just looked at my numbers and decided I was not even close to being a threat to them for the time being.

After all what would happen to them once it was?

Now we all know how that goes, do we not?

A year down the line, or more, they all say sorry and change things and no one gets put in jail because of it or even loses their jobs or ludicrous pension, even.


I am just performing a little research …

On the HM Courts & Tribunal Service and it seems there is more to them than meets the eye along with a fair number of complaints!

Here is a webpage of a guy that kept asking for details of said complaints …

The last available (2010-11) advises some 1638 complaints received about judges plus some 830 enquiries.

I have not been looking very long and that was onlly the second page I looked at with the first being on Wikipedia!

Let us keep going …

Another instance of amateurish and totally incompetent correspondence just as I got with three letters titled or referenced, cannot be bothered to look, ‘ESA Appeal’ and two of them ‘PIP Appeal’.

Oddly something has just occurred to me … these letters stating ‘PIP Appeal’ set alarm bells going off for me and I passed them off as nothing after wondering quite how they could have gotten them mixed up. I had wondered along with stating to friends that I feared that they may be working with the DWP and the mistakes were a giveaway and that an attempt was about to take place on removing my PIP. I was laughed at more or less and then four days after receiving that first letter titled ‘PIP Appeal’ I received a request from the PIP department for an assessment, after being told by the DWP that they would not go after that.

So I suspected some forthcoming foul play after that …. faux pas and lo and behold I then get notified of what I had suspected anyway?!

My God … a ruling against them by the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman?! I simply do not believe it!

Cagey about statistics? …

My bloody God it gets far worse … hmm let me check the dates … This little snippet is from none other than The Law Society Gazette in Septmber of 2015 …

According to its latest annual report, HMCTS received 15,272 complaints compared with 13,451 in the previous year – a 13.5% rise

The headline reads ‘Losing faith in the courts service’ and I cannot say I am that surprised.

When I started all this and a few times recently I acquired and provided evidence from my experiences in most public services and even a number of private retail chains.

However the one thing I said I had not done this with and even when I had previous run-ins with them not really seen much evidence of, just some suspicions, was the judicial system, ie. courts and judges.

I did have four attempts … hmm or was it three? Anyway … I won each of them either in or before court and never appeared in any of them.

this latest one was very different in more ways than one. First one I have lost in 7 years and oddly the only ever court case I lost as with … have you guessed who it is yet? Yup, you got it Her Majesty’s Court & Tribunal Service.

Everyone telling me to complain/appeal.

Trying to find who you complain to about the HMCTS without it being the … well HMCTS?!

Have you noticed that in modern times, just as I have done, how you are expected to put in your complaints and claims of foul-play into the letterboxes of those you are accusing of … umm foul-play?!

Do you not think this is not only funny but a complete and deliberate waste of your time?

Why would you do that?

What idiots they are to expect you to do that. Or rather what idiots they must think we all are to go and actually do that … and expect to get anywhere.

Yeah when I see the biggest and most violent villain steal a belonging of mine …. I do not think of phoning the Police … oooh no that never crosses my mind. The first thing I think of doing is going down his house, banging on his door and demanding it back.

I asked CAB for an external complaints body and what did they say when they answered? “We are dealing with your complaint”?! LMAO!

Yeeah .. sure you all are and we are all going to sit around with our thumbs up our arses until you waste a aload of time hoping that we will go away before you come up with NADA!


Here is a good one where I seem to have been late to the party about corrupt courts and judges …

It makes me sick how these tosser judges label people as vexatious litigants, when all they are doing is trying to obtain justice from a very corrupt system. The reason they re apply to the courts is because of serious corruption. The judiciary then commit more corruption to cover up previous corruption, and so it goes on – Derek

It seems I might be labelled a vexatious litigant? Whatever that is. Well it appears to be anyone who might collect .. evidence … hmm yes evidence collecting seems to be a crime and that so-called judge today made no remarks about the fact I told them I gave various evidence of corruption on a DVD with a few choice things on it. Dumb moron, it was only a tiny sample!

Ismail, a superb summary of just how serious and in jeopody ‘ The Rule of Law’ is in, not just in South Wales but in ALL our British law courts. – mauricekirky

 You must all understand the enemy are intent on dividing us because very well know our correct use of cyberspace, to deseminate just what is going on in our UK law courts, driven by avarice, will finally educate too many for them meaning we will bust’m! –mauricekirky

There is a group of us in California in the former United States who have been the targets of judicial corruption. What we have in common is that we, individually, have all challenged the court for its crimes. Needless to say, we all discovered that the right to petition for redress of grievances is yet another right we have lost as, in order to cover up judicial impropriety (and more), the California courts are expanding their litigant wastebasket corruption cover-up statute CCP 391 — the Vexatious Litigant Statute. – Cole Day Rain

So does that last one mean that this corruption of the law courts is yet something else copied and pasted over from the United States or just another American company running it?

You know I said a long, long time ago on here that the one industry I did not know to be corrupt was the judicial system. I hoped that it was not and honestly thought it was not. I was wrong.